June 30, 2006


Someone recently commented that this blog has nothing to do with Natalee and that I need to stay on the subject.

Here it is along with the annoying punctuation errors:

“What does all of this have to do with Aruba or especially Natalee Holloway. All these articles are old and things that happen everyday everywhere. Or you mean to tell me that in the US there are no corrupt police or servicemen. Because if you are saying that then i must say you are either very uneducated or very big hypocrite or just plain just looking stupid. Please if you are for Natalee, thats good but stay on the topic, and stop getting things on here that have absolutely nothing , but nothing to do with Natalee or the case.”

I am sorry to inform you that since Natalee’s murder has not been solved, none of us are investigators, and none of us hold the power to change a damn thing, what else can we do? The only thing we can do to bring forth change is to stop Aruba, The Netherlands and Netherland Antilles and bring them down.

It is called a boycott.

That is why this blog is called BOYCOTT ARUBA. This has become a grassroot movement. If you are interested in the boycott, by all means, stick around. If you are not interested in the boycott, then I suggest you look elsewhere for the redundant information you request.

If you don't realize, there is nothing more to report in this case. All witnesses have either been deemed un-credible or have mysteriously disappeared. All the forensic information is gone, destroyed or missing.

Bottom line: We know what happened to Natalee. Why rehash what we already know day after day? If that is what you are interested in, then I suggest you look at the Wikipedia version and get up to speed on what happened for the last 13 months. There is NOTHING new to report until the New York Judge makes her ruling!

So now it’s time for action on OUR part…the citizen’s part… by BOYCOTTING ARUBA and revealing them for the SCUMBAGS they are!


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

This blog (OWNED AND OPERATED by Michelle and NOT by me), is where I am allowed to speak out regarding the Holloway case. I DO NOT post on any message boards. The only time I responded to comments regarding blogs that I have written (and ONLY regarding what I wrote) was on Blogs For Natalee and in the Rebuttal forum at the UK where an influx of haters came to bash me, Natalee and the Holloway/Twitty families. I have NEVER gone into a chat room. I blog and that's what I do.

I am a member of a Team of terrific people who really care about Natalee and her family. That Team is coordinated by Susan Nagle and she has done a great job of communicating information and putting people together and has taken a LOT of flack for the huge amount of time and effort that she puts into her unpaid job.

I have NEVER worked undercover, as some claim to do. I have never seen the missing tape from Aruba and I know of ONLY one person who has..that person is NOT Kathy Drenga. I have never been to Aruba and I do not talk to "Suspects" because there is no way in hell that any of them will confide in anyone, especially a woman from the United States.

Joran sat in jail for months as did Deepak, Satish, Steve Croes and others and they DID NOT tell the truth so why would they speak to a stranger and incriminate themselves. Think about that and you will realize that NO ONE who believes in their own mind that they are James Bond will get any information relative to finding Natalee. NO ONE appointed Kathy or anyone else as their undercover mole and just because someone travels to Aruba and says that they are "undercover" doesn't NOT mean that this is true.

The people who are REALLY investigating this case for the family of Natalee are known to them and do NOT share their information publicly or on message boards or in chatrooms for all to see. They go directly to the family and that's how it should be. I have no idea why there are people who feel they have the right to run around proclaiming that they are "undercover spies" because to me, that sounds delusional and I KNOW it's not going to help anyone.

Would you as an individual go to an unsafe place with your young child and play spy? Would you fraternize with men who may be responsible for the disappearance of a young woman on your own and without protection? I know that I wouldn't and I know that anyone who tries would be beyond foolish. I also know that if something happened to you, the ALE would not and could not protect you.

What could a person gain from pretending to be a spy? They could gain attention and convince some people that they are more in the know and more important than others regarding the case, they could get some minor media attention and perhaps even be interviewed by their local news channel, but..... they will NEVER crack the case and may even get harmed in the process of this bogus spy mission that they are carrying out (in their own mind).

People who write directly to Natalee's family members to inform them of their own prowess and stealth work are doing harm to a family already in a state of grief. This is cruel and unfortunate but it is going on.

Let the professionals do the investigating and the rest of us can either blog, research or simply show our support for Natalee's family. We can support this boycott and pass around the word to others why we are calling for a boycott. That is our ONLY role in this sad case. Running around to various sites bragging of all that you do and telling people that you have information and access that you do not have is cruel.

Anyone can go to Aruba and get their picture taken with a "suspect" because some of them live there. Several people have attempted to communicate with Joran van der Sloot and even if he is the real Joran at the end of the chat he will NEVER divulge anything. Bragging that a person speaks to him is meaningless and does nothing to help anyone. I know of several people who have claimed to have spoken to Joran. They have done nothing to solve the case. Joran may be a lot of things that I don't especially consider positive character traits but he is VERY intelligent and knows when to keep his mouth shut. No false spy is going to get Joran to talk.

I have witnessed conversations with Joran (if it really was Joran which NO ONE can prove), and he says nothing of value and discloses nothing about Nata
lee that will help find her. Deepak and Satish will not talk either as instructed by their lawyers. Steve Croes is notorious for being a liar and he isn't going to tell the truth either...not to some woman who pretends to be on his side. Hugging Mr. Croes with your eyes half shut and with a look of rapture on your face isn't going to solve the Holloway case and only makes the person involved look foolish and out of her element.

This behavior is ridiculous and unhelpful and needs to be recognized for what it is...a sad person's desire for attention and praise from the gullible who believe that this nonsense really is helping.

If you want to help the family then support their efforts to find the truth....do so by blogging and keeping the world informed of what goes on in Aruba and The Netherlands. Do what Michelle is doing on this blog. Do what Susan is doing to help keep the Team of caring individuals together. Do NOT pretend to be something that you are not and to have evidence that you do not have.

I will leave this subject alone for now....I won't blog about the so-called spy anymore because it has no value to helping Natalee's family and may make them feel worse.

This is a grassroots movement to find justice for Natalee. It is NOT an opportunity for ANY individual to become famous or infamous. To the person who is spreading the information that she has special access I say this, STOP before you get hurt or hurt Natalee's family.


An appeals court in Arnhem imposed sentences of seven years on the two main defendants in the Kraggenburger rape and animal porn case. Belgian P.M. and Evan C., a resident of the Dutch town of Almere, were jailed for 14 and 10 years by the trial court in Lelystad for kidnapping three African refugees in Brussels.

The women were subjected to rape and sexual assault in a shed in the Dutch town of Kraggenburger in April 2004. The women were beaten and forced to have sex with Rottweiler dogs for the purposes of a pornographic video.

It was also alleged the gang was planning to make a 'snuff movie', in which a victim was to be killed during sexual activities. The women managed to escape and raise the alarm. 24 May 2006 Jail time cut in rape, animal porn case.


Airline used to set up drug route from the Caribbean

AMSTERDAM, 2004--Netherlands: Seven people, including two directors of bankrupt airline Air Holland, have been arrested on charges they used the airline to set up a drugs route between the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles and Suriname.

The arrested directors, who are alleged to have financed the airline for years with illegal drugs money, have been identified as a former Air Holland chief executive and the company's former financial director. Police raided the homes of the seven suspects in recent weeks, accusing them of money laundering and smuggling at least 633kg of cocaine. The shipment was discovered several months ago in a container of coffee beans at Rotterdam Port.

According to a report in newspaper De Telegraaf, a spokesman for the public prosecution has confirmed the arrests. A total of EUR 50,000 (US $66,500) and a firearm were also reportedly seized in the raids. The EUR 25 million (US $33 million) allegedly earned by the drug dealing is believed to have been invested into Air Holland, but the company's planes are not thought to have been used for drug smuggling.

The profits were also invested in real estate and other businesses. The financially-ailing Air Holland has been a source of controversy for some time. It previously hit the headlines after being granted permits by the aviation inspectorate despite the fact that it was almost bankrupt.

600 Kilos of Cocaine


Looks like anyone affliated with The Netherlands aren't any better than the ALE. Is Holland the bad, big brother that invokes its bad influence on its territories?

It is widely known that a large majority of those drugs that go through The Netherland Antilles and Aruba go straight to The Netherlands. Even though these drugs were to go elsewhere, for MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

The Netherlands have their hands in the stinky litter box.

Policeman gets eight years for drugs trafficking in Netherlands Antilles

THE HAGUE, Netherlands (AFP): A policeman in the Netherlands Antilles was jailed for eight years last week by a court in Curacao for his involvement in a big drugs trafficking network from South America, Dutch news agency ANP said.

It said the man, identified only as 21-year-old J. Capella, had been found guilty of transporting cocaine from Colombia and Venezuela between October 2003 and March 2004, when he was arrested. He was part of a network of mainly Colombian drugs traffickers, and during the crack down on the group, more than 200 kilos of cocaine were seized.

This is what 200 kilos of cocaine looks like

June 29, 2006


AMSTERDAM, 2004 The Netherlands: According to Expatica, of the 1,000 Dutch naval personnel stationed in the Netherlands Antilles to combat the international drugs trade, 15 have been arrested so far this year for allegedly trafficking narcotics, it was revealed Thursday.

Another 30 have been detained by the military police for a range of crimes, including serious assault, intimidation, vandalism and theft, newspaper Algemeen Dagblad reported. The Dutch Royal Navy confirmed to the newspaper that eight marines have been sent home this year from the Caribbean for drug possession or drug dealing.

Jean Debie, of the military trade union VBM/NOV suggested that information from the navy itself indicated about 50 service personnel had been accused of law-breaking. The 15 mentioned referred to cases judged too serious to deal with by internal disciplinary action.

Last year, the navy sent eight to 10 people home for possessing or trafficking drugs in the Netherlands Antilles. A naval spokesperson explained that personnel caught with soft drugs while serving in the Antilles were given a warning (???) and sent home due to the fact they were there to combat drugs. Discharge from the service would follow if the person was caught a second time and anyone caught with hard drugs would be dismissed automatically.

The Netherlands Antilles is made up of five islands — Curacao, Bonaire, Sint Maarten, Saba and Sint Eustatius — which were at the heart of the Dutch slave trade until abolition in 1863. The Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, which seceded from the Netherlands Antilles in 1986, are two of the three parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

The Caribbean islands are considered transit points for drugs coming from South America destined for Europe and the US. The Netherlands is responsible for the defence of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. As the Caribbean islands do not have any territorial disputes, the Dutch naval contingent — made up of 300 marines and 700 other naval personnel — stationed on the Netherlands Antilles is involved in combating drug trafficking.


Why Do We Need To Keep The Grassroots Movement Going?

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

There has been a response to the call for a boycott of the Island of Aruba. There have been some decreasing tourist dollars flowing into Aruba. There are people who are aware of what has happened on Aruba and will not plan to vacation there. There are also people who regularly frequented Aruba who no longer do. Does that mean that we can rest on our laurels and stop the discussion?


We need to keep reminding people why we are calling for the boycott and we need to do it on a regular basis. I really don't want to hurt the people who live and work on Aruba. I don't want to see their families suffer as a result of a decrease in tourism to their Island home. But, there is no getting around the fact that Aruba simply is incapable of policing itself.

There is no protection for people who visit Aruba. The police are not aware of how to conduct a criminal investigation and they show no respect to victims of crime when it does occur. All you need to do is watch the various cable news shows to listen to the pleas of the family of Natalee Holloway and realize that we h
ave been hearing those very same pleas for over a year. To see Beth or Dave on television asking that someone in charge tell them what's going on; to fill them in on where the investigation is headed or if there IS an investigation going on is heartbreaking.

Because of the extreme secrecy of the ALE and the Prosecutor's office Beth and Dave had to file a costly civil lawsuit to attempt to get answers as to what happened to their daughter. I doubt that this particular remedy even entered their minds all those months ago when they hoped to be kept in the loop and informed on a regular basis of what was going on.

What do the police know, who do they suspect, what evidence do they have, where does the case stand?

No answers, just more questions which forced them to take extreme measures and file process of service on Joran and Paulus van der Sloot when they stepped onto American soil in New York City. There are no guarantees that this lawsuit will go forward due to jurisdictional issues but it was the only remedy left. The court of last resort...

Because the family of Natalee Holloway remains in limbo and because they are not being treated with either respect, dignity or honesty by the authorities on Aruba
we MUST continue our efforts to keep the boycott going and to attempt to make it even stronger and bigger. We promised to support Natalee's family and this is one way that we can show that support. They deserve no less and should be given a lot more but this is something that we can all do.

Tell your friends and family members, your neighbors and your co-workers and urge them to vacation somewhere else. Tell them that they are not going to be properly protected in Aruba if they are the victims of a crime. That's true for many places in the world including parts of the USA, but Natalee disappeared on Aruba so they must be the focus of our movement and we can't lose sight of that until Natalee's family get the answers that they are entitled to and that they need.

Aruba has forced itself into a corner and now the burden is on them to show that they can protect the tourists who visit their Country. Thus far, they have shown the exact opposite. Natalee is still missing and we don't know what happened to her. Aruba is silent and we have no answers. Until those answers are forthcoming the boycott must continue.


If I were Dutch, I would be extremely embarrassed and enraged. What kind of people do you all raise??? There are people dying for what your Navy stands for and does and you act like this? It is despicable, pure and simple. My brother is currently serving in the United States Navy--most HONORABLY. He has been deployed at months on end at times and has never heard of anything this atrocious.

PEOPLE! Am I making my point on the Dutch culture? It has obviously bled into Aruba...the result is a whole bunch of really screwed up people doing really evil things and calling it "BOYS PLAY"!

Scandals Afloat in the Dutch Navy

April 16, 2006

Late in March, incidents of serious indiscipline aboard two of the Royal Netherlands Navy's ships came to public attention. The first incidents, reported by the Dutch Navy military trade union AFMP, on March 23rd, involved the frigate Tjerk Hiddes. A woman sailor reported that since she had come aboard the ship in January of 2004, there had been repeated incidents in which male sailors had molested women crewmembers, even entering women's quarters to engage in group assaults.

The report was subsequently confirmed by several other crew members, both men and women, who said that drunkenness, cocaine use, and sexual abuse and rape of women was common, particularly while the ship was operating in the Arabian Sea, in late-2004 and early-2005.

Reportedly, despite repeated complaints, the ship's commanding officer dismissed the incidents as 'boys' pranks,' and pressured women to withdraw more formal protests. Women who persisted, were dismissed from the service. Tjerk Heddes apparently already had a reputation in the Dutch Navy, with widespread drug abuse having been documented during a tour on anti-drug patrol in the Caribbean.

On March 24th, another newspaper revealed that members of the crew of the supply ship Amsterdam had "re-enacted" scenes from photographs taken by abusive guards at the Abu Ghraib. The paper, the Amsterdam Telegraaf, published several pictures which showed naked sailors posing in various positions emulating pictures taken at the Iraqi prison in 2003.

The incidents have had sparked a major investigation by the Dutch Navy, which will apparently be headed by the head of the navy, who has cancelled long-scheduled foreign travel to take charge. Meanwhile, the Tjerk Heddes has been sold to Chile.



Hey, I have to give them credit. They are open and honest about what is happening on their island and actually have a PLAN IN ACTION. Last I heard, the Aruban police aren't working any time soon.

Maybe some of the beautiful carribean vacation-lands can be saved with proper attitudes, people and direction...but unfortunately that will not happen right now. Aruba has turned on the HIGH BEAMS to tourist crime. At least something good came out of this.


‘Crime quickly eroding the Island’s reputation’

Bermuda's reputation as a safe place for tourists is being eroded by a small number of criminals stealing from visitors on the beach, snatching bags from the baskets on the back of tourist mopeds or actually breaking into their guest house and hotel rooms at night.

There are things that can be done immediately to address these problems, said Shadow Tourism Minister David Dodwell. Reading from a number of rece
nt crime reports from The Royal Gazette he warned of the damage that was being done to the important sector of the Island's economy by petty crimes against visitors."I'm worried about things that are happening in our community such as visitor crime. It is getting out of hand," said Mr. Dodwell.

He highlighted a report of a visitor being robbed in a hotel room by an intruder carrying a machete, another of a visitor having items stolen while on the beach and another of a handbag snatch from a basket of a tourist motorcycle – all had occurred in the past week.

Suggesting ways to combat the crimes, Mr. Dodwell said it should be made a law that all rental cycles be fitted with lockable boxes rather than open wire baskets on the rear that make it easy for items to be grabbed – often by a thief riding pillion on a passing motorbike.

He said a more visible Police presence on the streets of Bermuda would make opportunistic thieves think twice before acting, and residents themselves need to recognise that "a crime against a visitor is a crime against the country" and should assist in reporting thieves and, in the instance of a thief on a beach, giving chase to stop them.

The good will from the $40m spent annually on promoting Bermuda's tourism could quickly be eroded away by instances of the petty crimes he had highlighted, said Mr. Dodwell.



"Do you think they can tell I'm underage with these braces???"

Author: leslie (---.lambrv01.nj.comcast.net)
Date: 11-01-04 17:33

my family and i might be going to the marriott resort & stellaris casino this spring break (march 26-april 2)... and i was wondering if it's gonna be hard for my little sister (17) and her friend (16) to get drinks... i'm 19. i don't wanna have to be getting them all of their drinks "secretly". i was reading about how some hotels put wrist bands on people? do they really do that? thanks in advance.

Author: Louise (---.proxy.aol.com) Date: 11-02-04 13:49

Wrist bands are for guests at hotels that offer an all inclusive plan. Just be aware that if anyone under 18 drinks the laws of Aruba apply not those of the United States and there might be heavy fines and more.

Author: Jack (---.n-chpop03.stsn.com)
Date: 11-02-04 15:06

If they're like most of us at your age, tell them to bring their fake ID

Author: leslie (---.lambrv01.nj.comcast.net)
Date: 11-02-04 19:21

louise- do you know or do you know where i could find out the laws for aruba?

jack- amazingly enough they don't have fake ID's yet... i told them to look into it real soon though lol thanks guys, keep the comments coming =)

Author: bl (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date: 11-03-04 13:09

no problem, during april break we had our friends daughter and her friend 15 yr. olds and they asked for Strawberry Daquris and were served, lucky for us they came and told us and ordered Virgins from then on. Im sure next year they wont be telling us anything!! Anyway No Problems. This was the bar at the beach of the Marriot, have a blast.

Author: Rich (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date: 11-08-04 13:56

If you can reach the bar they will sell you a drink. I have been to the Marriott several times and never did I see an I D check

Author: Jack (---.medfrd01.nj.comcast.net)
Date: 11-08-04 19:04


Old enough to be your father ...But I do have a good memory....I remember when I was young, and the apples in my family didn't fall far from the tree. Have a great time !!

Author: leslie (---.lambrv01.nj.comcast.net)
Date: 11-09-04 12:27

thanks rich & jack! =o)

Source: http://aruba.com/msgbrd/read.php?f=7&i=13282&t=13282


Some of us, including myself, have taken a "beating", so to speak, over the last year. I'm not going to discuss this situation anymore. It is time to move on and I continue to boycott Aruba, The Netherlands and The Netherland Antilles.

If you are all with me, GREAT! Let's get to work. On a future note, Boycott Aruba-Find Natalee bumper/window stickers for your cars will be available soon. And if I have anything to say about it, they will be FREE and shipped to those that support the boycott, Natalee, the family, and JUSTICE.

Moving on...

June 28, 2006


There haven't been many good days regarding the Holloway case. Most are filled with searching and hoping and sadness. Dead ends, lies and frustration are business as usual in this case. That's how I feel so can you imagine how Beth, Dave and Robin feel? Can you imagine how Natalee's siblings feel? I really can't, but I can tell you how I feel.

Today was a good day. I can't solve this case and I am NOT the leader of any group of supporters. I am only ONE person who works alongside many others who do far more than I do to help find the truth. I am left with only two options in my desire to support Natalee's family; to keep on blogging and to expose those who would do them harm.

Today I got to do the latter and it feels very good. I didn't do it myself. Someone sent the picture to me and that person got it from someone else. The picture of Kathy Drenga of Arubasilence which I did not mention in my first article. Since so many knew who I was referring to and since I have been inundated with information since that article was written I feel comfortable disclosing her name at this point.

There will be more forthcoming in the days to come but I NEVER publish anything without absolute documentation or a picture which speaks a thousand words. So, it will take me some time to put together what I have received and to talk about it in public.

You might wonder why I am doing this and before I can receive anymore scathing emails from Kathy or anyone else I will explain. As I mentioned, I have only two options and I am exercising my ability to fulfill the second one listed above. If I can do no more to help Natalee's family then to protect them from people who would take advantage of them then that is my obligation and my desire.

Once upon a time in my life I was in a family where the death of a child was made VERY public. I remember the good people and I remember the bad ones. If I can prevent ONE single bad one from harming another family then this is what I will do.

I would like nothing better than to come up with a magic elixir to solve the case of what happened to Natalee Holloway. I would love to bring relief to her family, but I cannot. I will blog about the case (and NO, I won't quit even though I have wanted to on a couple of occasions). I can't quit because I keep a copy of Dave's book on my on my bedside table and I look at it frequently. It keeps me from quitting. As long as they have no answers and no resolution than I have no resolution and I have to keep on writing.

I'm a terrible writer and all I have going for me is passion so people have to overlook the typos and the bad grammar and the literary errors and see through it all to the heart of the words. The words that are saying that I, along with people like Michelle, Susan, Linda, Richard, Rob, Patrick. L.A, Debbie and so many others care.

We can't give them back their daughter but we can give them are support and when I heard Beth say (on Nancy Grace), that she get's through the days because of those who support her I knew that I could never quit. The day that Natalee is put to rest, whether it be figuratively or literally will be the day that I quit.

In the meantime....to those who intend to make a name for themselves off the backs of the suffering...watch out. We are watching out for you.


"Family Supporter" and Blogger
Gives BIG Hugs to Steve Croes

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor


What is the motive of a person who starts a blog/website in support of Natalee and her family and then goes and hugs one of the "Suspects" in her disappearance?

We know that Steve Croes has lied several times on several occasions. We know that he supported a lie told by Joran and the Kalpoe's that caused the investigation to be delayed for nine days thereby losing valuable evidence. We know that Croes has some involvement in what happened to Natalee and that he definitely knows a LOT more than he's telling. We also know that some people are supposedly on the side of finding out the real truth of what happened to Natalee yet are in this for the glory, attention and God knows what else.

I am beyond appalled that a person with her own blog and website would be hugging this vile creature who lies and who may have prevented the truth from coming out well over a year ago and continues to lie and lie and lie.

This same person purchased flowers and threw them into the ocean in the USA in a so-called tribute to Natalee on the one year anniversary of her disappearance.

Noble? Not when she photographed herself tossing those flowers and sent those photos to Natalee's family. Can you say self-aggrandizement? Can you say attention seeking?

Also, while I'm on the subject of someone attempting to claim all of the glory for herself I should mention that on this person's blog, there is no reference to Michelle's blog (a blog read by thousands and by far the most valuable grassroots movement to continue and encourage the boycotting of Aruba, The Netherlands and The Netherland Antilles). Why is Michelle's blog not referred to on this person's site? Could it be because she is afraid that people will come to read here (where genuine news is disseminated and where people support the family of Natalee without asking for anything at all in return?)

The terribly sad part of all this is that the family suffers on a daily basis and surely doesn't need pretenders. What's next...a picture of Miss Congeniality hugging Joran? Maybe she can have dinner with him and his father and he can explain himself to her...you know, explain all of the lies. That might take weeks to accomplish because there have been so many lies.

To the person in question....be ashamed...VERY ashamed. You are a black mark on all of those who work so hard to find the truth without the need to seek out self-promoting hugs from anyone who is considered a "Suspect".

I have felt ill listening to the many stories and falsehoods concocted by the ALE and the "Suspects" but nothing has made me feel quite as queasy as the picture accompanying this article.

Shame on you. With friends like this, the Holloway/Twitty's don't need any enemies.



Author: Babs (---.nycmny.east.verizon.net)
Date: 11-22-05 21:23

It really is all about the tourism. Tourism and a positive perception of Aruba at the cost of individual opinion is the order of the day. According to a Diario article in Saturday November 19, 2005; ARUBA TOURISM AUTHORITY TA PIDI PUEBLO PA NO PONE MENSAHENAN NEGATIVO RIBA WEBSITE, (Aruba Tourism Authority asks people to not post negative messages on website), The Aruba Tourism Authority asks the Aruban community not to post negative comments on their site and on others.

Aruba Tourism Authority wants to ask the community of Aruba to cooperate by not posting negative, vengeful, destructive and/or threatening messages on its 'bulletin or message board' of the official website of Aruba www.aruba.com or any other website.

This type of message creates a negative reflection of the community that could and is affecting Aruba's image to potential tourists.

There you have it from the horse's mouth, the Aruban Authority talking points. For all of you who post negative, hateful comments here and elsewhere, you must stop. You are fueling the boycott and a negative image of Aruba. You are being told to cease and desist. It would seem according to the Aruba Tourism Authority that these hateful comments are a deterrent to a prosperous Aruban tourism. Thus your personal feelings and opinions against the Holloway and Twitty family are in direct contrast with Aruba. The comments that American tourists are to stay away and good riddance are also being asked by the Aruban Tourism Authority to be stopped.

Aruba Tourism Authority has received notification that some travel agents who have said that they support and promote Aruba, but the fact that there are apparently people who are of who have said that they are from Aruba who are posting extremely negative messages. They have also expressed that they don't want any American to come to Aruba anymore.

To avoid this, post positive messages that demonstrate that Aruba is a good and civilized country. Despite of everything, we cannot forget that more than 70% of our visitors come from America.

And don't forget about this AOL poll a few months ago:



Rough translation
By sandy levia--Thanks!

The mother of a 17 year-old reported her son missing and has been gone for 12 days and has not been sighted since. The mother reports son was acting strange, aggresive at times and quit going to school. The mother worried he may have met with foul play.

Polis are no help as they are only following up extreme emergency cases. The mother asks anyone with info on whereabouts for help. She is very worried.

Article here...not in English


Why is it that since this new witness, Carlos, who found and kept the used condom and supposedly saw Joran taking Natalee into the water is in jail? He is considered a credible witness to the family and others. The ALE say they detained him over immigration issues?

I highly doubt it.

Could it be that the ALE wants to shut him up? What other grounds do they have to hold him? How long do they have the right to hold him? During normal criminal investigations, Aruba only holds people for a maximum of six days...it's been a lot longer than six days. Where is the condom now? Did they send it to Holland for DNA testing?

I highly doubt it.


Jim Kouri
October 19, 2005

Suspected foul-play involving American teenager Natalee Holloway isn't the only big crime story in Aruba these days. Known as a favorite transshipment for drug traffckers, the waters surrounding Aruba were the scene of a major drug interdiction operation by US officials.

United States federal agents seized 4,488 pounds of cocaine on board the Bolivian-flagged vessel M/V Sea Atlantic at approximately 150 nautical miles off the coast of Aruba. The seizure was part of Operation Caribbean Corridor, an investigative/law enforcement initiative by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the US Coast Guard in the Caribbean Basin.

The Sea Atlantic, sailing under the Bolivian flag, raised the interest of law enforcement organizations operating as part of Operation Caribbean Corridor. After successful cooperation between the USCG, the international counter drug organization Joint Inter- Agency Task Force South, the Royal Netherlands Navy, and the Coast Guard for the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba, more than 65 bales of cocaine were found in a hidden compartment on board the ship.

The USCG Law Enforcement Detachment — permanently stationed onboard the Royal Netherlands Navy Ship — boarded the motor vessel, assisted by a Royal Netherlands Navy Maritime security Team. Later that morning, they found 68 bales (approximately 4,488 pounds) of a powdery substance that tested positive for cocaine during a field test.

The crew of the M/V Sea Atlantic was arrested and the ship was escorted to Puerto Rico by the USCG Cutter Vigorous. The following crew members of the M/V Sea Atlantic are now in federal custody, according to arrest reports:

  • Alicides Rodriguez Duran, 38, citizen of Venezuela
  • Carlos Julio Almonte, 59, citizen of Dominican Republic
  • Gandaogo Minoungou, 42, citizen of Burkina Faso
  • Nii Klaku Okley, 39, citizen of Ghana
  • Ruberts Jose Gonzalez Valero, 29, citizen of Venezuela
  • Ronald Jose Morelis, 32, citizen of Venezuela
  • Julio Cesar de la Rosa, 34, citizen of Dominican Republic
  • Reinaldo Jose Cabello, 42, citizen of Venezuela
  • Alberto Javier Padilla, 36, citizen of Mexico

"ICE and the other federal agencies in Operation Caribbean Corridor — DEA, FBI and the US Coast Guard — are working together, efficiently and intelligently to stop the transshipment of drugs and other contraband in the Caribbean Basin," according to officials from ICE.

"US Coast Guard law enforcement detachments have a proud and successful history of intercepting contraband with the Dutch navy in the Caribbean. With the aggressive work of ICE, DEA and the FBI in Operation Caribbean Corridor, our collective resources are maximized as we work together to keep drugs off the streets." Said Captain James Tunstall, Commander, USCG, Sector San Juan. The crew members arrested will be prosecuted in federal court in Puerto Rico.

Sources: US Coast Guard, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, US Department of Justice, American Federation of Police

June 27, 2006


Law enforcement officers are about to clean up the area around the Hotel Del Rey, according to Johnny Araya, mayor of San José.

The mayor is moving against the Del Rey's general geographical area because he thinks it is one of the two spots in the city where the average Costa Rican is at risk.

Araya made his comments during an interview program on Radio Monumental Monday morning. He said a law enforcement task force would have moved already against the persons who frequent the Del Rey area except that Fernando Berrocal, the security minister, was hospitalized briefly.

He said the other danger area for Costa Ricans is on the Paseo de la Vacas in the northwest section of town. That is an area inhabited principally by persons from the Dominican Republic.

Fernando Berrocal
Security Minister

He said the other danger area for Costa Ricans is on the Paseo de la Vacas in the northwest section of town. That is an area inhabited principally by persons from the Dominican Republic.

Expats and North American tourists have been complaining about the environs along Avenida 1 and Calle 9 for months. The area has been the scene of muggings and holdups, although the bulk of the crimes are not reported.

Sex tourists escort women from the Del Rey to hotels along the Pedestrian Boulevard and are vulnerable to gangs of muggers. Several readers have commented on the situation, and one said that the muggers integrate themselves into the lines of people waiting for buses until a victim comes by.

Araya said that many of those professionals who use the Del Rey as a place to arrange meetings for prostitution have false identity papers. He said they are mainly Colombians, Dominicans and Haitians. He said checking out these individuals and those vendors and others who congregate outside the hotel, nearby casinos and bars is a priority.

He said that he was to have a meeting later Monday with top police officials to plan the operation. He did not say when but sometime over the weekend is a likely time. He was meeting with officials from the Judicial Investigating Organization, the Fuerza Pública and his own Policía Municipal. He said he also would seek help from the Dirección General de Migración to handle foreigners.

Immigration agents and police sometimes conduct raids that enter the first floor of the Del Rey where a casino, slot machines and two bars are located. Persons who do not have adequate identification are detained.

But Araya seemed to be taking about a much more intensive operation. And he specifically wanted to target the many people who hang around the street corners. Some are said to sell drugs and others are said to pimp minors.

The fact that the minister of Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública, Berrocal, will be part of the operation suggests that it is not the normal Saturday night sweep.

This is a screen shot of a fake Web site that smugglers used
to give their firm repectability, according to the
director of the Judicial Investigating Organization.

A.M. Costa Rica staff--Two criminal organizations that used Costa Rican locations to export cocaine to Europe have been broken up, law enforcement officials said Monday.

The first, a company that shipped cocaine in potted plants involved four Costa Ricans and a Colombian, said the Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública. Some 326 kilos of cocaine were confiscated, and four more persons were arrested by Dutch police. More arrests are expected in Colombia.

The second was a ring that packed cocaine into cans of palmito for shipment to Holland. Four Colombians, including one woman, and an Italian were
detained in this investigation, according to the Judicial Investigating Organization. Officials displayed some of the 2,000 cans of palmito or hearts of palm that were confiscated. About 100 kilos of cocaine were confiscated. The drugs and the palmito was going to the Netherlands via Spain, officials said.

The operation involving the potted plants began in November 2005. A businessman with the last names of Castro Cerdas, who lives in Guácimo, was linked to the shipments, said the Policía de Control de Drogas of the ministry. He runs the companies Maravillas Tropicales del Caribe and Agrícola Palma Real. The ornamental plants were to be shipped by boat in refrigerated containers to Rotterdam.

Also detained was an associate with the last names of Solís Peñaranda, officials said. In all, six raids were made Monday in San José, Heredia and Limón. A Colombian with the last names of Urriago García was detained in Cuatro Reinas de Tibás as a suspect in hiding the drugs in the plants, officials said, adding that the man had a conviction for drug trafficking in 1889. Also held was a Costa Rican with the last names of Salazar Ulate. He lives in Trinidad de Moravia.

A man with the last names of Rodríguez Cordero was detained in San Isidro de Heredia on suspicion of warehousing the drugs and moving the cargo by truck. The drugs were believed to have come by sea from Colombia to Panamá where they were moved overland to Costa Rica.

The individuals who were detained in the investigation of the drugs hidden in the cans of palmito were not identified by Jorge Rojas Vargas, director of the Judicial Investigating Organization.

However, he did say that the individuals operated a fake company, Didusa S.A. The firm has its own Web site to give the impression that the business was involved in many other exports, including wood and furniture.


Brothers missing in Aruba--Search for brothers on boat continues

26 June 2006

ARUBA - The search for the boat with the brothers Panneflek is up till now unsuccessful. The Search And Rescue Foundation Aruba and the Coastguard have searched the seas around Aruba and have informed all the boats in the surrounding seas about the missing brothers.

The Guardia Naval (Coastguard) from Cartagena and the Venezuelan patrol boat Independencia are also searching for the boat and the two brothers. Also the American naval ship, the USS Monterey that was in the neighborhood of Aruba is searching. The Fokker of the Coastguard has meanwhile also searched the coasts of Colombia. The two brothers went fishing with their unsinkable last Saturday and didn't return. Also family members and other volunteers went out to sea to help look for the missing two.


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

It has come to my attention that the infamous Dayo Gould has been accumulating a GOLDEN DATA BASE which contains the names and background information of everyone who he claims work for the Holloway/Twitty misinformation machine!! You know, the group of which I am a proud member and which is "paid" per word for blogging about the Holloway case according to the Supreme Poobah, Dayo Gould!!

We run around with imaginary funds collected for the true purpose of solving the case of where Natalee is and what happened to her, buying trucks, cars, spa trips and all manner of guilty pleasures.

Perhaps Mr. Gould is keeping his list and checking it twice to see just who has been naughty or nice? Maybe he is working for Joe Tacopina so that he can share the glory of suing thousands of Internet posters or maybe he works for the ALE or the Aruban Government?

Dayo would be a perfect assistant to Nelson Oduber because neither of them has one brain cell between them and they certainly share the same mindset when it comes to dealing with crime. They both come from the old school where conspiracy theories are fact and anyone who has been called a suspect in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway is a hero.

Perhaps Mr. Gould works for the van der Sloots or even for Hugo Chavez (Mr. Oduber's pal i
n Venezuela). That would be the very same Hugo Chavez who threatened the USA and who spent time in jail. Maybe Dayo is a member of the CIA or the FBI or is it possible that he is actually "King of the World"???? Could it be that Dayo is simply a lonely, busybody who has nothing better to do than to accumulate names and form lists of people he doesn't know?

Does he work for a living or he is simply "A frequent visitor to Aruba" as his signature states when he blogs for the UK website? Doesn't sound like a real job to me...but then going to Aruba is hard work and dangerous too, so maybe Dayo is a true hero for his "Frequent" appearances on that lawless Island.

All of you who hang on Dayo's every word and theory and who allow him to take over your message boards with his endless ranting and cut and paste articles should be warned. You could be the next name added to his list. You could be one of his many enemies on his shit list if you aren't careful and if you should dare to disagree with him and his cockamamie theories about the imaginary HMI.

I would think twice before I would divulge your personal information to Dayo Gould because he might decide that you are not among his friends and fellow conspiracists one day and then you'd be shaking in your boots like the rest of us who have been privileged to make his list.

I am sending out a challenge to anyone out there who really deplores this type of individual who spends his time gathering information on other people and who has absolutely NO respect for privacy...


I can give you a hint---he is from Canada and is a "Frequent visitor to Aruba". He seems to have no real job aside from teach
ing English as a second language so not much is known about the illusive Mr. Gould. In his email address he uses the name Edward Asp. Would that be "Asp" as in the poisonous, deadly snake of the same name? The similarities are amazing. Let's play detective shall we? Let's gather our own information on Mr. Gould.

So, on your mark, get set...GO.

We will form our own one person list and the star will be Dayo Gould. We will find out where he is, what he does and who he is and post it for the world to see. I fear that the end result will be dull reading but it's the least we can do to repay Mr. Gould for all of the time he spends making lists and spreading false information on the Internet about the people, he, in his paranoid mind, feels have wronged Aruba.

I look forward to hearing from you and I know that with the many clever people who read here we will come up with the riddle of who is Dayo Gould.


Barbadosadvocate.com--While 8% of the globally intercepted cocaine was seized in Central America and the Caribbean during 2004, an international drug agency is reporting a decrease in trafficking in the area. This is according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), which issued its 2006 World Drug Report yesterday on the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

The agency found that the importance of the Caribbean area as a trans-shipment point to the United States was decreasing. In the past, 30 to 50% of the cocaine entered the USA directly via the Caribbean. For 2004, however, the United States Interagency Assessment of Cocaine Movement concluded that this proportion had fallen to below 10%. The main smuggling vectors via the Caribbean in 2004 concerned Haiti and the Dominican Republic (2%), Jamaica (2%) and Puerto Rico (1%), the report stated.

However, the trans-shipment of cocaine through the Caribbean to Europe continued to pose a serious problem. The report highlighted the particular importance of the Netherlands Antilles, since more than 40% of total seizures were made in their waters in 2004.

The other Caribbean islands, specifically Jamaica and the French departments, were seen to be important trans-shipment points in the region. 15,107 kilos of cocaine were seized in the Caribbean during 2004, the report stated. The abuse of the drug in South America on the whole, including Central America and the Caribbean, ranked third in the world, with 15% of the global market, and a prevalence of 0.7% of the population between ages 16 and 64.

The report further found that there had been a slight increase in global production of cannabis in the last year, with the majority 54% being produced in the Americas. Cannabis remained the most widely trafficked drug world-wide, and its use has only recently stabilised in the Americas, after significant increases in the 1990s. 47,653 kilograms of cannabis were seized in the Caribbean in 2004.

The United Nations report said that on the whole the world drug problem was being contained, despite increasing consumption and production in some areas. It found that there were record highs in the seizures of opium and especially cocaine; and Africa has been gaining in importance in the trans-shipment of cocaine and heroin to Europe. The increase in the number of seizures was linked to improved co-operation between law enforcement services and better sharing of intelligence information.

The report also found that some 200 million people, or 5% of the global population between the ages of 15 and 64 have used illegal drugs at least once in the last 12 months.


The New York Post
June 22, 2006


A luxurious Caribbean getaway turned into an ordeal from hell for a beautiful New York real-estate broker, who claimed she was held down, sprayed with chemicals and brutalized by group of robbers inside her $1,000-a-night hotel room.

Janis Aurichio said that her male companion was also tormented by the gun-toting goons - who beat him and laughed as they threatened to blow his brains out. "Right after they get to their room, five males show up," Aurichio's lawyer, David Jaroslawicz, told The Post. "They pointed a gun at him and put a pillow case over this head and said 'We don't want to splatter your head and ruin the room.' "

The woman claims in a $10 million suit that the attack was the ultimate betrayal because the attackers were helped by one of the security guards at the posh Amanyara Hotel in the western section of the Turks and Caicos Islands. And in a final slap, the hotel whisked the couple off the island because they feared negative publicity would lead to a drop in tourism, Jaroslawicz said.

"When the hotel found out this happened, they chartered a plane and got them off the island," he said. "The last thing they wanted is another Natalee Holloway on their island," he said, referring the case of the young American who went missing in Aruba last year.

The suit claims the horror occurred on the night of April 25 and 26, as the thieves held the couple at gunpoint for between 30 and 45 minutes - poking Aurichio with their weapons and beating her friend, Andrew Schwartz. As the couple shook in fear and turquoise waves crashed outside their hotel window, the cruel crooks tried to blind them with caustic chemicals. "She pleaded for her life and begged them not to kidnap and poison her," Aurichio's suit says. They rummaged through the room for what seemed like forever, and eventually made off with Aurichio's jewelry, Jaroslawicz said. "It was a tough experience and it wasn't what you see in the travel posters," the lawyer said. After the attack, the couple made their report to police and were flown out of the resort.

Five men were arrested last month and charged in the attack, according to a local press report. Among them was a hotel guard, who was accused of letting the men into the resort and facilitating their entry into the couple's room.

The residential broker and New Jersey native is a former sports-marketing rep who entered the real-estate field in the tough times immediately after Sept. 11, 2001. She still managed to work hard and "carve a new niche . . . in the over-$1 million [home price] range," according to her bio on the Web site of Citi Habitats, the company where she works.

In her suit, she claims the hotel and its parent company, Amanresorts, failed to warn her that the Turks and Caicos Islands are rife with crime and that they failed to police their own staff to weed out criminals.

Aurichio has filed suit in New York because she is a resident here and the resort company keeps offices here. A hotel spokeswoman said she could not comment on the suit. A lawyer representing the hotel's insurance company declined to comment, citing pending litigation.

The suit claims that the company - and the authorities on the Turks and Caicos - do not tell tourists of the crime on the island.

June 26, 2006


What a great picture for tourists!

This gruesome photo was published in Bon Dia over the weekend. Usually, in civilized places, when a person dies and the authorities don't know who the person is, they submit a sketch of the person based on a composite by a professional police sketch artist such as this:

I didn't want to post this macabre picture, but I did in order to show just how sick, heartless and cruel Aruba is. This is someone's mother, someone's sister, someone's daughter...and to show her dead in advanced stages of decomposition on the front page of a paper is just downright evil, unethical, and morally wrong. I shudder to think of all the other murders and unsolved deaths in Aruba that go unreported. Why visit this place...the cesspool capital of the Carribean.