July 31, 2007


Gun-Toting Mayor of West Palm Beach, Lois Frankel

During the past two years, West Palm Beach has experience a surge in political corruption scandals. Most recently Former City Commissioner Jim Exline was sentenced to 10 months in federal prison for not reporting to the IRS a $50,000 payment from a developer and then funneling it through a jewelry store. Not long before, the County Commissioner of Palm Beach County, Tony Masilotti, pled guilty to Federal charges stemming from corrupt land deals.

In 1993, West Palm Beach was featured in a 60 Minutes segment on urban decay. At the time, 80% of downtown properties were vacant. Since then, the city has done much to improve its image, at least in the physical sense. Occupancy is high, and housing prices have risen rapidly. However, crime remains a serious issue. Annual crime rates are always more than three times the national average and West Palm Beach consistently ranks as one of the nation's 100 most dangerous cities. However, as of 2006, the city's crime average has been gradually decreasing while robbery was up 17 per cent.[7]

Morgan Quitno lists West Palm Beach as ranking as the 14th most dangerous city by population in the United States. However, some may argue that the crime data concerning West Palm Beach is unfairly skewed because it does not take into account the much larger urbanized unincorporated area adjacent to the city, which has a much lower crime rate than the incorporated area. Even the troubled neighborhoods within the incorporated parts of the city are isolated geographically and largely avoided by the general public.

West Palm Beach was the focal point of a controversy regarding voting irregularities that some claim may have affected the outcome of the U.S. presidential election, 2000.

In 2007, a resident from Haiti was allegedly gang-raped by a group of children in one of the City's notorious public housing developments, with her son forced to participate, drawing national outrage. [8]


**Thank you to the boycott contributor who brought this to my attention!!!

Lookie who works with the West Palm Beach Mayor!

In 1987 DiLella founded Strategic Message Design Group Inc. (Check out their client list and DiLella's business partner!!!) to assist political parties candidates and corporations in their public affairs efforts.

In 1989 he helped Aruba’s Movimento di Pueblo (MEP) upset the government party despite a severe funding shortage and odds against them being 10 to 1.“The Miracle in Aruba was featured in Newsweek and Campaign & Elections.

Founding president of Strategic Message Design Inc. Group, from 1987. He has worked like professional consultant in policy and subjects public by than 20 years, specializing more in direct bonding to the voters, where he gained reputation like winner of campaigns catalogued like "without hopes". In 1989 he worked with a small political party (MEP) who obtained a surprising triumph in the parliamentary elections of Aruba. Nelson Oduber, Prime minister of the new government described its work like "anything than less incredible". The average premises denominated this election as "the miracle of Aruba" and was example in several publications including the Newsweek magazine.

Strategic Message Design Group Inc. has served as consultant to Senator John Rockefeller, of West Virginia, Congressman Chaka Fattah of Pennsylvania Mayor Lois Frankel of West Palm Beach, Mayor Lori Moseley of Miramar Florida and John Rayson Mayor of Pompano Beach Florida to name a few.


Stop the boycott against Aruba with lawsuits in the U.S.


ORANJESTAD (AAN): Recently, a possibly boycott by the environmental organization was cancelled by a contract signed by Bouldin and Lawson. Contrary to what Minister Wever insinuated, Rainbow Warriors International is working in the general interest of Aruba and the rest of the world. This is what Milton Ponson declared last Tuesday night to DIARIO.

The word was that organizations from abroad with the contract of Bouldin an Lawson will be dealt with in House of Commons in Holland and that they will use country regulation publicity of governing board in Aruba and Law publicity of governing board in Holland to bring out ALL documents to the public. Contrary to what Minister President Nel Oduber wants, giving only ‘for inspection’ document, our organization is of the opinion that the members of parliament of Aruba have every right to demand and obtain copies of ALL documents so that they can control the executive power.

Otherwise, it is then MEP and Minister President Nel Oduber and his cabinet that are rightly managing a banana republic and are giving all the American media who are supporting the boycott called by Governor Riley and Beth Twitty, good reason to call our country corrupt. According to Ponson, their organization supports a conversation with Mr. Jaap Baujon, member of the Strategic Communication Task Force and offers their services free of charge to help disarm the boycott called against Aruba.

Rainbow Warriors International has ample experience on the topic of boycotts and contrary to what the human rights expert Mrs. Henriquez, the lawyer incorrectly said that any person, group or organization can call a boycott, which in essence is a call for consumers to NOT purchase certain products or services, in the case of Aruba the product is the trip and stay in Aruba. An economic sanction IS what the United Nations General Assembly can enact against a country.

Because of this, any attempt on the part of the Aruban community to let the United Nations intervene is useless, given that we are dealing with a ‘consumer boycott’. We are in agreement with Mr. Bob DiLella, political consultant of the MEP party, who declared in an article published on November 21, 2005 in Amigoe, that we have to become more aggressive.

To take away Beth Twitty’s strength, her defamation campaign has to be attacked as much as the media who support it as with elected officials, for example governor Bob Riley of Alabama. Litigation is underway now, where a lawsuit has been initiated, given that among others, Dr. Phil indicated that he is NOT interested in giving the opportunity for ‘rebuttal’, and he isn’t either interested in ‘fair and accurate news coverage’.

It would be good for everyone to realize who Phillip McGraw, better known as Dr. Phil, is. He is co-founder of Courtroom Sciences Inc., a company of litigation consultants which helps big companies that appear on the famous Fortune 500 list, to win cases in court. It is Dr. Phil’s company who saved Exxon Mobil from paying an insurance claim of more than USD$600 million for the biggest petroleum leak in Alaska’s history with its Exxon Valdez. It was Dr. Phil who saved Oprah Winfrey’s skin, when she had a multi-million dollar lawsuit against her, after Oprah Winfrey proposed to stop eating beef, due to the risk of mad cow disease.

Undoubtedly, Dr. Phil’s company is assisting Mrs. Twitty in the background. The time has come to grab the bull by the horns and stop pretending that this issue will disappear. Our opinion as an organization with experience in the boycott arena is to declare that all signs point to this being simply the ‘warm-up phase’.

If the MEP government and others want to be political ostriches (with their heads in the sand) ALL in Aruba end up harmed. Enough with pretty letters to Minister Bot, protests at the Plaza Betico Croes and Open Letters in the press. It is time to act!!! Ponson proposes lawsuits against the media who do not want to provide us with rebuttals and/or fair and accurate news coverage.

[translated by Getagrip]

July 27, 2007


**Choo! Choo! Here comes the train...in the tune of "Natalee's Freebirds!"


Within one week of Natalee Holloway's disappearance on Aruban soil under suspicious circumstance - there have been posts continually submitted to various internet message boards which depict an obvious agenda - an agenda to detract from the truth, and to obscure the real issue that a perceived corrupt investigation is distancing the main suspects from implication in the events encompassing the morning of May 30, 2005 while shifting the focus on the victim and her family. Recently, the same agenda has been mirrored in the Aruban, Dutch and American media.

The following sourced quotes will reveal the truth regarding the main suspects - Paulus, Joran, Deepak and Satish - through the words of those with a foundational inside knowledge of the Natalee Holloway investigation.


1. Gerold Dompig stated on American Television to Rita Cosby that based on Joran's lies he was convinced that Joran, Deepak and Satish were guilty of wrongdoing.

Gerold Dompig - 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - 11-08-05

DOMPIG: I still believe that these boys have been lying, they're still lying, and everybody knows that by now. So there's no doubt in my mind that they know something, they're guilty of something.


2. Gerold Dompig conceded to Rita Cosby on American Television that he had stated that it was his belief that Joran, Deepak and Satish were guilty - guilty as Hell. He also believed they were involved in her disappearance.

Gerold Dompig - 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - 11-02-05

COSBY: Do you believe, Chief—you said to me even before this interview that you believe the boys are guilty as hell. Do you believe they‘re involved in her disappearance?



3. Gerold Dompig stated on American Television to Rita Cosby that none of Joran's statements could be believed because his decarations kept changing in regards to the events of the morning of May 30, 2005 when Natalee Holloway went missing.

Gerold Dompig - 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - 10-17-05

DOMPIG: .... Joran went back and forth with his statements, and he withdrew two statements which he had already given to us. So basically, none of his statements were really trustworthy.


4. Gerold Dompig conveys to Dan Abrams on American Television that Joran cannot be believed as inconsistencies abound in his official declarations.

Gerold Dompig - THE ABRAMS REPORT - 10-12-05

DOMPIG: Well, it would take me, I think, a little over two days to go over all the inconsistencies. None of the stories match up, let me put it that way. So when it comes to believing this individual, we know in which category to place him.


5. The implications of Gerold Dompig's words to Dan Abrams on American Television are huge. He states that those within the investigation are of the opinion no other person than Joran, Deepak and Satish could be responsible for whatever happened to Natalee Holloway.

Gerold Dompig - THE ABRAMS REPORT - 10-12-05

DOMPIG: Exactly. And I go by the rule of thumb that, in the first 40 days -- as I said in a different program -- the first 40 days, law enforcement has probably also already spoken to the perpetrators. So we feel strongly that we have already spoken to them. And there's no one else outside this group that could be involved or responsible.


6. On American television Gerold Dompig tells Dan Abrams that every direction the Natalee Holloway investigation takes - the outcome implicates Joran, Deepak and Satish.

Gerold Dompig - THE ABRAMS REPORT - 10-12-05

DOMPIG: So sometimes people will ask us that, "Are you not tunnel-visioned? Maybe you should look at other possibilities." Of course. We did that. But we still feel that, every time you go on a path, a different path, that path leads back, comes back to these three boys.


7. In a released statement to the Associated Press - Gerold Dompig revealed that there was an admission by one of the suspects in regards to what happened to Natalee Holloway. Dompig stated that the suspect was leading authorities to the location where this happening occurred.

Gerold Dompig - Associated Press - 06-12-05

Deputy Police Commissioner, Gerold Dompig, told The Associated Press that one of three young men arrested in the case admitted "something bad Happened" to Holloway and was leading police to the scene. Prosecutors refused to comment on Dompig's statement, and Dompig himself refused to identify which of the three young men who took Holloway to the Northern beach the night she went missing made the statement.


8. In the 48 Hours' interview with correspondent Troy Roberts - Gerold Dompig revealed that the investigation team was of the opinion that Joran, Deepak and Satish were all lying in regards to the Marriot Beach account of what took place on the morning when Natalee Holloway went missing.

Gerold Dompig - 48 HOURS - 03-22-06

Dompig laid out the latest scenario of what happened after Natalee was last seen driving off with van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers shortly after 1 a.m. He says investigators think the group did not go to the beach but that they possibly brought Natalie back to the van der Sloots' home.


9. Dompig stated in interview with Bryan Burrough (Vanity Fair) that there is a possibility that something unfortunate may have happened when Joran lost his temper when Natalee resisted his advances.

Gerold Dompig - VANITY FAIR ARTICLE - 01-02-06

"The F.B.I. profiled him as a person who never has been corrected by his parents. He's the boss of what happens in that house. He's the boss in the family. He is allowed to do anything.… If a person like that is in a position where a person says, 'No,' well, that person may change completely. Maybe he blew a fuse when she wouldn't have sex with him, and something happened."


10. Gerold Dompig stated to correspondent Troy Roberts in the 48 HOURS interview that Paulus was not being forthcoming regarding his knowledge of the morning that Natalee Holloway went missing.

Gerold Dompig - 48 HOURS - 03-22-06

Dompig says he believes Paulus Van der Sloot does know more than he has been telling about the circumstances surrounding Holloway's disappearance


11. Gerold Dompig's words in the 48 HOURS interview with correspondent Troy Roberts imply that Paulus played an active role in concealing the remains of Natalee Holloway.

Gerold Dompig - 48 HOURS - 03-22-06

The Aruban authorities’ new theory is that someone, someone possibly very close to the young suspects, took the time to carefully hide the body, not once but maybe twice, literally re-burying her.


12. Gerold Dompig's official position within ALE implies that he must have derived his words to Rita Cosby from a foundation of knowledge - Dompig states that Joran's dispicable actions towards the person of Natalee Holloway consititues a felony under Dutch law.

Gerold Dompig - 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - 10-17-05

DOMPIG: They only went so far as to say that they fondled sexually. At least, Joran did that, and the others denied everything.

COSBY: Chief, you know, that Joran was claiming in some statement that she was gong in and out of consciousness. Have you seen that anywhere?

DOMPIG: Yes, that's definitely in the statements, and that‘s why we were kind of disappointed when the judge didn‘t accept that because that‘s basically a felony in Aruba.



1. Steve Cohen's function as spokesperson for the Aruban investigation into Natalee Holloway's disappearance was to proclaim the truth to the media - the truth that was derived from a foundation of knowledge.

Steve Cohen - The Strategic Communications Task Force - 12-7-05

Aruba Selects Spokesman For North America

A coalition of groups announced Friday the appointment of Steve Cohen to act as spokesperson to North American media, in regards to the Natalee Holloway disappearance case. AHATA and the ATA appointed Cohen to deal with all media relations concerning the case which still commands media coverage in the United States. Mr. Cohen has been part of the Strategic Communications Task Force since its creation in June. He has a full knowledge of the case and is an associate of the Strategic Message Design.


2. In his address the Caribbean Marketplace that was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico - Steve Cohen reveals that two of the main suspects in the Natalee Holloway investigation had sexual relations with the eighteen year old American citizen. This is the position that Natalee's mother - Beth Holloway - has stood by since the initial stages of the investigation.

Steve Cohen - Caribbean Voice - 01-18-06

Aruba stays afloat through Natalie Holloway's investigation

By Hazel Heyer

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico ... Aruba believes it is most important to get a hold of her mental state and most importantly, Natalee's physical state at the time of disappearance. "Two of the boys said they had consensual sex with her. Whether consensual or not, depends on her ability to be conscious and make a choice," said Cohen.


3. Steve Cohen concedes to Phil McGraw that Joran, Deepak and Satish are guilty of wrongdoing and possess an indepth knowledge of events from the early morning hours of May 30, 2005.

Steve Cohen - Dr. Phil Show - 01-29-06

Steve explains, "Forensic materials continue to be collected. I think we've got our hands on some forensic material now that may actually open up the doors to the final results of this case." Dr. Phil asks him, "From your opinion, based on what you know, do you believe that these boys are guilty of wrongdoing here?" Steve says that he does. "Do the prosecutors believe they are guilty of wrongdoing?" Steve says that they do. "Do you believe that [the boys] have available, intimate knowledge of what happened to her that night?" Again, Steve confirms that he does.


4. In December, 2006 - Steve Cohen informed Rita Cosby on American Television that it was the intention of Aruban officials to bring Joran, Deepak and Satish in for questioning regarding timelines and other descrepancies in their official declarations. However, the planned interrogations never took place. Joran's attorney reminded those in the investigation that the conditions of the September 2005 release - which had dictated that the suspects were to remain available for questioning - had been lifted by an Aruban court.

Steve Cohen - 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - 12-21-05

COHEN: I do want to make the distinction for you and your audience between questioning and rearrest. This is a questioning procedure that Chief Dompig is going to go through with them because as they‘ve analyzed the timeline, they‘ve found some other discrepancies and they want to review these discrepancies with the three suspects.

COSBY: Hey, Steve, what are those discrepancies exactly?

COHEN: Well, I think it‘s mostly timeline discrepancies, Rita. As you look at their testimony and their interrogations of where they were at different times between 1:30-something in the morning and between 3:30 in the morning, these are very important two or three-hour blocks that the investigators want to review in detail.


5. Steve Cohen shared with Phil McGraw that he felt defeated while he escorted Joran, Deepak and Satish from jail following the ruling of the Aruban court.

Steve Cohen - Dr. Phil Show - 01-29-06

"I was the guy who had to let them out," says Steve. "I opened the jail door for all three of them. It was nobody else. It was me. And my feeling was that we had lost ..."



1. In a telephone interview - Karin Janssen stated that Paulus obstructed the investigation but that his detainment resulted from the suspicion that he was involved in Natalee's disappearance.

Karin Janssen - Associated Press - 07-01-20

Janssen also alleged Paul van der Sloot, a 52-year-old judge in training in Aruba, obstructed authorities' investigation by asking one of his son's friends, who had been interrogated, what he told police. But Janssen said Paul van der Sloot was detained for being a suspect in the disappearance, not for obstructing the investigation.


2. The Prosecutor's office released a statement upon the rearrest of the Kalpoe brothers. The new "facts/circumstances/suspicions" that comprised that statement implied that dispicable acts were perpetuated by Deepak and Satish against the person of Natalee Holloway prior to her subsequent demise.

Also, Aruban Attorney and investigation spokesperson - Arlene Ellis-Schipper - publicly affirmed that the prosecutor must have "real, real evidence and new facts" to have arrested Deepak and Satish again.

Statement from Prosecutor's Office - CNN - 08-27-05

(CNN) -- After being detained and then released last month in Natalee Holloway's disappearance, two brothers were arrested again Friday in Aruba on suspicion they acted "together with other people" in raping and killing the Alabama teen, the prosecutor's office said. Without elaborating on the evidence, the office said in a statement that "new facts and circumstances" led them to re-arrest Satish Kalpoe, 18 and brother Deepak, 21. "They are suspected of the primary criminal act of together with other people committing premeditated murder, alternately together with other people murdering somebody, more alternately rob a person of her liberty with fatal consequences and even more alternately raping somebody," the statement said.


Arlene Ellis-Schipper -On the Record w/Greta - August 30, 2006

ELLIS-SCHIPPER: Well, I think it's a big moment, Greta. You know, the prosecution and the investigation is moving very carefully. They don't want to make more mistakes, and they are very careful. So they must have had some real, real evidence and new facts that they felt confident enough to haul them back in. ... the investigation is moving forward and there's hope that we might go towards a trial because, at first, I was doubting whether we were even facing a trial. It shows that the police have done some good work and apparently gathered evidence, new evidence enough for to bring them back in custody..


3. In a release to the Associated Press, Karin Janssen stated that various communication records were the foundation on which she was "centering" her case.

Karen Janssen - Associated Press - 07-02-05

Janssen said the prosecution was centering its case around e-mail and cell phone text messages written between the suspects the night Holloway disappeared. Janssen declined to offer further details about the messages, but said not having a body would make getting a murder conviction "more difficult but not impossible."


4. Under Aruban law there must be "serious" suspicion to warrant pre-trial detainment and suspect status. Inquiring minds would like to know what foundation the "serious" suspicions were drived from to warrant the pre-trial detainment of the suspects in the Natalee Holloway case.

Noraina Pietersz - Associated Press - 06-09-05

Under Aruban law, only serious suspicion from investigators — not solid evidence — is needed for a judge to rule that suspects can be held, Pietersz said.


Joran/Deepak/Satish/Steve/Croes/Paulus - FOX NEWS - 06/24/05

Joran van der Sloot (search) and his friends Deepak and Satish Kalpoe are being held under suspicion of murder and kidnapping as well as being an accessory to murder. A fourth man, party boat DJ Steve Croes, is being held under the same conditions. The fifth man, Paul van der Sloot (search) — the father of 17-year-old Joran — was being held on suspicion of complicity to pre-meditated murder, complicity to kidnapping and murder and kidnapping. Under the Aruban system, complicity is a lesser charge. None of the men have been charged with a crime, but all are in police custody. An Aruban government spokesman confirmed the allegations.



Roland Tromp - Paulus' interrogator - stated to the Associated press that those within the investigation believe Joran is the prime suspect in regards to what happened to Natalee Holloway. They also contend that Paulus assisted his son after something went tragically wrong that fateful morning.

Roy Tromp - CBS NEWS - 08-05-05

Tromp said investigators believe van der Sloot, who turns 18 on Saturday, is the prime suspect and that he had some assistance from his father, Paul, an apprentice judge on the island. "We believe something went wrong with the girl, and the first person you are going to call is your daddy," said Tromp. "In this case, daddy would know exactly what to do." Tromp, who declined to provide details about exactly what investigators believe happened to Holloway, said that Paul van der Sloot has also changed his account the night Holloway vanished.



An Aruban Ministry of Justice Spokesperson informed FOX NEWS that Natalee had been confirmed dead and the location of her body was known.

Aruban Ministry of Justice Spokesperson - FOX NEWS - 06-11-05

David Cruz, a spokesman for the Aruban Minister of Justice (search) told FOX News Natalee Holloway (search), who was on vacation with friends with a graduation trip when she disappeared, was confirmed dead and that authorities knew the location of her body.


Rick Leventhal - FOX NEWS - 06-15-05

The next day, another official spoke to one of our producers. Edward Croues, a spokesman for the minister of justice, told Craig Rivera he had "official information" that Natalee was "confirmed dead," and told Craig her father had asked police to take him to the body and to do it before the press found out where it was. We reconfirmed the information with Croues before going on-air with it.



When Karin Janssen appealed the compensation which was awarded to Paulus for wrongful detainment - the Superior Court's ruling sided with the proscutor. It ruled that - according to tapped information and Paulus' own declaration - Paulus' detention could be considered justified.

Superior Court - Diario - 02-14-2007

The whole case of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway gets a different twist now that the information has come out from no less than the Superior Court, and in which mention is made of the declarations of witnesses and a phone tap that show or give an indication that Paul van der Sloot had on two occasions personal contact with Natalee during the night that she disappeared. Mention is made that, according to one or more official reports of the phone tap and also the declaration of Paul van der Sloot himself, that Paul fetched Joran and Natalee at McDonald and took them to the Holiday Inn. Based on this information, the judicial authorities and the police had at that time a justified basis to arrest Paul van der Sloot based on different suspicions. (Translation Credit: Diario)



Diane Emerencia - Freddy Zedan-Arambatzis’ attorney - revealed that Joran, Deepak and Satish are under suspicion of involvement in a previous sexual assault which occurred prior to the disappearance of Natalee Hollowy.

Diana Emerencia - Associated Press - 08/31/05

Zedan-Arambatzis, 21, is also suspected of photographing the girl in "tempting poses" and showing the images to other people, Emerencia said. The Kalpoe brothers and van der Sloot are also suspected of involvement in the incidents, which allegedly occurred before Holloway disappeared, she said. Emerencia said Zedan-Arambatzis has denied having any physical contact with the girl or taking photos of her, but has admitted to being present when the photos were taken.



On June 10, 2005 one of the FBI agents who was on Aruba was informed that Natalee Holloway may no longer be alive and he passed that devasting news on to the family.

Doug Shipley - 'Scarborough Country' - 07-12-05

TWITTY: And that was the day that the FBI came in, Doug Shipley (ph) came in and said that the way the interrogations are unfolding, there‘s a strong possibility that Natalee may not be alive. That was huge. That was the day that—I think, Joe, everyone buried Natalee that day, on June 10.



What information was Spencer Bachus and the family privy to on June 5, 2005 that convinced them that the circumstances encompassing the disappearance of Natalee Holloway warranted FBI involvement?

Spencer Bachus - The Birmingham News - 06-05-05

U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Vestavia Hills, said Saturday there were circumstances surrounding Holloway's disappearance that warranted the FBI being heavily involved. He declined to give details. "The circumstances were disturbing," said Bachus, who formally requested the FBI's involvement. "I can't get into it, but it's something the family is aware of. There was an immediate recognition that this was not simply a teen who wandered off."


In conclusion, the following statement from former Aruban police commissioner Stanley Zaandam lets us know there were questionable actions from within Aruban law enforcement that possibly began the wide spread collusion by Aruban officials to protect their own.

This collusion included public Aruban figures, such as those who recently gave interviews to an Aruban newspaper – once again denigrating the family of this victim, and utilizing a public platform in an attempt to shift the focus of blame in this case.

Ex-commissioner Stanley Zaandam
Bon Dia Aruba


Zaandam keeps on saying in his book, two days after 5/29, the body of Natalee H. may have already been found and Cvp [police commissioner] looked the other way to do a favour for Paul vd Sloot (ex of chief staff of Cabinet PG [prosecutor general] J. Zwinkels). To exculpate the son of Paul, the CvP and fiscal chief prosecutor Karen Jansen made the false arrest of two ex-security guards, Jones and John , called this a ‘tactical maneuver’ , and denied them their freedom for another 10 days.

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!

July 23, 2007


An email was sent to the Dutch prosecutors regarding their ongoing investigation of Natalee. Guess what?! They are now claiming they are not responsible for the investigation!


When can we expect a report from the Dutch special investigation of the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba?


Dear ________, thank you for your email, you ask for a report of Natalee Holloway. We are sorry but the Dutch Public Prosecution Service is not responsable for the report of Natalee Hollway. This is the case of the Public Prosecution Service in Aruba. You can contact them at the telephonenumber: 00-297-834387

Yours sincerly,

Annette Sluijter
Postbus 51 Informatiedienst


Feeling a little foolish???

By Richard, Aruban Boycott Member

Your TV show recently ran a story wherein "informed sources" said that Natalee Holloway died on Aruba from an overdose of cocaine. I did not watch, but am told that you implied the overdose was self-inflicted.

Back it up. Show some evidence. In other words, put up or shut up, because these allegations, if unsubstantiated, slander a girl who consistently did well in school, worked part-time jobs to earn the money for her trip, was in the Who's Who of American high school students and whose plight resonates among concerned Americans to this day.

Were these "informed sources" present at the event? If so, why are they only reporting the news two years later, rather than report to the local police and FBI? If they sat by and did nothing, or joined in, are they not guilty of a crime as well?

If not, whose hearsay is being quoted for support? More to the point, whose interests are being served by this story, and why are you putting it on the air now that the Texas Equusearch team seems ready to search the waters off Aruba ... a search that would have been done a long time ago had the Aruban government not thwarted it?

Aruba has from day one floated rumors, hearsay, innuendo and assailed Natalee's family for demanding answers. As has been pointed out, any professional police force would have been investigating reports rather than airing them on television, and would not make allegations without evidence. Even the Dutch have pointed out the utter incompetence of the Aruban police.

So why are you chiming in with more slanderous reports that cannot be substantiated? If your sources are in a position to confirm this information, they were present at the event or have access to the results of an autopsy. If neither is true, then they are repeating rumors or are following an agenda to discredit Natalee when progress in the search seems near. I can imagine whose interests are served by such a campaign, but they are not those of the American people or of the Holloway Twitty family.

I frankly believe that your "informed sources" exist nowhere but on paper. If they do exist, why not demand answers to these questions? Or are you just trying to exploit this tragedy to give your ratings a temporary fillip? If so, is anyone on Aruba, the apparent beneficiary of anything that would slander Natalee, acting as your prompter?

If you want to do some relevant reporting, the Palm Beach tourism bureau has voted unanimously to employ a Mr. Jorge Pesquera, head of the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Authority. His qualifications include taking the lead in setting up a group "to minimize the impact of the Holloway story," according to a Palm Beach Post story of July 19.

Now there's something to look into: a plum tourism job going to someone who took the lead in smoothing over the economic impact from the disappearance of an American citizen. And the Palm Beach tourism bureau found that to be, not a scandalous disgrace that merited contempt, but rather a reason to hire him.

Why not investigate that? You could take on the money interests; you could denounce the moral atrocity that this implies; you could show compassion and concern for the family of a missing American citizen and outrage that helping the Aruban government cover its tracks is seen as a credit on a resume.

Bet you won't. Unsubstantiated slander is so much easier. It's no wonder that more and more Americans disbelieve what passes for "news." Show some integrity.

July 20, 2007


Evidently there are quite a few angry Palm Beach County citizens. Doesn't sound like the greatest place to visit with my son or family, if you ask me. Just read on and decide for yourself.


(Palm Beach County)

the not so pleasant side, crime, drugs, murder,
robberies, carjackings and politics...

At the current rate and with the people in charge,
the City of West Palm Beach will look much like Newark, before long.

Officially the 5th highest rate of crime in the country for a city with a population between 75,000 and 99,000. Our mayor and chief of police are so proud! http://www.morganquitno.com/

Things you should know before visiting WPB:

If your car gets stolen... don't count on much help from anyone except your insurance company.

If you get carjacked... maybe you will get a ride home, but carry taxi fare in your sock just in case (14 carjackings, two deaths, in just 8 weeks in PB County).

Going downtown to the famous "Clematis Street" the same place Donald Trump calls the next South Beach (don't believe it) You'll notice that "the Donald" always travels with lots of bodyguards.

Stay in a lit area at night.

Keep your cash out of site.

Leave your jewelry at home or locked in a safe. The only people admiring it are going to steal if from you.

Don't stay late (after midnight).

Be aware that many of the citizens downtown carry weapons.The Palm Beach Post brought that fact to the front page of the local section as a reporter interviewed a local law enforcement officer who confirmed the fact that there are a lot of weapons in the nightclubs downtown.

Watch for panhandlers... especially if you are eating dinner outside.

Be prepared to pay a lot of money for "much of nothing" at the local eateries and bars, everything is way overpriced.

Parking, bring a lot of quarters or use a well lit garage or parking lot near the Clematis.

Do not get into a altercation with any of the "locals" you may end up dead... as one poor soul did in 2003. His killer walked.. read more about the State Attorney in Palm Beach County below, aka: Mr. "Swinging Door" Krischer.

If you do go downtown, DO NOT WALK NORTH OF THE POLICE STATION for any reason or a better landmark, the big well lit building, the county courthouse. It's no mans land and you are asking for trouble.

If you happen to walk downtown during the day, try not to look at the filthy sidewalks and nightclubs facing the street. (They only look good in the dark.... simple pressure cleaning once a month would solve the problem)

Driving back to a hotel (and never stay at one downtown) find out where Okeechobee Blvd is... head south from downtown, onto Okeechobee, then west to the Interstate (95).

Staying north of town? Use the Interstate to get there. Never go north on US 1 (Dixie Highway) unless you are looking for drugs or hookers... plenty of those and if you happen to be talking on your cell phone and miss the business end of WPB, you can find more hookers and crack dealers further up US 1 in Riviera Beach.

Palm Beach county is rated in the top five for its size in drug use nationwide. (Our commissioners are so proud of themselves)

This whole area north of Datura Street and up to the north end of Riviera Beach has been blighted since the 70's and there is no hope of it ever getting plowed under and rebuilt.

This area is responsible for 65% of the police budget annually, 65% of the crime, most of the drugs, and most of the carjackers. It's also a known fact here that 65% of the crimes are committed by career criminals. The reason: Krischer and his buddies, the criminal defense attorneys put them back on the street on a regular basis.

Bump and rob... still a way to get your money. You may be bumped at a traffic light then as you get out find out that you are getting robbed. Keep the doors locked, carry a cell phone, don't wear a lot of jewelry, and keep the windows closed Leave enough room in front of your car in case you have to get out of a tight spot.

Most important... 2 out of every 5 vehicles in West Palm Beach do not have insurance! This is a fact. Many drivers do not have a license that is valid either.

Watch out for the cars that look like police cars but have $5,000 wheels on them unless you are looking for drugs. If you don't see them you can certainly hear them... $4,000 stereo systems pushing 100db's.

More from an angry West Palm Beach citizen HERE


Yes, it's true. The inbred idiots down in Palm Beach County hired that slimeball ex-Aruban Tourism official Pesquera.

No matter he has an openly known shady background...No matter that his "skeletons in the closet" that will potentially and most likely harm the County's tourism numbers, reputation and credibility...No matter they are just coming off a huge embezzlement scandal.

I guess it just doesn't matter to them. Keep the girls coming in and out, keep the drugs flowing, get all the bling you can and party on. The way of the world in southern Florida, I suppose.

Let's see how much dirt we can come up with on Palm Beach County regarding their crime, drug and sex trafficking? Maybe that's why they hired him? His previous "experience" speaks for itself. Although he didn't do anything to curtail the boycott or the loss of revenue! What a prize this guy is. It's sick...just sick.

Pesquera the "Cleaner"

Pesquera really knows how to clean up a mess...
not the actual crime...but to "tidy" up the facts
so they suit the ultimate purpose.

"...Bureau officials point to Pesquera's 30 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. They also said they were impressed with how he handled himself during a crisis that played out in the national media. Pesquera was head of Aruba's tourism agency in 2005 when American citizen Natalee Holloway disappeared while on a graduation trip there. On his résumé, he takes credit for playing "the key role in the establishment of the strategic communications task force, which worked behind the scenes to minimize the impact of the Holloway story and effectively stopped calls for boycott by some U.S. elected officials."

Read the rest of this despicable trash HERE

Of course we here at Aruban Boycott are in an uproar, and leave it to Richard to be the first to voice his disgust:

July 20, 2007

The Hon. Gov. Charlie Crist
Office of the Governor PC-05
The Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

Dear Gov. Crist:

I am writing in regard to a recent moral atrocity committed by the Palm Beach County Convention and Visitors Bureau. You might think that a Vermonter should not comment on matters in Florida, but as a concerned American I feel a moral obligation to speak out.

The bureau has voted unanimously to offer its chief executive position to Jorge Pesquera, president of the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association. Aruba is, as you are aware, where Natalee Holloway vanished in May 2005. Her disappearance remains unresolved.

Nobody asserts that Mr. Pesquera was involved with Natalee’s disappearance. That, however, is not the issue at hand. It is clear that elements of the Aruban government are and were engaged in a cover-up to protect certain persons of that country. Yet a July 19 story in the Palm Beach Post says bureau officials “were impressed with how he handled himself” during the Natalee Holloway “crisis.” It also says Pesquera was instrumental in establishing a group “which worked behind the scenes to minimize the impact of the Holloway story and effectively stopped calls for boycott by some U.S. elected officials.”

So the bureau regards the smoothing over of an American’s disappearance abroad as a qualification for employment? Shall such a person represent a Florida county to the world? The notion of such a job offer is an offense to any notion of moral decency, to the idea of ethics in the tourist business and to the Holloway Twitty family in particular.

I urge you, the top official of your state, to condemn this insult to the American people and make clear that Mr. Pesquera is not welcome while Aruba continues to deny answers in Natalee’s case. Aruba has presented us with lies, evasions, insults and contradictions from the day Natalee vanished; I cannot imagine that Florida is unaware of the moral stench that has engulfed that country, or wishes to transplant it to these shores.



Cc: Ms. Lois Frankel, mayor, West Palm Beach


Thank you to Easy@ SM for the summary of today's Diario

"The article states that the Dutch chief of police said that the ALE will soon come out with a statement, which is a kind of prelude to the closing of the case. In other words, no more direct investigation will follow. It doesn't mean, however, that if and when new tips or revelations come in, that they will not work on them. But, the continuing investigation, as far as we have been able to deduct from his statement, will be over with once the ALE makes its statement, which he promised will happen in the coming days."

Thank you to
San @ SM for this information from this morning's FoxNews show:

Fox Host: This guy said it was unimpeachable sources in law enforcement.

(Geraldo said it's plausible. He is talking about when he went undercover at CnC's with Natalee's uncles.)

Geraldo: Unknown of or unknowable because there is no body. Says Joran is still the main guy. He is the drug taker and the party guy.

Fox Host: How does anyone know that she had cardiac arrest when you don't have a body. How do you know that?

Geraldo: He thinks it is surmise built on asumption built on the facts (WHAT FACTS? "Facts" based on LIES???) as we know them. You try to build your case, you eliminate the impossible and this is what remains. (What is impossible here is finding THE TRUTH!!!) He said he has absolutely no doubt that the O'Reilly's source is extremely credible. (Yeah right, Julia was probably doing 'you know what' under O'Reilly's table while servicing Gerald with her left hand...) He and Bill had extensive conversations about it yesterday.

Geraldo: Beth has a book coming out in October and she will be voicing her own opinion and he's not going to scoop her

Click Below To Watch YouTube of This Mornings FoxNews Show

July 19, 2007


Hey "Investigators" Try This Out for Size...


(I hope that translates! In both Dutch and Papiamento!)

I just don't buy it.

First she's dead. Then she's not. Maybe she drowned. Maybe she died from the date rape drug. She was sold into sex slavery. She ran away. She hit her head and died. For the last two years there have been endless theories on what happened to Natalee.


Now Bill O'Reilly stated on his show that investigators claim she died of massive cardiac arrest from cocaine? (1) How do they know she is dead? AND (2) How do they know what she ingested if there is no body?

Since the Dutch are the ones who are currently investigating Natalee's case, I am going to guess this spin came from their end. So if this source is from the Dutch investigators what are they going on? The credibility of the ALE reports? Joran et al. blatant lies? All the spin? Their own assumptions? I want more facts before I believe this crap.

I just don't buy it.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I just don't believe it.

Show me the proof, then we'll spar.

Listen and watch for yourself...


July 17, 2007


**Thanks to Natalee's Freebirds for this great article!

Many of the judicial rulings by the Dutch judges in the Natalee Holloway case have been highly questionable, some so openly biased in favor of the Van der Sloot family they smack of corruption. For instance, when a search warrant was being executed on the Van Der Sloot home on June 15, 2005 investigators were surprised to find Curacao Judge Bob Wit open the door and inform them their search would not include the main Van Der Sloot residence or the surrounding property.

Judge Bob Wit

Eight days later when Joran’s father Paulus Van Der Sloot was arrested for "reasonable suspicion" in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway Judge Bob Wit intervened again, disallowing a search of the Van Der Sloot home. Ironically, no such limitations were ever placed on the search of the homes of two black security guards who were arrested on June 5, 2005. In fact, Aruban police ransacked their homes and purposely walked them in front of the media, only later having to release them because there was no evidence that, unlike Joran Van Der Sloot and Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, they had ever been in contact with Natalee Holloway.

Since when do suspects in a murder investigation
get a free pass from having their house searched?

Prior to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway it is well known that Paulus Van Der Sloot had been a Dutch judge in training. Did his connections to the judiciary in Aruba and nearby Curacao have any influence on these rulings by Judge Bob Wit? Judge Bob Wit's early decisions in the Natalee Holloway case would start a chain reaction of pro-Dutch, anti-victim rulings that would eventually free the Van Der Sloots from facing criminal charges.



However, “Aruba’s Dirtiest Judge”, goes to Dutch Judge Rick Smid for his extremely questionable rulings in the Natalee Holloway case. This one judge has caused as much damage to the Holloway case being solved as is humanly possible.


Police statements from Joran and the Kalpoe brothers—the last people to be seen with Natalee Holloway-- have revealed many disparities in their accounts of what happened that night she disappeared.

In a secretly recorded conversation in a police van on June 25, 2005 the three suspects engaged in heated arguments about who was responsible for Nataleee’s demise, implicating not only each other but Joran’s father Paulus.

It is clear from these tapes and other statements the suspects gave to police, that the three suspects had detailed and intimate knowledge that something bad had happened to Miss Holloway. Joran even described the victim’s undergarments in great detail.

Judge Rick Smid chose to completely ignore the fact that the main suspects were telling different accounts of what happened to Natalee that night. Why did judge Smid ignore such glaring and obvious contradictions in the stories of the three suspects? Even the simplest of minds would know that some of the parties were telling lies, indicating a clear measure of guilt.

Monday, November 21, 2005

No one has accused them of murder, but they themselves admitted to police during interrogations that something bad happened to Natalee while she was with them, without specifying what ‘something bad’ was! That they admitted to committing sexual abuse against her.

It is not extensive that the judge who presided over the case and decided that some things were inadmissible. He could be the best judge in the world, but in this case, he made light of and greatly neglected to pay attention to the three suspects’ admissions, since he didn’t even interrogate them about what was left hanging in the air, such as the declaration of Joran at the beach that he believes that Deepak raped and killed Natalee! How did this matter end there? How were the other accusations and counter-accusations among the three suspects not evaluated for their just content?


Judge Rick Smid was very aware of the discrepancies and inconsistencies in Joran Van der Sloot’s and the Kalpoe’s stories when he made several of his rulings in the case. Judge Smid was also aware Joran had lied about dropping off Natalee Holloway off at the Holiday Inn and had told four differing and contradictory stories as to how he got home that night. The Kalpoe brothers to this day disagree with Joran Van der Sloot on how he got home early that morning.

In an Aruban court on August 30, 2005 Judge Rick Smid ruled there was enough evidence that Joran Van Der Sloot should be held in police custody another 30 days. Then Judge Smid does something very unusual. He returns to his office in Curacao and faxes in a reversal of his ruling only hours later.

Citing an obscure Dutch case dubbed the “Ponson Rule”, Judge Smid ruled that Joran’s schoolwork was more important than the case of a missing, and most likely, murdered, tourist. It should be noted the Ponson Rule was originally instituted for a baseball player who was involved in a case nowhere near as serious as murder.

As a direct result of Judge Rick Smid's ruling, Joran Van Der Sloot (to this day the main suspect in Natalee Holloway’s disappearance) was released from police custody on September 3, 2005 and immediately fled the island of Aruba to the safety of Holland three days later.

Less than two weeks later three Dutch Superior Court judges in Curacao delivered their final coup de grace. On September 14, 2005, in a ruling by three Dutch judges from Curacao, Joran Van Der Sloot and the Kalpoes brothers were all released unconditionally. This order prevented law enforcement from taking any further testimony from the three suspects in the Natalee Holloway case - despite the fact their accounts of what happened the night Natalee Holloway disappeared in their company are drastically different.

Why would these three judges release the three main suspects from giving further testimony when those same judges knew full well the suspects lied to police, with conflicting stories from one suspect to the next?

Rogue Judge Rick Smid's rulings would be a devastating blow to the Natalee Holloway case. When Aruba spokesperson Steve Cohen promised the American public the three suspects would be brought back in for questioning in December 2005, it was revealed they would never have to testify again. All of this as a result of Judge Rick Smid's abuse of his position on the bench.

September 1, 2005

The judge in the case issued two rulings: In the first, he agreed with prosecutors' request to extend the period of van der Sloot's pretrial detention by 30 more days. But later Thursday, the judge issued another ruling that sided with the defense — an order to immediately suspend the execution of his earlier pretrial detention order.

September 13, 2005

GRACE: What was the grounds? Why did they release them?

TWITTY: You know, Nancy, there was absolutely no -- no grounds for them to be released. And I spoke with the Dutch interrogators. And even as of September the 1st, things were really progressing well, and Joran and Deepak and Satish, they had -- these young men had divided, and they were not denying a crime anymore. They were merely implicating each other. And the list of inconsistencies was presented before Judge Smit. The reasonable doubt was there. I don`t have any idea why he fled the island and then faxed a reversal decision. It just is incredible.

Monday, October 1, 2005

Did the judge who came from Curacao probably plan take the decisions he took, spoiled the case? With all due respect for the position you have taken, have you seen what happened?

The case was resolved in phases the same judge planned: first release Paul v.d. Sloot , then he came back to release the Kalpoe brothers and the third phase he executed now when came to set Joran free because Joran expressed his wish to continue his studies.

I have similarly not made any accusations of any sort against the Kalpoe brothers; what I have repeated is what can be found in the Polis reports where they started pointing the fingers one against the other! It is in these three phases here that Americans see the corruption of our justice system.


The Aruban government and law enforcement are riddled with good ole boy friendships that usurp their ability to exact justice when one of their own is involved in a crime. It has been rumored that Judge Rick Smid was a close personal friend of Paulus Van Der Sloot and had stayed in his residence on occasion during his visits to Aruba. Judging by his rulings, this would seem to be the case.

Jossy Mansur points out that the Dutch judges were in collusion all along in an editorial that ran in his newspaper, El Diario Aruba. Given such a biased series of rulings in the Natalee Holloway case it is hard not to believe these judges all worked in unison to deny justice to the American victim in favor of saving their fellow Dutch nationalists' from facing their crimes in a court of law.

To this day Joran Van Der Sloot is considered the main suspect in the Natalee Holloway case, and his father Paulus was recently denied compensation when it was revealed through a wiretapped conversation he had met Natalee Holloway the same day she disappeared – not once, but twice.

It is well known that Paulus Van Der Sloot is suspected of covering up his son's criminal acts against Natalee Holloway and some believe he had direct involvement in her demise. His lies in police statements concerning his whereabouts the night Holloway disappeared, in addition to stating he had never met Holloway, exposed in court, serve to reinforce such suspicions. Yet the Dutch have chosen to do nothing in the case even though it is well proven all of the suspects lied as both witnesses and suspects, and thanks to the Dutch judges' orders they will not have to face questioning again.

October 4, 2005

GRACE: … Jossy, regarding the connection, what I perceived to be a close connection between the judge, Paulus Van Der Sloot and the retired chief of police who initially handled Natalee`s case, Van Der Stratten, were they friends?

MANSUR: Of course, they were friends. It stands to reason they were friends because Paul Van Der Sloot had many friends within the police department; he had many friends within the Department of Justice. And he had many friends with -- and he was friendly with all the judges in Aruba. He worked out of the same office as they did and did the same work.



Rick Smid refuses to have human traffickers and drug dealers arrested:

PHILIPSBURG - Two men considered to be the local organisers of what the Prosecutor’s Office believes to be a Chinese-led human smuggling operation are facing six- and eight-year prison sentences. They were also accused Thursday of involvement in the drug trade, mainly cocaine. The Prosecutor further requested the immediate arrest of both suspects, who had been released from pre-trial detention in April, but this was turned down by Judge Rick Smid.

Rick Smid gives human trafficker 38 days in jail:

PHILIPSBURG--While investigations are ongoing into the alleged involvement of a police commissioner in human trafficking, a 28-year-old man was found guilty by the Court of First Instance on Wednesday of having tried to bribe Chief Immigration Officer Ademar Doran. Judge Rick Smid sentenced Stephen Bruney to 180 days, 142 of which to be suspended, with three years’ probation and 200 hours of community service.


Had Hurricane Katrina not taken the spotlight off of Aruba, Judge Smid may have reconsidered his ruling. Instead it seems he found the catastrophe the perfect time to make such a bold and suspicious judgment. While American eyes were turned to the Gulf Coast of the U.S., Rick Smid took full advantage to free Joran van der Sloot and allow this suspect’s flight to Holland.

Smid takes advantage of a catastrophe to deal his own damage:

September 13, 2005

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Well, you know, Nancy, I was thinking, I knew there was corruption and cover-up involved. But I certainly didn`t know they were cowards either, and to hide beneath the cloak of Hurricane Katrina is just reprehensible. And you know, I think -- I think of the Dutch government, and I want to keep the focus on this political party in place, NEP (ph). I think of this judge, Rick Smit. And I can`t imagine putting the suspects` rights or the suspects, you know, before the victim of Natalee, and that why should he choose to be concerned about Joran attending university in The Hague? It just is unbelievable.

GRACE: What was the grounds? Why did they release them?

TWITTY: You know, Nancy, there was absolutely no -- no grounds for them to be released. And I spoke with the Dutch interrogators. And even as of September the 1st, things were really progressing well, and Joran and Deepak and Satish, they had -- these young men had divided, and they were not denying a crime anymore. They were merely implicating each other. And the list of inconsistencies was presented before Judge Smit. The reasonable doubt was there. I don`t have any idea why he fled the island and then faxed a reversal decision. It just is incredible.


*Why would a judge block the search of the home belonging to a suspect in a murder investigation? Was this because Paulus Van Der Sloot was a Dutch judge in training? If not, why were the two black security guards not given the same consideration days earlier when their homes were ransacked by investigators and police?

*Why would Judge Rick Smid rule a suspect be held in custody for another 30 days and reverse his own ruling within hours after he had fled the island of Aruba to his office in Curacao? Was he afraid he might have to explain his ruling to the media while he was still on the island of Aruba? What was Judge Smid afraid of? Why the deception?

*Why did Judge Rick Smid overlook incriminating testimony by a suspect and release him by citing his “schoolwork” as being the more important factor in the case? Since when does a suspect’s "schoolwork" take precedence over finding justice for a murdered tourist? Is it because Joran Van der Sloot is Dutch and Natalee Holloway is merely a missing victim?

*What kind of judge can look at basic, rudimentary statements with conflicting testimonies from three suspects and release them from further questioning by the authorities?

*Why have all these Dutch judges made such favorable rulings in favor of Joran Van Der Sloot, shielding him from further legal action when, in fact, he is the main suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway? Joran Van Der Sloot, who has been diagnosed by both Dutch and U.S. investigators as a "pathological liar", remains free today as a result of such obviously biased rulings.

*What kind of judicial system places favoritism over justice through the use of ambiguous rulings in favor of suspected criminals? The judges from Curacao, including Rick Smid, have given the Dutch judicial system a black eye worldwide.

"And he (Paulus Van der Sloot) was friendly with all the judges in Aruba. He worked out of the same office as they did and did the same work." --Jossy Mansur

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!