October 30, 2008


What are you willing to bet that this
criminal organization's drugs trickled into Aruba?

WILLEMSTAD/BREDA – The investigating magistrate in Breda has detained three suspects which were arrested last week on grounds of their involvement with an international criminal organization.

Two Dutch main suspects which were arrested at the Good Fellas café on the Wilhelminaplein in Curaçao have been deported to the Netherlands. A third main suspect is awaiting his extradition in the south of Spain.

The investigation by the National Crime Squad is focussing on a criminal organization involved in the exploitation of drug labs, the import of chemicals for the production of synthetic drugs and money laundering. The National Crime Squad of the National Police Force (KLPD) is supported by the FIOD-ECD.

During the investigation there was a close collaboration on Curaçao between the Public Prosecutor's Office in Willemstad, the Investigative Collaboration Team (RST), and a collaboration between the police corps of the Netherlands Antilles, on Aruba, the KLPD and the Police Force Curaçao.


October 27, 2008


Isn't prostitution illegal in Aruba? Yet Aruba boasts a vacation package with the company "LeFantasy Escort Services". Read the advertisement below and if you aren't around any children, click the link. Beware of the explicit pictures.

"We have great packages that include a DLX resort, one of our girls and her flights to the Caribbean. We have packages for all the islands below ranging from 3 days to a week and ranging in prices of 3990 Euros – 6290 Euros depending on the location and duration of your stay. Our lovely girls will be perfect companions to this tropical paradises. Our companions will love to pamper you and give you a good time to make this a most unforgettable vacation."

LeFantasy Escort Services contact person is "Angela". angela@lefantasy.com. Ask her how she manages to pull off an escort service to a country (and other countries) where prostitution is illegal?

Here is LeFantasy's home page: http://www.lefantasy.com/index.html

So ARUBA, you fancy yourself as a great vacation spot for FAMILIES?


October 23, 2008


Seems as though the suspect Ryan P. has confessed to killing Marlies van der Kouwe. It's surprising they took his word for it considering when Joran confessed to killing Natalee the Aruban prosecutor (Hans Mos) did NOTHING. I am glad that justice will be served for Marlies, but I am DAMN MAD that a confession in Aruba means NOTHING!!!

Will someone find Joran and just take him out?! I'm being rather blunt this morning, but I'm damn pissed off and sick and tired of the thought that this bastard is still walking the streets. At least OJ got his karma shoved back in his sorry-ass...among other things that are waiting for him.

The Dutch get justice for one of their own...but for an American? Forget it.


WILLEMSTAD – The murder of Marlies van der Kouwe seems to be solved. Suspect Ryan P. has confessed that he has strangled Marlies, said P.’s mother today.

The 27-year old man said that he wanted to steal Marlies’ bag, but when the victim put up a fight and grabbed her attacker by the throat, he strangled her. The mother says that her son made a confession before the police in the presence of his lawyer and her. P. had also told the police that he had strangled Marlies at the location where he had pulled her off her bike. He then transported the body with a motorbike to the place where the 24-year old pharmacist-assistant was found late last week. His mother says that Ryan is remorseful of what happened.

The victim disappeared in the night of Saturday, September 20 to Sunday, September 21. She was pulled off her bicycle on her way home. Her remains were finally found in the mondi (woods) behind the Amboina neighbourhood last Friday. Ryan P., who was suspected of kidnapping then and murder now, is in custody since four weeks ago. He was transferred to the Bon Futuro-prison in Curacao after Marlies’ remains were found. He was flown back to Bonaire yesterday evening under strict police escort. To get more clarity in the case, the police took him to the place where Marlies was found on Friday. Several media reported that where the skull and some bones were found on Friday is not far from where the rest of the remains were found. The suspect is not allowed visitors, with the exception of his lawyer and the investigation team. Such measure is taken to make sure that the suspect cannot frustrate the investigation by for example influencing witnesses, said the ANP.


October 20, 2008


Isn't it a little ironic that Bonaire has found the body of Marlies van der Kouwe near the eve of Natalee's 22nd birthday, October 21?

Marlies was found in four weeks. Natalee has been missing for almost four years. When will she receive justice and properly put to rest where she belongs? Bring her back home!

Happy birthday Natalee! WE WILL NEVER FORGET!


KRALENDIJK -- The remains of the four weeks ago disappeared Marlies van der Kouwe are found. She was buried in the mondi (woods) in the district Amboina. The Bonerian police and justice confirmed this news in a press conference this afternoon.

“The remains of Marlies van der Kouwe are found. From dental comparisons we are 99.9 percent sure that the remains belong to Marlies. DNA-test must give us the other 0.1 percent certitude”, says prosecutor David van Delft. But this doesn’t mean that the case is solved. With regard to the tactical detective investigation, there is still a lot to do. To this day, the main suspect Ryan Pieters keeps denying his involvement, which means that the authorities must come up with hard evidence, says the prosecutor. Important with the recovering of the body of the Dutch 24-year old pharmacist’s assistance were the declarations of people from the immediate surroundings of main suspect Ryan Pieters (24), who was arrested a few days after her disappearance.

The police have closed off the area where the body was found in Amboina, hermetically and members of the Volunteer Corps Bonaire are watching it. Thorough investigations are being performed by forensic investigators and detectives in this area. The body of Van der Kouwe was found with the assistance of German trackers.

Marlies van der Kouwe was on her way home four weeks ago after a night out. Witnesses saw her be pulled from her bike. She was since then never seen or heard from again.

Pieters, who had spent years in prison for rape and abduction, was seen with her and arrested. He didn’t want to cooperate with the police investigation and kept his mouth shut about this subject. (Sound familiar? Maybe he learned that tactic from Joran Van der Sloot?)

Three other persons were arrested last weekend, including the 30-year old brother of Ryan. One of them is meanwhile released.


October 07, 2008


Lifetime Movie Network has announced pre-production on "The Natalee Holloway Story," slated to air next year.

The ripped-from-the-headlines pic will dramatize the story of the 18-year-old Alabama woman who disappeared in May 2005 during a high school trip to Aruba. Although no body was recovered, it's been widely speculated that she was murdered.

The network will be "working closely" with Holloway's mother, Beth Twitty, said LMN senior veep in charge of original movies, Tanya Lopez, "to raise awareness of how to keep our children safe at all times."

Helen Verno, exec VP of movies and miniseries at Sony Pictures Television, said the telepic will concentrate on the "love story" between mother and daughter.

Verno's own daughter, Judith ("The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story"), will exec produce, along with made-for vet Frank Von Zerneck ("Spring Break Shark Attack").

The Holloway project follows LMN's April dramatization "The Capture of the Green River Killer," its highest-rated telepic to date.


October 03, 2008


Peter De Vries snubbed at home for documentary on Natalee Holloway

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - The Dutchman who won an Emmy for his television documentary about the disappearance of U.S. teenager Natalee Holloway has been snubbed by the Netherlands' annual television awards.

Peter de Vries wasn't among the nominees for the "Golden Ring" awards for his Feb. 3, 2008, program, which was among the most highly viewed broadcasts in the history of Dutch television, with an estimated seven million viewers in a nation of 16 million. It was based on hidden-camera interviews with Joran van der Sloot, the Dutch youth last seen with Holloway before her disappearance in Aruba on May 30, 2005.

The program won the 2008 International Emmy for Current Affairs but was ignored by the Dutch awards in favour of Desperate Housewives clone "Gooische Vrouwen," the variety show "Nice! De Leeuw Again" and a talent-hunt called "Looking for Evita." The nominees were announced Thursday, and a winner will be chosen Oct. 24.

"It doesn't keep me awake at night," De Vries told Dutch Weblog GeenStijl in a video interview. "I have an Emmy at home, it's standing on my fireplace, gleaming, and that's better than any other prize you could win in this industry."