July 23, 2007


Feeling a little foolish???

By Richard, Aruban Boycott Member

Your TV show recently ran a story wherein "informed sources" said that Natalee Holloway died on Aruba from an overdose of cocaine. I did not watch, but am told that you implied the overdose was self-inflicted.

Back it up. Show some evidence. In other words, put up or shut up, because these allegations, if unsubstantiated, slander a girl who consistently did well in school, worked part-time jobs to earn the money for her trip, was in the Who's Who of American high school students and whose plight resonates among concerned Americans to this day.

Were these "informed sources" present at the event? If so, why are they only reporting the news two years later, rather than report to the local police and FBI? If they sat by and did nothing, or joined in, are they not guilty of a crime as well?

If not, whose hearsay is being quoted for support? More to the point, whose interests are being served by this story, and why are you putting it on the air now that the Texas Equusearch team seems ready to search the waters off Aruba ... a search that would have been done a long time ago had the Aruban government not thwarted it?

Aruba has from day one floated rumors, hearsay, innuendo and assailed Natalee's family for demanding answers. As has been pointed out, any professional police force would have been investigating reports rather than airing them on television, and would not make allegations without evidence. Even the Dutch have pointed out the utter incompetence of the Aruban police.

So why are you chiming in with more slanderous reports that cannot be substantiated? If your sources are in a position to confirm this information, they were present at the event or have access to the results of an autopsy. If neither is true, then they are repeating rumors or are following an agenda to discredit Natalee when progress in the search seems near. I can imagine whose interests are served by such a campaign, but they are not those of the American people or of the Holloway Twitty family.

I frankly believe that your "informed sources" exist nowhere but on paper. If they do exist, why not demand answers to these questions? Or are you just trying to exploit this tragedy to give your ratings a temporary fillip? If so, is anyone on Aruba, the apparent beneficiary of anything that would slander Natalee, acting as your prompter?

If you want to do some relevant reporting, the Palm Beach tourism bureau has voted unanimously to employ a Mr. Jorge Pesquera, head of the Aruba Hotel and Tourism Authority. His qualifications include taking the lead in setting up a group "to minimize the impact of the Holloway story," according to a Palm Beach Post story of July 19.

Now there's something to look into: a plum tourism job going to someone who took the lead in smoothing over the economic impact from the disappearance of an American citizen. And the Palm Beach tourism bureau found that to be, not a scandalous disgrace that merited contempt, but rather a reason to hire him.

Why not investigate that? You could take on the money interests; you could denounce the moral atrocity that this implies; you could show compassion and concern for the family of a missing American citizen and outrage that helping the Aruban government cover its tracks is seen as a credit on a resume.

Bet you won't. Unsubstantiated slander is so much easier. It's no wonder that more and more Americans disbelieve what passes for "news." Show some integrity.

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Anonymous said...

Dompig is a fool and fooled Bill O'Reilly and his runner Geraldo. Dompig is a real two headed darkest snake, and he is guilty as hell. Cocaine is a very serious offence, and should slander Natalee with such a blatant lie. Bill O'Reilly should recant his mistake on on air wave with the American people. If not, he will ignite a political firestorm and have himself incinearated. A lot of potential politicians who paid Bill for his show to promote their presidnetial hopeful interest.