February 14, 2008


Natalee's Parents Worry Strings Being Pulled

Will Joran Get Another “Get Out of Jail Free” Pass?

Joran Van der Sloot confessted in the secretly filmed video that while he was in jail, his father had a cell phone delivered to him. Van der Sloot goes even further—he curses his father for not putting more minutes on the phone!

Dave Holloway stated, "Apparently some strings were pulled. How do you get a cell phone into a prison? How much more has been done?” Beth Holloway says she believes Paulus has been advising his son since the beginning: she suspects Joran called his dad when Natalee passed out on the beach – Paulus orchestrated what to do next: to send his son home to log onto the internet and then go to school the next morning. "That's why the interrogators could never break Joran - they'd have him at the breaking point and all he had to do was call dad and get that guidance, constantly what to say - how to say it - what was the latest story we were sticking with," says Beth Holloway.

Natalee's parents also question the police investigation: they believe Joran told detectives early on that he was with Natalee when she died and about her shaking...Natalee's parents say that Aruban detectives asked them a strange question when they first got to Aruba that now make sense to them in light of Joran’s confession. "They only asked me one medical question - only one. Did she have a history of seizures or epilepsy?" says Beth Holloway.

Natalee's parents also say it's suspicious that the same police investigator always questions Van der Sloot. Beth said, "Which is the worst hell, if I weigh them – knowing versus not knowing?" She said at least she now has answers. She knows Natalee is no longer hurting and no longer afraid. She knows her daughter is gone. "Knowing - even though it's difficult - to hear him and hear his utter disregard for any other human existence other than his own - it's sickening – but it's still not the tortuous daily journey of not knowing," says Beth.

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