June 30, 2007


**Thanks for the update "Karo", great work and great dedication to everyone there!

DAY 2:

...We had a banner behind a white gate, which is the entrance to the River Walk Market Place so that people crossing the tracks between 2 parts of the Hilton with rooms for guests, and people riding the Trolley could see it.

…A man from security for the River Walk Market Place approached us about 3:30 this afternoon and made us take down the 2 large banners we had on this gate. It is not considered public property. At least we got to keep it there for 2 days. Many people were stopping to read these banners. Two people today even were taking pictures of them. One was a young woman who asked many questions about the case and seemed very interested.

…We have planned where we will put the banners tomorrow, and they still will be very visible. Tomorrow is the last day of this convention…and gatherings also will be held in and near Jackson Square, on the edge of the French Quarter, so we will try to put a banner on the car in a way that it still can be driven safely, then drive down the street which borders Jackson Square.

A man from Haiti showed much interest in Natalee’s being found and the family getting answers. He is took a Natalee brochure.

But it overall was another good day…for again, people were coming up, expressing concern about Natalee and her family. We met a number of people from Birmingham. Some have relatives or family members who went to high school where Natalee did.

Some people came up just to ask us if there is any news about Natalee, because they haven’t heard any news for a while.
(full excerpt here)

June 29, 2007


*Here is an excerpt regarding the Aruban protest in New Orleans for June 29, 2007

"...People were walking up to us and talking about the case, asking questions. Some were arrogant or rude and refused to take the nice brochures we were passing out. Others seemed extremely interested in the case and very sympathetic to Natalee’s family. Several even made it a point to tell us THEY are not going to Aruba!

Among the most interesting people we spoke with was a travel agent from Ontario who has 5 children and who showed a great deal of interest in this case. Another man, a Native American, works in the Caribbean as a boat captain, and he was VERY angry about the anti-American sentiment he encounters that when he goes to countries in the Caribbean…and about Natalee’s case."

We’ll be going back tomorrow and Sunday to continue our protest...

"...This Riverwalk entrance is next to the Hilton, where the travel agents are meeting. Many people are passing through this large gate and taking time to read the banners.

One of our cars is parked between Harrah's Casino and the Hilton, and most attending the travel meetings have to pass by...on foot or by car. As people cross the streets in 4 directions, to and from the meetings, they are faced with signs...and/or us."



Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is preparing to finalize a deal to buy as many as nine Russian submarines this month. The deal includes five 636-type Kilo-class subs and four 677E Amur subs. Both are advanced diesel subs, and 677 represents the latest generation of post-Cold War Russian technology, which has not yet even been delivered to Russia's own fleet.

The deal is just the latest in Chávez's push for rapid militarization. Flush with oil money, Chávez has spent $3.4 billion on Russian arms since 2005, including the purchase of 24 fighter planes, 35 helicopters, air defense capabilities, and 100,000 small arms.

Why does Chávez need all of this hardware?
He says he needs it to defend against America's evil empire.

However, Chávez may be up to something more sinister. He bills himself as the 21st century's Fidel Castro. As Condi Rice says, Chávez "can't intimidate the United States in any fashion."

But he may use his newly acquired military power to enforce land claims against Colombia, Guyana, and the most menacing of all global hyperpowers—the Netherlands. The Dutch still rule islands such as Aruba and Curacao located off Venezuela's Northern coast.

But would Chávez really try to reclaim these territories?

Bay thinks it out this way: Chavez isn't stupid...Venezuelan fighters could easily strike the Antilles. Frighteningly, the Netherlands has started stockpiling its islands with naval forces, F-16 fighter jets, helicopters, and an infantry battalion.


June 28, 2007


**I originally posted this and mistakenly used the word remote viewing instead of "autotyping". This is the updated version of the post.

For the past year and a half, I've been in contact with a woman who has a gift called "autotyping/channelling". She is not a psychic...she does not predict the future. She has dreams or visions about things that have already happened, becoming into a dissociated condition and types down what she hears or sees. She hadn't had an experience for many, many years until she was reached by Natalee in the fall/winter of 2005.

Are you thinking, "what in the heck is autotyping?"

Read Here

Here is her letter to me about a dream she had this week.
It's very interesting and absolutely plausible.

Hi Michelle,

I had a dream about Natalee last night. That hasn't happened for ages.

She told me that Deepak just drinks and drinks and drinks. He is pretty well an alcoholic by now. He goes to sit in the bar (although he stays as far away as he can from Carlos and Charlie's because it brings back too many memories).

There is a guy who is Latin American who sits near him every day. He has curly black hair and he is light-dark skinned (on the lighter side of dark skinned). He is about 25 years old and he is about 5'8'' or 5'9''. One of the bartenders knows that this guy barely drinks at all but he acts like he's drunk and he picks a fight with Deepak real often. He is doing this to hide his real motive, which to get info from Deepak about that night.

Deepak has been loose canonning when he gets drunk. He needs to get the horrendous crime out of his system and this is his only way of doing that. He drinks. Satish prays alot and he is thinking of going into ta seminary. Deepak's mom knows alot already.

He tells her alot when he is drunk but when he is sober, he thinks that she knows nothing. She cooks for him when he gets home from the bar because she knows that he has had nothing to eat all day and he tells her a lot while he is siting at the tiny table waiting for her to finish cooking his food. He staggers home drunk every night.

The guy at the bar who has been fighting him has to make it look like he doesn't like him because he is trying to get as much info out of him as possible. He has an intention of cashing in on this growing crop of info. He wants to sell Deepak's story to CNN or Fox or somewhere like that. He has to play his cards right and not let anyone know what he is really doing.

Joran is mostly out of the country. He has become a mean drunk that no one can stand being around. Paulus and his wife are on the verge of splitting up. She cannot stand him anymore. She understands now how corrupt he really is. They cannot split up because that would cause too much publicity that they can't afford to have any more of. Everything they have done ever since that day has been under intense public scrutiny and that's why they cannot have a divorce or separation.

That's the same reason why Paulus can't knock off Deepak like he wants to. He hires a payboy to go and sit by Deepak the "Loose Cannon" at the bar, but they kids goes there too late and he goes there just to do a job and collect his money. Paulus is losing track of all his payboys.

June 27, 2007


Thanks to 'Grass' for providing me with these great photos...(Here is his LINK). These are brochures that will be given out during the protest. I want to personally thank all of you that are involved, because you are going to kick butt! I am so proud that we have banded together from all different parts of the country to volunteer for ending this INJUSTICE!

This is the "third hit"...I wonder how much longer Aruba can handle us...the "squeaky wheels". This weekend during the protest I will post updates on what's happening.

By Richard--Aruban Boycott Contributor

This weekend the New Orleans protest starts. From June 27 to July 1, the Aruba Tourism Authority will be in New Orleans trying to sell a bunch of travel agents on the wonders and splendor of Aruba. "No justice for Natalee ... no tourists for Aruba."

As you might expect, they will be confronted by protesters just as they were at Boston and at Miami.

The ATA must see this as a very important event, because travel agents are in a position to steer people to Aruba. How many people, before Natalee vanished, ever thought of Aruba at all? And if their travel agents smiled and said "Oh, aren't you lucky! It's a wonderful little island!" how many people would have doubted their word?

No longer. Now tragedy has exposed to the world what Aruba is really like, and brought to light other horrors that were suppressed. The people showing up in New Orleans will not let the ATA ignore Natalee's case.

Any questions or comments, etc., can be addressed to VolunteersforNatalee@gmail.com and will be forwarded to the person in charge of things.

Beth has said outright that she continues to support the boycott. We will NEVER let Natalee's case be forgotten!

June 25, 2007


Suspects’ custody extended

"A lot of bags (isn't "a lot" an understatement?) were needed for carrying off the almost 1000 confiscated marihuana plants

ORANJESTAD – The Public Prosecutor has extended the custody of the five suspects that were arrested during a raid in Savaneta and San Nicolas last Wednesday, with another eight days.

Last Wednesday, the team of special projects of the police corps arrested the five men, L.R (could that be LORENZO?), J.V., R.V, D.W., and M.W. and confiscated 898 hemp plants, two live cartridges, five firearms, cars and money, during house searches in several homes. The Public Prosecutor indicated that the five suspects will be charged with possession of hemps, firearms, and live cartridges.


June 22, 2007



Someone (from Aruba perhaps? The ATA? Others with vested interest?) had the audacity to have these original You Tube segments removed from You Tube. This was a Court TV show...no profanity, no nudity, nothing offensive. I find it extremely pathetic that someone(s) would go out of their way to have the original links removed. Can you say LOOOSER?

Scared that much???

Thanks Carpe for the videos!

I personally believe in psychics and there are those who are gifted and are able to see or experience things that we can't. I am not a skeptic. I do believe that some of the things that were said last night were on the ball. Notice when the male psychic mentioned "they took off their shoes". Was that bit of evidence something known to the psychics? Maybe when Joran ran off and left Natalee he couldn't find his other shoe in the darkness and just took off?

The female psychic didn't sense that Natalee was at Joran's. Then why did Joran say she was there, and then later recant?

They spoke of a person who is "about to break" because he can't live with the knowledge of the crime anymore. Could that be Satish?

You be the judge. Tell me what YOU think.


Written by Richard, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Since this was written around Memorial Day, the tune is a kind of a hybrid between "
John Brown's Body" (listen here) and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," (listen here) which might be ironic itself.

No definitive statement is intended on what happened.

Her precious life was taken by those filthy three;
The devil chuckled at the torments they will see.
The angels sobbed with grief -- but then joined hands in glee
To welcome Natalee!


Glory, glory Hallelujah,
Glory, glory Hallelujah,
Glory, glory Hallelujah,
HER truth is marching on!

Now our boycott makes Arubans all afraid --
Wretched curs, to cry to those whom you betrayed!
Let our message leave you trembling and dismayed:
We'll fight for Natalee!


Fellow Americans, it's up to me and you:
Sing this message loud to Oduber and crew --
To save your island, this we demand of you,
Justice for Natalee!


We'll stand side by side with Beth forevermore,
Urging people to avoid Aruba's shore.
Let them whine and moan -- on them we'll slam the door
For love of Natalee!



By Don, Aruban Boycott Contributor

A poster from The Netherlands has offered some careful observations of the current status and state of mind of one Joran van der Sloot. In his words:

More and more people are getting to know about Natalee's justice and her story. The whole world are stopping Joran but Holland. Joran is unwelcome at anywhere in the world but Aruba. He is virtually living in a Dutch prison by large.

Joran's mental conditions are deteriorating fast. He cannot lie as good as he used to be. His most recent lies about his academic records are making the Dutch professors really mad. He has flunked all his Math courses, and he cannot graduate and get a degree.

We at “Boycott Aruba” are pleased to hear from responsible members of the Dutch community and we will publish any commentary that is presented with the care of this contributor. We are reminded that Peter de Vries called Joran’s book “mendacious” and we remember several members of Dutch Law School faculty characterized the Aruban investigation as amateurish and absurd.

June 21, 2007


*New post from The Freebirds!


Police statements given by Joran van der Sloot and Deepak Kalpoe purporting the Holiday Inn drop off lie was created in haste after receiving a phone call from Paulus van der Sloot in the early morning hours of May 31st, while on their way to the van der Sloot home. Yet movements of these suspects on May 30th, as well as communications records and statements from Aruban officials regarding these events that were taking place on May 30, 2005 imply that the cover-up had begun prior to Beth and Jug Twitty's setting foot on Aruban soil.


The following words of Freddy Zedan in his June 12, 2005 witness statement would imply that the Holiday Inn fabrication was collaborated on May 30, 2005 - many hours prior to Jug and Beth Twitty's arrival at the van der Sloot's residence on the morning of May 31, 2005.

(a) On Monday afternoon on the 30th, Joran came to my house. He told me that the previous day, Sunday, he had befriended a girl in the Holiday Inn casino and that she had invited him to come to Carlos and Charlies that evening.

...They drove to the Lighthouse, she wanted to see sharks. But Deepak only drove up to the Lighthouse because his car is very low to the ground and cannot drive up to the North side of Aruba. The girl had said to Joran that if Deepak and Satish would have lived in her town, they would be slaves. After that they drove to the hotel. When the girl had pushed open the door of the car, she fell to the ground. Joran wanted to help her but she shoved him away.

(b) The next day, Tuesday May 31st 2005 in the afternoon, I was with Joran at the raquet club.


Paulus Van der Sloot claims in his witness statement of June 18, 2005 that he went to bed after picking up his son at the McDonalds at 11:00 PM on the evening of May 29, 2005 and slept through the night. Paulus denies Beth Twitty's claim that he stated on the early morning of May 31, 2005 that he picked up Joran and Natalee at McDonalds at 4:30 AM on May 30, 2005. However, according to Greta Van Susteren, Paulus concedes to a Dutch TV correspondent that he may have used his phone throughout the night. Also, the Superior Court judgment in January, 2007 which denied compensation for wrongful detainment ruled that the Department of Justice acknowledges that Paulus own declaration states that he picked up Natalee and Joran. The court stated that this could be considered just cause for detainment in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.


According to Jan van Straten, a missing person's report was filed with the Aruban Law Enforcement by the beach patrol on behalf of the chaperone, Paul Lily on the morning of May 30, 2005. It could be assumed that this report would have included a description of the people who Natalee Holloway was last seen with as well as a description of the vehicle. It could be concluded that those within the ALE who had a personal and/or working connection to Paulus van der Sloot would have clued in regarding the identities of those described in the report. Is it possible that the van der Sloots were forewarned in regards to what info Natalee's friends had reported - information that could implicate Joran in the happenings of that fateful morning of May 30, 2005


Deepak Kalpoe conveys in his June 11, 2005 suspect statement that after dropping Joran and Natalee off at the beach on the morning of May 30, 2005 he and Satish returned home. He states that after Satish goes to bed he chatted on the internet with a friend named John Charles Croes. In his June 29, 2005 suspect statement Deepak convey that the purpose of his chatting "was to help the police and the Office of the DA with regard to the investigation so that they could see that I was indeed home in the night from Sunday to Monday." It can be assumed that Deepak Kalpoe’s attempt to create an alibi on the morning of May 30, 2005 prior to Natalee Holloway being reported missing would imply that Deepak knew that "something bad" had happened.


On June 30, 2005 Karin Jansen was being interviewed on the "Abrams Report" when she claimed that on May 30, 2005 Paulus van der Sloot assured Joran, Deepak and Satish that without a body there is no case. However, her words changed on subsequent days. Could Karin Janssen be part of the cover-up?

(a) “He confirmed to me that he told them that a few days after she disappeared." July 1, 2005 - FOX NEWS

(b) "He also spoke about the case with his son and the two other suspects some days after Holloway's disappearance." July 5, 2005 - CNN


Prior to Jug and Beth Twitty's arrival on the Island, certain happenings of May 30, 2005 would imply that someone within the ALE was assisting Joran, Deepak and Satish in getting their stories straight regarding their encounter with Natalee Holloway.

Joran van der Sloot

On July 12, 2005 Anita Van der Sloot stated in a Joe Scarborough interview that Joran was picked up from school by police on Monday, May 30, 2005.

Deepak Kalpoe

Deepak Kalpoe claims in his official statement of June 10, 2005 that he vacuumed his vehicle prior to picking up Joran Van der Sloot on Sunday May 29, 2005. He remembers telling interrogators at Bubali that his vehicle was very clean because he had vacuumed his car the prior evening. This would imply Deepak was questioned by police at Bubali station on May 30, 2005.

Satish Kalpoe

On June 29, 2005 in a secretly recorded conversation in a police van, Satish Kalpoe tells Joran he told police about the choller in his first police statement. Satish's witness statement of May 31, 2005 has been revealed and there is no mention of the choller. It can be assumed that the first statement must have been taken on May 30, 2005.


Art Wood's investigation revealed that Joran Van der Sloot lied in his June 14, 2005 suspect statement in regards to his tennis lesson on May 30, 2005 at 7:00 PM. Art revealed, "when I investigated the Racquet Club I found that Joran had never played tennis there that night." Inquiring minds want to know what Joran was doing at the Racquet Ball Club following his father dropping him off at 5:00 PM on May 30, 2005. According to revealed court testimony - sixteen hours prior Carlos Ramos, the gardener, had observed Joran and Deepak sitting in Deepak's vehicle near the Racquet Ball Club. It is even more curious when it is considered that Joran's June 14, 2005 suspect statement reveals that he was again dropped off at 5:00 PM at the Club by his father on the evening of May 31, 2005 to play a game of tennis which he concedes he never played.


Joran van der Sloot declares the following in his suspect statement of June 14, 2005 that after his tennis lesson at 7:15 PM on the evening of May 30, 2005:

"I walked over the beach to the Wyndham Hotel. On the way there I saw a lot of people. I did not go to Fisherman's Hut to see if Natalee was still lying there,"

Why would Joran entertain the thought that Natalee would be at the exact same place he had left her seventeen hours earlier?


While detained at the same time, Mickey John claimed that Deepak conveyed to him that Paulus van der Sloot was a participant in the fabrication of the Holiday Inn story. As this account was related to Natalee Holloway's mother and stepfather on the morning of May 31, 2005, the implication of Paulus' involvement is that the collaboration must have taken place on May 30, 2005.


In his June 11, 2005 suspect statement Deepak Kalpoe declares that after leaving his place of employment on the evening of May 30, 2005, he joined Joran at the Radisson casino at 12 o'clock midnight. He states in his declaration that two hours later Joran and him left the Radisson and were in the process of parking at the Wyndham when Paulus called to inform Joran that Natalee's mother and stepfather were at the home. Deepak then declares in his June 13, 2005 suspect statement that following Paulus call, he and Joran went directly to the van der Sloot's residence - arriving there at 2:40 AM.

Inquiring minds want to know how Deepak's time line is possible when it is taken into consideration that Beth and Jug did not arrive at the van der Sloot's residence until approximately 3:30 AM on the morning of May 31, 2005. According to Jug Twitty, he and Beth were still at the Holiday Inn at 3:00 AM viewing video footage. It was at that time that one of the employee's from Universal Air who were assisting them came rushing into the Holiday Inn to inform them that Deepak's vehicle had been observed within the gate at the van der Sloot's compound. The Twittys were driven to the police station and after waiting in the parking lot for a period of time, they were driven to the van der Sloot's residence.

These facts clearly show that the four main suspects not only had involvement in the crimes committed against Natalee Holloway, but also their intentions to cover up their crimes. That none of these criminals have yet been prosecuted is appalling and disturbing.

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!

Natalee’s Freebirds



"Oh, you mean THAT weed? It's for my personal use!"

It was first said that this was not the same Lorenzo. In fact, Jossy Mansur says, "Yes it is. The reporter made a mistake. It is Van Rijn, the purported half-brother of Joran. He lives in a secluded area and was busy raising marihuana plants to sell. They found more than 100 plants in his home, as well as dried leaves, and a cache of weapons."


June 20, 2007


A member of the Aruban Boycott just spoke to Beth.


She has no idea what Dave and Robin are up to and could care less. This person asked her if she would issue a public statement to that effect and she said yes.



"Spreading the word of a VOLUNTARY boycott to the island of Aruba and all that is Dutch. This grassroots movement urges everyone to abandon any plans to travel to Aruba or the Netherland Antilles until this case is resolved."

It is clear to me that many do not understand what a grassroots movement is. Click on the
link above and you'll get a clear understanding. Then make your own decision. Do what is right. Will you sleep at night?

June 19, 2007


I don't wish to elaborate on this subject. If you don't know what I am talking about, go to BFN or the SM Forum. They've got plenty to say there.

June 18, 2007


**Another great post by Natalee's Freebirds!



Within days of Natalee Holloway’s disappearance the Aruban government was fast at work on phase one of covering up her crime by inserting government spokespeople onto media and internet outlets. These front men for the government immediately began a campaign of deception about the case and rumors against Natalee Holloway and her family.

One most notable spokesperson is Arlene Ellis-Schippers, a relative of a suspect in this case. The Aruban government and business leaders embarked on a disinformation campaign in the media and on the internet within days of Natalee Holloway going missing. This started by suggesting she was a runaway but soon elevated into a full blown effort to blame Natalee for her own death and cast suspicion on her family and fellow Mountain Brook students in both the media and on the internet.

Unfortunately for Aruba their misinformation campaign backfired repeatedly, the more intense it became. Americans only became more suspicious that a cover-up was taking place for the obvious three suspects, in particular the judge's son, and were more outraged. This has resulted in the whole island of Aruba being blamed for the actions of a few.

The second phase of government corruption began when it became obvious Joran van der Sloot, the son of a judge-in-training, would be unable to avoid arrest. Both Aruban government officials and Dutch judges stepped in to block the investigation and deter evidence from being collected. Aruba public ministry official Ben Vocking and Dutch judge Bob Wit blocked a search of the van der Sloot main residence twice—once when Joran was arrested and a second time when his father was arrested. The van der Sloot residence was never fully searched for nearly TWO YEARS.

The third phase of corruption belongs to the Dutch judges from Curacao who ruled on the case. These judges, who worked with Paulus van der Sloot, used the judicial system to make sure Joran van der Sloot and the other two suspects, brothers Deepak and Satish the Kalpoe were freed from further testimony in the case. The last person to be seen with Natalee Holloway, Joran van der Sloot was freed from detention on September 3, 2005 and released unconditionally by the Dutch judge Rick Smid. Upon his release he immediately fled to Holland.

Listed below are Aruba’s key yes-men, and their role in obstructing justice in the Natalee Holloway case:


Arlene Ellis-Schipper- media spokesperson for the tourism group AHATA and cousin of another suspect, Guido Wever

Arlene was one of the early spokespeople to appear on U.S. mainstream media. Her most famous comment, which she repeated on several occasions, was "There is no evidence!" She also made the comment "This case is thin, thin, thin..." on Fox News.

It was later discovered that Arlene Ellis-Schipper had a set of very disturbing conflicts of interest in the case: First, she is a cousin to one of the suspects arrested in the case, Guido Wever, a close personal acquaintance of Joran van der Sloot who was arrested for "heavy battery" against Natalee Holloway.

Secondly, Ms. Schippers was forced to reveal in a television interview that she was being paid by the AHATA, a tourism group that has been documented with spreading misinformation about Natalee Holloway and her family throughout the case.

Ms. Ellis-Schippers was later caught in a blatant lie, insisting Beth Twitty had met with Karin Janssen on a trip to Aruba, a fact that was later debunked by Twitty herself. Arlene Ellis-Schippers should have been prevented from ever talking to the U.S. media as a legal analyst for Dutch law as her cousin, Guido, was brought in for questioning within the first few days of the case. Yet she was allowed to remain as a spokesperson for well over a year.

Guido Wever fled the island of Aruba to Holland just seven days after Natalee Holloway disappeared.


Jan van der Straten- lead investigator for the Aruba Police Department and close friend of Paulus van der Sloot

Jan van der Straten's role as lead investigator in the first two months of the Natalee Holloway case demonstrates the obvious conflicts of interest found in the Aruba investigation. Van der Straten was, by Paulus van der Sloot's own public admission, a "close friend" of Van der Sloot.

Van der Straten would have been very instrumental in the decision not to arrest the three main suspects in Natalee's disappearance until 10 days after she vanished, even though he knew almost immediately that they lied about dropping the Alabama teen off at the Holiday Inn.

Van der Straten would have also been involved in the decision to arrest two black security guards on June 5, 2005 which in effect prolonged the time given to the three suspects to cover their tracks and eliminate any evidence that should have been collected immediately upon the discovery of the Holiday Inn lie.

Van der Straten stated to Dutch media on June 12, 2005 that he believed Natalee was no longer alive and when asked by the reporter why he would make such a comment he responded, "Because I know the evidence and you don't." Interestingly, two years later the lead investigator has never explained what that evidence is.

He also made comment months after he retired and moved to the neighboring island of Bonaire that the case should have been solved early on but that there were "people who didn't want to cooperate." Since suspects rarely cooperate, Van der Straten had to have been talking about a corrupt Aruban government and Dutch judiciary.

Any high-ranking official with such a close relationship to a suspect's parent should have recused himself or alternately been forced off the case, but this is Aruba, a country in the grip of Mafia control who never saw a conflict of interest they didn't like.


Ben Vocking- Aruban public ministry official and close friend of Paulus van der Sloot who blocked the search of the Van der Sloot property

Ben Vocking, also known as Ben King, is an Aruba public ministry official who worked with the prosecutor's office and was the former head of KIA prison on the island. Ben Vocking curiously took a leave of absence from his government job the day after Natalee Holloway disappeared to help his friend Paulus Van der Sloot as he dealt with his son's apparent participation in her disappearance. Joran Van der Sloot was arrested on suspicion of murder on June 9, 2005.

Vocking laid low for two weeks purportedly staying at the Van der Sloot residence. He surfaced on June 15, 2005 at the door of the Van der Sloot home with Dutch Judge Bob Wit to block the search of the Van der Sloot property when the police and prosecution authorities arrived with a full search warrant.

Vocking and Wit successfully limited the search of the Van der Sloot main residence and property to Joran's small apartment only. They would do so again two weeks later when the father, Paulus van der Sloot, was arrested on suspicion of murder.

Why would a government official and friend of two murder suspects be allowed to intermingle and co-conspire with a judge to block a search of their residence? This is just one more piece of evidence that strongly suggests widespread corruption in the case.


Judge Bob Wit- Judicial associate of Paulus van der Sloot who disallowed the search of the Van der Sloot residence

When a full search warrant was presented at the Van Der Sloot home on June 15, 2005, Dutch Judge Bob Wit of Curacao (along with public ministry official Ben Vocking) met law enforcement and prosecution authorities at the door to inform them their search would not include the main Van Der Sloot residence or the surrounding property.

Wit had personally changed the order to include only Joran’s small apartment behind the home. Judge Bob Wit intervened again eight days later when Joran’s father Paulus Van Der Sloot was arrested for reasonable suspicion in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, once again blocking a search of the Van Der Sloot home.

Without question Bob Wit knew Paulus van der Sloot - they worked on cases together and appear to be very good friends judging from such an outrageous ruling. Since when do arrested murder suspects get immunity from having their houses searched?

Judge Bob Wit needs to answer this question in the open forum of the Caribbean Court of Justice, rather than hide behind the opaque wall of Dutch law.


Judge Rick Smid- Judicial associate of Paulus van der Sloot who granted Joran van der Sloot his freedom Dutch

Judge Rick Smid, also ruling from the bench in Curacao, is responsible for Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers being free today. It was Judge Rick Smid who released the three suspects and gave them an unconditional release granting them immunity from further questioning in the case. Police statements and secret recordings of the three suspects suggest intimate knowledge of "something bad" happening to Holloway. He was also aware that Joran van der Sloot had lied repeatedly in his police statements. Judge Rick Smid chose to ignore this and grant immunity instead. Upon his release, Joran van der Sloot fled the island of Aruba to Holland where he currently resides.

Why would a judge exempt a suspect from further questioning knowing he had lied numerous times in his statements and had given conflicting testimony regarding other suspects? Judge Rick Smid also worked with Paulus van der Sloot in the Dutch judiciary system and therein the answer may lie.


Police Chief Gerold Dompig- The man who took over the investigation and was fired for his actions

Police Chief Gerold Dompig took over the Natalee Holloway investigation after Jan van der Straten retired in July of 2005. Before getting his pink slip in March of 2006, Dompig was responsible for numerous blunders and outright conflicts of interest that no doubt sealed his fate.

It was Chief Gerold Dompig who announced in Vanity Fair magazine and in a CBS television interview that he had a witness who had seen Natalee Holloway with drugs during her trip to the island. It was later revealed that his witness was his cousin, Boeti Naar, a well-known local drug dealer who lives in a plywood box on the beach in Aruba. What was Dompig's motivation for using such a dubious witness to tag Ms. Holloway as a drug user?

It was also revealed that Dompig was a spokesman for the tourism group AHATA, a clear conflict of interest that undoubtedly skewed his perspective of the investigation. AHATA is comprised of business and government officials who formed a now defunct committee called the Strategic Communications Task Force. Their sole purpose, it is apparent, was to combat anything the Holloway and Twitty families tried to do to force an honest investigation into their daughter’s disappearance.

Dompig’s fate was ultimately sealed with his decision to conduct a highly visible search of the dunes near the California lighthouse on the north end of Aruba. The search, spurred by a worthless hearsay tip from a local bartender, was announced months in advance and even garnered a Dutch search team with special equipment flown in from Holland. Nothing was found and Dompig endured heavy criticism for his mishandling of the investigation by law enforcement experts and pundits in Holland. He was fired shortly thereafter.

The FBI offered to bring in boats that were capable of searching for Holloway’s remains in deep water. Aruba's fleet is not equipped to search in deep waters, yet Dompig refused. Why would a police chief refuse help from the FBI? The answer may lie with the corrupt Aruban officials and business leaders he represented during his stint as police chief.


Julia Renfro, Editor of Aruba Today- Responsible for spreading misinformation about the victim and her family through the media and internet

Julia Renfro has contributed the lion’s share of misinformation that has come out of Aruba since Natalee Holloway disappeared. Her personal attacks against Natalee and her family have appeared on both national media and internet blogs.

It is clear she has a relationship with the Van der Sloots, in part through her association with the IFA, and has publicly stated she believes they are innocent. Her most notorious lie is that Natalee was attracted to a blue-eyed Dutch boy during the days leading up to her disappearance, a story that has been debunked many times through statements from both Natalee’s family and her friends from Mountain Brook who accompanied her on the trip.

Although the Aruban police, prosecutor general, and most recently the Dutch authorities from Holland, have publicly stated that Joran van der Sloot is still the primary suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, it seems Ms. Renfro hasn’t gotten the memo. Renfro’s behavior has raised questions of whether her mission is a personal vendetta against the victim and her family or, even more troubling, that she is part of a larger plot to cover up the crime against Natalee Holloway.


Aruba's Internet Smear Campaign- The Aruban government enlisted government employees and outsiders to help cover up the case

Aruba's highest ranking officials, including Prime Minister Nelson Oduber, and government Tourism ministers Edward Breizen and Jorge Pesquera, mounted an internet campaign in the first week after Natalee Holloway disappeared to confuse the details and eventually denigrate the victim and her family.

Government workers, tourism board members, and employees of local business owners have all been documented as using the internet for these purposes. Some of these are still very active today.

Prime Minister Nelson Oduber grabbed our interest with this announcement about his “anti incorrect news committee” on June 30, 2005:

At the weekly Government press conference Prime Minister Oduber officially presented a committee that was just appointed and with the task to minimize the effect of all the negative and incorrect information that is being disseminated on Aruba in connection with the disappearance of the American student Natalee Holloway.

“The committee has been working for some time behind the screens without too much publicity, and function on behalf of the people of Aruba in order to minimize the impact of the negative news that is being sent out.”

Jorge Pesquera is president and CEO of the tourism group AHATA and was instrumental in setting up the Strategic Communications Task Force, a group that would specialize in slandering Natalee's character and that of her family while creating smokescreens in the investigation. The SCTF worked mainly via the internet.

Tamara Waldron, an employee of the Ministry of Tourism and Transportation (headed by Eddie Breizen), made the following internet post at Scared Monkeys, falling in line with the government’s wishes:

"...looking at the picture does not mean blaming the island or its people….we should keep looking at the big picture which does involve at looking at other possibilities, other than a crime, for the dissapearance of the 18 year old..."

...So far there has not been any indication of a murder, a kidnapping etc and we should all stick together and help in searching for his girl instead of assuming things and smearing Aruba on the news. I do believe she will be found as there have been numerous sightings of Natalee, which indicate more that this is a runaway case than any other….of course we don’t know for sure, but we must leave the windows of numerous possibilities open."

Comment by Tamara Waldron | June 5, 2005, 7:13 pm

Congressman Spencer Bachus said they knew immediately that Natalee's disappearance was not the case of a runaway teen, but the Arubans didn't listen and continued to float rumors rather than arrest the main suspects.

Prime Minister Nelson Oduber went on (Aruban) national radio Friday night (June 10, 2005) to say if something happened to Holloway, it would hurt the island of 97,000, which depends on tourism and has a reputation as one of the safest spots in the Caribbean."

Many examples such as those above beg the question: Was the thought of having a murdered American tourist on Aruba such a threat to their tourism economy that the government would become involved in covering up the crime and assist in disposing of the victim?

Apparently so.

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!

June 04, 2007


I find it very odd that this article was written in such a biased manner towards Aruba in such a blatant kiss-ass way. I also find it odd that just last week "Natalee's Freebirds" wrote an article about Julia Renfro and her involvement in the case.

Now all of a sudden there is an article about Natalee with the bulk of it interviewing Julia to make her look good? Is this writer paid by the ATA? Is she "in" with others who have financial interests in Aruba? Why else write such a slanted and error-ridden article? It seems like everyone is in bed with everyone. Could it be that this writer knows Steve Cohen? Hmmm...so many possibilities.

This woman lives in and writes for the L.A. times...Julia is also a former L.A. resident. Coincidence? (Correct me if I'm wrong.) It's a small world...you never know.

I am only including portions of this story because it is VERY long. Isn't that a big no-no in the media biz? It drones on and on and she writes it like some dramatic soap opera. So if you want to read the article in it's entirety click on the link at the end.

In Holloway case, Aruba also suffers (And the readers suffer...)

Two years after the U.S. woman disappeared, islanders say the accusatory free-for-all was an end of innocence for them.

By Carol J. Williams
June 4, 2007

ORANJESTAD, ARUBA — A siren blares and whistle-blowing waiters race in to the hectic beat of the "Mexican Hat Dance." It's time for the hourly tequila attack at Carlos 'n Charlie's. The target is an already inebriated blond with seven gal pals, a sunset-colored rum drink and a sunburned nose. The waiters crown her with a giant sombrero, toss a serape over her bare shoulders and pour a stream of golden liquid into a mouth turned up like a baby bird's.

Liquor-plying mission accomplished, a DJ swaps the peppy Mexican melody for a blaring rendition of dance group T-Spoon's "Sex on the Beach." Alcoholic excess and abandon are back in vogue at the cantina, where a pretty blond teenager from Alabama named Natalee Holloway was last seen by her high school classmates — drunk and supine on the bar as a boy slurped Jello shots from her navel.

See what I mean about the DRAMA? This isn't a creative writing project, lady.

...The sad trajectory of the case mirrors that of the increasingly bitter relations between Holloway's parents and the people of Aruba, arcing downward from the moment two years ago when islanders took the tragedy to heart and joined in the hunt by the thousands to today, when locals mutter about American media distortions and "missing white woman syndrome."

Holloway's parents — and the cable TV crime analysts who followed their plight for months — have cast affluent Aruba as a dangerous den of iniquity, its police force as inept bunglers and its government and people as co-conspirators in covering up what happened to the hearty-partying teen.

I've been under the assumption that the boycotters have been the ones relentlessly slandering Aruba. Dave and Beth haven't said JACK about Aruba in a very LONG time.

Although they have recovered from the initial economic fallout (They have? Where's the proof?), Arubans say the accusatory free-for-all was a blast-force end of innocence — danger could indeed lurk under wind-sculpted divi-divi trees or on sugar-white beaches. Yes, it was a blow to their livelihoods, as U.S. visits fell 7% last year.

I Can't 'Feel Your Pain'...

More painful, though, it was a wound to the heart for all who had joined the prayer vigils and searches, Arubans such as restaurant manager Edwin Trimon say."Last year was a tragedy for us. Many people's businesses were ruined. But what hurt the most was what they were saying about us on TV," said Trimon, a fixture in the Aruban tourism industry.

Who is to blame here? Aruba or the ALE or Joran or Deepak or Paulus or Satish or Dompig or Van Der Stratten or Dennis Jacobs? Those just SOME of those involved...I didn't know that Beth or Dave were there at the time Natalee was being victimized or helping cover up the truth?

The Tribute to Julia

Julia Renfro, a Los Angeles native who is editor in chief of Aruba Today, initially took the side of Holloway's parents when they sought publicity on the disappearance and lambasted Aruban police for following Dutch investigative procedures rather than those in the United States.

Warning: This part gets VERY cheesy and desperate.

Galvanized by compassion for a desperate mother, Renfro stopped the presses of her daily newspaper for the first time in its history to include a picture of Holloway to aid Arubans in the island-wide search. A mother of four, Renfro spent weeks shuttling the family from the scene of one rumored development to another but eventually became disenchanted with what she saw as Twitty's pandering to tabloid TV and "flat-out lies" she told on the air.

"I feel guilty saying any negative thing about a mother who has lost her daughter," Renfro said. "But her behavior was odd from the get-go."Renfro has concluded that the body would have turned up by now if Holloway died on the island.

...Holloway could have staggered into the sea and drowned after the local men left her, Renfro speculates. ...Renfro says she was perplexed when Twitty immediately concluded that her daughter had been kidnapped and made no effort to check hospitals or police about accident victims.

...Renfro parted ways with Twitty and ceased front-page coverage of the disappearance after what she considered a malicious act of distortion.

Read the further droning here...you may fall asleep.


*You GO Richard!--Michelle

Sent to LA Times writer, Carol J. Williams
By Richard, Aruban Boycott Member

I have followed the Natalee Holloway case closely since it began. While free speech is to be encouraged, the tone of your article, which appeared online this morning, is so one-sided that I am forced to believe that your intention was to denigrate Natalee's family.

You say the Holloway Twittys have cast Aruba's "police force as inept bunglers." Well, let's see ... within 48 hours of Natalee's disappearance, Beth Twitty had arrived on the island, reviewed the videotapes at the Holiday Inn where Natalee had stayed, proved conclusively that the lies of the three suspects about returning her to the hotel were just that -- lies -- and had shown those same tapes to Aruban police.

Who had Aruba seen fit to arrest? The three people last seen with Natalee? No, two security guards who had never been seen in Natalee's company and who were singled out by the suspects themselves.

What was Aruba's reaction to Beth Twitty's proof? To do nothing for another week. Sterling proof of the quality of law enforcement on Aruba, wouldn't you say?

(Incidentally, your comment that "investigators no longer seem to be focusing on the three named suspects" has neither attribution nor logic: a court for the Netherlands Antilles recently ruled that the three remain suspects. The court also struck down damages that Paulus van der Sloot had claimed, saying that witnesses had placed him in Natalee's company on two occasions on the night that she disappeared.)

You speak about "the ill fate presumed to have befallen Natalee Holloway" and sneer at the "vigilante justice seekers." Obviously it's ridiculous to think that, simply because an honors high-school student with a full scholarship to medical school has been missing for two years, foul play could be responsible. Equally ridiculous is the idea that anyone seeking justice -- which the family has interpreted as simply wanting answers to their daughter's fate -- could be motivated by such things as belief that an American missing abroad is a matter of some importance. Why see a potential threat to other tourists? Why not do what Dennis Jacobs said to Dave Holloway (after asking how much money he had ... a normal response from a dedicated law enforcement officer, I'm certain): go to the bar and have a beer?

You seem to accept as fact Aruba's assertion that the damage from the economic boycott has ended. Were you interested, I could direct you to article showing that the decline is both more severe than Aruba has acknowledged (assuming that you trust Aruba's figures to begin with) and is continuing.

My understanding is that the Aruban government gave civil servants an afternoon, not a day, to join the search. And according to an AP article, participation was far less than Aruba put it.

The attorney for the Kalpoes, one of whom said on the Dr. Phil show that Natalee was a "slut" and dressed "like a slut," laments that his clients have had "this sword over their heads for two years now." The Holloway Twitty family has had a different sword over their heads for two years ... the agony of wondering what befell their daughter. I know which plight is more deserving of sympathy, in my eyes.

Perhaps you would care to detail the scores of lies that we have gotten from the three suspects. Given that Joran van der Sloot has given at least four explanations of how he got home from the beach where he said he took Natalee (though he also said he took her to his house), some people might think his actions merit suspicion. And given his father's now-famous phrase, "No body, no crime," those suspicions might be extended.

Your nearly page-long coverage of the "compassion for a desperate mother" that Julia Renfro is alleged to have felt omits a few facts. Such as Joran van der Sloot's statement that he had sex with Natalee while she was drifting in and out of consciousness. Some people might define that as rape.

And Renfro's speculations about what Natalee might have done conveniently try to take the focus off the three suspects ... whom former Chief of Police Gerald Dompig has said are "guilty as hell." A drunken Natalee, left on the beach, is going to swin to one of the nearby boats? No writer for a sixth-grade newspaper would let such an absurd claim go unquestioned.

I am not going to discuss my ideas of what happened to Natalee Holloway. But I might suggest that you balance your pro-Aruban account with a little background.

Such as: the FBI agents sent to Aruba were outraged that they were being slighted, not allowed to do anything useful, and were kept out of the picture.

Such as: far from being sympathetic, the Aruban government lied about the support it was giving the family (Dave Holloway is on record as denying the free rooms and other benefits).

Such as: a water search was on the verge of being launched, and all that Aruba had to do was contact the FBI. It refused to do so.

Such as: the Aruban government's sympathy did not extend to Beth Twitty, whom it told would have to apologize for her statements or it would stop its investigation.

Such as: Arubans demonstrated in the street against Beth Twitty. (Did your self-commiserating Arubans, sad at the impact of this tragedy on their businesses, see fit to mention this?)

Such as: an unqualified, specific promise from Steve Cohen, one of the many functionaries who tried to represent the Aruban government, that the three suspects would be re-questioned. It never happened.

I could cite dozens more issues. But why bother?
I do not speak for the Holloway Twitty family. But your totally one-sided article leaves me doubting that they would speak to you.

I appreciate your attention and assistance on this matter.

June 03, 2007


Texas Equasearch Going Back to Aruba

Tim Miller and the Texas Equasearch team are going back to Aruba for more intense water searches in late June. Let's hope the Caribbean weather forecast for this upcoming hurricane season is wrong or Tim Miller might have a very hard time accomplishing anything.

Aruba claims that they haven't been affected by a hurricane in over 100 years...but there is a little-known fact about Aruba: In 2004, Hurricane Ivan came close enough to Aruba to cause wind damage and high tides. "Ivan began to rapidly intensify again and became a Category 5 hurricane just north of the Windward Netherlands Antilles and Aruba on September 9 with winds reaching 160 mph (260 km/h)." (Source)

Another Legal Recourse?

We know now that the California judge dismissed the wrongful death suit against the Kalpoes...Beth and Dave's alternative recourse? The Holloway's can file a wrongful death suit in Aruba...but here's the Catch 22: They wouldn't be allowed to use ANY of the police documents or statements that the three boys made. And of course, you know the Arubans won't cooperate.


Watch Kimberly Guilfoyle discuss these points and more
with Linda Allison, Natalee's aunt and Jossy Mansur:

(thanks Carpe!)

June 02, 2007


When it comes down to it, the law is the law. It has nothing to do with circumstances, events that occurred, what was said, what was done, and by whom...it comes down to the wonderful world of the United States civil procedure. In this case, we are dealing with jurisdictional issues.


I'm sick of the ignorance and misconceptions that Beth and Dave were suing for money. I mean, c'mon! Does anyone believe "Mr. Internet Cafe" has stashed millions? The purpose of the lawsuit is what comes down to what is called a DEPOSITION. They likely would have lied under oath anyway...as would most sociopaths.

This legal defeat DOES NOT mean that the Kalpoe brothers are INNOCENT OF ANYTHING. I don't care what anyone says, Deepak DID SAY to Jamie Skeeters on that tape recording that HE HAD SEX with Natalee.

SKEETERS: "I'm sure she had sex with all of you!"

DEEPAK: "She did."


DEEPAK: "Yeah she did."

SKEETERS: "Ok, Well I mean good. If she did fine..."

DEEPAK: "You'd be surprised how simple it was."

SKEETERS: "Really?"

Watch it for yourself HERE:

It is CLEARLY AUDIBLE. I don't understand why there was even an issue to begin with. All those who are skeptics of that tape are delusional and clearly obtuse. Clean out that white trash wax out of your ears.

Bottom Line:

Jurisdiction will have nothing to do with the fate of the Kalpoe brothers. The "justice" of the legal system will have nothing to do with what happens to the Kalpoes. Definitely karma. Maybe some vigilante? I can only imagine some crazed psycho who has been following this case from day one will pull a "Jack Ruby"? They will be targets for a long time. As will Joran.

This was NOT a defeat for team Holloway. This was a temporary setback with "what goes around comes around" fate for them all. Their lives have been destroyed beyond repair. They will forever be known as those responsible for Natalee's fate. Will we ever know what went down? Maybe, maybe not.

But what DID go down will go down with them as well.