April 30, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

I read on another site (one that supports Joran van der Sloot and denounces Natalee's family), that it is Joran's life that has been ruined and that poor Joran is the one who is suffering as a result of Natalee's disappearance.

I tried to feel some empathy for poor Joran and his family but a few facts got in the way and I continue to believe that he knows exactly what happened to Natalee Holloway. I can't prove that but I can prove a few other things.

First, how can anyone feel sorry for a boy who lied? He lied to such a great extent that innocent people were arrested and held in jail for a crime that they didn't commit. He lied to the extent that the investigation into what happened to Natalee was stalled and possible evidence leading to where she may be was obliterated. He lied as to who picked him up after he finally told another story about leaving her on a beach...he accused first one Kalpoe brother of driving him home from that beach until it was proven that this story was implausible and then accused the other brother of picking him up. He lied while pointing the finger of suspicion at everyone but himself and continued to lie during various interviews that he gave to the American media.

Joran's own parents have admitted that he took money from them and lied about it. They sought "help" for this otherwise perfect son because of his pathological ability to lie and lie and lie.

Joran admitted that he had some sort of sexual contact with Natalee and thus far, no one else has been proven to have had any sexual contact with her while she was on Aruba. He admitted that he last saw her on a beach where he supposedly left her drunk, confused and disoriented and no one else has been proven to have seen her since then.

Joran has admitted to trolling for tourist girls in the past and to having some sort of sexual contact with some of them. He has admitted to underage drinking and gambling and that his own father permitted him to participate in poker tournaments that he was to young to participate in. He admitted (as did his mother) that on occasion, his father gambled alongside him even though that was illegal.

He admitted in the secretly recorded tapes inside the back of a police car that his father advised him and the Kalpoe Brothers that they should keep quiet and that without a body there was no case.

If Joran is innocent then why did he lie? I am not buying that "I was scared" routine that he and subsequently, his attorney claim was his excuse for allowing innocent people to sit in jail for a disappearance that they had nothing to do with. Scared of what? There's nothing to be scared of if you are innocent and there's no reason to fail to cooperate with police if you are innocent.

Maybe Joran was scared because he knew that other people were aware of his penchant for lying and that he couldn't be believed? Maybe he was scared because he knew that something bad had happened to Natalee and he was afraid that he would be blamed for it. Even if he had not harmed her...he might be blamed for being with her when this bad thing happened. Maybe he was scared because he and others arranged for Natalee to be removed and hidden?

This is the poor boy whose life is now in tatters and it's all the fault of Natalee and her mother. They are solely responsible for his misery. Natalee, "that girl" who killed herself and buried herself and her mother who has done everything in her power to make sure that her daughter is not forgotten. How could they be so cruel to poor Joran? What right did Natalee or her mother have to accuse Joran?

Well, maybe because he is a known liar and because as far as we know after almost a year, he was the last person to have seen her alive. Maybe the focus is on Joran because that's where it belongs; where it has ALWAYS belonged from the first day until now?

No matter how many arrests the Aruban police make NOTHING changes the fact that Joran was the last KNOWN person to see Natalee alive and that he has lied and lied and that he has done things in his past that are not so admirable and legal.

So, should we pity poor Joran the liar or should we save our empathy and emotions for the person who is NO MORE and the family that is GRIEVING? If he had not lied and covered-up maybe we could find some room in our hearts for Joran and feel his pain at the media scrutiny that he has been under. If he had not been responsible for the arrest of innocent people maybe we could pity poor Joran.

The facts are the facts and thus far they lead to Joran and until proven otherwise I feel no pity whatsoever for Joran van der Sloot. He asked for what he is getting and I sincerely hope that he continues to remain under the microscope of public attention and that he is constantly reminded that he lied and lied and covered-up.

No one forced Joran to lie and no one else is responsible for his despicable behavior so he does not deserve one ounce of pity. His so-called heartfelt mea culpa's are meaningless because they came to late. He lied and if nothing else, obstructed an investigation into the disappearance of a missing American girl.

Even if I could pity him for being a liar I could not pity him for obstructing justice and that's what he has done that is provable. If he had not lied in the very beginning this case might now be solved....but Joran made sure that it would not happen like that. Joran lied and deserves no pity.

We have no evidence of a crime, we have no evidence that Joran harmed Natalee but we DO have proof of Joran's lies and his obstruction. Joran has broken the law and that is FACT.


The Mountain Brook students have confirmed it was GVC that was bothering Natalee on that Friday night at Carlos N Charlies. As she was dancing with another classmate, GVC came up behind Natalee, started grinding, groping and sexually harassing her. Natalee immediately turned around and yelled at him to leave her alone so he left. GVC later returned with his suspect friend A.B., and again started to harass Natalee. At this time Natalee turned around and hit GVC in the chest. A scuffle between the Mountain Brook students and GVC and A.B. began.

WHO IS A.B.???

April 28, 2006


This must be my Bob Dylan tribute day today for Aruba...

"The ANSWER my friend, is blowin' in the wind, the answer is blowin' in the wind."

from Carnival Cruise Lines…

“Effective Monday, May 1, 2006, for cruises of January 7, 2007 onwards, the Carnival Destiny will offer the new 5-port 7 Day Southern Caribbean itinerary shown below. The itinerary calls on 3 of the original 4 ports (Aruba is dropped) and adds 2 additional ports: St. Lucia and Antigua. This change is being made to provide some new destinations for our guests to experience.”

April 27, 2006


From the dusty, cactus-studded center of this Caribbean island to its palm tree-lined resort beaches, few leads have been unexplored in the disappearance of American teenager Natalee Holloway.

All the investigations, arrests, rumors and intense media coverage in the 11 months since Holloway disappeared have taken a toll on islanders. Hundreds of people have been questioned, said prosecutor's spokeswoman Mariaine Croes, from beach workers, fishermen and the homeless to the scions of well-off families. At least nine have been arrested and released without charges.

Hundreds of volunteers, Dutch Marines, the local coast guard, the FBI and others have scoured the island's dunes, beaches and trash dumps. Scuba divers and sonar-equipped coast guard ships have examined the seabed offshore.

With the case still unsolved, islanders now fear that Aruba, which gets 70 percent of its gross domestic product from tourism, will be permanently scarred by the mystery.

The island off the coast of Venezuela has beautiful white sand beaches and is home to a lively mix of Europeans, Caribbean immigrants and descendants of the original Arawak Indians. But islanders now fear they'll be known only for the night when a single U.S. tourist vanished.

A recent "Lonely Planet" guide devoted one of its four paragraphs on Aruba's 4,000-year history to the Holloway case. "We're concerned about the negative publicity," said Myrna Jansen-Feliciano of the Aruba Tourist Authority.

Locals are quick to call the case a tragedy and say they hope Holloway — last seen leaving a bar with three young men early on May 30, 2005 — will be found alive. But most also believe criticism of the investigation is unfair — and they worry the case is scaring away visitors, most of whom are Americans who patronize U.S. chain restaurants and hotels that accept U.S. dollars.

They're especially angry that cable TV crime shows echo criticism by Holloway's mother, Beth Twitty, that Aruban authorities are corrupt and incompetent. And they're enraged that the governors of Arkansas, Georgia and Alabama have criticized the investigation and backed a travel boycott of Aruba.

"They're saying bad things about Aruba. Maybe if it is Aruba's fault, they can say bad things. But if it's not, they shouldn't," said Jason Angela, a 15-year-old Oranjestad student.

Hotel occupancy was down 3 percent through February compared to the year before, Jansen-Feliciano said. Big hotels were hit particularly hard — down 10 percent. It is unclear whether the drop is a result of bad publicity and the boycott or of rising hotel rates.

And while some businesses that rent jet skis and take people tubing on the water report steady business, others blame a difficult low season last year on the Holloway case.

The arrest of Geoffrey van Cromvoirt, 19, on April 15 underscored the close ties among members of the island community. The Dutch teen's father owns a private security company that had also employed the son of Police Commissioner Gerold Dompig, who voluntarily stepped down as lead investigator amid criticism. Police have said nothing about their latest arrest, of a 20-year-old man, identified by prosecutors by the initials A.B. He was released after six hours of questioning on Saturday.

"I don't know who they're going to get next," said Danielle Gross, a 26-year-old friend of van Cromvoirt's. "It is like a never-ending story."


Joe T's legal motion

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

First, there are RULES that one MUST follow when submitting ANY document before the Court. That extends from typos to length and actual wording of said documents.

I once submitted an Order To Show Cause on behalf of a client in a Divorce Petition and a Paralegal had hit the wrong key on her keyboard on ONE letter in ONE word and the entire motion was returned to our office and we had to scramble to re-do it in time for the scheduled Hearing. ONE word...actually, ONE letter was wrong and the Judge rejected the entire OSC.

I saw more than one error in Joe T's filing.

Joe T. claims that he found "Jane Doe" who gave an affidavit to one of the Aruban lawyers representing the Holloway/Twitty's regarding Joran's previous conduct and that he has her statement denying that Joran did any of the things that she claimed to said lawyer. So, who has the problem? The problem rests with the person giving the affidavit. Which lawyer did she lie to?

Of course, this is not helpful to the Holloway/Twitty family as the witness will have zero credibility for giving two different and opposite statements but is this the same "Jane Doe" that is named in John Kelly's original filing?

That is yet to be determined. I haven't heard John's response to Joe's claims. The original attorney would also be in peril of losing her license to practice if SHE did anything to falsify the original statement so we haven't heard from her as of yet either and I am wondering why she would risk her ability to practice law for people she doesn't know well and who she was paid to represent.

Most lawyers keep their motions brief because Judges are notorious for getting pissy when they are made to read book-sized motions so Joe risked angering the Judge by submitting a document that is so long. (Hello!? No kidding!)

I have to admit that I have NEVER, EVER seen a Motion that was one hundred plus pages long (neither have I) but I suppose that anything is possible. If Joe T's motion is an extension of how much he talks then I am not terribly surprised at it's length.

I want the civil case to go forward here in the USA but I question the jurisdictional validity of the suit and don't have a lot of hope. I DO have a lot of faith in the ability of John Kelly and know of his reputation. He is one of the best civil lawyers this country has to offer and he doesn't do frivolous lawsuits. He doesn't have to.

If the case is moved to Aruba then I can't see how a fair hearing would ever take place after watching the actions of the Judges deciding cases on that Island. It seems as if there are unseen influences afoot and although I can't prove this; I don't believe that Beth or Dave would get a fair and unbiased opinion or ruling. Maybe in Holland...but not on Aruba.

The truth is out there and there are people who know what it is. One of the commenter's on another article here may have put their finger on it.....maybe $250,000.00 isn't enough. (I thought Joe Mammana offered $1 million?) Or, the truth is only known by the people who are actually involved in Natalee's disappearance and no amount of money will make them talk. Maybe they are afraid of being harmed, or of going to jail or simply not important enough to overcome the influence of those attempting to keep the truth from coming out.

As the days pass and the anniversary of Natalee's disappearance grows closer I feel the truth slipping farther and farther away. The Prosecutor is leaving her post at the end of the year, the police working the case are NOT fresh and new as has been portrayed by the Aruban spinners (they have all been involved since day one), and any evidence that may have once existed is long gone or destroyed.

Amy Bradley comes to mind and I fear that Beth and Dave will be sitting here eight years from now asking the same questions. Chandra Levy comes to mind....her parents are also celebrating an anniversary...five years, and no one has been charged with her murder. At least in Chandra's case they found her and her family could lay her to rest.

Some cases never get solved and remain cold until by some quirk of fate (or new scientific discovery) the police re-open them and find the perpetrators based on new evidence. I hope that if Natalee's disappearance can't be solved now that someday it will be.

I suspect that it will happen in one of two ways....someone will talk or someone will re-offend. What a shame if we have to wait for the latter to occur. A shame for Beth and Dave and a shame for the next victim.

One thing is absolute fact, there are people who have invested their entire being in helping to find Natalee and that will not go away. She will never be forgotten or merely become a footnote in the annals of unsolved crimes on that corrupt Island or elsewhere.

Many of us have given our word to Beth and Dave and to Natalee that we won't give up and that means that her case will never be cold.


Has everyone gone mad? Can people not read between the lines in this transcript of the three boys? Aruba is playing mind games by attempting to divert our attention from the main focus—Joran, Deepak and Satish. All these other players are either conspirators (i.e. Freddy, Steve Croes), witnesses, or people that know the truth.

Some news hosts believe those transcripts between the three boys don’t prove that they killed Natalee or did anything to her. To you, Greta, and anyone else who believes that, I have to disagree with you completely based on these quotes:

Joran: “What did you say that Freddy has to be detained?

Deepak: That Freddy has to say the truth.


Deepak: You can straighten things out too.

Joran: Straighten out things how?

Deepak: You have to tell the truth. Tomorrow I’m getting my last 8 days and then I’m going home.

Joran: That’s what you think. Wait until I start saying things about you. Then I want to see if you are going home.


Satish (to Joran): We didn’t put you in this problem. We simply told the truth.


Joran (to Satish): I know very well that you are scared.

Satish: I’m not scared. What do I have to be scared about?


Joran: If they find the girl, then they will see the shit. (If they find the girl then they will see the shit? The bruises? The wounds? The physical evidence? What is Joran trying to say here?)

Deepak: 8 more days and I’m going home, I guarantee you this 1000%.

Joran: We will see.


Joran: That’s not true, the only thing he (Paulus) said that if there’s no body there don’t have a case. (I thought that you, your daddy and mommy and claimed that was never said?)


Joran: And you Satish, they told me that you son of a bitch…see spirits in your cell. They told me that you see the girl in your cell and you get very scared. (Why would he bring up “spirits” if Natalee wasn’t dead? Spirits aren’t referred to as a living person.)


Deepak (to Joran:) They’re going to give you 15 years if they find the girl…that scholarship of yours. Goooodbye, you can forget about it. (Give you 15 years? Would murder fall under that category of 15 years? A mere accident wouldn’t warrant 15 years.)

Joran: I should kill you retard. Shut your cancer face. (Joran shows his true violent, bullying self.)

Satish (to Joran): In the end, we’ll see who gets out and who stays. You tell the truth, we will see.

Joran: I know that I’m getting out. (Oh, so pompous are we?)


FRANKFORT, Ky. -- Natalee Holloway's mother spoke at a victims' rights rally in Kentucky Wednesday.

Beth Holloway Twitty told parents in Frankfort to talk to their children about safety abroad and at home. Her 18-year-old daughter disappeared while on vacation in Aruba last year, and now, Twitty is building a victims' rights-oriented Web site that is expected to be up by summertime. Twitty told reporters it's been a long search trying to find her daughter and the people responsible for her disappearance. She spoke Wednesday to other crime victims about coping with the aftermath of a family tragedy.

Twitty also said she appreciates all the attention her daugher's disappearance has attracted, calling it a good thing for all missing-persons cases across the nation. "If it has created more in-depth interest in how ... news programs handle missing-persons cases in general, than what a sacrifice to make, so no, I don't look at it as taking attention away," Twitty said. "I look at it as Natalee has brought it to the forefront."

Link to video:

April 26, 2006


It's quiet in Aruba Today....

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

Maybe they've run out of Dompigs? Maybe there aren't any left to either put out theories, make up stories about so-called witnesses or give television interviews that they have to apologize for later?

Is Julia taking a day off? Is she tending to her business for a change instead of shilling for Aruba or quoting people who have consistently denied her claims?

What about the other police on Aruba...maybe they are attending classes on how to investigate a missing person's case? Missing In Aruba 101?

Where is Joe T. today...helping O.J. find the "real killers" while he helps Joran find the real perpetrators who got rid of Natalee Holloway? Maybe he is nursing a sore throat from all of the speed talking that he's been doing as of late. Maybe he's reading over the "reams" of evidence provided to him by the prosecutor...evidence like a shirt that was found on the beach and was somehow connected to Natalee Holloway when everyone knows that it wasn't.

Where have all the talking heads gone? This is a bad sign...it might mean that they have run out of people to arrest and that soon they will pay Paulus off for his inconvenience. Maybe Paulus can give the money to Joran so that he can play in more Poker Tournaments at the local casinos; meet more pretty tourist girls...go to the beach.....

Maybe without the Dompigs there are NO witnesses who saw anything untoward on Aruba that night in May? Maybe with all of these so-called credible witnesses out of the picture this leads us back to the beginning?

In the beginning there was Natalee, Joran, Deepak and Satish....

(Editor's Note: Let's not forget the original suspects...Aruba is diverting.
Their tactics won't work.)


Saw this on the SM Forum...I couldn't resist, thanks Ono!

Ono Says:

Latest Beauty News: Rumors of a new fashion
forward hairstyle sweeping the
Caribbean: “THE REN-FRO”

Michelle Says:

Her new 'do' fits Julia's personality style perfectly...
She likes to play both sides--the Aruban side and the Dutch side



During 2005, the NA identified links from prominent traffickers in the region to law enforcement officials, which prompted additional investigations. The NA has been quick to address these issues through criminal investigations, internal investigations, new hiring practices, and continued monitoring of law enforcement officials that hold sensitive positions.

The judiciary system has close ties with the Dutch legal system including extensive seconding of Dutch prosecutors and judges to fill positions for which there are no qualified candidates among the small Antillean and Aruban populations.

Aruba is a transshipment point for heroin, and to a lesser extent cocaine, moving north, mainly from Colombia, to the U.S. and secondarily to Europe. Drugs move north via cruise ships and the multiple daily flights to the U.S. and Europe. U.S. agencies reported more than 100 kilograms of heroin seized in the U.S. that had originated in Aruba.

Drugs entering the U.S. from Aruba were not in sufficient an amount to have a significant effect on the U.S. As a result of the successes in Curacao during 2005, traffickers looked for other transit points in the region which included Aruba.

While Aruba enjoys a low crime rate, (because most crimes are not reported, considered "suicides", or "runaways"...hello???) reporting during 2005 indicates that some prominent drug traffickers are established on the island. Additionally, Arubans worry about the easy availability of inexpensive drugs.

The most visible evidence of a drug abuse problem may be the homeless addicts, called "chollars" who number about 300 and whose photographs routinely appear in publications to increase public awareness to drug abuse and to stem an increase in crime. Drug abuse in Aruba remains a cause for concern.

April 25, 2006


Dan: Is this as crazy as I think it is? Julia, is really as crazy as it sounds? That the son of the police commissioner may have falsely implicated another kid because he was mad at him?!

Julia: (nonchalantly) I wouldn’t exactly say it that way. I think there were statements made by Michael Dompig that implicated this young man and there was a lot of speculation that this boy had spent some time with Natalee. (Since when? Last week?) So it was normal for the police to pick up him based on that information, ask him questions; and as it turns out he wasn’t as cooperative as the police expected which landed this kid in jail. (Then how is he OUT of jail, Julia?)

Dan: Sounds to me that Dompig made false statements! He said he (Dompig's son) is a kid, got confused and frustrated and he said things he shouldn’t have said…it went too far, one started talking about the other and the other talked back, and it became something worse than a soap opera!

Vinda (attorney): Yes, but I don’t think we can say that Dompig is saying that whatever his son said about this young man, that were false accusations…he doesn’t say what it is that his son exaggerated. (SPINNING…)

Dan: But everything he is saying is “he is sorry about it”, “he’s taking it back”, “his son was tricked”, “he was frustrated”, “he was emotionally vulnerable” …he’s certainly not standing by the statements his son made.

Vinda: (Spinning like a top) We must keep one thing in mind, when this young man, GVC, was arrested, he was not arrested only on accusations or statements given by Dompig’s son…there was more to implicate GVC and based on that, that is why he was arrested.

Dan: Do you know that to be the case, Julia?

Julia: Yes, I do. And I also know that there was a taxi cab driver (a witness Julia probably made up…she and her cohorts probably paid off some poor-ass cabbie who needed some crack cash) who also gave a witness statement that also implicated this young man.

(Rolling her eyes) This wasn’t specifically about Michael Dompig pointing the finger at him. There was substantial reason to pick up this boy. (Again, Julia...then WHY is he OUT of jail?)

Dan: I’ve been critical of people who overstate the blame that the aruban officials deserve in the context of this investigation. I’ve often said that there are many police departments around this country make the same mistakes that they made in Aruba. But with that said, I’m listening to Julia and Vinda sort of suggest, ‘you know, look…this happened, it not that big a deal…’

(Flabbergasted) Uh…I mean, if THIS happened in the United States where the SON of the POLICE commissioner leading an investigation made comments that weren’t even…let’s just say they weren’t entirely accurate about this investigation we’d be going nuts!!!

Clint Van Zandt: We would. A number of things Dan…we have three different stories that implicate this young man. One, there is this female cab driver who says that Natalee and her friends talked about this ‘blonde haired blue-eyed dutch kid’ who Natalee really liked…was really hitting on. Beth refutes those statements, the students in the United States refute those statements; then you have another story that says the Dutch America’s Most Wanted came up with this young man’s name; and now we seem to have the reality that you are talking about right now--that the #2 man in the police department…the person who headed up this investigation for months...

There wasn’t enough relationship between he (Dompig) and his 19-year old son to say, “wait a minute son, if you get upset don’t start name dropping…come to your dad, let me tell you, take a drink of calm and relax a little bit..” This case…and I know the Arubans are trying…and as for your other guests, I’m not going to slam dunk ‘em, BUT…somewhere Dan, this case lies between either ineptitude, inexperience, or corruption and where does it lie? Why are we 11 months into this, 9 people have been arrested and no one has been charged?

Vinda: (Now spinning out of control…) I still keep repeating that our legal system down here works this way. If there are enough indications to implicate somebody in some crime, the person will be arrested and the investigation will continue. When a person is arrested, it does not wrap up the investigation, actually it’s only starting then.

Dan: (Sighs, obviously annoyed with their stupidity…) Yeah, yeah…alright. Well, I don’t know. Seems like a mess to me.

Seemed like a mess to me starting on June 1, 2005.


If you'd like a good laugh, read Taco Joe's Motion to Dismiss.

If you suffer from insomnia, read it before bed...it's 119 pages long.

Forget about Ambien! An All Natural Sleep Aid!


"I have no comments other than my son was tricked into this interview, he was frustrated and emotionally vulernable because the press bad talked his father and told him that the other body had also bad talked him. In this state of mind he also said things which he regrets and for which I have also publicly apologized to the other family."--Gerold Dompig

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., April 25 (UPI) -- The former leader of Aruba's investigation of Natalee Holloway says his son falsely accused a man who was released Monday.

Gerold Dompig said accusations of his son, Michael, against Geoffrey van Cromvoirt, 19, were part of a dispute among acquaintances that escalated out of control. "He's a kid; he got confused and frustrated and he said things he shouldn't have said," Dompig told the Birmingham (Ala.) News. "It went too far." Dompig said his son -- angered by media accusations -- responded with talk he had heard about van Cromvoirt.

"One started talking about the other and the other talked back and it becomes something worse than a soap (opera)," Dompig said. Dompig said he apologized to van Cromvoirt's family and requested reassignment earlier this month since talk about Holloway's nearly year-old disappearance adversely affected his family.

Holloway's mother said she believes the three original suspects are at fault in Holloway's disappearance.

April 24, 2006


All I have to say is those people in Aruba sure do like to take pictures of themselves...these pictures are going to ruin them in the end. And we ALL have copies of EVERYTHING. Be afraid...be very afraid.

What do you think of this picture??? Pretty good composite sketch, huh?

It has been alleged that his name is Jerry Strawberry, or Raphel, and there's another one out there...so many names! He is supposed a best friend of Steve Croes.


Geoffrey's out of jail...Catherine Crier announced that A.B. (Joe Taco says it's E.B.) was taken into custody over the weekend and was detained for only 6 hours.

Jossy stated the person, A.B. that was detained had nothing to do with the Natalee Holloway case. Jossy believes that Joran, Satish and Deepak should remain as the three main suspects.

Jossy also states that the allegations from the cabdriver regarding Natalee stating that she met and was 'in love' with a blue-eyed Dutch boy are untrue.


Editorial: Natalee’s case and the Aruban people


I have said on many occasions that in Aruba, the people many times are not taken duly into account by their authorities and things that affect them directly - their well-being, the solidity of their economy, their good name as a hospitable people - have all been pushed into a corner and buried in such a manner that it’s not able to be discovered. This is not done for their defense, but to abide by rules that are good for nothing because they maintain the ignorance as to what’s going on.

At DIARIO, many years back, we took the decision not to hide anything from the people, not keep them in a box to then throw them in a well of forgetfulness. All we find out, we pass it on directly to the people, so that they are aware of everything that’s going on in their island. Natalee’s case is no exception, but a confirmation that we are not going to keep anything secret and whatever falls into our hands, we pass it on in turn to the people, so that they too have the latest news, so that they can judge what has happened in the case.

Yesterday, we published the transcript of a conversation that police recorded in a police car that was bringing the three suspects (Joran, Deepak and Satish) from KIA to the Court Building, in Dutch and in Papiamento. The document is very revealing of three suspects’ character, their way of speaking, their way of formulating sentences and their violence.

From the transcript, we know from Joran’s mouth that his father is the one who arranged for lawyers for the Kalpoes; from Deepak we heard that he warned Joran that if they find the girl’s body or any of her remains, Joran is going to be locked up 15 years; from Joran we heard that he threatened that if the Kalpoe brothers spoke with the police, he would tell the latter that Satish hit a girl with a car; all in all, accusations and counter-accusations, but all based on a categorical knowledge that all three had of what happened with Natalee. Of this, there is no doubt. This came out clearly in the audio-tape recording transcript.

Joran’s attorney is flapping his gums in the U.S. as if he were a great messiah who knows all; one of his colleagues accused me of leaking the document, despite the fact that it was the day before yesterday that we found it in our mailbox, after all American channels already had it and were even passing it on the air piece by piece; Tacopina paints Joran as an angel with wings of purity; that he’s a good student; that he has a scholarship; finally, all that he’s missing to fly up to heaven are wings of snow. However, evidence compiled by DIARIO paints Joran in a completely different light; a violent youth; abusive with younger kids at his school (and in his home!); an out of control youth who inappropriately involves himself with others’ money; a youth with no manners in his manner of speaking; a criminal instinct that he exhibited in the transcripts when in moments of rage he wanted to break faces and even went as far as threatening to kill the Kalpoe brothers; in the end, a completely different portrait than that Tacopina speaks of.

That I revealed Geoffrey’s name? Yes, because this is nothing rare. At no time did I accuse the kid of committing any infraction against the law; what our reporters did was to look for his identity for us to know who we are talking about. Many people asked me of my opinion of him, if he could be involved in the case. My answer was negative, because I do not believe that he is directly involved in Natalee’s disappearance. What I do believe is that he could have told police or the prosecutor that he saw such and such a thing, or heard such and such a thing, or has a video taken on the days of Natalee’s disappearance which could have revealing images on it. This I could believe could be possible, but not that he is a participant in the disappearance itself. I could be completely mistaken, but this is what I think.

I am not taking my eyes off the three suspects, Joran, Deepak and Satish, because they demonstrated in the recording that they are completely aware of what happened to the girl.

Furthermore, one accused the other (between Joran and the Kalpoe brothers) of a 15 year penalty (Deepak against Joran) if the girl is found, and hitting a girl with a car (Joran against Satish).

Our duty as a media outlet is to stay on top of all the developments surrounding the case and to pass on any information that we find to the people, because in our criteria, they have a right to all information of what happened on their island. That the police or the prosecutor do not want to give out any information, that is their right, but this does not count to DIARIO!


Now Michael joins in...blaming the victim...and not to mention all the other Americans that come to Aruba who get drunk. So, I guess everyone who gets assaulted by your "PIMP" gang deserved it, right? Michael, you are scum.

Go ahead and sue me...and your daddy too.

You are ALL LIARS!!!

Thanks Getagrip

ORANJESTAD(AAN)— The detainee, Geoffrey, was talking of having information and also of having information about Natalee’s disappearance.

The young Domping also stated on FOX that Geoffrey seemed to have a drug problem and that he was removed from the security company due to behavioral problems. According to the show, the lady who conducted the interview said that Joran’s mom let it be known that there is much speculation surrounding this case.

But in another interview with Michael Dompig, he said to have heard that Geoffrey lied saying that he has not seen Michael for many months and that he that he doesn’t like going out with Michael, which is very false. According to Michael, he bumps into Geoffrey all the time, he follows him asking him where he’s going and to go out, etc. “If he lied about small details, he will lie about anything”, he said.

About the case itself, he said that if there was enough evidence which could reveal that they were involved, they would still be in prison. Police in Aruba have done a very good job, and they would have these youngsters detained of there was enough evidence, he said in response to a question in regards to Natalee’s case.

Asked about Aruba’s youth are saying about the disappearance, he explained that many are commenting that Natalee ran away from home so that her parents won’t find her, and also there are some who believe that she died, possibly by overdose of drugs and alcohol. “If you stay here and go to Carlos n Charlie’s, you would observe that all the young girls of 15 and 16 years of age from the US go there and abuse alcohol. They use any drugs that they find. They become lazy and finding little freedom, finally they abuse of this”, he commented.

Michael also said that Aruba is small and if someone killed Natalee, this would come to light. Everyone knows everyone and everyone sees everyone. For now, they would know already who did what. It has come to the point that the island has to defend itself because everyone wants to boycott Aruba.


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

Aruban Relationships (or The Jerry Springer Show of the Caribbean)

  • Gerold Dompig = Michael Dompig (son) =Booty (brother-in-law) =Kalpoe's (?)
  • Paulus and Joran van der Sloot =Jan Vander Stratton (close friend) =Dennis Jacobs (fellow cop)
  • GVC= Michael Dompig (co-worker) = Gerold Dompig (Father of Michael) =Booty (Uncle of Michael, brother-in-law of Gerold) = Kalpoe's (related) = Steve Croes (?) = Joran and the Kalpoe's (who Croes lied for)
  • Deepak & Satish Kalpoe = (Brothers) =Gerold & Michael Dompig (related) = rest of Aruban police department (co-workers of Gerold) = GVC (co-worker of Michael Dompig) =Steve Croes (provider of lying alibi)
  • Steve Croes = GVC (??) = Kalpoe Brothers & Joran van der Sloot (gave them alibi for first big lie)
  • Aruban Police Department = GVC's Father (works with them providing security to hotels on Aruba.) which brings us back to Gerold Dompig, Dennis Jacobs, Jan Vander Stratton and the rest of the police involved in Natalee's disappearance, which brings us back to their relationships with the Kalpoe's, Joran and Paulus van der Sloot, GVC, Michael Dompig, Booty and Steve Croes.

Confusing? You bet! Coincidence? I doubt it.

Funny thing about all of this though; Paulus, Joran and the Kalpoe's claim not to know either GVC or Steve Croes. According to Joran, Steve Croes just showed up on Deepak's doorstep and out of the kindness of his heart agreed to lie for them about dropping Natalee at her hotel which in turn resulted in the arrest and detention of the two security guards. Now we hear that Croes may be involved in some way with GVC and none of them supposedly know him either.

GVC is a wealthy, 19 year old Dutch boy who lives in a large home, has a very successful father who works closely with the police during the course of his security business and just happened to supply the cameras for the Holiday Inn where Natalee was staying.

All roads lead back to Natalee Holloway but conveniently, no one knows a thing about what happened to her?