April 12, 2007


**This is a "re-run" from our favorite Freebirds! It certainly ties into the present alleged involvement of the Dutch. I'm still not holding my breath. Maybe all the Aruban tourism loss has finally gotten to them? One can only pray!

What happened to the Dutch investigation into this crime?

Could this conflict of interest have played a part in the lack of action by the Dutch officials?

Interior Minister Johan Remkes was called upon by Rudy Croes to take over the Natalee Holloway investigation in August of last year. Official Remkes is the individual who recommended Paulus van der Sloot be appointed to the bench of the Joint Court.

Aruba's Justice Minister Rudy Croes sent a letter last week to Netherlands' Internal Affairs Minister Johan Remkes and to another Dutch official asking the Dutch police to handle the case, saying little progress had been made, the Solo di Pueblo newspaper reported.

If Dutch police take over the investigation, they will have access to all case files and their own office, according to the newspaper, which didn't cite its source. Remkes will visit the Dutch Caribbean islands, including Aruba, next week, authorities said in the Netherlands.



The realm council of ministers has agreed on proposal of minister (Johan) Remkes of internal matter and kingdom relations with a pair of appointments. The lord Mr. G.E.M. Polkamp (52) are proposed for appointment to member of the common Court of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. At present Mr Polkamp deputy member of the court is. The appointment discusses 1 January 2003. the lord Mr. P.A.P.J. of of the ditch (Paulus Van Der Sloot) (50) is proposed for appointment to deputy member of the common Court of Justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. The lord of of the ditch is now operative as a principal private secretary at the Procurator-General of Aruba. The appointment discusses 1 January 2003 for a period of three years.


Full text in the .pdf file on that page.
Translated by Babelfish, this is what you get:


Remkes being called upon to act in this position of authoritative leadership over the Dutch investigation into this case where a personal judicial appointee of his was a suspect, whose son is still considered the prime suspect, leads us to question if that is the reason the Dutch have not moved forward with this investigation?

We've all seen how the Aruban investigation was handled, does it appear the Hague failed to learn Aruba's lesson?

Will they now share the same shameful results Aruba is currently experiencing?

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!

Natalee’s Freebirds


Anonymous said...

I have to tell you. The Freebirds get great info. Keep it coming

Michelle said...

I agree 100%. They are awesome and dedicated to finding the truth. I appreciate their hard work even though I don't know who they are!

By the way, does anyone remember this?? Back in June 2005 I was watching one of those news shows and they had Arlene Schippers on. I think it was around the time they "found" Natalee and then retracted it. Arlene said something like, "the cover up of Natalee Holloway...", then she coughed, backtracked QUICKLY and corrected herself. A slip of sorts? Did a lie accidently come through?

Does anyone remember this? I can't find any transcripts with this...if anyone can find it please email me!


Rammstein said...

there are a lot of reasoning and thinking errors in this story, but that is to be expected when one is looking from the outside in on another countries political processes.

1. Johan Remkes has been out of a job for a few weeks. Ever since the new cabinet took office he no longer has the job of minister of the interior.

2. Although minister Remkes had the police force in his ministry, he only has the financial power over the police force. He was asked if the Arubans could hand over the investigation more out of his function as minister of Aruban and Antillean affairs then as a minister of the interior.

The person who got to decide about whether the police would actually take the job was the minister of justice.

3. the appointing of judges for the Aruban and Antillean court goes as follows:

The court holds job interviews, tests the candidates and gives a list of people it wants appointed to the Aruban/Antillean governments. They give this list to the minister of the Interior who happens to be minister of Kingdom affairs. He goes to the weekly meeting and proposes the number of new judges to the Kingdom council. The council rubberstamps the decision and hey presto a few newly appointed judges.

The odds that Remkes has ever met any of the candidates he proposes for overseas functions is next to zero.

So any remark of "personal choice of Remkes" is absolute nonsense. The choices are that of the judiciary on the island and perhaps some influence from the Aruban and Antillean governments.

3. the ministry of the interior does not have any power over any police investigation. There lies the separation of powers. The judiciary and the public prosecution office (not sure whether the Arubans have also given over this power too, if not the Aruban DA is still in charge of even the dutch police investigation) are the ones who have authority with regard to the police.

As said, for outsiders it is easy to jump to the wrong conclusions though, it is very understandable.

Anonymous said...

25 August 2006 AMSTERDAM

"Croes wants the Dutch national police service KLPD to lead the investigation. Dutch Interior Minister Johan Remkes, who is responsible for the police, will discuss the matter further when he visits Aruba next week."

Whether or not Minister Remkes still holds that position TODAY is a moot point. He still held it as of January of this year. He held it when he made the determination to oversee the Dutch police in taking over this investigation. He held it when the case file was turned over to the Dutch. He held it the entire time the Dutch investigators did nothing with this case.

Don't let this Rammstein person thwart your efforts, Freebirds!

We all know he's full of crap, and likely on someone's payroll to preserve the Dutch name - just as you guys showed us the Aruban folks were on some team Oduber put together for this same purpose.

Keep it up, Freebirds!!!!

Anonymous said...

How did I know Ramm would be here trying to defend the undefendable...yet again!! He must love reading over his own commentaries...no one else does!! BLAH BLAH BLAH Ramm...go back to your own blog to toot your own horn...no one here buys it.
Many Blessings to Natalee's Freebirds!! Keep it up guys...you are exposing the corruption!!

Rammstein said...

first, I am not defending anything undefendable, I am giving a few facts.

secondly, I don't see how me giving facts/some criticism is wanting the freebirds to stop doing their research.

and lastly, me on a payroll of what? LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL I have never heard anything as stupid as that.

Also, there are lots of shameful stories about my country and things nobody in their right mind would be proud or defend, but spreading negative rumors about a minister just because he was doing his job was something I just had to say something about.

Minister Remkes and the former dutch government are more than worthy of criticism, it just has to be true and honest criticism IMHO and not false accusations and claims.

Rammstein said...

the last thing I would like to say that may make my point a bit clearer (about the appointing system in the Netherlands of judicial figures).

In the Netherlands it is not the politicians who propose or who come up with positions for the judiciary. The judiciary itself comes up with the candidates it wants appointed.

There is no political appointing system of judges in the Netherlands, no hearings etc.

The judges give the politicians the candidates it feels are the best and the state rubberstamps this.

Anonymous said...

Ramm ... Bottom line ... Paulus Van der Sloot's personal and professional relationships with those within the Aruban Law Enforcement, the prosecutor's office, the Aruban Justice System, the Aruban/Dutch Governments and the Judiciary would imply obvious conflicts of interest that would hinder justice prevailing for Natalee Holloway. Logic dictates and Dutch law dictates that this issue should have been acknowledge and addressed in the initial stages of the investigation.
Janet AKA Tamikosmom
Beth Twitty
'Scarborough Country'
October 21, 2005
HOLLOWAY TWITTY: They never—they never wanted to implicate these three young men. They never wanted to implicate them from the beginning. And there is a list of reasons, you know, why we know that is true.

Anonymous said...

'If you ain't Dutch you ain't much' applies.

Anonymous said...

That's what Ramm wants, case closed. No Case, No BFN. Ramm is a hired gun to kill BFN. He is so happy to see BFN dead.

Anonymous said...

Nice post Janet. You hit the nail right on the head. Ramm doesn't understand the Bottom Line. His spin will be. "What conflict of interest" So what if Van der Stratten is close personal friends with Paulus. So what if Karin Janssen worked with Paulus. So what if the visiting Judges stay with Paulus when they come to Aruba. They can all be impartial. There all professionals. Besides. Dutch law says it's OK for friends to investigate, prosecute and sentence murder cases. You guys just don't understand our laws.

Anonymous said...

The Aruban coverup scandal had triggered a power struggle at the throne of the Holland Dutch Kingdom. The dethrone of the queen is in hot debate within the bishops of the Dutch Reformed Church. The queen had made too many mistakes, causing harms to the Kingdom in shame and disgrace. The Kingdom has lost too many American good friends. The Dutch oil company is losing money because many people in US are not buying gas from their pumps.

Anonymous said...

The dead weight of lies have aged Joran quite a lot. He appears like a 25 years old man with a goat tee and long crappy hair. You can only identify him by his oversize potato head. His book is in shambles. The hospital would not recognize his birthday or birth place. Joran's birth certificate is faked. The hospital asked the judge to remove its name from Joran's new funky book.

Anonymous said...

In Holland you had to be born in a medical facility to be legitimate, due to the prostitutes issues and the AIDS social problems. Many illegal Aruban prostitues were also part time midwives. Having to do with the upcoming LA Court JK2 trial, the Dutch police decided to cremate all the JK2 documents and dump the ashes to the Holland sea dam. The 10 dead squad unitmen from the Dutch police corpse cleanup department were sent to Aruba to round up all the JK2 related blood urine saliva dna samples collected from the rape murder suspects from ALE. Put all the old forensic evidences in a black wooden shoes box to be sealed by judge Rick Smid. The black box will be cremated in a secret location in an Aruba government building by the Marriot beach, and spread around the Fisherman' Hut. The Dutch police make sure the LA Court will have no hard evidences to work with, as recommented by Ramm, the royal Dutch law expert at BFN and Hague.

Michelle said...

I'm sorry...I had to let that post slip by because it was so darn ridiculously silly.

Anonymous said...

The King says I will lead my people out of evil ways. Enough is enough. Drugs, prostitutes and murders are not our children's heritage. I will change all that by smiting Aruba. The first lie of Joran was the snake of evil, and the queen, mother of all the Dutch judges, approved it by asking Rick Smit to throw out the first lie and sign a warrant to arrest the two innocent black guards instead. The whole idea was the queen trying to continue to hide her original sin -- the illegal birth of Joran. The root of all the Aruban coverups and corruptions was spun from the queen's lust and greed since her childhood. She had an affair with a German sailor before she fled to Canada.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch provide tax credit to those who would buy Joran's new book.

Anonymous said...

The faked birth certificate named University Hospital, Utrecht, the Netherlands as Joran's birthplace in his new book.

Anonymous said...

The tip of the iceberg of the Aruban coverup on Natalee's rape and murder points directly to the queen. The queen put her signiture on the paperworks pertaining to the closing of the J2K case files in May 30. The queen had signed into law of the prostitute marble figurine display in the red lights district to honor the unknown Hague prostitute hero. The queen treated Natalee as one of her prostitutes, she implied Natalee deserved her fate in any other prostitutes by getting into with unknown taxi drivers.

Anonymous said...

The King is slim, handsome and ready to govern the Dutch Kingdom. The Reformed Church will not accept the queen's annual Easter confession of sins anymore. This is the second step of dethroning the queen. The queen is very depressed and overweight, not fit for the head of the Dutch law system.

Anonymous said...

The German Army were adulterated by the Neo-Nazi Dutch skinhead extremists from Holland. They are black haters and Anti-American. Many conscripts have dual citizenships of Dutch and German from the border towns. The border Dutch mostly immigrated from Aruba are fanatics of drugs and prostitutes, very hateful of Americans. They will kidnap and rape any American women on sight. Just don't go outside of Amsterdam and venture into the remote villages, you can get disappeared as American tourists.

Brown Sugar said...

I think someone just watched the movie "Hostel"... Great imagination.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch Parliament secretly approved the executive order and informed the ten Dutch police detectives about the use of the deadly force on the ALE if they did not receive the cooperation from the drug unit enforcement.

4. Antilles

Considering the danger and influx of (drugs) criminality, and considering the wide spread corruption and administrative incompetence of the Antilles, the government should promote strongly that the Antilles will be no longer a part of the Dutch kingdom.

The Antilles may no longer be a part of the kingdom.

The Arubans can be considered as rebels and anti-Netherlands.