December 16, 2007


This is either a blatant lie by Rudy Croes, or just proof that the government of Aruba doesn't know their asses from a hole in the wall. This investigation was already a complete disaster; now it is evident that the "powers that be" don't have their acts together and are publicly addressing their communication problems and differences.

From Amigoe, December 14, 2007

ORANJESTAD – Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP) says that he should have been informed earlier of the detention of the three suspects in the Holloway-case. “Now that everything is back on the table, the reputation of Aruba is harmed again internationally.”

The case could have been dealt with more carefully if he was informed on time, suggested the minister. “Was it well-considered to make the arrests? If there were plenty of evident, they would not have been released.” He considers the contact between him and the Public Prosecutor (OM) about the recent developments in the Holloway-case an abnormal working situation. “As a matter of fact, I am ultimately responsible for this matter; the OM falls under my policy. Doesn’t that mean that I should have been informed in advance? There is no need for me to do anything any longer and we must save what can be saved. Let’s drop the case as soon as possible.”

According to chief district attorney Hans Mos, the justice-minister, who as opposed to Parliament is politically responsible for the actions of the OM, was one of the first persons that were informed after the arrests. “He was immediately informed together with the prime minister. Our scheme clearly mentions that.” He says that it is however unusual to inform the minister in advance of an arrest. “That only happened in very special cases that affect the public order and safety of a country, like with terrorist crimes. In individual criminal cases like this one, the OM makes decisions and the minister must not work against it.

Some people are more worried about the reputation of the country than they are about solving criminal cases. These seem to be subordinated to economic interests; you can then do away with the police and justice.” Mos emphasized that the government and the justice-minister could have always contacted him about the case. “But the minister has not once asked for an explanation on the arrests. I would have done this with pleasure.” Besides, the OM doesn’t want to continue dragging the case and has decided to set the deadline on December 31 of this year.

The prosecution is currently thinking over continuing or dismissing the case. That all three suspects appealed to their right to remain silent after their arrest was an obstacle for justice. That was also the reason why the judge has decided to release them from custody, because it didn’t serve any purpose.


explanation said...

Despite of Rudy Croes's dark face, he supports the RV Persistence's search for Natalee, and prevents the Aruban terrorist attack. The battles between the ministers and departments in Aruban goverment are caused by internal illness of corruptions and coverups. The relationships between Aruba and Holland gets worse daily when Oduber borrows Chevez's submarine to go after RV Persistence.

obstacle said...

Aruba is a runaway island from the Dutch Antilies, had been such an extreme headache for the Kingdom. The Dutch got sucked into it and wasted so much money on the Aruba darkside tourists advertising. Han Mos worked for the Dutch Secret Service previously. He is a Dutch arbitrator or spy planted by Queen Beatrix. Rudy Cores can't fire Mos, that's why he is so angry.

dismissing said...

Rudy ordered ALE not to follow RV Persistence crew and nto to take their pictures for the Internet. It will help to damage the face of Aruba much more.