April 30, 2007



"I am still lying every day, I am a pathological liar, the whole
world revolves around me, and I like being compared to O.J."

(Source)--AMSTERDAM - Joran van der Sloot calls himself a pathological liar still believes in his own innocence. (An oxymoron???) "I made the biggest mistake of my life by leaving Natalee alone on the beach. She lied (sic) next to me, we felt each others body. At that moment I thought: 'We are not going to have real sex here, (But he later states he did? Which is it Joran?) I have trial exams tomorrow and just want to go home. Don't bother anymore, I thought. She can walk to the hotel with ease. That is her worry, I didn't even like her" (What a nice guy...and by the way, what guy NEEDS to LIKE a girl in order to have sex?)

On top of that Joran even admits he preferred to have sex with Natalee's friend Ruth...(However, in his interview with Greta last year he said that he was interested in Natalee's friend, Kathleen...another lie, perhaps?) He stubbornly denies to have anything to do with the mysterious disappearance of the American student. "I am still main suspect, lied about that night on the beach but didn't harm her."

The absence of the then 18 year old American student Natalee Holloway on Aruba, now almost 2 years ago touched him mentally in a big way. "I hate myself because I lied so much, about everything. The unpleasant thing is that I am still lying every day. That comes with ease, still" He does not try to hide it. "I thought the whole world always revolved around me. Because of that I was silent about the truth back then. That was stupid. (No Joran, YOU are stupid. Your excuse for lying makes NO SENSE...just because "the world revolves around you" [gag], you lie? How stupid do you think we are? As stupid as you?)

That night I had sex with her
and left her alone on the beach. I didn't even knew her name." "In fact I should be treated for the constant lying, but I am too stubborn for that. I am being compared w/ OJ in the US", he says proudly.

His parents wanted him to go to the child psychologist already before the vanishing. "I could not get on very well with my brother. I didn't mesh. But I didn't like that treatment at all." The second year student of Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen, stays self confident. He does not want to be depicted as a murderer. In his birth town Arnhem he follows IBMS International Business Management Studies. "I want to start my own business on Aruba in the future. That is my homeland." (Perhaps a call girl business? "Pimps-R-Us"?)

Today appears his autobiography about the mess (the mess Joran et al created...no pity party for you sucker!) that reached the American- and even world press. "I wrote it like a diary. Not to prove my innocence, but to come to terms with it myself." (Do you lie to your diary as well?)

On the 30th of May 2005 the blond tourist vanishes without a trace after being intensely intimate on the white beach with the tall Van der Sloot for part of the night and having consumed quite some alcohol. "She wanted more, but I did not have any condoms. Then she fell asleep." (Joran stated that he never had sex with her BECAUSE he didn't have condoms! Now he says he DID have sex and couldn't continue because he ran out? I think that's another example of his admission "I am still lying every day.")

Several hours before the amorous petting he enjoyed himself together with his friends, the brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe and female American students, including Natalee. That happened at the black jack table of the Excelsior Casino of the Holiday Inn hotel. Natalee keeps pushing that she wants to come with the boys. "I told her I had a trial exam the next day." (Even though he told her that he was a tourist...now he has an exam?)

Nevertheless he caves in under the pressure of the girl. (Oh yeah...a beautiful girl really has to pressure a horny, drunk 17 year old boy. Give me a break!) Around midnight he is picked up from home in the pimped Honda Civic of Deepak Kalpoe. "I want to see sharks", Natalee says. The duo is dropped of at fishing huts by the friends of Van der Sloot. (Which lie was that one?)

Joran reveals all sexual details. That he touched her breasts and reproductive organ, but didn't know her name. "We fiddled with each others bodys (sic). In total the meeting took three hours. But I'd rather have had sex with her girlfriend Ruth. She was more pretty. (First he says they didn't have sex, now they just "fiddled" for three hours; then in the same sentence he said he would rather have had sex with Ruth...or was it Kathleen?)

Van der Sloot, who is arrested soon after, lies everything together over the next days. With his friends, the brothers Kalpoe agree when it appears that the blond American has vanished from the earth. "Why did we decide to lie (about) what happened that night? "I could not do different. They would have considered me guilty directly." (One who expects guilt from others is usually guilty)

The suspect in the sensational disappearance case cheated on his new sweetheart as soon as he returned to Dutch soil. That relationship was over in a few days. "Fortunately I have a girlfriend who believes me unconditionally now. I will not deceive her. For that matter, she did not read my book yet." (Although he clearly stated above he is still lying every day...how could he not deceive someone with that admission?)

He became sick of the American media. "The saturation coverage of the Holloway-case resulted in high viewing figures for the big tv stations." Also the notion that Aruba, because of the vanishing and suggested coverup (they?) wanted to boycott the island economically. It doesn't bother him anymore now. (It doesn't bother him because the boycott does NOT affect HIM. Sociopaths only care about one person...THEMSELVES.)

For the time being he doesn't want to set foot on American soil. "I think that Natalees mom can't suppress her hate feelings. The family still depicts me as criminal, perilous and corrupt." (Not to mention that if he was seen or known to be in the U.S. he would probably be immediately lynched by some deranged vigilante. And honestly, I can't say I'd be sad about it, either.)

Translation by Dugo http://www.refugeesunleashed.net/viewtopic.php?t=9701


What ever happened to "No Body, No Case", Paulus?

A highly placed government official told Amigoe last week that the team expects to find Holloway's remains soon in Aruba, But official channels do not confirm this. The tracks-investigation at the family home of Joran van der Sloot, who is still the main suspects in this case, will possibly take a few days.

Experts of among others the Dutch Forensic Institute are combing out the house and the grounds around it and dogs have been put in. The OM does not want to tell what the reason is for this investigation and what they are looking for.

The local authorities, the FBI, and officials of the Dutch Forensic Institute have already searched this house at numerous occasions before, and have confiscated several items and also 2 cars belonging to family Van der Sloot.

April 29, 2007


I've never been the one who has been optimistic every time a new witness or suspect came through, or "new information" found, new discoveries, that big "bombshell" that was supposed to happen over a year ago... All these things make me cautious about what is going on right now with the Dutch search and their findings, and let me tell you, I am not holding my breath.

If the case is closed, so be it...ARUBA WILL STILL BE BOYCOTTED.

(Source)--Dave Holloway, whose daughter, Natalee, disappeared in Aruba nearly two years ago, said a new search of a suspect's home conducted Friday and Saturday was needed because a prior search was inadequate. "Obviously, we're encouraged the Dutch are doing some investigating," Holloway said.

A month away from the two-year anniversary of Natalee Holloway's disappearance on May 30, 2005 - which may be a target deadline for filing charges - Dutch authorities searched property associated with Joran van der Sloot, the last person known to have seen the then 18-year-old Holloway alive. She vanished on the last day of a graduation trip with her Mountain Brook High School classmates.

It marked the first time the house and the yard on the property where Van der Sloot lived had been searched, Dave Holloway said. The previous search by Aruban police was inadequate, he said. "They limited the search to the part of the property where Joran was located," Holloway said. "All that was searched the first time was the apartment."

Since Dutch police took over the investigation from Aruban police last fall, Holloway had heard little news until Thursday afternoon when the FBI notified him of the Dutch-led search. "Something must have come up for them to decide to do this," Holloway said. "Either that, or they're clearing it. If it's not thoroughly searched, it's going to remain a black cloud that the property was never searched."

...An article in a Dutch newspaper recently reported that the two-year deadline may be extended, Holloway said. He contacted an attorney in Aruba who is trying to verify that. The search of the Van der Sloot yard indicates the focus is on possible disposal of a body, he said. "It's a matter of building a case and proving it, finding out what happened," Holloway said. "We still don't know."

Efforts to reach Natalee's mother, Beth Twitty, on Saturday were unsuccessful. Holloway, who was at the Talladega Superspeedway on Saturday for a NASCAR race, said the new development in his daughter's case has opened up old anxieties about the progress of investigators. "The stress level goes back up again," he said. "You wanna know what they're doing, where they are. There's a nervousness, the anticipation of what's gonna happen. You're glad somebody's involved. We've resolved (to not finding her alive); we've been told from the beginning it was a homicide."

...Gerold Dompig, former lead investigator for the Aruban police, declined comment when reached by telephone in Aruba. Holloway said with the Dutch taking over, he has gained confidence in the level of police expertise. "You have a high level of investigative experience, versus what we saw with the Aruban police," Holloway said. "A year and a half later, what can they do with it? Is it too late? We'll see. "We heard early on from the Arubans the theory that they may have disposed of Natalee in the ocean, but maybe not. We'll just have to wait and see. There's a lot of speculation, but we just don't know."

April 27, 2007


Aruba-Zone.com--Information indicates that Paul Van Der Sloot has not been arrested, but is being held for questioning by authorities.

New information indicates that the KLPD is searching the garden of the Van Der Sloot residence, they have even moved a whole "kukwisa" tree from it's place. That is the work going on outside. From what is going on within the home there's not much information, everything indicates that the authorities are there to stay for a while. Keep posted, as we get more information we will post them on our website.

The latest via Easywriter:

I just finished talking to our reporters on the spot and they had no opinion to give with regards to whether they found something or not. These people are very secretive and will not speak about their work while the case is an ongoing one. Whether they found or didn't find anything we'll find out soon enough officially, when the Ministry of Justice puts out another press release.

What Joran said and came out in the papers here was not taken from his book, but from a televised interview he had about the book. That interview got a lot of reaction; I read a total of 102 of them, and practically the totality of them (100) didn't have any kind words for Joran.

The Dutch investigative team left the premises at about 5:30 p.m., after searching the property of v/d Sloot with 3 dogs and some sophisticated equipment. They apparently did not use the jack-hammers, but searched in the sand. Paulus v/d Sloot left his home about 9:30 a.m. and hasn't been back since. Maybe now that the Dutch team has left, he will go back to his house.

This whole affair throws out two possibilities: 1. they came with some concrete indications that there is something to be found at Paulus' house (which I believe); 2. they came to write the final chapter of the case.

With regards to Number 2, I can't help but think of the F-16's that flew over Aruba a couple of days and then went back. They put on quite a show. I hope that this is not another show, so as to let us know that they did do their best, but that now nothing more is to be done and the case will be closed. I refuse to believe that, considering the seriousness with which these people take their profession, and the amount of time, energy and money they put into this incursion.


I have gotten unconfirmed reports that Paulus van der Sloot is currently being questioned by POLICE. It was reported that his home was searched this morning. Is Paulus in big trouble? New evidence found in the home? It was also reported that Joran is being sought in the Netherlands for questioning!

I do not know how valid this rumor is...but if anyone hears anything, or can confirm this information please post a comment so the entire "boycott community" can stay up to date!

From Aruba-Zone.com:

After nearly 2 years of the dissapearance of Natalee Holloway, today in a breaking news we have information that members of the Aruba's police department and KLKP from the Netherlands are searching the house of prime suspect Joran Van Der Sloot in the district of Noord.
A search effort was already made in the first weeks of this case nearly two years ago, however as many have said an entire search of the property was never done. Today, accompanied by the Arubian authorities the members of KLKP are doing a search of the home of Paul Van Der Sloot (father of Joran Van Der Sloot).

April 26, 2007


By Zoltan Zion--Ed Smith is the person that filmed the Aru-bay Videos that have become part of the Natalee Holloway case.

Some people believe that these videos are very important and others see no correlation to the case. It is still an unsettled area of the case.

Ed Smith also used the name Tony Smith when posting on Web-Sites before Natalee Holloway became a CRIME VICTIM ON ARUBA. I located him on a site that rates the musical talent of bands and he would comment as to what he liked about the playing style. He also claims to be part of a group called the Digital Dub Deciphiles.

So who is he really?

From the Aru-Bay website:

www.aru-bay.com contact US at www.dsp360420@hotmail.com or call 001 297 5834816 in ARUBA and COME post YOUR PICTURES, MUSIC,and/or VIDEO'S from ANYWHERE in THE World,...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The above address is linked to the Aru-Bay site. Yolande Roos is the owner of that phone number.

Yolande Roos is also married to Ed Roos.

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Edwin Roos is the President of the Aruba Chamber of Commerce

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Mr. Olindo Koolman (Senior Advisor)
Mr. Jaap Beaujon (Advisor)
Mr. Serge Mansur (ATIA)
Mr. Greg Peterson (ATIA)
Mr. Jorge Pesquera (AHATA)
Mr. Jeff Lesker (AHATA)
Mr. Alfonso Riveroll (AHATA)
Ms. Myrna Jansen (ATA)
Mr. Rob Smith (Aruba Hospitality & Security Foundation)
Mr. Bill Carson (Banking Sector/AHATA)
Mr. Edwin Roos (Chamber of Commerce)
Mr. Ruben Trappenberg (Aruba Government)
Mr. Eric Brete (Aruba Government)

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Members of the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association, the Aruba Tourism Authority, the Aruba Hospitality and Security Foundation, the Aruban Chamber of Commerce and government figures, including Public Relations Representative Ruben Trappenberg, formed an "Aruba Strategic Communications Task Force" to respond collectively to what they perceived to be unfounded and/or negative portrayals of the island. The group issued press releases and sent representatives to appear in news media. They joined the Aruban government in opposing the calls for a boycott of the island.

Strategic Communications Task Force Statement Meeting between Mrs. Beth Twitty and Strategic Communications Task Force Strategic Communications Task Force Members: Mrs. Myrna Jansen of the Aruba Tourism Authority; Mr. Jorge Pesquera of AHATA; Mr. Greg Peterson representing ATIA; Mr. Rob Smith representing the Hospitality Security Foundation; Mr. Jeff Lesker Chairman of AHATA; Mr. Jaap Beaujon of IBS Aruba; Mrs. Anabela Peterson de Sousa; and Minister Edison Briesen, Minister of Tourism and Transportation.

November 2, 2005

The November 2, 2005 meeting with Mrs. Twitty and the Strategic Communications Task Force was an opportunity to exchange thoughts, facts and opinions between both parties. Both parties brought several issues forward. The consensus is that the primary goal of everyone involved is to find out what really happened to Natalee Holloway by allowing the investigators to carry out their work and hopefully bring this investigation to a conclusion.

The Task Force reaffirmed its concern and empathy for the suffering of the Holloway and Twitty families in this terrible situation, yet called their attention to the need to remain fair to the population of Aruba and not to engage in making requests which aim to interfere with the economic stability of our island. The Task Force brought forward their disappointment with the fact that, despite numerous efforts that have been made by the local community to find Ms. Holloway and the enormous expenses incurred by our small island, the community of Aruba is collectively being unfairly accused of a number of things. This has gone so far that there are now calls for Americans not to visit the island and a call for an economic boycott of the entire island of Aruba.

The response of Mrs. Twitty to these issues is that she never used the word boycott. The Task Force did inform Mrs. Twitty that she may not have used the word "boycott", but that her appearance on shows where she speaks with persons that call for a boycott while nodding her head in obvious agreement, represents an endorsement of such a call. The Task Force repeatedly made it clear to Mrs. Twitty that condemning a whole nation for an isolated case
(which remains under active investigation) is grossly unfair. Mrs. Twitty did state that this case was never about a single citizen of Aruba or anyone present in the meeting, yet rather about what she feels are barriers that exist in the police force and prosecutor’s office which prevent the case from moving forward.

Mr. Paul Reynolds reaffirmed in this meeting that he is absolutely against any call for an economic boycott of the island, and that he wants to reassure the population of Aruba that this has nothing to do with the community of Aruba.

When I discovered Ed Smith's identity I called Jamie Skeeters who in turn called Ed Smith / Roos who confirmed that he was indeed Edwin Roos. All Jamie did was call the number listed above.

While Aruban Authorities repeatedly threatened Beth Twitty with a variety of unpleasant future events, which could include shutting down the investigation into the disappearance of her Daughter Natalee, they worked in a concerted effort to deny her the JUSTICE they promised. This all occurred at the highest levels of the Aruban Government and used a variety of tactics to keep the Boycott from progressing.

Mrs. Twitty never once, to my knowledge, made any references to the VOLUNTARY Boycott of the Island of Aruba. With threats like she received, how could she? While working to assure no loss of revenue from the American Tourists, they left Natalee on the beach and lied to everyone.


By Fred Taub, Boycott Watch

Boycott Watch was first to report that Aruba lied about tourism numbers when they reporting record growth as a result of the Natalee Holloway disappearance.

In 2005, Myrna Jansen, the managing director of the Aruba Tourism Authority was quoted as saying "now everybody knows Aruba" to explain why they claimed tourism numbers were up. The facts, however, show a different picture as evidenced by a report by the Central Bank of Aruba (Here) which revealed that tourism numbers to Aruba were actually down, despite Aruban Tourism claims to USA Today and other publications.

Ever since Boycott Watch reported false numbers by Aruban officials, our reports have been under fire mainly by Aruban officials, yet none of them have been able to refute our claims because we used their own actual numbers, including a report from the Central bank of Aruba in our reports. In fact, one such person who claimed via email to be a taxi driver while challenging our findings was actually the Aruba's tourism minister.

The latest attack against our reporting about Aruba comes from someone identifying himself as "Peter van der Vliet," a person who runs a blog to which we will not dignify with a link, and coincidentally has the same name of a Hilton Hotels officer for the Benelux division, be we do not believe these are the same people.

However, the veracity of the claims by the blogger makes Boycott Watch believe there may yet be some relationship or other interest in Aruba hotels by the claimant because the claimant's statements about the Holloway family and Aruba echoes the same wording of Aruba Tourism officials and their media statements.

At Boycott Watch, one of our strengths is that we stand firm when we are right, and we do not bend to or fall for PR campaigns.

April 23, 2007


**Thank you to Natalee's Freebirds! Keep up the great job...you guys make us all proud of your hard work!

Nelson Oduber takes a cue from his friend Hugo Chavez Was it not enough that Prime Minister Nelson Oduber controls cable television, land line telephones, cellular telephones, and the internet provider on the island?

Was it not enough that Oduber promoted his own agenda to protect Aruba’s reputation where tourism was concerned? Was it not enough that Oduber had his own secret “task force” working behind the scenes to malign Natalee Holloway and her family? Apparently not.

This Aruban newspaper and its’ editor choose to stand up for their fellow Aruban citizens, along with American tourists who come to their island and get victimized – again and again. By pointing out their government's wide-spread corruption, the citizens of Aruba are finally being given an avenue to change their own fate. El Diario is now being thrown to the wolves by Prime Minister Nelson Oduber. El Diario tossed down the gauntlet of truth at the current government’s feet (MEP) and their response? Boycott El Diario – control the message.

ORANJESTAD – In an open letter, staff and management of the morning paper Diario have asked the Queen’s attention for the commercial boycott called by the MEP and her leader, Prime Minister Nelson Oduber. MEP demanded the owner and also director and chief editor Jossy Mansur to publicly apologize to MEP and premier Oduber for all the articles he has published with the intention to damage the reputation of the government and MEP. Mansur has till last Monday to do this, otherwise, the MEP will announce a boycott against Diario. Since Mansur ignored MEP’s ultimatum, the party decided on a total boycott of the newspaper. No information must be given to Diario. MEP-member had to cancel their subscription as per immediate.. They are also not allowed to buy the paper separately. They cannot place ads in the Diario.

* Nelson Oduber is in charge of SETAR

Amigoe October 12, 2006

Also the Board of Directors of Setar was dismissed last week. The Board and Setar director Roland Croes had problems for quiet some time already. We do not know yet what Prime Minister Oduber, who is in charge of the national company is going to do next.

* What is SETAR?

SETAR N.V., is the privatised full telecommunications service provider for the island of Aruba. The services provided by SETAR includes telephone, internet and GSM-related wireless services.

1. SETAR provides the fixed line, mobile, internet and data services to Aruba. "SETAR N.V. Aruba's national telecommunication provider is the principal telecommunication company on the island. SETAR N.V. provides solutions for Fixed line, Mobile, Internet and Data. The company's cellular communications infrastructure offers both GSM and TDMA services. SETAR has more than 70, 000 registered cellular subscribers giving the company a better than 70% penetration rate. Setar also offers trunking and paging."

2. SETAR takes over television on Aruba.

SETAR N.V. purchases Cable TV Aruba

A.M. Digital Feb 18, 2005 00:27

UTC ORANJESTAD - At a press conference held on Tuesday, February 15, 1005, SETAR (Aruba Telephone Company) Management announced that the negotiations were completed and that Cable TV is now in the hands of the national telephone company. On the other hand the Prime Minister also announced that in connection with the purchase of Cable TV Aruba by SETAR – owned for 100% by the Aruba Government – no permits for Cable TV will be issued by this Government. He is aware that some court cases may arise from this decision but they (Government) are prepared for that.

3. SETAR controls Internet Access Setar, the government-owned telephone company, is the only ISP in Aruba. Setar now allows limited dial-up Internet access to nonresidents and visitors. Contact your resort for details and pricing.

With all the communication providers in his pocket, Nelson Oduber made this announcement the night Joran Van der Sloot made a confession in the Natalee Holloway case. Immediately after this hint from Oduber, the confession was being touted as a misinformation campaign by the MEP's Minister of Justice, Rudy Croes.

Prime Minister Nelson Oduber went on (Aruban) national radio Friday night to say if something happened to Holloway, it would hurt the island of 97,000, which depends on tourism and has a reputation as one of the safest spots in the Caribbean.
Friday, June 10, 2005

Prime Minister Oduber set out to control the message very early on in the case of Natalee Holloway. In our earliest of publications, we pointed out to you the persons from this committee involved with internet postings misdirecting the focus of this victim and her family's search for her.

Prime Minister Nelson Oduber
presents “anti incorrect news” committee

by A.M. Digital Posted: Jun 30, 2005 17:21

UTC ORANJESTAD -At the weekly Government press conference Prime Minister Oduber officially presented a committee that was just appointed and with the task to minimize the effect of all the negative and incorrect information that is being disseminated on Aruba in connection with the disappearance of the American student Natalee Holloway.

“The committee has been working for some time
behind the screens without too much publicity, and function on behalf of the people of Aruba in order to minimize the impact of the negative news that is being sent out” The basic mission of the committee is to bring correct information and counteract all publications that are not based on the truth and to explain the function of our judicial institutions and how they operate.

Crimes not Punished – It’s not just the tourists at risk

Diario editorial 4/16/07

The truth can hurt when it’s exposed without circumlocution! What could have led the mediocrity of the MEP party to lose their heads in such an ugly manner? Could it be the bribery of 1 million guilders? The day I said that Nel Oduber’s government is anti American too, I came with the proofs to demonstrate it, but I left out a couple very painful for Nel, but since he again lost control over his tongue, here are more proofs: Natalee Holloway (American) and the American girl that his son mistreated and then wanted to rape in his own home!

What did Nel’s government do in the case of Natalee?

* Hide their heads in a hole like ostriches so as not to see the truth of what was happening,

* try to fire Jan and Karin because they did not belong to the group of political yes-men of his government;

* put the interest for American tourism money above the value of a human life;

* try to throw the blame on the family of the girl that disappeared, instead of going all-out against the three suspects who are responsible for the bad name Aruba got in other countries, and rightly so because those in power did not lift one finger to defend the victim, but went all out behind the curtain to make the family responsible for the negative image Aruba got, and not against the three suspects in whose company the girl disappeared. She too is an American!

Then his unbelievably stupid anti-American statements; the case of his own son who tried to rape an American girl in his own home! Now there is another American arrested because he pulled a gun against a person that attacked his wife, then committed destruction against her property. A government that has characterized itself as an Anti-American one with unquestionable concrete proofs.

The MEP party is a party of delinquents and promotes delinquency

* a Minister (Ramon Lee) who raped a woman, was accused by her to the Police, and was never even questioned!

* Another Minister (Rudy Croes) who brought in young girls from Santo Domingo and wanted to force them into prostitution with him and his friends;

* another Minister (Nilo Swaen) who was accused by his own department head of manipulating figures to make the government look good;

* another Minister (Rudy Croes again) whose departments sold permits to foreigners, and under whom driver's licenses were also being sold;

* another Minister (the Prime Minister Nelson Oduber) who is a habitual liar and will stop at nothing to carry out his Chavez-inclined plans for Aruba;

* members of Parliament of the MEP party who were caught by the police in drunken driving (Junior Arends) and hit and run (Robert Maduro);

And so much more delinquency and violations of our laws it would take an encyclopedia to hold them! They are a group of the most corrupt public figures ever to participate in Aruban politics. Just go over the Holloway case, and now the Michael Saladin case, and you immediately know the anti-American sentiments of those now in power in Aruba.

Ask the FBI to interrogate Richard Lacle, who will soon be serving a prison sentence in Florida, to find out who is behind this group that offered a big bribe to Nelson Odbuer's party and was never denounced to the police or the prosecutors in Aruba. My attention was brought to this case by the revelation of a letter containing a bribery of 1 million guilders to Nelson Oduber and his party.

Perhaps Oduber should be reminded of his own words to Fox news from June 10, 2005: "We work together, we care for people ... Nobody stands above the law."

When the message a corrupt government is controlling gets dashed by the truth, provided by an honest voice striving for an Aruban government of integrity and honor, what is your next move?

To silence that voice. To silence that one method of communication that the corrupted government has no control over.

There is only so much dictatorial behavior an honorable society will tolerate - hopefully the door opened by El Diario will be utilized by the Aruban citizens in demanding transparency, honesty, and objectivity within their government.

Truth and Justice are not just the American way - they are the ways of true humanity. The truth may hide at times, it may get distorted, but it will never be silenced.

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!

April 19, 2007


By Aruban Boycott Member, jen3560

I have the good fortune of working for a boss who owns a time-share in Hawaii. Even more fortunate for me, my boss is usually too busy to be able to take a vacation. The last two years, he has generously given his time-share week to me.

Last year, I exchanged to the island of Grand Cayman – had a wonderful time! This year, I was again exploring the Caribbean for my travel plans. I had decided on either the Bahamas (Nassau), or Turks and Caicos.

Upon contacting the time-share agency for availability and to book the exchange, I was told there was nothing in the Caribbean available for the times I wanted to travel (May – October), with the exception of Aruba, and St Maarten.

Now, St Maarten has never held much appeal for me, so I passed on that opportunity. I inquired further of the agent about just how much availability there is on Aruba. He informed me that they had something for any week I wanted to travel – at any one of 7 different resorts.

This told me 2 things:

Time-share owners are NOT exchanging to the island of Aruba;

Time-share owners whose “home base” is Aruba – are exchanging out.

Now, if “owners” who have already paid to travel to Aruba aren’t going there – what are the odds that the yet-to-be paid-for hotel staying travelers are going there?

If I ever wondered whether Aruba’s yes-men Internet posters who try to tell us tourism is on the rebound were lying to us – my own personal enquiries put an end to that.

Keep up the pressure of the boycott, folks!

It IS working!


PS--I decided that I will be traveling to Carmel, California this year for my vacation!

April 12, 2007


**This is a "re-run" from our favorite Freebirds! It certainly ties into the present alleged involvement of the Dutch. I'm still not holding my breath. Maybe all the Aruban tourism loss has finally gotten to them? One can only pray!

What happened to the Dutch investigation into this crime?

Could this conflict of interest have played a part in the lack of action by the Dutch officials?

Interior Minister Johan Remkes was called upon by Rudy Croes to take over the Natalee Holloway investigation in August of last year. Official Remkes is the individual who recommended Paulus van der Sloot be appointed to the bench of the Joint Court.

Aruba's Justice Minister Rudy Croes sent a letter last week to Netherlands' Internal Affairs Minister Johan Remkes and to another Dutch official asking the Dutch police to handle the case, saying little progress had been made, the Solo di Pueblo newspaper reported.

If Dutch police take over the investigation, they will have access to all case files and their own office, according to the newspaper, which didn't cite its source. Remkes will visit the Dutch Caribbean islands, including Aruba, next week, authorities said in the Netherlands.



The realm council of ministers has agreed on proposal of minister (Johan) Remkes of internal matter and kingdom relations with a pair of appointments. The lord Mr. G.E.M. Polkamp (52) are proposed for appointment to member of the common Court of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. At present Mr Polkamp deputy member of the court is. The appointment discusses 1 January 2003. the lord Mr. P.A.P.J. of of the ditch (Paulus Van Der Sloot) (50) is proposed for appointment to deputy member of the common Court of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. The lord of of the ditch is now operative as a principal private secretary at the Procurator-General of Aruba. The appointment discusses 1 January 2003 for a period of three years.


Full text in the .pdf file on that page.
Translated by Babelfish, this is what you get:


Remkes being called upon to act in this position of authoritative leadership over the Dutch investigation into this case where a personal judicial appointee of his was a suspect, whose son is still considered the prime suspect, leads us to question if that is the reason the Dutch have not moved forward with this investigation?

We've all seen how the Aruban investigation was handled, does it appear the Hague failed to learn Aruba's lesson?

Will they now share the same shameful results Aruba is currently experiencing?

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!

Natalee’s Freebirds


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Ten Dutch experts will arrive in Aruba today (April 12, 2007) to put the finishing touches on the Natalee Holloway case, before the Ministry of Justice of Aruba considers the case closed, or cold!

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April 11, 2007


I stumbled upon this blog and wanted to share this great commentary about the MEP party! Great work! Check out Mike Placid's blog, Connect the Dots!

By Mike Placid

(Source)--The MEP party is a party of delinquents and promotes delinquency (a Minister (Ramon Lee) who raped a woman, was accused by her to the Police, and was never even questioned! Another Minister (Rudy Croes) who brought in young girls from Santo Domingo and wanted to force them into prostitution with him and his friends; another Minister (Nilo Swaen) who was accused by his own department head of manipulating figures to make the government look good; another Minister (Rudy Croes again) whose departments sold permits to foreigners, and under whom driver's licenses were also being sold; another Minister (the Prime Minister Nelson Oduber) who is a habitual liar and will stop at nothing to carry out his Chavez-inclined plans for Aruba; members of Parliament of the MEP party who were caught by the police in drunken driving (Junior Arends) and hit and run (Robert Maduro); and so much more delinquency and violations of our laws it would take an encyclopedia to hold them!

Nilo Swaen

Ramone Lee

THESE ARE ALL PROVEN FACTS! Not lies or inventions made up to slander them. They are a group of the most corrupt public figures ever to participate in Aruban politics. Just go over the Holloway case, and now the Michael Saladin case, and you immediately know the anti-American sentiments of those now in power in Aruba.

To answer the stupid allegations in that MEP inspired and promoted piece of garbage:

1. I never funded any party in Aruba, much less the one Glenbert Croes started because Nelson Oduber, the actual Prime Minister, forbade him to participate in the party his father (Betico) founded. He was so disgusted with that prohibition that he decided, with a few friends his age, to start his own party called the OLA. This is another FACT! When you make this kind of allegation, you better have the necessary proofs (documents, transfer of money, etc.) to back up your allegation. In this case it is non-existent! Just another lie propagated by the corrupt officials who have now been discovered in the biggest of their foul deeds!

Do you remember the Holloway case and the flagrant cover-up that is going on? Well, this party will stop at nothing to slander and invent things that do not exist, or to harm Americans or American interests on the island).

2. The manifestations in front of the Government building in the past were about to get seriously out of hand by the violence inspired by the MEP party fanatics (car burning, invasion and destruction of government property, etc.) that I did meet with one labor leader to put sense into his head. That is another FACT impossible to deny!

3. I never met and have nothing to do with the Namdar group. Ask the FBI to interrogate Richad Lacle, who will soon be serving a prison sentence in Florida, to find out who is behind this group that offered a big bribe to Nelson Odbuer's party and was never denounced to the police or the prosecutors in Aruba.

My attention was brought to this case by the revelation of a letter containing a bribery of 1 million guilders to Nelson Oduber and his party. The man to whom the letter was addressed is
Michael Williams, ex-campaigner for the MEP party, and who is now in Holland in contact with the Dutch authorities. Williams stated unequivocally that he gave the original to Marisol Tromp (another MEP Minister), to Frerdis Refunjol, actual Governor in Aruba, and to Nelson Oduber (Prime Minister) and Edison Briezen (Minister of Tourism). None of these ever denounced the offered bribery to the authorities!

This case is far from having reached the end. It is now beginning on an international level. I wouldn't be surprised if in the U.S., Effy Namdar will be arrested and interrogated with regards to this offered bribe. It's his signature that appears in the bribery letter! U.S. Laws strictly forbid this kind of commercial outright purchase of local and foreign officials in Government, regardless of how easy it is to buy the officials now in power!

4. When the previous government (AVP) was way off track, it was I and the DIARIO who confronted it and brought its government down. Not the MEP party, because they didn't have the credibility to convince anyone that they could do better. They lied their way through the campaign and were able to win with the DIARIO's help. I do not cater to any party in government or to any government! That too is a proven FACT.

5. There is no set up in this case, only the TRUTH! And it came out with a signed letter by Effy Namdar with a one million guilder bribery offer to the MEP party for the purchase of 100 acres of prime land at the port. Can you imagine the corruption involved here? And whether Nel Oduber, the habitual liar and head of the most corrupt government ever in Aruba, likes it or not, the DIARIO will do whatever it takes to stop the sale of public property against the offered 1 million guilders in the form BRIBERY!"

April 10, 2007


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Lead Detective Roy Tromp - CBS NEWS

Tromp, who declined to provide details about exactly what investigators believe happened to Holloway, said that Paul van der Sloot has also changed his account the night Holloway vanished.

"Why should you do that if you are telling the truth?" he said.


Beth has claimed from day one that Paulus Van der Sloot stated on the morning of May 31, 2005 in front of his residence that he had driven to McDonalds at 4:00 AM on the morning that Natalee went missing to pick up Joran and ?. This info was recorded in her journal, and witnessed by all others at the Van der Sloot residence that night. Within two and half weeks of that encounter, Paulus Van der Sloot denied Beth's claims and insisted that he had stated that he had picked up Joran at 11:00 PM on the evening of Mar 29, 2005.

Beth Twitty - NANCY GRACE (CNN)

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Oh -- oh, it`s a very critical detail. And the night that we arrived on the island -- you know, Jug does not misinterpret a 4:00 AM time pickup to 11:00 PM. I mean, Paulus Van Der Sloot stated that he picked up at 4:00 AM on May the 30th. Then -- we don`t know who they were, but then even as far as June 16 and June 17, Mr. Van Der Sloot was still stating this 4:00 AM pickup. Only until around -- maybe it was when he was picked up or arrested did he change it to 11:00 PM that I had knowledge of.

Beth Twitty - 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct'

TWITTY: ...And, you know, what Jug and I had discussed last night was that, you know, we go back to the very beginning. And that‘s the reason why Paulus Van Der Sloot was arrested in connection with Natalee‘s disappearance, because he had lied to the authorities by saying that he had changed his pickup time.

Paulus Van der Sloot - June 23, 2005 - Suspect Statement

To your question whether I picked up Joran on the 30th of May 2005, in the early morning hours, I can state the following. I have previously stated that I had picked up Joran on Sunday May 29th at approximately 23.00 hours near Mc Donalds. Subsequently I woke up at that Monday morning at approximately 05.45 hours. In the hours between I had gone to sleep and I did not hear Joran leaving or hear him return home.


On February 15, 2007 it was revealed that a Superior Court judge denied Paulus Van der Sloot's motion for further compensation. When "taped information and Paulus' declaration" were considered, the judge ruled that Paulus' detainment had been justified.

Superior Court - ARUBA BOYCOTT - Feb. 15/07

The following is a literal translation (from Diario paper) as it appears in the sentencing of the Superior Court for Paulus Van der Sloot. "With attention to the lying declarations that the son of Paulus, Joran Andreas Petrus van der Sloot (hereafter Joran) gave about his last contact on the 30th of May 2005 with the disappeared Natalee Holloway, the suspicion is not unreasonable that he made himself guilty of a conduct that can be qualified as murder, manslaughter, or kidnapping that resulted in death.

The possible involvement of Paulus with that could then be deducted from the file with the official reports of witnesses, amongst which two people suggested a contact existed between Paulus and Natalee Holloway the night of her disappearance, and a taped report (that was given by the Prosecutor in her final note 1 to the Court).

The taped information and his declaration that he picked up Joran and Natalee by the McDonalds Palm Beach and brought them to the Holiday Inn, are clearly understood by the Dept. of Justice, and could in the judgment of this Superior Court, be considered as an indication of the involvement of Paulus in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway."


Why were the "taped information and declaration" pertaining to Paulus Van der Sloot previously disregarded by four separate rulings in favor of Paulus?

Paulus Van der Sloot - Scope of Search Warrant Reduced


TWITTY: Well I think they will always have to look at there were two personnel involved from the Aruban Justice Department and that is why we don’t have any evidence and that’s what Joran’s attorney will have to be reminded of. It’s because of Bob Witt and Ben King stopped the search warrants. It was made to initially search the entire area of Mon. 19 the garden, the buildings and everything but on the spot high ranking employee of the Justice Office Bob Witt reduced the search warrant to only the room of Joran so that’s why we don’t have any evidence because of involvement of the obstruction from the Aruban Justice Department personnel.

Paulus Van der Sloot - Released from Detention


ARUBA – ... Paul van der Sloot was detained from June 23rd up till the 26th in connection with the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. The examining-magistrate decided then that there was not sufficient evidence against Van der Sloot and released him.

Paulus Van der Sloot - No Longer a Suspect


ARUBA – The Common Court of the Neth.Antilles and Aruba decided that Paul van der Sloot is no longer a suspect in the Holloway case. The court decided this in a lawsuit where Paul van der Sloot asks the National Government for compensation due to damages caused by his persecution in the Holloway-case.

Paulus Van der Sloot - Awarded Compensation

Expatica News

A court on the autonomous Dutch island of Aruba ruled that Paul van der Sloot was arrested and detained for four days without due cause last year as part of the investigation. He was awarded 50,000 Aruban Guilders in compensation. This is equal to EUR 21,800 or USD 27,900.

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!

Natalee's Freebirds

April 08, 2007


The Dutch Island of St. Maarten Involved in Human Smuggling--Will Judge Smid Act Upon This Travesty? Only Time Will Tell!

PHILIPSBURG/St. Maarten--Three female immigration officers who worked at Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA) face allegations of involvement in human smuggling, accepting of bribes and membership of a criminal organisation.

Prosecutor Dikran Sarian said the women had made St. Maarten a “transhipment point for illegal immigrants” and asked for 145 days, one year suspended with two years’ probation, and a US $3,000 fine for suspect S.A.M. (27).

For V.V.M.S. (23) Sarian asked for a 146-day prison sentence on top of a two-year suspended jail term with two years’ probation, 100 hours of community service and a $1,000 fine. For S.M.R. he asked the judge to impose a 48-day prison sentence and 6 months suspended with two years’ probation, 240 hours of community service and a $3,000 fine.

The women were the first to appear before
Judge Rick Smid on Tuesday. They will be followed today, Wednesday, by five other suspects in this large scale case. The two main suspects, A.C.H. (28) of St. Eustatius and Y.F.J. (26), will be tried on Thursday. The three officers all denied Tuesday that they had done anything wrong in performing their duties at the airport between January 2006 and the days they were arrested in October and November 2006.

All three admitted they had received considerable amounts of money from alleged leader of the illegal operations A.C.H. But, they said, this was not in return for services, but just because this wealthy man liked to flaunt his money. The Prosecutor’s Office is accusing the Immigration officers of having admitted Chinese and nationals of the Dominican Republic access to the Netherlands Antilles without their having the proper travel documents, and of helping them in travelling to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The women said they had merely followed instructions by their superiors in which it was stated they should let through Chinese nationals who were in transit in St. Maarten while travelling to other islands in the Caribbean, even if they were travelling without visas and tickets to their final destinations.

According to the women’s defence lawyers, this policy was according to a ministerial decree that was issued, but Sarian said this decree had been replaced by a new policy because it had been misused for the illegal entry of undocumented persons into St. Maarten. It was then stated that persons travelling from so-called high-risk countries such as China, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Guyana, but also countries in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, travelling without a visa should be refused at all times.

According to the Prosecutor, the three female Immigration officers had given undocumented travellers from China access to the country on the indication of A.C.H. and with the assistance of other persons working at PJIA. The suspect’s lawyers all pleaded for the acquittal of their clients for lack of evidence.

Judge Smid will be handing down his ruling in these cases on April 24. (Let's see what Judge Smid does this time...I'm not holding my breath with that degenerate scumbag.)