January 08, 2006


Beth Twitty, the mother of Natalee Holloway, the young Alabama teen who dissapeared on the island of Aruba last May, was in Palm Desert speaking at the National Sheriff's Association Conference. She spoke to CBS2 about a new campaign she's launching to help young teens stay safe while abroad.

Twitty is still dealing with the terrible pain of her daughter's tragic disappearance during a high school graduation trip to Aruba seven months ago. Her search for answers continues and now she has started a new safety awareness campaign to help other teens and their families avoid a similar tragedy.

While her quest to find out what happened to her daughter continues, Beth Twitty told us she was shocked at the information she just received from her lawyer. Aruban authorities have apparently decided to close the investigation into the disappearance of her daughter. Twitty told CBS2 that she will continue her own efforts to determine what happened to her teen daughter last May.

She remains encouraged by the overwhelming support she has received from Americans during the last seven months.

Details of Beth Twitty's safety awareness campaign will be released in February.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Though we can all feel for her loss, what is it that would make Beth qualified to speak about safety overseas? Really. Not being a smart ass, but instead of safety overseas, she should speak of the dangers of underage drinking instead. That is what this case is really about. Not un-substantiated reports of date rapes there are no proof of.

Lake Erie Princess said...

Nope I mean "Arubans, Patron Saints (all of them) of murderers, corruption, and coverups, and drug smugglers !

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Anonymous said...

You scumbags that bash BETH will get your one day. Your day is coming. Remember all the bad things you have said about her and her family and her daughter. You are all all trailer trash crap mouths.

Anonymous said...

The ARUBAN law non enforcement has covered this case up fromt he very beginning. They know it and anyone with a brain knows it, too.
Beth, sweetie, you say and do whatever the hell it takes to expose ARUBA to the world as a drug infested island of trash.

Anonymous said...

you must be an audience of children here, because a true, hardworking, American adult would not slander people living in trailers, calling them trash.

Remember, The American survivors of Katrina, they didnt have a choice of living arrangements. The goverment decieded.

lake erie, how do you know every one on here that doesnt agree and doesnt wear the same blindfold you do is on drugs and is corrupt?

I have observed your postings for a while now and have learned a little bit more of your unique and personal view on how you view this mysterious story.

But what can one expect, from an audience of 5 viewers.