December 28, 2007


"You've just won a trip to Aruba and MY house on your last night.
I've done this like 20 times before...nothing bad will happen."

Please Kristin! We at Aruban Boycott implore you to not use your free trip to Aruba. Sell it or trade it in for a different destination! You must take could be prime meat for the pimps at Carlos-n-Charlies! Stay safe! Go to Hawaii! You can get justice under American law!

PITTSBURGH -- A Pittsburgh woman was the winning contestant on Wheel of Fortune, taking home $18,000 and a trip to Aruba.

Kristin Culan’s "Happy Holidays" episode aired on Channel 11 Wednesday night.A life-long fan of Wheel of Fortune, Kristin’s first audition was held at Station Square last June. From there she received an e-mail, asking her to attend a hotel audition at the Pittsburgh International Airport.

For several hours, Kristin and other candidates played Wheel of Fortune puzzles and took a written quiz. Once a few candidates remained, Kristin was told she would be notified by mail shortly if she was picked for the show. As luck would have it, Kristin was selected and taped her episode on Nov. 28 in Los Angeles.

Kristin said the energy in the studio was so intense she felt like she was going to burst.

I'd like to solve the puzzle...ARUBA SUCKS!

December 18, 2007


The family was informed by the media and their attorney, was informed VIA FAX that Natalee's case is now closed. However the "Aruba 3" get personal phone calls from the prosecutor.

It may be closed, but the STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS NEVER ENDS!

We will march on!



Jug Twitty Speaks Dec 18, 2007 TRANSCRIPT

Fox News
December 18, 2007

FNC: How did you find out the charges had been dropped and the case is closed?

Jug Twitty: Basically (inaudible) TV just called a few minutes ago and told me

FNC: So you didn't get word from the prosecutors themselves?

Jug: No, not from the prosecutor

FNC: Your reaction?

Jug: I called Beth immediately. I'm very disappointed. I've been disappointed since they brought up the new evidence. I hate that they sent Beth down there, went through all the questioning with the new prosecutor who seemed like he was going to help and actually nothing came of that. Actually they basically lied to her for 3 or 4 hours and I'm just really, really upset and I know she is too because the way that she's been treated , the way the whole thing went down; of course they could have solved the case in the first 10 days in my opinion if it had been handled properly.

You know Aruba, there's a lot of nice people there but they really have a black eye if they respect somebody like Paulus Van der Sloot who I personally believe is the lowest human being I've ever been around, he has no backbone and why he and his son didn't help us look for Natalee that first week is beyond me. If they allow a person like that to walk around their island, then there are some problems down there.

FNC: Jug Twitty, thanks for being with us.

December 17, 2007



Sell My Timeshare Now


Media Contact:

Steve Luba--

With Aruban authorities possibly closing the investigation into the disappearance of missing Alabama teen, Natalee Holloway, efforts are being quietly ramped up by Texas EquuSearch to "bring Natalee home".

New Hampshire-based timeshare resale and timeshare rental advertising company, Sell My Timeshare NOW, has found a small way to assist with the search.

(Source)--Dover, NH (PRWEB) December 17, 2007 -- The CEO of Sell My Timeshare NOW, Jason Tremblay, is the first to say that no one should ever have to use timeshare resort property for a reason as sad as this one. Tremblay's company is providing a two-bedroom timeshare to the members of the Texas-based search team, EquuSearch, who are in Aruba this week, continuing the search for Natalee Holloway.

"I am not trained to know how to assist in a missing persons search, but our company, Sell My Timeshare NOW, has found a small way to help by donating comfortable accommodations for the skilled members of EquuSearch who are in Aruba looking for Natalee Holloway now."

EquuSearch is the Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team, a non-profit organization, started in August, 2000, to provide volunteer horse-mounted search and recovery for lost and missing persons. Since that time, EquuSearch, funded entirely through donations, has expanded to include the search skills of divers, helicopters, dog teams, infrared photography and a variety of other sophisticated search tools. EquuSearch is presently conducting a deep water search off the coast of Aruba with the stated mission, "to bring Natalee home".

Aruban authorities are saying they may close the missing persons case at the end of December if there is no further evidence found to link suspects in the case to Natalee's disappearance or if no new evidence is uncovered. The Holloway family attorney, John Q. Kelly, has stated that he believes there is strong circumstantial evidence to link the three suspects in the case, but without something new, this case could be closed by the end of the year.

Jason Tremblay, whose company helps timeshare owners market and advertise their property as a timeshare rental or timeshare resale, says, "The search crew was planning to sleep on the search boat each night, but it only made sense that a hot shower and a comfortable bed at the timeshare makes it easier for them to maintain their stamina and focus."

Tremblay adds, "There are many reasons to need a timeshare condo, but I can't think of one any sadder than this. The thoughts and prayers of everyone at Sell My Timeshare NOW are with Natalee Holloway's family and with the search team.

Texas EquuSearch and Underwater Expedition are conducting the deep-water search with the equipment and vessel provided by John Silvetti and the Silvetti Group.


Written by Fred Taub, Boycott

Aruban Prosecutor Prove Boycott Watch is Right

Summary: The boycott against Aruba must be working otherwise Aruba would not take these actions.

On Friday, December 7, 2007, the Associated Press reported that Aruba's chief prosecutor Hans Mos plans to drop the case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway by the end of the year. What makes this interesting for Boycott Watch is that it corroborates our previous analysis that Aruba is taking action to minimize boycotts against them triggered by the Holloway case.

The recent arrests of the "Aruba Three", Joran Van der Sloot and brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, came right after the end of the Winter vacation sales season, meaning Aruba's peak tourist season packages were bought and paid for before the announcements, as not to disrupt the bread and butter of the Aruban economy. At the same time, Boycott Watch's unscientific survey of airlines and hotels reveals plenty of open seats on airlines and plenty of hotel rooms, which may mean the boycott of Aruba is still strong.

Boycott Watch believes the timing of the recent re-arrests was choreographed by Aruba several reasons.

First, if the boycott had not had any effect on Aruba, there would be no need to Aruba to re-arrest the "Aruba Three" claiming new evidence, only to have the judge re-release them citing no new evidence. The prosecutors must have known there is no new evidence, as they present all evidence to the court.

Second, the only reason therefore to re-arrest the "Aruba Three" if there is no new evidence is for PR - either to show that Aruba is doing something, or to plan an exit from the case as evident by publicly setting a prosecutorial deadline.

This directly fits into Boycott Watch's theory that Aruba's actions are completely based on preventing another boycott or minimizing the existing one because Aruba simply can not afford it.

Corroborating this conclusion is a recent report from, (12/14/07) in which Amigoe states Aruba is expecting a massive increase in tourism revenue. However, the publication does not cite where the increase is coming from. Coincidentally, the timing of the report is close to the announcement of the planned closing of the Natalee Holloway case.

Boycott Watch spoke with a group of police officers and lawyers who came to the consensus that although Aruba has a different legal system than the US, there is still no statute of limitations on murder and a prosecutor should never give a suspect a get-out-of-jail timeline, which is the equivalent of telling a suspect how long they will have to hide evidence. This once again points to Boycott Watch's theory that what we are seeing is Aruba taking action to specifically minimize or even end the boycott against them, as opposed to taking actions to solve the case which would by default end the boycott.

It is therefore difficult not to conclude Aruba is closing the case to get Beth Holloway and the boycott out of the news to alleviate the pressure on Aruba's economy. This explains the Amigoe report that Aruba expects increased tourism revenue. Aruba apparently set a PR timeline; yet did not anticipate the reaction from American consumers as evident in the blogosphere. For example, "Boycott Aruba - Justice for Natalee" , reveals that consumer emotions are still running high. If anything, the recent re-arrests and re-releases have fired up the boycotters.

Boycott Watch believes that what we are seeing is another case of a PR firm being hired which knows nothing about consumer boycotts, thus resulting in bad advice. The fact remains that Aruba really needs to solve the case and not play PR games. The Holloway family and consumers simply want the truth, no matter how much the truth may hurt.

Aruba, its prosecutor and their PR firm simply underestimated the American public, to say the least.

December 16, 2007


This is either a blatant lie by Rudy Croes, or just proof that the government of Aruba doesn't know their asses from a hole in the wall. This investigation was already a complete disaster; now it is evident that the "powers that be" don't have their acts together and are publicly addressing their communication problems and differences.

From Amigoe, December 14, 2007

ORANJESTAD – Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP) says that he should have been informed earlier of the detention of the three suspects in the Holloway-case. “Now that everything is back on the table, the reputation of Aruba is harmed again internationally.”

The case could have been dealt with more carefully if he was informed on time, suggested the minister. “Was it well-considered to make the arrests? If there were plenty of evident, they would not have been released.” He considers the contact between him and the Public Prosecutor (OM) about the recent developments in the Holloway-case an abnormal working situation. “As a matter of fact, I am ultimately responsible for this matter; the OM falls under my policy. Doesn’t that mean that I should have been informed in advance? There is no need for me to do anything any longer and we must save what can be saved. Let’s drop the case as soon as possible.”

According to chief district attorney Hans Mos, the justice-minister, who as opposed to Parliament is politically responsible for the actions of the OM, was one of the first persons that were informed after the arrests. “He was immediately informed together with the prime minister. Our scheme clearly mentions that.” He says that it is however unusual to inform the minister in advance of an arrest. “That only happened in very special cases that affect the public order and safety of a country, like with terrorist crimes. In individual criminal cases like this one, the OM makes decisions and the minister must not work against it.

Some people are more worried about the reputation of the country than they are about solving criminal cases. These seem to be subordinated to economic interests; you can then do away with the police and justice.” Mos emphasized that the government and the justice-minister could have always contacted him about the case. “But the minister has not once asked for an explanation on the arrests. I would have done this with pleasure.” Besides, the OM doesn’t want to continue dragging the case and has decided to set the deadline on December 31 of this year.

The prosecution is currently thinking over continuing or dismissing the case. That all three suspects appealed to their right to remain silent after their arrest was an obstacle for justice. That was also the reason why the judge has decided to release them from custody, because it didn’t serve any purpose.


Does this actually surprise anyone?

From Amigoe, December 14, 2007

CBA: Considerable decrease in cruise tourism

The Carnival Destiny came for the last time to Aruba in January. The cruise ship used to bring more than 1000 tourists to the island. But according to statistics, the arrival of other ships did not compensate the loss of these tourists.

ORANJESTAD – In the growth/drop percentages, a comparison is always made with the same period a year before. The average hotel occupancy shows a growth of 2.4 percent in October of this year and increased to 75.9 percent, announced the Central Bank of Aruba in her monthly report. The Cruise Tourism Authority (CTA) shows on the other hand a considerable decrease of the number of cruise ships and cruise passengers that visited Aruba in October of this year.

17 Cruise ships visited Aruba this year in October, which is 44.4 percent less. The number of passengers was 25.858, 45.2 percent less. Up till November in 2007, 316 cruise ships visited Aruba and the number of passengers was approximately 474.000, considering 1500 passengers per ship; a decrease of approximately 20 percent.

The money quantity decreased again with 20.3 percent in October to 2.531.4 million florins. The percentage of the decrease for just October was 0.8 percent. The bank claims on the private-sector increased with 12.9 millions. The business loans (12.5 millions) as well as mortgages (2.7 millions) increased in October, but the claims resulting from consumer credits decreased with 1.7 million florins (0.3 percent).

December 13, 2007




Check out this spectacular website detailing all the efforts into finding Natalee.

The purpose of the blog is to give an inside look into the search for Natalee. All writings from this blog are from a geophysical engineer and marine geologist on board the search vessel R/V Persistence. Behind the search effort is a team of individuals with a single unified focus and purpose: Find Natalee Holloway.

Excerpts from Geophysical Engineer and Marine Geologist)

"...The final and most elaborate search for Natalee Holloway has begun. This is likely the most complicated post-mortem search of its kind in history. This case has had many twists and turns during it's 2+ year history. This is one of the final chapters that will hopefully provide closure both to the Holloway family and to the watching world.

I've described this search to reporters and friends as a search for a needle in a field of hay stacks while hovering hundreds of feet above the field. However, we have the best needle-detecting equipment and detectors on the planet. The attitude on board the boat is unanimous and unwavering. We know that if God wants her body found, the chances of success are perfect.

It's clear to me that we are again being beckoned into regions of the unknown. We all have our hopes and expectations on what will happen and what we will find. All of us replay slightly differing scenarios through our minds as we lay awake tonight. There is one common thread however that permeates all of us. We know that God has us here for a purpose, and that purpose is being achieved and revealed to us one word of the manuscript at a time."

To put this all in perspective...

  • We will be searching waters as deep as 6 times the height of the Statue of Liberty, or almost as high as the Empire State Building.
  • The equipment is towed behind the boat near the seafloor almost 1-mile behind the boat, or over 16 football fields away.
  • There are swift currents, rough seafloor topography, and unknown terrain.
  • We are looking for a target the size of a shopping cart within the area of Manhattan.

"...The target is a ~1m x 1m fish/crab trap. A search of this size and complexity, utilizing some of the best equipment and personnel in the world would typically cost around $80K per day, or well over $1 Million. However, due to some deep-pocketed private benefactors and mass-charitable collaboration among multiple equipment lease and marine survey companies, this project is being conducted... without charge."

Neither the US or Dutch government is paying for it.

The equipment consists of the following:

  • Side scan sonar (Edgetech FS4200)
  • SeaEye ROV, or remotely operated vehicle
  • Sonardyne USBL (Ultra-Short Base-Line) system providing acoustic tracking of the side scan sonar and ROV
  • Navigation provided by WinFrog software
  • The vessel positioning is provided by multiple Trimble GPS receivers giving us about 1m accuracy.
  • Communications (Phone, data transmit, and Internet) are performed by an Agiosat Global Communications Marine Tracking System.


Louis Schaefer Jr. - Project Lead and Key Contributor

Tim Miller - Project Management -Founder of Texas Equusearch

Tim Trahan - Underwater Expeditions - Project Management

John Silvetti - Project Lead and Key Contributor
Responsible for overall project planning and development.
Owner of Marine Surveys, LLC .

Marc Broussard - Project Manager

Kent Bourg- Party Chief

Kyle Kingman - Geophysical Engineer and Marine Geologist

Dr. Rob Floyd - Marine Geologist /Archaeologist

Anthony Fontenot - Acoustic Positioning Technician

For a detailed report of what is currently going on
please CLICK won't be disappointed!

December 10, 2007


Here's a "blast from the past" post...way back from November, 2005. Now that Mike Huckabee is running for President, let's see if he still stands by the decision he made two years ago.

Mike Huckabee + Boycott of Aruba = LOTS 'O VOTES

Arkansans Urged To Avoid Traveling To Aruba

Governor Mike Huckabee announced Tuesday he is joining with Alabama Governor Bob Riley in requesting Arkansans consider avoiding travel to the Caribbean island of Aruba on behalf of the family of missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway.

"I have received a letter from Governor Riley explaining the situation and requesting that I join him in urging this boycott, and I agreed," said Huckabee. "Out of respect for the Holloway family, including several members who live here in Arkansas, and out of concern for the safety of our citizens, I believe the prudent course of action is to avoid travel to Aruba for the time being."


This piece of so called journalism from AMIGOE makes me want to PUKE. The "writing" is obviously sympathetic towards this sociopath.

You're damn right Joran...YOU WOULD get finished off in the U.S. There are plenty of people that would like to see you wearing concrete boots. Maybe you can retire and hang out with Jimmy Hoffa.

Don't ever come to the U.S.'d be very stupid if you did.
Here's a bit of prepared to look over your shoulder for the rest of your life. We will never forget Natalee and what you did to her.

You've already been tried and convicted in my Court.



Joran, by now nicely shaved, on his way to the supermarket, while enjoying his freedom.

(OH isn't that so touching...)

ORANJESTAD – Both lawyers had assured that after days of isolation, Joran van der Sloot would not want to say one word to the media. Especially his parents are concerned. On Friday afternoon, a few hours after his release, while walking back home from a supermarket in Noord with his younger brother, he was still willing to give a first reaction.

People in the supermarket have already been whispering: “he’s back”, “What has he endured”, and “It’s such a nice family”. (Are you kidding me? This boy and his father single handedly destroyed the reputation of Aruba! Why AMIGOE do you feel the need to kiss these people's asses?)

He doesn’t seem to be worried to walk over the street.
“I think that I would not have made it in the United States.”

It’s obvious that the 20-year old young man, who is still on Justice’s list of suspects, has not got over the adventure (?Adventure? Is that what you people call it? Something he can write a "sequel to?) of the past days yet. He has been detained for 15 days, and most of the time in isolation. “I was in a cell that could hold 15 men, but I was alone. I was allowed kick a ball so now and then and they indeed gave me the Bible. I would have preferred contact with others.” (POOR BABY...let me get out my little violin.)

The interrogations were heavy. “It’s not that they bothered me all the time, but every time I was interrogated, it was long. I didn’t have anything to tell them. I have already told them everything once and I was silent till the last minute.” (Wait! You mean no NEW lies? Have you stuck with your final lie? I bet you are so convoluted at this point you actually believe your own lies.) The arrest in his dorm in Arnhem was a complete surprise. He planned to move to Amsterdam, due to the location of his school. He hadn’t planned to go to Aruba for Christmas. “I really thought that it was over; that one day I would perhaps have to go to Aruba for the closing of the case. But I have never thought that I would be arrested again in the Netherlands. It turns out that they have nothing new here. I still do not understand what they wanted.” (You thought it was OVER? Let me tell you something Joran...this is FAR from OVER. Make note of that, buddy.)

Van der Sloot hates the fact that he had to miss part of his studies. (Are you kidding me? The kid doesn't study! I'd be willing to bet, and I never bet, that his week consists of drinking, doing drugs and screwing as many women as possible...can anyone say 'herpes'?)

He wants to go back soon. He’s not sure how long he’s going to stay on the island. “I’ll spend some time with my parents. Despite everything, Aruba is a special place. I’m going to take a plunge in the swimming pool right now.” He will not get in contact with the brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe that were released a few days earlier. The friendship seems to have cooled off ‘for years’ already.

Yet another effect of the case, agrees Van der Sloot. According to rumours in the media, Van der Sloot has taken a plane to the United States yesterday evening. The journalists concluded this from his presence at the airport. Nothing is further from the truth. He was there to see his American lawyer off. He will stay for the time being in Aruba.

My personal note to Joran:

DO NOT EVER COME BACK TO THIS COUNTRY. The media will find you, it will alert others and you will be tracked down and burned at the stake.

Say goodbye to Taco Joe on the phone...send him an email. Oh wait...I get it. Was giving BJ's part of your payment plan?

December 09, 2007


I will admit that I've never voted Republican. But if Huckabee addresses this issue again, I would certainly consider voting for him as President. Swing voters are the most important to politicians!

By Richard, Aruban Boycott Contributor

I am not naive enough to think that every e-mail to the Mike Huckabee presidential campaign is read by Mr. Huckabee, but please route this to the appropriate person. Mr. Huckabee makes mention of being a "grassroots" candidate and being concerned with "grassroots" issues. I too am involved with a "grassroots" campaign, and wish to remind Mr. Huckabee that this tragedy continues to be a burning concern for all Americans except those elected to defend our interests.

I refer to the case of Natalee Ann Holloway, who vanished in Aruba in May 2005. The actions and inactions of Aruba since her disappearance leave no sane person in doubt that elements of Aruba's government and law enforcement authorities are and have been engaged in a cover-up of the circumstances behind the crime, apparently in order to prevent certain individuals from prosecution.

Recently the three main suspects were, once again, arrested, brought to jail, and freed. The judge who made the decision was the same one -- a reputed associate of one of the suspect's family -- that previously reversed his own determination that evidence justified the continued detention of those same suspects.

In no legal system worthy of the name would a judge with personal connections to a suspect's family be allowed to preside over such a case. Yet this did happen, and the attorney for the Holloway Twitty family has said that he now doubts that anyone will be charged in this case. While a corrupt 'establishment' in Aruba slanders the Holloway Twitty family and protects its own citizens, our own government declines even to take notice.

American tourism accounts for 80 percent of Aruba's economy. This gives our government enormous leverage in Aruba, if we choose to make use of it. The question, then, is why our own government refuses to take even minimal notice of this travesty of justice. Indeed, there is no shortage of reasons to think that the Dutch legal system, as it applies in the Netherlands Antilles, produces anything but justice.

I would urge you to review the case of Amy Bradley, who vanished from a cruise ship docking in Curacao in 1998, and the many reasons to believe that she remains alive in a situation of duress.

I would likewise cite the case of Joel Gove, who vanished on the island of Saba a year ago. Although his body was recently found, no thanks are due to the Saba government, which, according to media reports, declined to allow the man's family to post missing-person notices (apparently fearing an adverse impact on tourism) and forced the family to raise funds for their own private search.

(It is worth noting too that neither the Netherlands nor Aruba is contributing to the upcoming search in the waters off Aruba for Natalee Holloway's remains; this search is the work of American volunteers, American generosity, and American dedication. As has been the case since May 2005, the governments that should be responsible, morally and financially, for this search are the very parties that have done the most to impede it.)

I mentioned that our government has tremendous leverage on Aruba. It could: --Summon the Dutch ambassador to demand a review of Aruba's atrocious behavior. --Demand that the FBI be allowed to contribute to the investigation. --Inform Aruba that it faces a tourist advisory for its behavior in this case. We have many resources. Unfortunately, it seems that none of the presidential candidates, let alone the incumbent or our Congress, can be bothered to give attention to this tragedy.

Mr. Huckabee, in 2005 you were one of three governors who endorsed the notion of a voluntary tourist boycott of Aruba. In my own small way, I, a private citizen, have been urging concerned citizens to conduct picketing and hold similar protests at travel shows in this country to which the Aruba Tourism Authority has sent delegations.

Even the Dutch have admitted that such efforts by concerned citizens have had an impact on Aruba. The impact that a presidential candidate could make would, of course, have much more importance.

The only question left to ask is: Will you be the one candidate who thinks that the cover-up of crimes against Americans abroad deserves condemnation, and action? Or do you believe that individual American families seeking answers and justice for their loved ones should be left to wage their own campaigns against foreign governments?

I appreciate your attention and assistance on this matter.


**By Richard, Aruban Boycott Contributor.

I couldn't have said this better myself!

To all those who whine about the impact of the boycott (which has been going on for some time) on the ‘innocent’ Arubans …

Here’s the deal. YOU tell US who the ‘innocent’ Arubans are. That presupposes that you know who the guilty ones are, doesn’t it?

If so, you know more than the Aruban government knows. After two and a half years, they can’t find evidence to keep anyone in jail.

But Natalee vanished on Aruba, didn’t she? Do you have that down straight? She was taken away by three persons on Aruba, got it?

At this point, we don’t know how many Arubans might be involved, though it’s obvious that a hell of a lot more than three are responsible for the cover-up.

So that’s my advice. You find out who’s innocent, and we who are pushing the boycott will ask that nobody get angry at them.

But you can’t do it, can you?

So if the Aruban people won’t speak up and demand action … well, maybe it doesn’t sound nice …
but I really don’t care what happens to them.

We owe Aruba NOTHING.

And it’s clear that Aruba can’t do justice in this case, or won’t.

So to hell with the place. Period.

Let Aruba look to someone else for its tourist money. It won’t get mine, and I’ll do everything that I can to encourage others to avoid the place.

And to let Aruba know WHY they won’t go there.

We’ve had success at this … in Boston, at King of Prussia, and (though I wasn’t there) in the other protests, passers-by went in and told the Aruba Tourist Authority people that they would never visit that place, and why.

So once again, the question isn’t whether we will press for a boycott. We HAVE been doing this, and even the Dutch admit that it has had an impact. Now it’s time to carry the campaign further.

The ball’s in your court, Aruba. You’ll keep the cover-up going? You won’t call back van der Straaten, Jacobs, Dompig, and the others and start an inquiry?

You won’t demand that an IMPARTIAL JUDGE take charge?

You won’t ask the US to send the FBI in?

You’ll continue to whine, whimper and say “Oh, there’s no evidence?”

Fine … GO TO HELL. And get there by starvation.

Because I for one am sick to death of your whining. Find someone else to feed you … because the Americans, who have taken a long time to wise up, finally are doing so.



Is Joran wearing his famous blue plaid shirt again?

(Source)--Aruba's chief prosecutor said he will close the case of missing American teenager Natalee Holloway by the end of the month unless his office finds that there is enough evidence to charge someone with a major crime. (How about lying to police? Disposing of a corpse? Is that not a major crime?)

The prosecutor, Hans Mos, said he would not comment about the kind of evidence his office is reviewing but that he does not anticipate finding Holloway's remains and prosecuting a case without them would be "very hard."

"We promised the suspects that after Dec. 31, we will not pursue the case," Mos told The Associated Press Friday. "This investigation should end at a certain point." (This case will NEVER end, Aruba! You can BET on that!) No one has been formally charged in the investigation, which critics have said was botched in its early stages by Aruban authorities.

...different judges ruled there was not enough evidence to keep holding them. (Which JUDGES? The same judges that resided over this case before? The corrupt ones? How about getting an entirely different panel of judges! And as far as I know, Rick Smid-the squid was the only one that made the decision. Correct me if I'm wrong...)

Mos told the AP he will drop the case unless prosecutors in his office agree before the New Year that they have strong enough evidence to go to court. (The claimed to have strong evidence before! They are talking out of their asses!)

He said he imposed the deadline himself earlier this year because he feels two years is a reasonable amount of time for bringing charges against someone. (There is no statute of limitations in a murder case! This case will NEVER go away, Aruba!!! You think your tourism has dropped now? JUST WAIT... We Americans don't forget!)

Mos said he and the Holloway family feel pursuing a minor charge "doesn't serve a purpose." A person convicted of making a body disappear, for example, would serve only six months in prison, he said. (In that case we would then KNOW who did it...that is all the family wants. ANSWERS!!! I highly doubt that Beth or Dave would say "doesn't serve a purpose." They just want to know what happened to their daughter!)

..."We have a strong conviction that something happened that night, and that it was a very serious thing," Mos said. "The question is whether we are able to prove it." He said he does not anticipate ever finding Holloway's remains. (We will see about that!)

"It's very hard to try a case without a body," he said. "It's not impossible, but you need substantial evidence that somebody was killed." (Then why did Dompig and others state that Natalee is dead? Remember Dompig? You stated that she died from an "overdose". We all know that if that is true, it wasn't from her own doing. She was drugged, and to me that is at least involuntary manslaughter, lying to police and disposal of a body!)

..."The Aruban prosecution is going around in circles," said Joseph Tacopina, one of van der Sloot's attorneys. "They've bumbled this case from the beginning." (Joe...let me tell you this. You have NO jurisdiction to discuss this case. You were Joran's CIVIL ATTORNEY in New York! You don't know the Aruban laws and you certainly don't have a right to practice there or even give advise! So do us all a favor and keep your PIE HOLE SHUT!)

December 03, 2007



Fred Taub from Boycott Watch just did a follow-up report on the Boycott of Aruba and was interviewed on Fox's Neil Cavuto's show this past weekend. Read the article and watch the video below.

(Original Story HERE)--Boycott Watch previously uncovered a campaign by Aruba to cover up the affects of the boycott against the island nation triggered by the disappearance of Natalee Holloway on May 30, 2005. (See the previous Boycott Watch reports regarding this case: here, here, here, here, here, and here.)

The Boycott Watch reports showed that Aruban tourism officials told the public that tourism was up despite the boycott because, as they said, "now everybody knows Aruba." The fact, however, is that tourism to Aruba was down and it caused the Aruban economy to sink between 6 to 8 percent according to the Central Bank of Aruba, a story exclusively broke by Boycott Watch.

Now, in November 2007, Aruba again took action in the Natalee Holloway case, and Boycott Watch questions the timing, as the arrests came after the conclusion of the sales season for the winter vacation packages. Aruba has two major industries, tourism and hand cream, the latter of which is mainly sold to tourists. With such a fragile economy, any disturbance of the tourism industry can cause massive economic devastation to Aruba, so Aruba has a vested interest in delaying any such actions as not to hurt themselves.

The problem here is twofold: Justice delayed is justice denied as well as actions that can only be described as a cover-up. Americans do not like cover-ups. The Nixon presidency was brought down not by Watergate, but by the cover-up. Martha Stewart's stock fraud case was about the cover-up just as was the Lewis "Scooter" Libby / Valerie Plame case. Americans do not like being lied to and history has shown that Americans will pursue such cases until the end.

The Aruba boycott died down (Michelle: Oh, no it didn't! We were just warming up!!!) as the Natalee Holloway case vanished from the news. Then Aruba launched a massive "Come to Aruba" campaign featuring TV commercials, for example, on Fox News the cable network which one can argue pursued the Natalee Holloway case more than any other network. The return of the case to the news with more questions, therefore, can and most probably will result in a resurgence of the Aruba boycott.

Aruba can't afford a second boycott against them because the first one devastated their economy. Additionally, Boycott Watch questions if the so called "new evidence" is actually something new, or is the evidence something that was covered up in the initial investigation. We question this because Aruba's tourism officials publicly claimed, a stated above, "now everybody knows Aruba," thus a boost in tourism.

The fact remains that Aruba lied to the public, and as such we should question their other statements and actions related to tourism. If someone is found to have lied in court, their complete testimony is suspect, and that should be the case here. Aruba has shown that it will cover the truth in an effort to protect their tourism industry. As such, there is no reason why we should not expect Aruba to take other actions in this case to protect tourism, including delaying announcements related to prosecution or even withhold evidence which can hurt their tourism.

Aruba must have hoped that the case would have disappeared in the minds of Americans but Aruba knows that they must resolve this case in the off season in order to protect their economy, something they are very mindful of. It is therefore in Aruba's best interests to solve the case quickly now that the winter vacation package sales season is over in order to keep it from affecting the next winter tourism sales season. Boycott Watch predicts Aruba will try to keep to a timeline to match that.