February 28, 2006


Yippee! We get another chance to listen to Joran foul up, and UNEDITED no less! Am I dreaming? I think O.J. has teamed up with Joran to help him find the real killers, or at least show him how to pin it on the Kalpoe brothers.

Photo from Joranvandersloot blog

Greta's Interesting Trip to Aruba

Gretawire--We just got back from a very quick trip to Aruba. We got word late last week (Friday?) that Joran van der Sloot would sit down for an interview with us in Aruba. The one agreement: that we wouldn't edit it. That seemed fair to me. Frankly, I hate to have controversial interviews edited, since despite our best efforts, everyone — viewers and guests — yell "foul." An unedited interview allows me to simply say, "Here it is. You be the judge." Joran also did not want to do the interview in the United States, so we agreed on Aruba.

I am not sure when the interview will air. I suspect either beginning tonight or tomorrow. I say "beginning" because it is quite long — more than one hour, maybe as long as two — and thus we can't do it in one night and we can't edit it. If I were to describe the interview, I would say it is like a deposition — although it was not intended to be any particular style. The only difference is that neither of us had notes, I simply asked questions and he answered. Naturally I formed an opinion (I am human, not a machine), but will hold it pending your viewing of the interview. I don't want you to be influenced by my view. I want you to form your own opinion after you see the interview.

Needless to say, our presence in Aruba was no secret. We spend so much time there that we are recognized (and of course our equipment is also a big hint.) Prior to the interview, people came up to me in the hotel to tip me off that they had seen Joran in the hotel and that I should try and get an interview with him. I merely said, "Great idea!"

The interview got off to a slow start. Joran agreed to do it at 10 a.m., but his parents showed up with one of his former teachers and they were much opposed to it. They spent more than an hour meeting with him privately to convince him not to do it. I was not completely worried that the interview would be aborted, since Joran was extremely determined to do it. We let them talk of course and then, after a long talk, Joran said he was ready. I did speak to his parents and assured them that I had no tricks. I was just going to ask questions — what happened? And what happened next? And then? And next? — and let Joran talk. I told them that my questions were straightforward and that if he got "hurt" in the interview, it would be his doing and not mine since I had not tricks up my sleeve. I just wanted to ask him questions about that night and other related issues.

As the interview was to begin, Joran said he did not want his parents in the room. He did want his teacher. I said fine. I just wanted to ask questions and did not care who was or was not in the room. The teacher said just as we entered the room for the interview and before we started that there would be no "re-enactment" questions. I thought he meant that we would not go out on the Marriott Beach and walk through the night and where Joran was. I had not intended to do that. I just wanted to ask questions and was curious as to the answers.

As we sat down seconds later, I re-thought more about what he said and realized that he meant I could not ask about the night Natalee vanished. That was odd and of course something I could not agree to, as my purpose of doing the interview was to ask about that night. We had not traveled to Aruba to discuss anything but that night. I turned to the teacher from my chair and told him I had to ask Joran about that night, that was why I was there and Joran agreed to that. I don't know if I got a response, but the interview began and Joran answered questions about that night. Joran was at all times willing to answer the questions. I am anxious to hear your reaction to the interview.

After the interview we began our race to the airport. As usual, we had little time to get there and had to go through customs, etc. We decided to detour, risk missing our flights (we did) and see if the Kalpoe brothers would talk to us. Since Joran was so willing to talk, we figured that maybe the Kalpoe brothers would. We were not sure if we could remember how to find their home, but we got lucky and found it. We drove up and saw two cars — including Deepak's which has now been returned by the police to him. We knocked. There was no answer, so we took some pictures of the car and left.

As we drove off, we spotted the front door opening. I jumped out of the car, went to the door and got it slammed in my face. Then more than one person started screaming at me through the glass pane next to the door. I am not stupid. I got the message that I was not welcome and backed off. I am not sure who was screaming at me, but I think it was the Kalpoe brothers' mother and stepfather... and maybe the grandmother. I have met them before, but it was dark inside their house and they were so mad that I did not linger.


Looks like the Scared Monkey's camp is also on the same track as we are here at Aruban Boycott.

See Scared Monkey's new post on Koen Gottenbos

See our previous post about Koen and his possible involvement

We haven't forgotten about you Koen! We know your daddy is covering for you, but you turn 18 soon! Nowhere to hide. Interesting the Gottenbos house is up for sale!?!? Hmmm...

February 27, 2006


Beth/Natalee Hate Group Takes out Microscopic Ad in the New York Times

to Get Oprah's Attention

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

How stupid and naive are those who take out microscopic Ads in The New York Times aimed at Oprah Winfrey?

When the tape fiasco occurred on the Dr. Phil show did Phil lose his job? Did Phil's ratings falter? The answer to both questions is a resounding NO.

Now some people who are apparently suffering from delusions of grandeur think that they will have on effect on what Oprah Winfrey does. Good luck. Ms.Winfrey is a powerful woman with a huge audience of faithful viewers and some microscopic Ad taken out by a few disgruntled, and I might add...misinformed individuals, are not going to have one bit of influence over Oprah.

If Oprah were to go and read the web sites where these people come from and if she were to see their choice of language toward Beth Twitty and Natalee Holloway, she would be as appalled as many of us are at their absolute idiocy and mean-spiritedness.

They have no evidence to back up anything that they allege and they use derogatory terms when discussing the victims of the disappearance of a young woman. Most of them are conspiracy theorists and fools. Their writings never cease to amaze me and they show how really uninformed and ridiculous they are with every single word they write.

They raised a good sum of cash to take out that teeny Ad that one can hardly read or find based on absolutely nothing and they expect a woman of Oprah's stature to pay attention to it?

If they weren't such a pathetic and pitiful group of sad individuals I would laugh at their pomposity. Calling a victim nasty names never got anyone anywhere and it won't get these sad little people anywhere either.

When all is said and done they will all look like the fools that they have proven themselves to be and their websites and message boards will be known for place that attract societial misfits and malcontents.

Read some of them and you will see that clearly for yourself.


More questions and no real answers from Joran

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

There were so many lies and so much proof in his words and deeds that Joran is a sociopath; body language, eye movements...EVERYTHING.

Let's assume that he's telling the truth and that he left his shoes on the beach with Natalee. Would some OTHER perpetrator who took Natalee also get rid of someone else's shoes? No...they wouldn't even factor in.

What if that other person was removing Natalee FOR Joran...he would definitely get rid of the shoes because they would be as incriminating as Joran harming Natalee. If Natalee, who was only 18 wanted to compare her mother to a dictator wouldn't she use something more timely and appropriate to her age? Osama? Saddam? Why Hitler who lived over 60 years before she was even aware of who he was.

He got a ride from Deepak (not true there are computer records that Deepak was home). Satish, not true, his mother saw him in his room. Joran said that he walked home, got a ride home....which is it?

There were so many lies and the fools on the sites like the Unusual Suspects are buying it hook, line and sinker. Are they as crazy as Joran?

He was roughed up when he landed...not true, it's all on tape. The police beat him up...they've denied this and are also protecting him. Where were the bruises? Why didn't his lawyer or father bring it up at the time? They visited with him everyday.

So many lies...


From Joran's interview with ABC:

"I don't trust the media, and I don't think, I don't really care, if the media trusts me or not," he said. "I want to be trusted, and you earn that trust by telling the truth. And that's what I am trying to do. … I'm just happy that I told the story. I said what happened, and that's good."

But van der Sloot also said if he could speak to Holloway now, he wouldn't have anything nice to say. "If I were to see her … if she were to be found tomorrow, I think I'd hate her," he said. "If she really ran away from home, if she did something like that, I'd hate her."

Richard, Aruban Boycott Blogger says:

It seems that in every scenario Joran conjures up, hate or scorn are his only sentiments toward Natalee Holloway. I guess his no-stick Teflon personality can’t accept the residue of his acts. Seems like this guy is the very image of the narcissist, to whom others exist only as tools that are more or less useful, and are to be discarded without emotional ties once used. In other words, nobody means anything to Joran except Joran.

They say there’s a link between Teflon and cancer ….


This excerpt is by Red, from Scared Monkeys...gotta love that guy!

There are some issues and time line discrepancies that even Chris Cuomo when interviewed on Greta Van Susteren last night did not agree with. I would like to ask Joran and the ALE for that matter two simple questions.

1. Joran Van der Sloot was advised by his attorney and by his parents not to come to the United States and do this interview with ABC. It could have easily been negotiated for ABC to go to Aruba and have it done there. It is not like this was a live interview. That being said if Joran does not take “no” for an answer from his attorney or parents; would he respect the term “no” from anyone else? Say Natalee Holloway?

2. We will assume for the sake of this question that Joran is telling the truth and is acting like any other 17 year old high school kid caught up in a media crazed event as he states.

Joran Van der Sloot claims now to have left Natalee Holloway on the beach at 1:30-2:00 am Monday morning. So Joran Van der Sloot would have left the beach, went home, went to school the next day and went on with the rest of his normal life as he has always done. As far as Joran knew as he left her on the beach, Natalee Holloway was to get on a plane the next day, fly back to the United States and go on with her life an attend the University of Alabama.

Question: Why would Joran Van der Sloot make up a story as to where he left Natalee Holloway prior to her being reported missing? How is it that you and the Kalpoes can not get on the same page as to what occured that evening?

The chaperones and classmates realized it the next morning and Natalee’s parents arrived on Aruba that night. It was reported to the Aruban police but who knew that Joran Van der Sloot was with Natalee Holloway the night before at that point? Last night when Chris Cuomo was being interviewed by Greta he stated, that Joran said it was the Kalpoe’s who said they should blame the black security guards. If this is true then that would mean that Joran, Satish and Deepak would have discussed their lie. Why does one need to come up with a lie and an alibi if they did not know someone was missing?

Dennis Jacobs really wasn’t doing much of anything and as he said to Dave Holloway, “just go to the bar and have a beer and she will show up.” So how does Joran Van der Sloot find out that Natalee Holloway is missing and when? With all the teenagers that are vacationing on Aruba how was it known that the one that was missing was with Joran Van der Sloot?

How is it that Joran Van der Sloot shows up at Carlos N’ Charlies one half hour prior to closing and with a girl he has barley spoken to and whom he happened to like one of the other Mountain Brook girls manages to get Natalee Holloway in to his car? Was she too drunk to make a coherent decision? Was she slipped something? Did she go willingly thinking that Joran Van der Sloot was a student like herself staying at the Holiday Inn and getting into a cab?

One wonders why Joran Van der Sloot would show up at a club with 1/2 hour to go before closing time and find a girl that he had little to no conversation with and leave with them to have sex. Sound like this routine may have been done before?

The question will always remain why even after the initial lie was told by Joran Van der Sloot did he continue to do so? As of now, Joran’s and the Kalpoe’s versions of events that night differ. He claims in the interview that it is time to tell the truth. Wouldn’t that time really have been to the ALE or the prosecution? Not on TV.


What's Joran's next move?

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

I saw the seeds of what Joran plans to do next in his campaign to extricate himself from the Holloway case begin to grow in earnest last Thursday. He will blame Deepak and he will offer up his former friend on the alter of guilt to free himself.

Joran will suddenly remember conversations that he had with Deepak and they will incriminate Deepak and possibly his brother. If he can suddenly be telling all of us the "truth" after nine months of lying then it is totally possible that Joran will remember more "truth". That truth may come at anytime and it could even result in the re-arrest of the Kalpoes.

It has always appeared to me that Joran has no problem throwing people of color to the wolves (remember the black Security Guards) and the Kalpoes are also considered people of color.

I have little doubt that the Kalpoe's know what happened to Natalee or at least have a pretty good idea having hung out with Joran van der Sloot for awhile. They probably know Joran's M.O. with young girls pretty well...but did they harm Natalee or did Joran? Did they all work together or help one another get rid of Natalee?

I believe that it was the Kalpoes who first told the police that they dropped Joran at the beach alone with Natalee and then and only then did Joran admit this was the case. That makes me believe the Kalpoes a little bit more than I believe Joran.

Actually, I would believe Osama Bin Laden more quickly than I would believe Joran.

What comes next...Joran continues to implicate the Kalpoes and his memory grows clearer by the day...it was Deepak who harmed Natalee and Joran was home, safe and sound looking at soccer scores and porn sites. What a convenient alibi for the innocent Joran. The fact that Deepak was also home and on his computer at the very moment when Joran first claimed that he picked him up on the beach and gave him a ride home will be conveniently forgotten by the suddenly truthful Joran. Now it's the younger Kalpoe who picked up Joran. The younger Kalpoe didn't have a computer in his bedroom to back up where he was so he becomes much more convenient for Joran the sudden truth-teller.

Both brothers, knowing that innocent Joran had left the aggressive and sexually promiscuous Natalee alone on the beach (at her request) after she attempted to seduce poor innocent Joran in-between falling asleep and referring to her Mother as Hitler's sister and they saw the perfect opportunity to attack her.

Joran was home and sound asleep by this time and is totally innocent.

Pardon me ladies and gentlemen for being a bit crass here but...if my AUNT had balls She would be my UNCLE.

That's how absurd Joran's latest story is and anyone who actually believes him or is making excuses for these blatant attempts at laying the blame on EVERYONE but himself is in dire need of a brain transplant.

You want to know Joran's next move, Meri? Doing his best to implicate his friends:

RITA COSBY: Did either of them pick him (Joran) up that night?

DAVID KOCK, Deepak and Satish's Attorney: No. Absolutely not.

COSBY: They did...

KOCK: Absolutely not.

COSBY: They did not?

KOCK: No. Look, I have to tell you that the story that Joran is saying now at the end
again that he called a friend to have him picked up was a story that already was the last story that he told in a series of stories where he kept changing the versions of what happened on that night, while my clients, from after the third day that they were arrested, they started telling this story that they dropped Joran and Natalee at the beach, went home, and until the following day, they were just at home.

COSBY: So you're telling me again, David, that they were both at home? After they dropped him off at the beach, that was it for both of them?

KOCK: Yes, that's it.

COSBY: Let me put up a quote because what you're just referring to, David, is the Dutch TV interview—he's done, obviously, a few, but the Dutch TV interview that he just did, Joran says, “I called one of my friends, and he picked me up and I went home.” The reporter for Dutch TV says, “Who picked you up?” And Joran answers, “Deepak's brother, Satish.” You're telling me that Satish did not. So what do you make of this discrepancy?

KOCK: Well, like I said, no—his first story is totally different, that he wasn't even at the beach, that he wasn't even the last one with the disappeared girl. So you know, I don't know how much really value you can give to this last version of his series of stories.

COSBY: But why is he trying to say that your client was there, when your client says he absolutely was not? What does this mean?

KOCK: Yes, well, you know what it is? The problem is that he was confronted with a phone call that he made from his cellular to the cellular of one of my clients, so then he had to give a justification for that. Since that cellular number was Deepak's cellular number, he first indicated that he called Deepak to have Deepak pick him up. Afterwards, the police confronted him with proof that Deepak was at home at that time on his computer, because Internet records show that. So then he had to change his story, and since he said, I made the call to that house, he had to give another, you know, solution for the fact that the call was made and somebody picked him up. So, you know, then the other likely person was then Satish. It was more a matter of elimination, really.

COSBY: So what does that say to you about Joran Van Der Sloot? He's pointing the finger at your—at least one of your clients being some—playing some role here.

KOCK: Yes. Well, he's been doing that since early in the investigation, so it doesn't amaze me. And of course, now again I am not amazed that he decides to stick to the last story that he told, so that at least lately, he seems more consistent.

COSBY: Are they still friends? Is he still friends with Deepak and Satish?

KOCK: No. I think everybody would not remain friends with someone like that, in that position, in that situation.

COSBY: What do you think, David, and what do your clients think of the trip to New York, that they came up here for interviews, and also what happened?

KOCK: Well, let's say if it was my client, he wouldn't have made that trip.

COSBY: And what's your reaction to the fact that they did and they've done these interviews? What's your personal thought?

KOCK: Like I said, I wouldn't have recommended that. I don't think it's been (INAUDIBLE) I think one should wait for a criminal investigation to finish, you know? And I think if you go after publicity, you know, you have to live with the consequences also.

Joran, where is your SMART lawyer? Oh I forgot, it's your DUMB ASS Daddy.

February 25, 2006


Something Stinks in Massachusetts...

Plympton Police notified the media early this morning that 19 year old Adrianne Delaney has been located, this, coming hours after the missing teen's Ford Explorer was located in Weymouth last night. Nobody could have been more relieved then Adrianne's mother Barbara who was emotionally overwrought when she spoke with the Observer at 6:30 this morning.

The Plympton release states, "Based on new information obtained from the parties found with the vehicle it was learned that Ms. Delaney has left the area on a recent flight out of Boston to Aruba. Police have confirmed that Ms. Delaney did in fact purchase a ticket and appears to be traveling alone. Although at this time it appears she is acting on her own free will, the Plympton Police continue to actively interview individuals familiar with her situation and will be working with Federal officials to locate and interview Ms. Delaney. Ms. Delaney has previously visited the Island and has acquaintances there."

It is expected that no charges will be filed in the unusual case and that those in possession of the car were unaware of the circumstances occurring within this case. All of us throughout the Plympton/Kingston area and beyond, are grateful that this matter has a positive conclusion.

Missing since Saturday...

A 19-year-old Plympton woman has been reported missing from her Grove Street home, just across the town line from Kingston. Sources told the Observer that the woman, Adrianne Delaney is a nursing student at Massasoit Community College in Brockton.

The source said Delaney left the family home at 1:30 a.m. Saturday morning to view a video with a friend. Allegedly she left that location at 3:00 a.m. in her brown colored 2002 Ford Explorer. The woman's mother, Barbara Delaney said neither she nor her daughter's friends have seen or heard from her in almost five days. She was reluctant to answer questions stating that she did not want to impede the police investigation.

The Observer learned that the woman works part-time at a local Marshfield chiropractic service and failed to show up for 2-3 shifts over the past several days; she never called out. Plympton Police are issuing no statement at this time and are requesting that the press contact Chief Matt Clancy at the station in the morning when it is anticipated that he will issue a statement. The information that is available raises almost as many questions as it answers.

Normal police protocol on a missing person's case is to spread the word as far and as wide and as quickly as possible. The apparent five-day delay in this situation could be due to delayed notification by the family or a decision by the Plympton Police to downplay the matter based on internal information unavailable to the
Observer at this time.

Sources tell the Observer that police are reviewing Adrianne's website on MySpace.com for possible clues to here whereabouts (the above link is to her page on the site).

The Observer has confirmed that the brown 2002 Ford Explorer belonging to missing Plympton teen Adrianne Delaney has been recovered in Weymouth.

Earlier this evening source information provided to the Observer indicated that the vehicle was equipped with a LoJack tracking device. After receiving clearance to activate the system, we are told that the vehicle was pinpointed a short time later at a residential unit in Weymouth.

Information provided earlier indicated that police located a male at the address who said he had permission to use the car; apparently there was no sign of Delaney at the address.

It was not until a short time ago, at midnight, that the Weymouth Shift Commander confirmed that the vehicle was indeed located in Weymouth. He told the Observer that Weymouth Police were not handling the investigation and that any further information would have to come from Plympton Police or the State Police Barracks. Norwell State Police Barracks would provide no additional comment.

The obvious questions remaining if the additional details prove correct, are:

  • Who drove the car to Weymouth
  • Is there any relationship between Delaney and the Weymouth man?
  • Under what circumstances did he acquire possession of the vehicle
  • Where is Adrianne Delaney
  • Where is the car impounded
  • Does the car reveal any forensic evidence
  • This twist is just another piece of an increasingly bizarre puzzle

One thing is clear, the wave of media coverage concerning this disappearance is beginning to produce results. The longer Adrianne Delaney remains unaccounted for, the more concerned authorities and family will become as the investigation approaches the one week point.


Where are your shoes Joran?


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

As the mother of four sons, I can testify and verify that SHOES came second to sports where my boys were concerned. The type of shoes that they wore were more important than whether or not they could get a date with the hottest girl in school.

At one point I almost had to get a second job to afford the Nikes or Adidas brands that they desired (no, DEMANDED). They would never have lost their well-worn, broken-in, precious shoes. They would never have left them on the beach on purpose.

So, we have Joran leaving Natalee on a beach (by the way, he claims that there were other people around on that beach, yet NONE of them have come forward to back up Joran's story). We have Joran wanting to "Go home" so that he could get to school on time. So far so good...makes sense. What doesn't make sense to me is that if Joran was simply getting into a car for his ride back home and he had left his shoes with Natalee on that beach, and if Natalee were merely sitting there and was fine (aside from being either sleepy, drunk or drifting in and out of consciousness), why couldn't he have gone back for his shoes?

What would have been the harm? It would even have afforded him another opportunity to try and persuade her to return to her hotel. He certainly would have no reason NOT to go back and retrieve his shoes if Natalee had been okay, as Joran described her to be.

Why did Joran comment, "I didn't go back for my shoes because I was already going home"? That makes zero sense. It defies logic. Maybe Joran was too drunk to think straight. Maybe Joran had done something that he wanted to get as far away from as he possibly could? Maybe Natalee wasn't fine and sitting peacefully alone on that beach? Maybe the shoes had something incriminating on them?

Maybe..they were removed when Natalee was at a later time and hidden, never to be seen again?

THAT makes sense to me.

It's all about the shoes........and the lies which never stop.

February 24, 2006


My Personal View of Joran's Interview

By Meri U., Aruban Boycott Blogger

Between the years of 1960 and 1968 I was married to a sociopath. He wasn't as infamous as Ted Bundy or Scott Peterson but he was a serial offender and it was all over the newspapers in the city in which I lived.

I was curious as to what made a person like this tick since it seemed as if I was the last to know about his offenses and although I realized later on that I had seen many of the signs of his disorder, I had also missed many.

I was young and inexperienced and when the doctor at the first prison/hospital (Atascadero State Hospital) he was sent to, sat me down to tell me about my ex-husband's diagnosis I was stunned. How could I have lived with this type of person and not known how messed up he really was? Well, it was easy once you understand what goes into the make-up of an anti-social personality because they have the uncanny ability to blend into their circumstances.

The following link is a simple layman's explanation of what a sociopathic personality consists of:

I watched Joran van der Sloot last night and it literally made me feel sick. I could sit here and count the inconsistencies in what he said and I could compare him in many ways to the classic sociopath but I don't have the heart for it today. I can only say that his parents and his lawyers should be ashamed of themselves for allowing him to go on that television show and speak.

Joran van der Sloot incriminated himself so many times that I lost count. If the police on Aruba do not bring him in for re-questioning we will know once and for all that Joran is being protected and that this case is a farce. He made claims that I doubt the Aruban police have recorded in any statement from Joran while he was in custody. He made accusations against THEM that they have denied and should deal with.

I believe that Joran van der Sloot was lying throughout his interview and that he will continue to lie because he is guilty...guilty of something. Whatever happened to Natalee Holloway, Joran knows what. why and where she is.

Joran will not reveal that information because he is fighting for his own life and he will do anything in order to remain free, People like Joran don't do well in confinement.

In closing, I can only say that if his interview had the effect on me that it did (I couldn't sleep all night, couldn't eat this morning, had an upset stomach), then what effect must it have had on Natalee's parents?

The only thing that brings me comfort is the strength and courage that those parents have shown and the hope that they will find some answers in what Joran said and didn't say. They know their daughter and they know what her friends said about that night. They know when Joran is lying. I am hoping that the bold display of Joran's remorseless behavior and outright lies will embolden them further and allow them to continue fighting for their daughter.


This is an official address to the ABC network, in which Richard's opinion is shared by hundreds of thousands:

By Richard, Aruban Boycott Blogger

When ABC sells out, they do it big time. On Monday, Aruba decides on the van der Sloot suit for damages. How coincidental that they have been conducting a PR campaign courtesy of your network.

"Lies, lies, lies" was Dave Holloway's reaction to the latest self-contradictions from Joran van der Sloot. "Contemptible," said only once, will do for my reaction to your giving him a free pass. Never has Joran made a statement that he hasn't changed later.

Maybe some people might have taken the trouble to call him on some of these ... but that would be too much bother for a puff piece. And you certainly wouldn't give the grieving Holloway Twitty family the opportunity to react; after all, what interest do they have?

"Money can't buy me love," the Beatles sang. But the van der Sloots will be satisfied with what it can buy.

As they are with your help, I'm sure.

Michelle's note: Since Richard quoted The Beatles, I'll add this one for Paulus: "I get by with a little help from my friends...", and to Joran, "I get high with a little help with my friends."


Since we have focused so much attention towards the corruption of Aruba, we should be looking at the big picture. The Netherlands.

The Netherlands owns Aruba and certain surrounding islands. Over time I think they because tools for the purpose of easy access and poorly protected waters to conduct drug and human trafficking, illegal off shore banking transactions, and other multiple types of corruption involving the most evil thing of all. MONEY.

Right now Aruba is their sacrificial lamb. I think the Netherland's political corruption including their societal
-based low morals, general attitudes including the laws and punishments currently in place for crimes and specifically sex offenses should be explored.

Here is an interesting, yet disturbing article of the Netherlands suggestions by a FEMALE Alderman of the Leefbaar Rotterdam political party on "forced abortions", specifically targeting the Antilleans area.

Speaking of low life women...

I've mentioned in my other blog time and time again, I believe the women's movement has taken about 100 steps back in the last 10-15 years. It makes me angry, it makes me sad, and it makes me HAVE to look over my shoulder in parking lots, or walking down the street.

It's not fair to me and all the other women in the world to be afraid, to have our rights and our dignity either taken away or not taken seriously. We've come to a point where people just don't care anymore. This has to stop. Action must be taken.

Explorations of the Inhumane and Immoral society of The Netherlands

February 23, 2006


With his usual smug look and attitude, head tilted with his similiar Scott Peterson smirk, Joran gives his detailed account of the night he was with Natalee. At many times he doesn't look at the camera or interviewer and talks while looking up. All in all, it was a bunch of more inconsistencies and lies.

Here are some immediate inconsistencies I noticed along with the fact that ABC's makeup artist refrained from overdoing the pimple paint!

Joran claims that her friends talked to him
, however in all the interviews none of the girls talked to him or noticed him. However, he did get into a fight with a boy from MB. Why wasn't that brought up?

Joran claims Natalee wanted to go to his house. Why would she want to go to his house if he already posed himself as a student from Holland on vacation? How would she know that Joran lived in Aruba? He denies having sex with her because he doesn't have a condom...however, he said he had sex with her while in and out of consciousness.

Joran kept bringing up Natalee's insistence of watching the sharks. This could be evidence of her being drugged.

During the interview Joran said that Natalee seemed "ok", but in another interview he says she was very drunk.

Joran said on ABC he thought she was nice, but in another interview with that was featured in Amigoe.com and NOVA that she was a really mean girl. He also said she was pushy and not the type of girl he would want to hang out with.

Why would Joran concoct a story with Satish and Deepak (over the next several days) if Joran supposedly just left her on the beach? Why would they need so much time to talk over ONE lie? (Which we find out isn't the first or last lie.)

Joran said that when he first met Beth she asked him where her daughter was...and that made made him want to lie? If he was SUPPOSEDLY at the casino, then where are the surveillance tapes from the casino to prove it? That is because he wasn't at the casino...he was with Deepak and Koen disposing of Natalee's body.

The most comical part are Joran's fake crocodile tears when he talked about missing his graduation and his important day was ruined because he was in jail. Joran later mentions he didn’t feel fear...

That is because sociopaths don’t have fear...they don't feel anything.

The most shocking and laughable accusation Joran comes up with is that an aruban cop beat him in an interrogation; however he hasn't mentioned it until now. He’s been out of jail since September. It took five months for him to tell that story? However, it took him moments to accuse Americans of roughing him up at the airport in New York.

Joran stated that when he got home he went to sleep. But he didn’t go to sleep. He went online, chatted with Deepak to tell him he was home (do guys usually tell their buddies they made it home ok?), and then shockingly, he watched internet porn.

The last statement that doesn't make sense to me is that if a person who claims to be totally innocent then why did he say "I might as well tell everyone I did it", if he really didn't do anything?


By Richard, Aruban Boycott Blogger

There's a famous child's verse that goes roughly as follows:

"I do not like thee, Dr. Fell.
The reason why, I cannot tell.
But this I know, and know full well;
I do not like thee, Dr. Fell."

Were I to make it apply to contemporary matters, it might go like this:

"I do not like thee, van der Sloot.
Which one? I do not give a hoot.
When all do lie, 'tis but astute
To look askance at van der Sloot."

No improvement on the original, but you get the idea.

Just in time for an ABC Primetime special, a "special source" gives ... well, maybe sells is a better word ... an "exclusive" video from a hotel casino that was filmed nearly nine months ago. Casinos routinely film the goings-on at the tables, and we are told that the police have reviewed this video. Yet we are also told that Beth Twitty was shown only the part that involved Joran, not Natalee. And nine months later, somehow ABC comes out crowing about its "exclusive" achievement.

Do I smell something amiss? Was ABC taken for a ride? Or is someone in the casino somehow removing evidentiary tapes from their archives (as if a casino would normally keep such a tape for so long) and using them in an attempt to give Joran a chance to come up for air?

I mean, who's kidding who? We know that the van der Sloot men (well, using the term loosely) had been seen in the casino drinking and gambling, contrary to law in Joran's case because of his age. (I guess the law doesn't apply to lawyers or their families in Aruba.) We also know that Joran had been hanging around the fringes of Natalee's tour group for at least two days.

We also know that the business ties between the Mr. Posner who owns the casino and Paulus van der Sloot have been a matter of interest to the police. So who needs three guesses to figure out who the "exclusive source" of the video probably was, and why (besides mercenary reasons) it was handed over?

Joran is in his own debased way a literary archetype, an incarnation of the wily Odysseus or the trickster myth. Every time he speaks, the past is erased and a new story emerges. He had sex when Natalee was drifting in and out of consciousness ... uh, no, sorry, we never had sex at all. We went to the beach ... ah, no, we went to my apartment. Daddy picked me up ... uh, no, Deepak picked me up ... wait, I think Satish picked me up. Well, anyway, we brought Natalee back to the hotel ... sorry, I mean to say we left her on the beach.

Like Odysseus, his goal is survival. But unlike Odysseus, the monsters with which he contends are not gigantic one-eyed Cyclops or the pallid Lotos-Eaters. They are those of us whose stomachs are turned at the cover-up and at the apparent willingness of the Aruban government to believe that we will swallow anything we are told. We won't. And even the natives are restless, or so hearsay has it.

One eyewitness said that Natalee left Carlos 'n' Charlies at the same time as the others, but that there was a large crowd waiting for taxis back to their hotels. She suddenly turned back into the casino and emerged (if I remember aright) some ten or fifteen minutes later on the arm of a Kalpoe.

In the confusion and turmoil of the group departure, who would have been watching what the trio might have been putting in any drinks? Had they indeed said they would give her a ride to her hotel? Since Joran had been staying on the fringes of her group for at least two days, isn't it plausible that she trusted him? And did they test out their knowledge of English idioms, saying "One more for the road"?

I hope we know someday. But whatever happened then, the events that followed have been presented in so many ways that one might almost wonder if Joran is indeed in touch with reality. But given his ability to come up with a new story of the week, every week, the question is how long his babbling can go on for until, like the narrator of Pincher Martin, the voice finally dwindles into babbling, then mute silence.

And, like that narrator again, who becomes unaware of anything but the black lightning and the claws tearing apart the world in their quest to destroy him, Joran can but wait as the clouds begin to gather. It would be Greek tragedy in a way, except that Greek tragedy requires a noble character with a fatal flaw. Trash cannot feature in an epic, except perhaps in our times.

And I expect trash to be front and center in the ABC Primetime show.