February 28, 2008


One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest Part II


ORANJESTAD - Joran van der Sloot has spend the past week internally in a psychiatric Institute in the Netherlands. This was confirmed recently by his close family. The motive of this was because Joran had flipped and wasn’t himself anymore.

It therefore was necessary that he spend time internally and was given treatment necessary better health. This news did not come as a surprise here, to see the inner state van der Sloot was in and the way he was acting by which he involved himself in the case of Natalee Holloway. A youngster of his age, getting so much negative attention will crack any minute.

Comments one can hear on the news here, that this did not come as a surprise. In the past his family wanted to give psychiatric attention because of his bothersome actions within the family. There have been several attempts to have him undergoing treatment of a psychiatrist.


February 25, 2008


"We'll freeze for Natalee!"

Note: These folks are not just "Monkeys"
are Aruban Boycott members as well.

People couldn't wait to snatch up all
the 'goodies' the
boycotters provided
to all interested individuals!
And boy, there
were some really interested and livid people!

Boycotters being bombarded
by onlookers.

"Where is Natalee?"
"Why haven't they arrested Joran?"
"I don't plan on going to Aruba ever!
"Her poor parents!"
"What a travesty of justice!"

February 24, 2008


An Island Paradise? Or an Island Nightmare?

All the non-believers of Natalee were in for a big surprise, as her friends, Laraine Watson and Claire Fierman didn't say anything bad about Natalee and certainly nothing incriminating nor atypical behavior from a straight A, naive and sweet girl.


I wonder if Paulus watched or read any of this because it's been said by Art Wood that Paulus = Daury. Is Daddy S
loot afraid of getting caught? Joran will never give him up. So who will? His "judicial friends"? I highly doubt it. Last year a confidential source told me that Paulus has more clout on the island than we ever imagined. As Joran would say, Paulus has "shit on them, too (governmental officials, etc).

There is a myriad of interesting activities on the Island of Aruba..after hours sex shows, child prostitutes, drugs of any kind, homosexual encounters, and shady money/business dealings. He's got all of his conspirators in his back pocket. As long as the Prosecution keeps on with the infamous "catch and release" facade, Paulus stays out of the spot light, along with his precious psychopath son, Joran.

(These are excerpts from Dateline with Chris Hanson (You know him from his undercover show, "To Catch a Predator"...how fitting.)


Beth Holloway explained her excitement, yet concern about the trip to Aruba, "I was excited the Mountain Brook students had been there the previous two years. Even my step-son -- the year 2003. And there were going to be over 150 plus classmates. So, we felt like, you know, there's safety in numbers."

She felt good about it except for one troubling piece of information about a nightspot down there, a bar called Carlos 'n Charlie's. "My step-son had had an encounter at Carlos 'n Charlie's during 2003," Beth stated.

She continued with the negative story her step-brother experienced. Beth's step-son told her
that the locals had coaxed some young females into leaving the establishment with them… and he (the step-son) stepped in at the last minute because just didn't feel good about the situation, you know, with them, and he stepped in at the last minute because of the situation."

But class member Laraine Watson, who's never spoken publicly about their trip, or Natalee's last night, until now, says it couldn't have started better. "We were so excited. I mean, it was a tropical paradise... without our parents! Together."

Claire Fierman had been friends with Natalee since they met in junior high. "We were on the beach. We stayed outside all day. You'd usually take a nap, get dressed, go eat dinner, and then go to one of the bars. Come home whenever you wanted to."

On the last night of the trip, Sunday, May 29, Natalee and her friends headed down to the hotel casino. They soon struck up a conversation with a young man. He said he was 19 years old, a tourist visiting from Holland. His name was Joran.

Laraine Watson stated, "I met him in the casino and I didn't shake his hand or anything, I just said, 'Who's that?' when my friends introduced me."

Chris Hansen: What did you make of him?

Laraine Watson: He just looks like an average, normal high school guy. I mean, I remember he's really tall. I remember looking at him thinking, "Oh, who's that guy?" You know, he's hanging out with my friends.

Chris Hansen: What was the 'buzz' on him with the rest of the gang?

Laraine Watson: You know, I don't know if he initially came up to my girlfriends and said, "Hey." and started talking to them. Or if they approached him. But Natalee was in there when I saw him near the blackjack table. And I don't know if they were even talking. I just remember seeing him and wondering what he was doing hanging out with my friends.

Chris Hansen: Did he create any suspicions?

Laraine Watson: Not really. I just was curious to see who the boy was. I wasn't really suspicious. I mean, he's going to come out with us later.

In fact, Joran did join Natalee and her friends later at that same well-known nightspot that had worried Natalee's mom.

Laraine Watson: It was fun. I mean, when you go with a big group of your friends out to a bar, it's fun. And we were legal. You know, we were 18 and we could drink.
Joran seemed to fit right in with the hundred-plus kids from Mountain Brook, who essentially took over the bar Sunday night.

Chris Hansen: Did you see him at Carlos 'n Charlie's that night?

Laraine Watson: I did see him. I didn't talk to them. I just saw him dancing.

Chris Hansen: Did you see him have any interaction with Natalee at all?

Laraine Watson: No.

Chris Hansen: What time did you wrap it up at the bar that night?

Laraine Watson: I think the bar closed at 1:00 a.m. So, we pretty much left when the bar closed. So, you know, the last song came on..."Sweet Home Alabama" came on. I think they all knew we were from Alabama, so they played it for us. And we went outside and started trying to get in taxi cabs to get back to our hotel. And it was kind of chaotic.

Chris Hansen: Did you think that's how Natalee got separated from the rest of the crowd?

Laraine Watson: I do. I do. I didn't see her in the car that she was last seen in. But some other members of the group did see who Natalee had gone off with. They didn't think anything of it at the time but she had gone off with Joran and some of his friends.
The next morning, Monday, the group was scheduled to catch flights taking them all back home. But at the Holiday Inn, no one had seen Natalee.

Claire Fierman: So, I'm boarding my plane. One of our friends, Francis Ellen, comes running through the airport, grabs me as I'm getting on my plane and says, "Natalee is not coming home. We can't find her." And I say, "Beth is going to be so mad." Because my initial reaction is she's overslept. Where is she? You know, it wasn't panic.

But as Natalee's plane pulled away from the gate panic did begin to set in.
Less than 12 hours after her daughter Natalee was reported missing, Beth Holloway Twitty's plane touched down in Aruba. She was joined by her then-husband Jug and a few friends from home, and the group wasted no time tracking down clues about what had happened to Natalee.

Their first stop: the Holiday Inn -- where Natalee had stayed --- and where they began asking questions about that Dutch tourist named Joran.
Beth Holloway: So, all I did was give this little bit of information to the nighttime manager and she knew instantly who he was. ...Minutes later the group from Alabama was arriving at his family's home.

By now police had arrived at the house and Paulus van der Sloot, a politically-connected legal official, hovered as police questioned his son, Joran. And when it came to the key question -- when did Joran last see Natalee -- he said that he and two friends, brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe -- had dropped her off at her hotel around 2 am. End of story.

By now at least 20 people had gathered around -- Beth, her husband, their friends, and police -- and they all got in cars and headed back to the Holiday Inn. At the Holiday Inn, Joran himself showed Beth and the group where he had supposedly left Natalee, right at the hotel's front entrance.
Beth Holloway: So, he spread his arms out. Said, "This is where I dropped her off." and he explained how she got out of the car, and she stumbled. And he said, "She fell and she hit her head."

The Next Morning

The group tried to get some rest, and the next morning Beth went to the police station hoping to follow up on what she had learned the night before.

Beth Holloway: (After they arrived at the police station) The lead detective (Dennis Jacobs), told me that he would have to have a shave. And he rubbed his cheeks, and his stretched his arms down to his large stomach and said he would have to have his Frosted Flakes first before he could deal with me. And then, after two hours, he came out and said that he'd changed his mind. That he didn't need to meet with us after all.

The next day Beth was back at the police station and this time the detective had questions for her. "He asked me if Natalee ever had a history of seizures or epilepsy? And I said, "No." Beth Holloway Twitty says she didn't understand the significance of that question at the time and wouldn't for more than two years. But soon after that question was posed to her, there were arrests in the case. Just not who she thought.
Then the family brought in a hard-charging, hard-living Texan named Tim Miller. If anyone could find Natalee, they thought that perhaps he could.

Watch Tim Miller's VIDEO HERE

Little did Tim Miller know, but he'd spend nearly a year of his life in Aruba knocking on doors, hunting down leads, sifting the sand -- and the sea.
"I'll never forget that day when Dave Holloway's in the bottom of that well on Natalee's birthday, putting trash in a bucket, and I'm pulling it up thinking, 'Maybe they put Natalee in a well and threw trash on top of her.' And I said, 'It's a hell of a way to spend your daughter's birthday.' I said, 'Dave, get out of that hole.'

And so, he got out, and I went down. And then he said, 'Tim, get out of that hole.' He said, 'I'm leaving Aruba. I will never come back here again.' "

But Tim Miller says that very day, in October, 2005, there was a turning point. The deputy police chief saw Miller and Dave Holloway and shared a hunch. Miller said, "There's no need for you all to be searching the landfill anymore." He said, "I think you all need to be out in the sea, three to five miles."

Soon, there was another tip -- one that seemed to add credibility to that theory. On the night Natalee disappeared, Miller learned that there had been a break-in at a fisherman's hut on the beach. Among the missing items --- a metal and wire box --- a fish trap. Miller wondered if they could have used it to dispose of Natalee's body and weigh her down at sea so her body couldn't be discovered.

"Well, we talked to a lot of people in Aruba. And they say 90 percent of anybody that drowns on that side of the island, their bodies will float up to the banks of Venezuela. I don't think that they was willing to take a risk on Natalee's body floating." Miller was determined to launch a search, but one sophisticated enough to find a target so tiny -- a fish trap -- in an area so vast seemed just about impossible.

Louis Schaefer & The Persistence

How a ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicles) Works

Until Louis Schaefer entered the picture. Schaefer is a self-made multimillionaire who made hisfortune in the underwater exploration business. Schaefer was one of the few people in the world with the expertise to help find Natalee's body if Tim Miller's theory was correct. And he was offering his services free of charge.

The plan was to use high-tech equipment to map the ocean floor off Aruba, and then, step-by-step, use state of the art equipment to scan the bottom for anything that looked like it could contain Natalee's remains.
Just before Thanksgiving, 2007, Dave Holloway came to see the Persistence -- the vessel that he hoped would bring Natalee home. "There's been times, I'll be honest with you, you look up at the sky at night, or get up and you can't sleep. Look up at the stars. Think, God help us. Answer some prayers for us," stated Holloway.

In November 2007, Tim Miller and Dave Holloway went to New Iberia, La., to see off the research vessel named Persistence. Dave Holloway said, "Your boat says it all -- persistence. I've been persistent, and Tim's been persistent and everybody else is going to be persistent."

Example of a ROV in progress

Dave Holloway: And when this went out, I thought, gosh, the only thing I can hold on to is, is this
boat search. I said, that's my last hope. That's my very last hope.

Tim Miller: The sea has always been calling us back.

In December 2007, Miller returned to Aruba, and based on his theory and study of water currents, literally drew a line in the sand.

Tim Miller: I stepped on the boat and said "Natalee we're coming to get you." Now we're finally coming to get you. And I still believe that from the bottom of my heart. She's out here and now we're on our way.

On Christmas Eve sonar pictures revealed what looked like a large trap, almost exactly where Tim Miller theorized it would be. And on Dec. 29 the crew dropped a remote operated vehicle, or ROV, into the water to get a closer look. Tim Miller: It looked like a skull. Still looks like a skull.

Tim Miller: I'm thinking at this point, "Oh, my God, maybe we've got something. Maybe we've got something."
Could they have found her? Or was hope, perhaps, making them see what they wanted to see?

Tim Miller: In my years of searching we have seen several bodies, skeletal remains--I have seen my own daughter's skeletal remains. I can't help but believe at this moment that that is human remains in that crab trap. Tim Miller couldn't help but think that the date they first saw that trap -- Christmas eve -- was a sign that just maybe they were on to something.

Tim Miller: Maybe that was some of God's timing. I hope maybe Beth and Dave can have what they have been looking for two and half years.
, "Dave, we found her." Dave Holloway: "Are you sure?" and he said, "I'm 99.9 percent sure." He said, "We hadn't gone down and dove under or anything. But the photographs--" he said, "I tell you, Dave." I-- he said, "That's what we're looking for. And that's gotta-- that-- that's it."

Tim Miller: Everything was going right. That morning there was actually a d
ouble rainbow when we got started. Another sign from above? A school of dolphins followed the Persistence as it sailed out to the target.

Tim Miller: I know I looked at somebody on the boat, and I said, "The-- the dolphins are going with us to go ahead and get Natalee."

An answer from the depths

The researchers had discovered a fish trap about 90 feet below the surface in almost the exact spot search expert Tim Miller had theorized Natalee's body might be. The divers approached the target and signaled above. And then...it's thumbs down. Negative, not it. A crushing disappointment. To be sure there was no relevant evidence, material from the trap was given to the FBI.

For the Holloways, though, another wild ride began.
Natalee Holloway's parents were about to be thrown another bombshell --perhaps the biggest yet. An elaborate hidden camera sting in the Netherlands, arranged by Dutch reporter Peter de Vries, caught Joran van der Sloot on tape with a man named Patrick who had gained his trust.

Van der Sloot not only said he was with Natalee when she collapsed on a beach, but that he had a friend with a boat get rid of her body. For Dave Holloway, watching the show was the most painful moment yet.

Dave Holloway: It was a good thing he-- there was an ocean between us and Holland, because I would have come after him.

Though the tape was difficult to watch, for Natalee's parents it seemed to confirm many things they have believed all along.
First and foremost that Joran was with Natalee -- and had something to do with her disappearance.

Beth Holloway: I wanted to come to the TV and kill him. I wanted to peel his skin off his face. Second, that her body was, indeed, dumped at sea.

Tim Miller: You know, I think there's a lot of truth in it. And I think it validates what we've been wanting to do for the last couple of years, and that's search that water.
But for Natalee's mother, there was something else about the tape that was particularly revealing.

On the tape, Joran van der Sloot says all of a sudden it was like a scene from a movie, the way Natalee was moving. "Shaking?" his friend asked. "Yes," he answered.
When Beth heard van der Sloot describe what happened, she said it not only made sense, it confirmed to her what she had believed from the start.

Beth Holloway: The facts are within 48 hours of Natalee's disappearance, a lead detective asked me if she had a history of epilepsy or seizures. Two and a half years later, the main suspect himself, admits that Natalee -- he felt as if she suffered an epilepsy or seizure. And he even indicates how she's shaking. So, if we look at just that one-- just that one piece, that's one thread out of a lot. Then, I have to say yes, there definitely was some collusion and corruption going on in the early days of Natalee's disappearance. Absolutely.

Excuses From Corrupt Morons

However, according to the prosecutor's office it's standard procedure to ask if a missing person might have a seizure disorder.
Police and prosecution officials declined on-camera interviews, but have consistently denied that there was any corruption, collusion or mishandling of the investigation. The director of Aruba's hotel and tourism association says everyone wishes the Holloway case had been treated more urgently in the first 48 hours, but that police wrongdoing was certainly not an issue.

Rob Smith: In fact, quite the opposite, you know, our island is very focused on tourism, so we've put a tremendous amount of effort into solving this case, millions and millions of dollars from our police budget have been focused on nothing but bringing resolution for the family. Joran van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers insist they had nothing to do with Natalee's disappearance or death. And when it comes to that videotape, van der Sloot claims he was lying, impaired by marijuana. After the hidden camera footage aired, prosecutors sought to arrest Joran van der Sloot again but judges denied the request.

Joseph Tacopina (van der Sloot's lawyer): For two courts to deny his rearrest shows you the value, the evidenciary value of this tape, which is none.

Joseph Tacopina: Joran's story, over 20 hours that he was taped, is disprovable by fact, disprovable in its inconsistencies internally, and incredible because he was under the influence of narcotics when he was making those statements.

Not Giving Up Joran and Paulus!

Dave Holloway: That search will continue. They have the capability to find something as small as a quarter on the ocean floor. I mean, that's how sophisticated this equipment is.
Today Natalee Holloway would be 21 years old, a junior in college, phoning home to chat about friends or boys or maybe a biology test she'd aced that afternoon. Instead, she is gone. Her final resting place, a mystery.

And so her parents keep searching, hoping that somewhere off the coast of Aruba, a boat called the Persistence, may bring them an answer -- and peace.


February 22, 2008


"I'm too sexy for this shirt..."

What Does Freddy Know?

**Thank you Natalee's Freebirds! Awesome as always!

Several references have been made by suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway about the knowledge of another suspect - Freddy Alexander Arambatzis. There have been references made regarding Freddy about Joran's shoes, Natalee remaining "passed out", a camera, and Freddy knowing "the truth".

Diario 12/6/2006


...the fact that Joran had already on the 30th of May told Freddy the story about the Holliday Inn and that Joran told Freddy also that “they” went into panic when Natalee remained “passed out”!

Freddy Zedan
June 12th 2005

The girl had fallen several times on the way to the beach. Joran told me that at some point she "no longer came around/no longer regained consciousness" and that they had left her on the beach.

He also told me that he had left his gym/sporting shoes on the beach. After Joran had told me this, I asked him why he had left her there. He answered me that at that moment he had not known what to do.

Freddy was brought to the van der Sloot home after he spoke with Aruban authorities in the early days of this investigation. He was grilled by Joran's parents as to what he told police regarding their son, and Natalee Holloway.

Freddy states that Joran told him they had left Natalee at the beach, while at the same time Joran was still telling authorities he and Deepak and Satish Kalpoe had left Natalee at the Holiday Inn.

Paulus van der Sloot
Suspect Statement
June 18, 2005

“I believed the story that Joran, Deepak and Satish told, until Joran changed his statement. After that Freddy came to us and told us a different story. Joran had gone with the girl to the beach. (With Freddy is meant the witness Freddy ZEDAN; comment TROMP).

Freddy had told this story shortly after he was interviewed by the police. He had called my wife and had said that he found it important to tell the truth. After that he came over to us and he first talked to my wife. After that he came back one time and and he spoke with Joran's lawyer, his parents, me and my wife were also present. My wife and myself were very crushed/saddened/injured and angry at Joran for apparently not telling us the truth. My wife and the lawyer then confronted Joran about this. According to my wife Joran reacted calmly and said that he had always told Freddy the truth.

Paulus van der Sloot
Suspect Statement
June 23, 2005

To your question whether Freddy ZEDAN came to our house out of his own accord or whether I had invited him, I can state the following. According to me Freddy phoned my wife after he had been questioned by the police. According to me he and his girlfriend came over to see my wife and he told what he had stated to the police. I was busy in the kitchen and did not hear everything Freddy was saying. Only at the end of the conversation I joined them. My wife and I were angry at Joran, because he did not tell the truth from the beginning.

My wife planned to confront Joran with Freddy's statements. That night we were going to have a meeting with Mr. A. CARLO, this was a previously planned meeting. My wife called Freddy again and asked him if he could tell his story again to Joran's lawyer. At first he didn't want to come because he had an exam (Wasn't Freddy out of school and graduated by then?? He is older than Joran, so WHAT EXAM is he speaking of?) the very next day but in the end he and his parents came over. He then told the story he knew to Joran's lawyer. I am convinced that Mr. CARLO did this with the best intentions possible

Page 154, Freddy after his June 12 statement:

(Joran) That night Freddy, per request of my mother, visited, to tell everything. Freddy's parents are coming along, because they do not find it a good idea that Freddy goes alone. Besides my father Paul and my mother Anita. My lawyer Anthony Carlo is also present at our home per request of my mother. My mother asks Freddy to tell everything again.

Freddy: I could see on Anita's face that she did not know Joran had left the girl on the beach and that he has lost his shoes.

I also told that Joran, Deepak, Satish and me had talked about it that I would buy new shoes for Joran. Anita could not believe everything I was telling. (as in amazed). Carlo asks several times why Freddy thinks that Joran left his shoes behind.

Freddy: Joran did not want to walk with his shoes on the beach and probably left them behind because of that.

Freddy tells the beach story again that I would have told him on Monday May 30.

Carlo in between asks questions all the time.

Freddy: I felt he asked me those things because he thought that me as a good friend of Joran could understand why he had done these things. I do not believe he asked those questions because he thought Joran would have told me, because he repeated every time: Why do you think that?

My father does not ask Freddy anything, but he does react on Freddy's answers to my mother.
He says: why does Joran lie, and why did he not tell us that? My mother had promised the conversation would last 10 minutes max, but after half an hour Freddy's father gets up. My parents did not agree with Joran's parents having invited me, Freddy says. After Carlo had called the head officer for permission to visit Freddy's father, he confronts me with what I had said. I immediately admitted I had lied and that Freddy was telling the truth.

Deepak Kalpoe
Suspect Statement
June 11, 2005

I also have to tell you that Joran was wearing white sneakers/sport shoes that night. If you search/investigate his home then you will see that the shoes aren't there. He had told me that he had theft them on the beach.

To your question whether I of if Joran told the story to someone else, than I can say the following. I know Joran told his story to his friend named Freddy ZEDAN. Freddy lives behind Joran. His mobile phone number is inside my mobile phone.

To your question whether Joran told me what he had told Freddy, I can say the following. Joran told me that he had told Freddy the truth and the story that was made up. I know that he trusts Freddy more because they have known each other for a long time. If you go and talk to Freddy, he will tell you the made up story and maybe also the truth.

Satish Kalpoe
Suspect Statement
June 30, 2005

On your question who can tell the truth to you, with the exception of Joran, Deepak and I, I can tell you the following:

Freddy is the person Joran confides in and he can tell you the truth.

Satish Kalpoe
Suspect Statement
June 24, 2005

On your question who Joran's best friend is:

Freddy Zedan is Joran’s best friend. Freddy knew about the invented Holiday Inn and the tale which my brother and I and Joran told and that the missing girl was dropped off at the beach at the Marriott. My brother Deepak had told me that he and Joran invented the tale but to Freddy the beach tale was told. I thought that stunk, because I was not aware Freddy was told the beach tale. (note: tale does not necessarily mean lie, could mean story).

I have met Freddy two times after it was confessed that the girl became missing...the second time was when Joran, my brother and I took the camera to Freddy’s house. We delivered the camera to Freddy, and afterwards all four of us ate Chinese in the area of Freddy’s house. Freddy also lives in Montanja. I do not remember his house number. We had bought food and we then we went to Joran’s apartment afterwards. According to me Freddy was informed then already about the missing girl. We may have spoken some about the missing girl, it is possible but I don’t remember.

You ask me if I was scared when we were talking with Freddy about the missing girl. It is possible that I don’t remember. I say that we, Deepak and I, did not know that Freddy knew the real story. The real story, which was on the beach. It do not understand why Freddy was told that, according to me he knew both stories already.

Wednesday June 22, 2005

While being transferred from police station to KIA, Deepak and Satish are secretly recorded in a 40min conversation:

D: And I also trusted Freddy like a brother.

S: Yes.

D: But he also talked shit, that's why we've been arrested.

S: What did he say?

D: He keeps information behind. You know that Van der Sloot trusts Freddy with his life. Freddy knows what has happened. Freddy knows the truth.

S: I know he knows truth

D: Freddy knows, Freddy knows.

S: I've just said, Freddy also knows about the story of what happened, ask him.

D: Freddy knows

Deepak and Satish are being questioned in Orangestad at the same time and are transported back to KIA along with Joran in a minivan. The following conversation is recorded:

Joran: You know no good that my father has nothing to do [with this}. I have read your statements, friend. You two are lying shit. (then very calmly) You know what happened with that girl. If you don't know it, then nothing happened. (then angrily) So, fuck you. What do you say, that Freddy has to be arrested?

Deepak: That Freddy has to tell the truth.

Joran: You know very well that Freddy has told the truth.

Satish: You will see, you will see.

Deepak: You could have prevented it from the beginning, this, of your father. You know it. That he wasn't arrested.

Freddy himself was detained by authorities in this case - and then subsequently released. .

Diana Emerencia - Freddy's attorney
Decatur Daily News
August 31, 2005


Freddy Alexander Zedan-Arambatzis, a friend of van der Sloot and the Kalpoes, was arrested on suspicion of having unspecified "physical contact" with a female minor, said his lawyer, Diana Emerencia.

Zedan-Arambatzis, 21, is also suspected of photographing the girl in "tempting poses" and showing the images to other people, Emerencia said. The Kalpoe brothers and van der Sloot are also suspected of involvement in the incidents, which allegedly occurred before Holloway disappeared, she said.

*Did Freddy have involvement in Natalee's disappearance?

* What "truth" does Freddy know that could shed
light on the circumstances surrounding this tragic crime?

* Why did the Kalpoe brothers need to give a camera to Freddy?

* What sort of history regarding similar crimes do Freddy and Joran share?

* Why did Paulus and Anita need to find out what Freddy told police?

* Has Freddy told Aruban authorities all he knows
about what happened to Natalee Holloway?

Natalee and her family deserve justice -
and we will not let up until they have it!

Natalee's Freebirds

February 20, 2008


Here's your chance!

This address was taken from the public files relating to their lawsuit against Dr. Phil. Why not consider writing them and ask what they have to say for themselves?

If Deepak was truly innocent and not involved, then why was he with Joran the night Beth and Jug arrived at the Van der Sloot home? Why did he clean his car? Why did he ask Steve Croes to lie and say he saw Natalee with two black security guards?

Deepak & Satish Kalpoe
Hooiberg 91-B
Sta. Cruz

February 19, 2008


Yeah, this Patrick van der Eem did a good thing by setting Joran up. But in my opinion, writing this book only proves the obvious opportunity: getting those “15 minutes” and being paid all at the same time. Don't you think it's quite a "faux pau" when one decided to write a book only a couple weeks after this bombshell video debuted? Isn’t that what the world is all about these days? Like I said before, one’s misery is another’s opportunity.

Even though he claims the proceeds will be auctioned off, I’d like to know where and what organizations these proceeds will be donated to? I’d be willing to bet his pockets won’t be entirely empty.

Perhaps he should donate the monies to the “Persistence” project? Sounds from his shady past he needs some good karma.

Aruba to question Van der Sloot's 'friend'

Tuesday 19 February 2008

The Aruban public prosecutor wants to question Patrick van der Eem as a witness in the Natalee Holloway case, reports Tuesday's NRC. Chief justice Hans Mos told the paper Van der Eem could be arrested if he does not come forward voluntarily.

He is currently on Aruba working on a book about the disappearance of the US teenager. According to Van der Eem he has nothing to hide and the public prosecutor only has to ring him. The rights to the book, which is being ghost written by the American novelist Elizabeth Byars, will be auctioned off. Publication of the book, titled Disposed, is set for September.



It's Official--Aruba is Going Down
Until Joran is Tried and Convicted

Aruba: Corrupt or incompetent?
Boycott pressure is heating up.

By Boycott Watch.org

With all the news out of Aruba regarding the Natalee Holloway case, Boycott Watch research has revealed a manic response by the US public as evident by the tourism package purchasing trends.

Recent numbers show that tourism has consistently been down in Aruba and that Aruba has been making up some of the lost US tourism from other countries. Most telling are the reports we are getting from the cruise ship industry which reports lower demand to the Caribbean in general. Aruba has also reported less cruise ship ports of call visits and cruise ship visitors have reported that stores in Aruba are relatively empty compared to past years.

Regarding the current mood in Aruba, we have reports that the Van der Sloot home has been vandalized and Joran's bicycle, his reported primary method of transportation, has been destroyed. Arubans are reportedly taking their frustration over the loss of tens of millions of tourism dollars out on the Van der Sloot family.

Meanwhile the blog "Boycott Aruba--Justice For Natalee" posted the transcript from investigator Art Wood who appeared on the Fox News Channel in an interview with Kimberly Guilfoyle, Saturday, February 16, 2008, stating that he believes "Daury" is really "Daddy". This bombshell report makes us wonder if the Aruban government is competent in the investigation for several reasons, starting with the loss of evidence early in the investigation.

Now, we are seeing reporters and other non-police investigators leading the way in uncovering evidence in the case. This is reminiscent of the Watergate scandal, where two reporters, Woodward and Bernstein, broke the entire story that was later proven to have been covered up at the highest levels of the government.

The concern of Boycott Watch is the level of effectiveness of the Aruba boycott, plus the long term affect such a boycott will have, if any. The major factor we believe people have to watch is the prosecution of Joran Van der Sloot and especially the claim by investigator Art Wood that "Daury" is really "Daddy".

If that is the case, the cover-up will have been more than just by Joran Van der Sloot and it may indicate that his father may have either taken action to thwart such an investigation or used his political influence or government office status to block the investigation, even if merely asking people for his trust, not to mention that he kept secrets from investigators, meaning obstruction of justice by a judge. That is speculation, but it would explain much of what we have seen, or better yet what we have not seen until the confession video was released.

In general, Americans are keeping away from Aruba, at least in numbers that are hurting the Aruban economy. Boycott Watch predicts Americans will continue to boycott Aruba if Joran Van der Sloot does not receive a long prison sentence.

In the mean time, the boycotters are turning up the heat. The blog "Boycott Aruba- Justice For Natalee" which is one of the leading boycott Aruba sites, is now calling for a boycott of US companies which do business in Aruba, such as McDonald's, Wendy's, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Nike, Toyota, Polo Ralph Lauren and Disney.

These are by definition secondary boycotts and in the cases of fast-food establishments, these may be franchises so a general boycott of these companies may affect businesses that have nothing to do with Aruba. The idea behind these, though, is to put pressure on the parent company.

Boycott Watch is not fond of secondary boycotts because they can have adverse affects on entities which have nothing to do with the target at hand. Since the primary boycott is an entity which is far away, meaning Aruba, the more local secondary boycotts may be the only way for some people to express their disdain with Aruba. Measuring the effects of secondary boycotts, however, can be difficult.



By Richard, Aruban Boycott Member

So now we have the official news, which slipped out on what was St. Valentine’s Day in America. (Michelle’s Note: Sound familiar to when Joran was released during Hurricane Katrina in 2005…so convenient!)

Just wondering if there was some sick kind of symbolism in that … as if somehow, someone involved with this case was determined to torment the world.

So the unprompted confession of the chief suspect, one that was repeated consistently throughout months of taped conversations, not only isn't proof of what happened ... it isn't even seen as reason to justify his arrest?

Isn't it odd that the unsupported word of this same chief suspect was enough to "justify” the arrest of two guards never seen with or associated with Natalee. If we remember the photo, Jan van der Straaten stood by in person, no doubt posing for the cameras as Aruba “cracked the case.”

As I said before, were it not for Beth and Dave, those two guards would have been kept in prison (the “evidence” on THEM would have been enough) and the case would have been “closed.”
I think we can all conclude now that the only hope lies with the Persistence. What can we do? We can vent our rage, we can post on blogs … or we can take action. Such as? Well, ONE idea is to take part in the demonstrations planned in coming months against the blandishments of Aruba Tourism Authority. There’s one at Boston and one in New York very soon.

Write to JusticeforNatalee@gmail.com for more information.

Will this reverse the verdict? No.

Will this take down Joran? No.

But it WILL help spread the message … it WILL help stick it to Aruba … it WILL perhaps help persuade people not to go to Aruba. If enough of us speak up, it might even help persuade the people in Congress who “represent” us that the safety of Americans abroad is a legitimate concern … as much as the alleged misdeeds of baseball players.

Folks, now really is the time to “fish or cut bait.”

We can post on blogs for all eternity, and that will help keep the case fresh in the public eye … but we can also do something more.

Let’s get cracking. PLEASE!

February 18, 2008


To me this action just discredits this idiot and
makes him look like a money grubbing jerk-off.
Anything to cash in on poor Natalee…

Van der Sloot's 'friend' signs book contract

Monday 18 February 2008

Patrick van der Eem, who befriended Joran van der Slot and then secretly recorded him confessing to being with Natalee Holloway when she died, has signed a book contract with US literary agent David Vigliano.

The rights to Van der Eem's story on the disappearance of the US teenager on Aruba in 2005 will be auctioned off, the Telegraaf reports on Monday. At the weekend Dutch lawyer Bram Moszkowic told the media he has been approached by Holloway's mother to look into the possibility of bringing a civil case against Van der Sloot.


Lawyer B. Moszkowicz was approached by Natalee Holloway's mother to conduct a civil procedure against Joran van der Sloot. Moszkowicz is investigating if van der Sloot had made himself guilty in an unlawfully act. Based on this he could be financially tackled.

Moszko sees two facts as unlawful act. He names the hiding of facts by van der Sloot and the shock the mother Beth has suffered when she had to listen to Joran's confession on the Peter de Vries program.

The civil procedure that Moszko is investigating, stands apart from the possible criminal prosecution by the OM in Aruba. Moszko said in the program that the chances that Joran would be convicted is small. "I think that a criminal case on this matter is ending. I am not saying that I understand this or that I am agreeing with it."

If there is a procedure it will be conducted in the Netherlands.


We all know that the purpose of capitalism is to make money. Unfortunately, most companies don’t care where or how they get their money…just as long as they are making a profit. Regrettably, that is the way the world works.

These American businesses have locations in Aruba and we, the boycotters, need to alert them to the unconscionable illegal business practices and the despicable government and individuals that run the island of Aruba.

Do we sit back with our thumbs up our butts and do nothing? I say HELL NO! Write these American based companies and tell them how Americans are treated in Aruba. It may make a difference…but due to greed and profits, maybe they won’t. At least they will be aware that there are thousands of people who are furious with the way Aruba has handled the case of Natalee Holloway and realize that the CONSUMERS are the ones in control.

Yes…we, the “little people” are the ones filling the pockets of the big-wig CEOs. If it weren’t for us, they would have no business.

The following list is just some of the American companies that do business in Aruba. Write them and tell them what you think! The grassroots movement is counting on you to voice your opinion and make a difference!

McDonald’s Plaza
Oak Brook, IL 60523 USA
Phone: 630-623-3000
Web: http://www.mcdonalds.com

(Isn’t this where Papa picked up Urine and Natalee!!!)

4288 West Dublin-Granville Road
P.O. Box 256
Dublin, OH 43017-0256 USA
Phone: 614-764-3100
Web: http://www.wendys.com

(Taco Bell and Pizza Hut)
1441 Gardiner Lane
Louisville, KY 40213 USA
Phone: 502-874-8300
Web: http://www.yum.com

1 Bowerman Dr.
Beaverton, OR 97005-6453 USA
Phone: 503-671-6453
Web: http://www.nike.com

1300 Cravens Ave
Torrance, CA 90501 USA
Phone: 310-468-4000
Web: http://www.toyota.com

Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation
650 Madison Ave.
New York, NY 10022 USA
Phone: 212-318-7000
Web: http://www.polo.com

500 S Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521 USA
Phone: 818-560-1000
Web: http://www.disney.go.com

February 17, 2008


Like Father Like Son?

Investigator Art Wood on Kimberly Guilfoyle, Saturday, February 16, 2008:

Art Wood: "Paulus’ computer holds the key to this case. In the first week of June Michael Dompig, Chief Dompig's son told Dave Holloway that Paulus borrowed a friends boat on the day Natalee disappeared. …In Joran’s confession he says that Natalee was shaking and shivering before she died…then we find out that he called a friend to come and help him. Guess what Kimberly? I think that friend was his father Paulus van der Sloot.

Michael Dompig

If you listen to this quick exchange:

"He says, “I called him. What happened? I told him what happened. I said, Come here, come, come come. He arrived he said this is not possible, you must go home. I said no, I can’t let you take responsibility for this. He said you are going home, I arranged the rest. He went home then...does that sound like an exchange between father and son?"

"...PVDS didn’t drive the boat, all he did was call a friend and get rid of the body…and listen, here it is…its right here. …When the aruban police force seized his computer and examined the hard drive they found that on the day Natalee disappeared Paulus Van der Sloot visited some websites looking at the effects of alcohol and drugs on a body. That’s a bombshell!"

February 15, 2008


"We Didn't Start the Fire"...But We Can Finish It

Someone once told me that my idea of vigilante justice is barbaric. But what is throwing a helpless girl’s body into the ocean, not even knowing if she was dead or not? And even more insulting is that piece of human trash will get away with it?!

I say that is more barbaric than a lynch mob
taking on what those judges should have done.

February 14, 2008


What is GHB?

Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), is a compound that was initially used by body builders to stimulate muscle growth. In recent years it has become popular as a recreational drug among club kids and partygoers.

GHB is a synthetically produced central nervous system depressant. This “designer” drug is often used in combination with other drugs, particularly ecstasy. GHB is synthesized from a chemical used to clean electrical circuit boards. GHB is often manufactured in homes with recipes and kits found and purchased on the Internet.


What are the normal symptoms of GHB ingestion?

Intoxication, increased energy, happiness, talking, desire to socialize, feeling affectionate and playful, mild disinhibition, sensuality, enhanced sexual experience, muscle relaxation, loss of coordination due to loss of muscle tone, possible nausea, difficulty concentrating, loss of gag reflex, respiratory problems, loss of consciousness, being conscious but unable to move, and death- Especially when combined with alcohol or other drugs.

Effects of large doses:

Disinhibition, sedation, desire to sleep, rambling incoherent speech, giddiness, silliness, difficulty thinking, slurred speech, passing out, and death.



VAN SUSTEREN: Any other conversation with her before you left Carlos 'n Charlie's, remember anything that you guys talked about, said, or anything?

VAN DER SLOOT: Not really. It was more like, no, just your normal, casual talk.


Disinhibition, confusion, increased energy,
happiness, talking, desire to socialize,
feeling affectionate, playful:

It seems plausible that Natalee may have been slipped GHB. She was fine before Joran et al arrived at C&C's and even immediately after they arrive; but then she began to act differently right before the bar closed. She was seen being led out "by the hand" of C&C's, possibly confused and having difficulty making rational decisions, and then getting into a car with strangers--something that Natalee would NEVER do. She was also reported as hanging out Deepak's window screaming, "Aruba!"

Rambling incoherent speech, giddiness, silliness:

VAN DER SLOOT: ...There was one remark she did make like she told me, she asked me if they were my slaves because they were driving around but Deepak and Satish never ended up hearing that...she said in Alabama we consider black people slaves.

VAN DER SLOOT: ...she wanted to go see sharks is what she said and then she came with a strange story that her mom was Hitler's sister or Hitler's sister's daughter and she was sorry to me for that because — because I don't know if she thought I was German or something and I'm like "I'm Dutch, so I don't really care about anything like that." And I asked, "You're joking right?" And she said, "No, no, no, no, I'm serious. I'm serious."


Tremor, Seizures, Loss of Consciousness, Bradycardia (slow heart rate), decreased respiratory effort, respiratory arrest

Joran stated that he had sex with Natalee while she was "slipping in and out of consciousness". Joran also stated during his recent confession after Natalee wouldn't wake, "I was shaking the bitch...she was having convulsions."


A confidential source came forward with some interesting information. The source specifically stated:

“There was a teenage boy, 17, who saw Joran and Natalee at the lighthouse that night. Joran paid this boy not to say anything. He has curly hair and dark skin.”

Kerwin Anthony Orville Goijla
13 Aug 1988 - 04 Jun 2005

After some research, you will see that this boy, aged 17, died 4 days after Natalee went missing. Age 17. Curly hair. Dark skin.

Coincidence? His cause of death has not been listed. Murder? Suicide? Accident? Did this young boy know something?


Natalee's Parents Worry Strings Being Pulled

Will Joran Get Another “Get Out of Jail Free” Pass?

Joran Van der Sloot confessted in the secretly filmed video that while he was in jail, his father had a cell phone delivered to him. Van der Sloot goes even further—he curses his father for not putting more minutes on the phone!

Dave Holloway stated, "Apparently some strings were pulled. How do you get a cell phone into a prison? How much more has been done?” Beth Holloway says she believes Paulus has been advising his son since the beginning: she suspects Joran called his dad when Natalee passed out on the beach – Paulus orchestrated what to do next: to send his son home to log onto the internet and then go to school the next morning. "That's why the interrogators could never break Joran - they'd have him at the breaking point and all he had to do was call dad and get that guidance, constantly what to say - how to say it - what was the latest story we were sticking with," says Beth Holloway.

Natalee's parents also question the police investigation: they believe Joran told detectives early on that he was with Natalee when she died and about her shaking...Natalee's parents say that Aruban detectives asked them a strange question when they first got to Aruba that now make sense to them in light of Joran’s confession. "They only asked me one medical question - only one. Did she have a history of seizures or epilepsy?" says Beth Holloway.

Natalee's parents also say it's suspicious that the same police investigator always questions Van der Sloot. Beth said, "Which is the worst hell, if I weigh them – knowing versus not knowing?" She said at least she now has answers. She knows Natalee is no longer hurting and no longer afraid. She knows her daughter is gone. "Knowing - even though it's difficult - to hear him and hear his utter disregard for any other human existence other than his own - it's sickening – but it's still not the tortuous daily journey of not knowing," says Beth.

Click HERE for entire article

February 13, 2008


The rest of your life you are going to pay for this. You will be completely ostracized by this and you will lead a miserable and troubled life, yet still maintain "yes, I inhaled." and it doesn't count. Please don't insult my intelligence.

I hope Natalee haunts you until the day you die and forever in your afterlife.

Get prepared Joran! This is just the beginning!

Dutch Parliament Reinstates Capital Punishment
(Is Joran setting some legal precedent?)

a.p. The Hague (February 11, 2008)

Sources have confirmed that the Dutch Parliament met in a special session over the weekend and hastily enacted legislation to reinstate capital punishment after a 600 year hiatus in Holland. The same sources believe that this legislation has been enacted in response to concerns that Joran van der Sloot might get away with murder.

In what legal and Constitutional law experts are hailing as an act of sheer brilliance, it is anticipated that Joran van der Sloot himself will be the first Dutchman to be executed since the 14th century, or 200 years before Holland achieved its independence from Spain.

Since the nation no longer has any means for executing the condemned, they are flying in a team of Taiwanese dermatologists to carry out the ultimate sanction by peeling the skin off of his face.

February 12, 2008


These guy are really 'Natalee's Angels'. I am amazed how hard they are working to find Natalee so she can be laid to rest in a proper place and for closure for Natalee's parents, family and friends. I have never been so impressed by the incredible humanitarian effort to find Natalee. It is truly AMAZING. Talk about hard workers...the Persistence team works 18 HOURS A DAY...less than 6 hours sleep, every single day since December, 2007.

Check out the link below to see how hard they are working and what is involved in the process to locate Natalee.


The dedicated ocean search for Natalee Holloway has been underway since mid-November, 2007. What began in Louisiana during mobilization now culminating in Aruba, the search has utilized some of the best search equipment and personnel in the world. To date, approximately 900 miles of sonar data has been collected covering a geographic area 80% the size of Aruba. The search has required a painstakingly slow approach which in the end leaves no stone unturned.

Although slow, this approach is extremely effective in marine search and recovery. Since the beginning, the search has been privately funded by Louis Schaefer Jr. of Underwater Expeditions who remarkably and gracefully accepted the financial burden when requested by Texas Equusearch and Natalee's parents. John Silvetti of Marine Surveys, Greg Landry of Offshore Innovative Solutions, Erik McGuire of Seatronics, along with Agiosat and Wilkens Weather Service came beside Louis to conduct this humanitarian effort. To put this search effort in financial perspective, an equivalent search conducted for industry would involve costs well
exceeding several million dollars. This project has been conducted for about 35 cents on the dollar, with costs still exceeding a million dollars.

Although we have searched and ruled out an extensive portion of the original planned search area, a substantial portion of the high-probability area yet remains to be explored. Now, following a publicly confirmed admission that Natalee Holloway was disposed at sea, we are confident that completing the focused search area will bring closure. We therefore formally invite and request anyone who this humanitarian effort has touched to get involved and to help support the remaining search efforts.

Donations are being handled by Texas Equusearch, 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. Please come beside those who have already given so much to help ensure a proper funeral in Alabama for Natalee Holloway. Please make all donations marked as: "Holloway search".

To learn more about Texas Equusearch and to help support the search for Natalee Holloway, check out:

Texas EquuSearch Office:
4013 FM 517, Suite B
Dickinson, Texas 77539
P. O. Box 395, Dickinson, Texas 77539

Office: (281) 309-9500
Fax: (281) 534-6719
Toll Free: (877) 270-9500
Email: donate@texasequusearch.org

February 11, 2008


Has Joran Been Disowned by His Own Family?

"We want to get on with our lives…
we have more children, you know…” – Anita Van der Sloot

**Rough translation

The parents of Joran Van der Sloot want to get on with their lives. So says his mother, Anita van der Sloot, in an interview with AD. "We try to go on as good or bad as possible. We have more children you know".

She dismisses her own son, yet still gives excuses for him.

Anita van der Sloot calls the PRDV-broadcast in which Joran stated his father, Paulus, smuggled a cell phone into his cell, as " horrible". (Horrible for whom? Paulus? Or the fact that he was caught?) She regrets participating, together with her husband and Joran, in the Pauw & Witteman-broadcast. "We shouldn’t have done that".

Anita van der Sloot looks beat. (Now she knows what it’s like to feel like Beth and Dave Holloway!) During gardening she lashes out towards the media that last week gave a lot of attention to the PRDV-broadcast.

"The media twists the facts and just one side of the story is being told. Its better to not say to much. Everything will be explained against our intentions", says Joran’s mother.

More excuses:

"Here on Aruba people know the story a lot longer and better than in Holland". A friendly Anita van der Sloot is on this sunday-afternoon convinced the people don’t blame them. In Holland the story became known later on which gives an misrepresented picture. Maybe someday she will explain it all once again. "But right now we wont be saying anything, since the media only tell one side of the story".

So not only the American media is against Joran and your family, but also your own homeland of the Netherlands? What about the Arubans who are furious? One who displays paranoia believes everyone is “out to get them” and everything is always someone else’s fault.

It seems as if Joran’s confession on the PRDV-show and the following questioning last Friday by police, didn’t seem to have affected the reputation of the family.

According to whom? The Van der Sloot family? The family that lives in lies and swims in the sea of denial?