April 27, 2006


Has everyone gone mad? Can people not read between the lines in this transcript of the three boys? Aruba is playing mind games by attempting to divert our attention from the main focus—Joran, Deepak and Satish. All these other players are either conspirators (i.e. Freddy, Steve Croes), witnesses, or people that know the truth.

Some news hosts believe those transcripts between the three boys don’t prove that they killed Natalee or did anything to her. To you, Greta, and anyone else who believes that, I have to disagree with you completely based on these quotes:

Joran: “What did you say that Freddy has to be detained?

Deepak: That Freddy has to say the truth.


Deepak: You can straighten things out too.

Joran: Straighten out things how?

Deepak: You have to tell the truth. Tomorrow I’m getting my last 8 days and then I’m going home.

Joran: That’s what you think. Wait until I start saying things about you. Then I want to see if you are going home.


Satish (to Joran): We didn’t put you in this problem. We simply told the truth.


Joran (to Satish): I know very well that you are scared.

Satish: I’m not scared. What do I have to be scared about?


Joran: If they find the girl, then they will see the shit. (If they find the girl then they will see the shit? The bruises? The wounds? The physical evidence? What is Joran trying to say here?)

Deepak: 8 more days and I’m going home, I guarantee you this 1000%.

Joran: We will see.


Joran: That’s not true, the only thing he (Paulus) said that if there’s no body there don’t have a case. (I thought that you, your daddy and mommy and claimed that was never said?)


Joran: And you Satish, they told me that you son of a bitch…see spirits in your cell. They told me that you see the girl in your cell and you get very scared. (Why would he bring up “spirits” if Natalee wasn’t dead? Spirits aren’t referred to as a living person.)


Deepak (to Joran:) They’re going to give you 15 years if they find the girl…that scholarship of yours. Goooodbye, you can forget about it. (Give you 15 years? Would murder fall under that category of 15 years? A mere accident wouldn’t warrant 15 years.)

Joran: I should kill you retard. Shut your cancer face. (Joran shows his true violent, bullying self.)

Satish (to Joran): In the end, we’ll see who gets out and who stays. You tell the truth, we will see.

Joran: I know that I’m getting out. (Oh, so pompous are we?)



dennisintn said...

and who is the girl satish hit with a car? when and where did this take place, and why is jvds threatening them with this?

Michelle said...

Joran was probably doing what he does best...LIE. He was just probably trying to scare Satish. Didn't look like it worked.

blackhawk said...

I agree...Deepak & Satish strike me as a couple of cold blooded dudes...They didn't appear to be to afraid of Sloot....It is very apparent that if you try and get me busted then I will get you busted...Concerning Natalee's body we know why they had to conceal it and Sloot said as much,""They would see the shit"".....Which would be evidence...Drugs,alcohol,wounds,seman if there was sexual activity...even if it wasn't a First degree murder but a negative reaction to a illegal drug...Why do you hide a body? Did they have time to drop her off at a hospital and possible save her life? Even in a drug overdose there is time to save someone by doing CPR and Mouth to mouth and rushing them to a hospital...but if you were the one or ones who slipped somebody that illegal drug by saving her life you would be condemning yourself to prison...Choices,our life is full of choices...The choices you make define who you are as a man or woman...I hope there is one man or woman on Aruba who makes a positive choice and steps forward with the truth!!