August 31, 2006



Editor's Note: Meri said she will no longer write any more posts. She is seriously pissed about this entire nightmare. Please be vocal and tell Meri to stay!!! She is a major backbone of this boycott!

First, thank you to everyone who made comments. I appreciate all of them whether they agree with what I said or not. I respect and welcome freedom of speech and everyone's opinion.

I blogged what I did because I saw something that deeply upset me. I am NOT a hater or a bully and I would do nothing to divide Natalee's family. Everything that I have tried to do is FOR Natalee and her family...ALL members of her family.

I was saddened to learn and PROVE that some posters on Blogs For Natalee have been running around all over the Internet bashing Natalee's mother and making inappropriate remarks. I was sickened to see them posting at BFN and being praised and thanked by Natalee's Step-Mother. I don't know if the Administrator told Robin what was going on and asked her to post a supporting post about those people who have done harm or if she did it of her own volition.

I choose to believe that Robin Holloway believed in The Administrator of that blog and wanted to protect her and the members there. I choose to believe that Robin may not have been aware of some of the things that these people were saying elsewhere and away from that blog.

I HOPE that this was the case.

I HOPE that the Administrator didn't portray those people as friends and therefore cause Robin Holloway to thank the very people who are talking such trash about Natalee's mother. No matter what the real facts are about how that post from Robin happened I am really sad that it did happen and that the family was dragged into a battle that they should have been left out of. I

am sad that the Administrator felt the need to cause them to take sides against Natalee's mother via a very inappropriate post. I feel that if the Administrator had the best interests of the family in mind she would never have allowed those people to post on her blog after hearing what other people had to say about them and seeing what they have said elsewhere.

She was confronted on many occasions and refused to listen or do anything about the problem. As a result of that several people have left that blog. I know this for a fact because I have heard from many of them.

I do not understand her defense of such people and I do not understand how she could praise and applaud those who work for the Aruban Tourist Bureau or who are in league with Julia Renfro who has done so much harm to Natalee's mother and step-father. Don't their feelings count?

BFN seems to be all about one side of Natalee's family and many of the posts are a litany of praise for the leader of that message board. When anyone expresses a contrary opinion they are deleted or ridiculed. It happened to me and I have seen it happen to others.

They claim that they are all about differing opinions and points of view but that is obviously NOT true if you look at the history of the blog and look at what has happened to those who disagree with the small clique of posters who stick together. There is NO room for a divergence of opinion on there unless they approve of it and agree with it.

The place I refer to is supposed to be about Natalee Holloway, yet they don't seem to see or care about the fact that Beth is Natalee's mother and that people who bash her should NEVER be allowed to be a part of any support forum. To drag Robin into that mess was unconscionable and wrong in my opinion and if there was any division being attempted in that family it was caused by the Administrator and her close ties to Robin Holloway and not by my blogs which told the truth about the people I spoke of.

Everyone is free to agree with me or disagree...I wouldn't want it any other way....but to blindly sing the praises of people who are harmful and mean-spirited toward ANY member of Natalee's family is wrong and irresponsible.

I read this morning a thread where the Administrator made yet another little mea culpa speech and her regular followers responded with songs of praise and love. Love and praise for what....allowing bashers to post and deleting those who point that out?

Is that board about the Administrator and her feelings or is it about Natalee Holloway and finding out the truth about what happened to her? Is it about congratulating one another and constantly telling one another how wonderful and loyal they are or is it about Natalee and finding out the truth about her.

The statements that are on that board are NOT exclusive to that place and have also been posted elsewhere on the Internet so I cannot see what good that board is doing other than dividing and conquering people and giving a platform to people who have expressed their TRUE feelings on other sites. Feelings that are nasty and hurtful to Natalee and her mother.

Who cares how wonderful an individual poster is or an Administrator? Who needs so much praise and reinforcement that they constantly post about themselves and their motives? If people really want to help they do so without asking for praise and thanks...they just do it.

The heart has it's reasons and for the life of me I can't figure out what good that so-called, self-proclaimed board "family" is doing to help out in this case. More time is spent on themselves and more focus is placed on their leader than on Natalee. What good is that doing anyone? These are my feelings and my opinion.

Beth has been informed of what I blogged about and she could NOT believe that Robin Holloway made the post that she made. I hope that she learns the truth and that part of that truth is exactly WHY Robin made that post and if she was asked to make it. If she was...something is very wrong with that place and the people who run it and they are NOT thinking of the family of Natalee Holloway, but only of themselves and how they are viewed by their fellow posters.

Somehow, contrary to their constant mantra of "We are all about Natalee", she got lost in the shuffle and they became the focus of their own blog. Frank, Michelle and others who really work hard to do SOMETHING to help don't ask for praise...they just do it. Anyone who does, is not part of the solution, they ARE part of the problem.


Are you in or out? Make up your minds now!

By Michelle, Owner of Boycott Aruba Blog

Those that support Natalee’s family and who do not promote or agree with the boycott of Aruba are NOT for the family. The family DOES want this boycott, and they want your support. Specifically Beth…I spoke with her this evening and she is on board and believes that Dave is for the boycott as well (even though he hasn’t been very vocal about it).

Boycotting Aruba is one of the last ditch efforts to force the Aruban authorities hand. They know the boycott is working and they are very worried about their tourism losses since Natalee went missing. We have to support the boycott, or this case may never be solved. We are all making history. Aruba won’t live this down for a LONG time. Especially if this isn’t solved.

Are you for the family? Or are you for seeing Joran walking around the beach with another blonde acting as if nothing has happened? Don’t you realize he’s rubbing it in our faces?

I believe that anyone who doesn’t support the boycott DOES NOT support the family. Either you are with us or against us. It’s as simple as that.

What side do you fall on?

August 30, 2006


Aruba Tourism Authority promotes Aruba Music Festival in NY!

(Source)--As always, Aruba Tourism Authority aims to promote all aspects of Aruba & our events worldwide and recently, during Good Morning America Bryant Park Concert Series NYC featuring Lionel Richie, Aruba’s PR agency representatives paraded around with a huge banner touting the Aruba Music Festival, the dates and the call-to-action. While they did not get a TV shot (No TV shot?! Guess not that many people saw your banner, then!), this great grass roots PR effort was a bona fide hit! (According to who? And what's with the "Grassroots PR effort"? I didn't know there was a such a thing for public relations.)

Many of the techniques used by PR firms are drawn from the institutions and practices of democracy itself. Persuasion, advocacy, and education are instruments through which individuals and organizations are entitled to express themselves in a free society, and many public relations practitioners are engaged in practices that are widely considered as beneficial, such as publicizing scientific research, promoting charities, raising awareness of public health concerns and other issues in civil society.

One of the most controversial practices in public relations is the use of front groups -- organizations that purport to serve a public cause while actually serving the interests of a client whose sponsorship may be obscured or concealed. The creation of front groups is an example of what PR practitioners sometimes term the third party technique -- the art of "putting your words in someone else's mouth."

PR Watch, a nonprofit organization that monitors PR activities it considers to be deceptive, has published numerous examples of this technique in practice. Critics of the public relations industry, such as PR Watch, have contended that Public Relations involves a "multi-billion dollar propaganda-for-hire industry" that "concoct[s] and spin[s] the news, organize[s] phony 'grassroots' front groups, sp[ies] on citizens, and conspire[s] with lobbyists and politicians to thwart democracy." [1].

Instances of the use of front groups as a PR technique have been documented in many industries. For example, the coal mining corporations have created environmental groups that contend that increased CO2 emmissions and global warming will contribute to plant growth and will be beneficial, trade groups for bars and beer distributers have created and funded citizens' groups to attack Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and tobacco companies have created and funded citizens' groups to advocate for tort reform and to attack personal injury lawyers. [2][3]

Current issues in ethical and social arenas have been brought to the attention of people from all strata of the population when it was found that more than one journalist with a platform had received money from a Public Relations firm for espousing a certain point of view. (source)

Thousands of devoted Lionel Richie fans in Bryant Park were exposed to the Aruba banner. Tons of people were curious to read the message on the banner. (Yeah, and they were probably thinking, 'oh yeah, Aruba...that evil island where Natalee Holloway went missing. I'm not going there!')

The short concert was fantastic and if it was any indication of what we are in store for this year at the festival with Lionel Richie, it will be a huge a success. He sounded amazing. Thanks Q&C and Cristina – great job!


ATA organizes casting to

select characters for new

advertising campaign

(Source)--Aruba Tourism Authority and its advertising agent in the US, Fitzgerald & Co, are organizing a casting to select characters for the new advertising campaign of Aruba in the US. (They are shaking in their boots...they need their U.S. tourists back.)

The casting will take place in the ballroom of the Radisson Aruba Beach Resort on August 27, 28 and 29. A film crew is arriving in Aruba shortly to produce the new TV commercial that will be part of the campaign to sell Aruba’s new image. (And what new image would that be?)


Today is Julia Renfro's birthday. She is now 41, yet looks much older, weathered and 'tired'. She is probably one of the most actively evil people involved in this case.

When I was in high school there was a song by "The Smiths" called "Unhappy Birthday". These are the lyrics:

I've come to wish you an unhappy birthday
I've come to wish you an unhappy birthday
'Cause your evil
and you lie
and if you should die
I may feel slightly sad but I won't cry

Julia, I hope you go out for your birthday tonight and get sick as a dog...I curse you to have the worst hang over of your life.

Maybe if we are lucky you'll get alcohol poisoning...or have someone slip something in your drink and get gang raped. Then you'll see how it is and maybe you'll shut your pie hole once and for all.



Beth...Natalee's Mother

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

I am sick to death of sites that seem to forget that Natalee had a mother. Her mother's name is Beth Twitty and she is a woman who spends her free time keeping her daughter's name alive and doing things that help other kids.

I am tired of sites that either bash Beth, call her awful names or forget that she exists. I wonder if Natalee would approve of places that pretend that her mom doesn't exist and where people say terrible things about her mom on the Internet and then pretend to be friends?

Beth Twitty has been vilified and forgotten by these people and yet they call themselves supporters of Natalee and her family? Natalee had more than one family and she lived with her mother and was raised by her mother. That should NEVER be forgotten. Many people loved Natalee and no one should discount that but to eliminate the ONLY woman who gave birth to Natalee Holloway and to make her an object of either scorn and ridicule or to pretend like she isn't part of Natalee is wrong.

Beth Twitty has suffered the loss of her ONLY daughter and to add insult to injury, now she is shoved into the background by some and that makes me very angry.

Beth, you have not been forgotten and you won't be forgotten. You have many friends and supporters and we will be here for you no matter what. We will defend you and we will continue to look for the truth of what happened to your daughter. She was your little girl and your hope for the future and we will not forget that. No one can replace her and no one can replace you.

In the moments when you feel shunted aside and helpless please remember that we are here for you. If you need us all you have to do is ask and you will be surrounded by a group of dedicated individuals who are committed to helping you in any way that we can.

Don't let those who ignore you make you feel that no one cares about what you are going through. WE CARE. There is an entire Team of us and we are here for the long haul. For all of you out there please never forget...Beth Twitty, Mother of Natalee Holloway. This is a boycott blog but it is also Beth's safe place because this is where her friends come and she supports what we are doing.



By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Reality in the case of Natalee Holloway is ugly. It is about corrupt officials on Aruba, lies on Aruba and on the Internet right here in the United States. It is about people pretending to be friends and doing all that they can to harm Natalee's image and the character of her Mother, Beth Twitty.

REALITY is uglier than anyone imagined when on that fateful day, Natalee disappeared.

REALITY is people pretending and people covering their behinds and preventing people from seeing the TRUE REALITY.

REALITY is this:

No matter what form it takes or where it posts...REALITY has reared it's ugly head and it is up to those of us who want to find the truth, to find protect her family to bring it all out.


Mine is to support this boycott and to find the truth and most of all:



By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

There is a poster on the Internet who goes by the handle MIP6. He has posted on several different sites, blogs and message boards. MIP6's true name is Mark Purcell and he is the Director of Operations for The Aruba Marriott Hotel. His wife Marlene Purcell is a member of the Aruban Tourist Board and they are both friends and partners of Julia Renfro.

Here is some background for you:

MARRIOTT VACATION CLUB OF ARUBA. COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION. ANNUAL MEETING. NOVEMBER 3, 2004 ... Director of Finance; Balan Paravantavida, General Manager, Aruba Ocean Club; Mark Purcell, Director of Facilities; Bruce ...

Here is some information on Julia Renfro (Mark/MIP6's friend):

Julia Renfro has a variety of interests in Aruba besides being the editor-in-chief of Aruba Today News Magazine and the Photo Journalists for it's sister newpaper Bon Dia.

-It seems she is the contact for Windsurfing competition on Aruba
-She is connected to Aruba Travel Guide
-World-wide Travel Guide
-Island Temptations
-Aruba Rentals
-And the ARS Group

The ARS Group and World-Wide Travel Guide may be related to each other as they both cover the same types of activities but it seems that the business grew from Aruba to World-Wide. These groups handle many types of businesses including yacht rentals, The Screamer, real estate, Villa rentals, apartments, office space, virtual offices and corporates identities, Business services to include...

-Administration Services
-Architectural Services
-Business Brokerage Services
-Car Rental Services
-Cellular Phone Rental
-Commercial or Residential Real Estate Services
-Concierge & Reservations Services
-Conference Room
-Fax and Copy Services
-Financial Services
-Fiscal Services
-Internet Services
-Insurance Services

Julia has one main competitor on Aruba. That is Diario-Aruba owned by Jossy Mansur. The Mansur family has a colorful background that has been made very public with the help of Ms. Renfro and her media contacts. Ms. Renfro's background on the other hand has been kept secret.

Mark has stated in a post, "If you want to get to Julia you have to go through me." Julia Renfro is NO friend to our boycott movement because she has too much to lose if we succeed. Mark Purcell is NO friend of our boycott movement or of Beth Twitty's and he has taken every opportunity to bash her on the Internet.

This is an example of some of his posts:

**read them carefully for comments regarding Beth who he refers to as BHT

(aka Mark Purcell) Quote:

Lets see putting BHT on a teleconference for a formal interview into the investigation of her missing daughter OK that works. I think not. I for one would like to see BHT return to Aruba and have ALE pick her up and have her brought in for a little 24 hour discussion about all of her allegations of false/tampered statements, corruption/cover up in ALE & the government, a little of, so Beth now tell use again exactly how you came into possession of statements given by a suspect in this investigation. Since we have never had the pleasure of any media talking head asking her the tough questions and follow up when she dose not answer a question I think this should take place during a little one on one with the investigators in ALE.

10-22-2005, 10:46 AM
New Member Join Date: Sep 2005

I posted the same thing on that site a while back about Dave not sharing in the funds raised after someone else posted that Dave had set up a trust for his use and I wondered why the home page had that information on it as is was misleading, all the BHT followers blew it off as no big deal. I felt it was/is a big deal as it leads one to believe that all the Twitty / Holloway efforts would benefit from your generous donation to the Amsouth trust. More spinning and deception.

10-20-2005, 03:01 PM
New Member Join Date: Sep 2005

Could it be the same Ringo at He either has a child or knew a friend's child who went on the senior trip with Natalee, very pro Beth and will ban anyone who posts anything but "Role Model," Mother of the Year, etc., material about Bethie.

I have been posting over at the Kool-Aid campsite for about month now; yesterday I finally got them to call me a “troll”. Anything that does not follow the company line I have been posting. I am overdue to be banned.

I had this Ringo character spinning after I went to the so-called Lions Den; I had been to this bar before and posted up what I found, nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I figure with my next post I should get the boot, haven’t decided which one to use yet the Beth lies or denouncing the Sainthood of Natalee. I have way too much fun watching them all freak out.

10-02-2005, 09:10 AM
New Member Join Date: Sep 2005

I currently live in Aruba. And most of us here have wondered the something, when are they going to investigate close to home in MB. I am not sure after all Aruba has invested in the JM inspired wild goose chases if we can afford to spend any more time and $$$$ on sending an investigator to MB.

I think it would be a waste of time anyway, the MB clan has already had over 90 days to do there evidence cleansing and 90 days to get all of there stories straight. Wait, where is Beth’s Kool-Aid gangs outrage in the ineptness of LE for allowing this long of a time for the MB team to dispose of their incriminating evidence.

09-29-2005, 03:31 PM
New Member Join Date: Sep 2005

That would be your opinion and now here is mine as to why Beth thought the foremost important thing to do when she arrived in Aruba was to establish Natalees character as one of a virginal, non-drinking, perfect teen. Because that’s what sells!!!! Your average run of the mill teenager who might have drank in the past or tried pot or even, God forbid, engage in sexual activity would get little to no press coverage. Not that it should matter as to someone’s character or not, but apparently Beth felt that it was so she spun the tale that would later prove to be not so.

If Natalee is of the character described by her mother what on earth would she be going on this trip for, since all in MB where well aware of what the group would be doing during there senior trip due to the past years of other senior class’s from MB visiting Aruba, an all inclusive drink & eat as much as you can before you pass out party festival. Was her role suppose to be one of the wallflower sitting in the corner by herself, reading her Bible while the rest of her classmates partied like rock stars?

The goings on during there senior trip is one of the driving forces as to why almost all information flow from the others on the trip is nonexistent. They don’t what the world to know what took place while they where away from the watchful eyes of MB. Well now the truth is being told. Read the complete VF article. The article contains a lot of answers to questions that many have been asking me via PM for a long time.

Those on this forum may not like what is put out there in this article, tough, sometimes the truth hurts when you realize that you have been deceived by those that you have been admiring.

Before anyone posts it, regardless of if Natalee drank like a fish and or got high, regardless of what sort of social activity took place during the trip with her or the others on the trip she should still be home. However, that is not what this post is about. It’s about the deception that was started by her mother to protect Natalee’s character as being her first agenda point when she arrived in Aruba.

What has come out in the Vanity Fair article is only a small piece of the information of what transpired between the family and friends that arrived to bring Natalee home & there interaction with those that opened there hearts to them who live in Aruba who just wanted to help bring Natalee home.

Does this man sound like someone who supports Beth Twitty or our boycott movement? I think not.

He is believed and has befriended certain members of some blogs and of Natalee's family and that is a tragic thing as far as I am concerned. There are several people who have been working on this information for months and we have come to the conclusion that MIP6 is not only NOT our friend, but is an enemy of this grassroots movement.

Read what I have posted and think it over. Some of you have been convinced by others that MIP6 is a man who only wants to help the family find answers...some of you will see that he is doing the exact opposite and must do that in order for his job and position on Aruba to continue. He is no better than Julia Renfro and as a matter of fact...they are kindred spirits.

This is for the enlightenment of all of you who are unaware of who this man really is and what his motives really are. Believe it or not...this needed to be exposed. It is not my job to convince every single person in the world that certain people are not our friends but it IS my job to protect the boycott and Beth Twitty (Natalee's MOTHER), when she is attacked. I am doing that with this blog.

There are others who have done great harm to the movement and to members of the family and I will let others do expose's on them. This was the one I found to be the most important and the one that needed to be exposed.

The odd thing is that many of these false friends are posting together...they are believed, revered and THANKED.

I offer them NO thanks for their deceptive behavior and practices.


Ms. Kathryn W. Sudeikis
President and Chief Executive
American Society of Travel Agents
1101 King St., Suite 200
Alexandria, VA 22314

Dear Ms. Sudeikis:

I was appalled to learn that Aruba is boasting about an upcoming mass convention of travel agents, sponsored by American tour operator Gogo Worldwide Vacations. An Aruban publication said that for Oct. 12-17, some 600 travel agents will be on that island.

“After the conference, they should be able to promote Aruba even better as vacation destination,” the article ungrammatically exults. This event not only adds insult to injury for the American people; this spits in the face of the Holloway Twitty family and their ongoing determination to find answers for the disappearance of their daughter Natalee.

At this point, I wish to cite a passage from the ethical code found on the ASTA Website:

9. Conflict of interest.

ASTA members will not allow any preferred relationship with a supplier to interfere with the interests of their clients.

The code concludes: Adherence to the Principles of the Code of Ethics signifies competence, fair dealing and high integrity. Failure to adhere to this Code may subject a member to disciplinary actions, as set forth in ASTA’s Bylaws.

I do not wish to split hairs in discussing who the clients are in this proposed venture and what kind of a relationship with a supplier qualifies as preferred or improper. But I absolutely wish to state that for any American company in the travel business to make such an arrangement with the Natalee Holloway case unresolved is morally and ethically despicable. I therefore am requesting that you call upon your members to shun this trip.

ASTA is not a law enforcement agency, and it is not your duty to prohibit travel to a destination unless the U.S. government has issued instructions to this effect. Agreed. But your organization is unique in the travel business by virtue of its representing travel agents and agencies. As such, your voice can and should be raised on relevant matters.

Natalee Holloway disappeared more than a year ago. Since then, elements of the Aruban government and law enforcement have conducted an obvious cover-up, presumably to protect certain local individuals and perhaps others; have waged a “blame the family, blame the girl, blame anybody but us” public relations campaign; have promoted the “one happy island” myth even as a variety of crimes occurred (and remain unsolved); and have finally insulted the family with the fable that the Netherlands is responsible for the case. Americans have responded to this barrage of insults by refusing to go to Aruba. By that government’s own admission, tourism has plunged. This latest venture by Aruba is an attempt to use a back-door approach, appealing not to the American public but to those who, in theory, should have concern for their customers’ safety … not to mention lives.

I cannot imagine that any reputable travel agency would recommend going to Aruba at this time. Indeed, in the absence of a formal travel boycott, one might think that your organization would be in the forefront of those groups demanding action to protect the interests of American tourists – and, without such action, would urge people to support the grieving family by spending their time at the beaches of some other Caribbean island.

I can only speculate on the motivation that drives Gogo Worldwide Vacations to sponsor events on Aruba at this time – apparently indifferent to the amorality of its actions. But your organization can, by urging travel agents not to participate, and urging a voluntary boycott of Aruba until we have answers in the Natalee Holloway case, display leadership and put Aruba on notice that ASTA’s code of ethics is more than empty words on paper. Your organization would, after all, speak up if a travel agent disappeared. Or would you?



Cc: Gogo Worldwide Vacations, Inc.
69 Spring St., P.O. Box 507

Ramsey, NJ 07446

Aruba Tourism Authority

1200 Harbor Blvd

Weehawken, NJ 07087

August 27, 2006


By Mr. Justice--From the Blog, Just Republic

It is hard to believe that it has been more than a year since I first heard the name Natalee Ann Holloway. Looking back, I think of the immense love that her family, friends and now complete strangers have for her. I think of how the Arubans lead by their police force and elected representatives have attacked her. Prime Minister Nelson Oduber referring to her as being “irrelevant.” It is okay though the Aruban people always knew what this was about; in their fantasyland, it was about tourism.

Gerold “Dumb Pig” Dompig, Ruben Trappenberg, Arlene Ellis-Shipper, Julia Renfro and many Arubans have joined this attack on Natalee. The real problem is this if we compared Natalee versus the 90,000 Arubans, the character of all of Aruba cannot compare to Natalee’s character. Arubans have shown their character it is to attack those that are not available to defend themselves. It is to attack the mother of Natalee, when all she wants is her precise daughter, but it is all about the sacred tourism industry on Aruba.Compassion is not part of the people of Aruba it is not in their nature nor is justice nor is truth. They are all foreign concepts to the people of Aruba. They talk about how wonderful they are:

  • Attacking a woman that has been kidnapped
  • Attacking her family
  • Attacking the media that keeps her case in the news
  • Arresting innocent black men
  • Allowing known liars to run free
  • Allowing suspects to lie to the police
  • Protesting for the suspects
  • Protesting against the mother of Natalee
  • Demanding an apology for the Kalpoe brothers
  • Sending up fighter jets that any sane person knows will accomplish nothing in the name of show
  • Sending up an infrared chopper weeks after the disappearance when the heat of a body could no longer be detected
  • Sending investigators to tell Beth her daughter is dead and sending investigators to tell Beth they found her daughter alive.

That is the Aruban people for you. I hate them and wish them misery until justices righteous might prevails.


August 25, 2006


Information request on attackers

ARUBA - The police is asking witnesses to come forward and help with tracking the two men down that attacked a woman in Wayaca last Monday, demanding her to give them her husband's gun, who is a police officer.

The assault took place between 14:40 and 15:00. The men broke into the house, put a knife to the woman's throat and asked her for her husband's gun. The woman said that she didn't know where her husband keeps his gun. The attackers finally left with a golden necklace, two ear-rings, and a white mobile telephone.

According to the information the police gave, the attackers were two Latin American men, slim, and were about 1.80 to 1.85 meters tall. Both were dressed in jeans and the one wore a white shirt and the other a green. One of the attackers has black shoulder length hair and the other is bold. They fled in the direction of Santa Martha, one on foot and the other on a silver coloured mountain bike.

Anybody that has more information on these two, please get in contact with the police.


I stumbled upon this beautiful
commentary by
Elisa Waldron

Natalee Holloway was an 18 year old honor student with a scholarship to the University of Alabama waiting for her when she disappeared on May 30, 2005. She was enjoying the paradise that is Aruba with her senior class when she walked out of a bar one night and into international headlines.

I have been watching this mystery through the eyes of a parent; I have two teenagers. I am easily able to feel a sense of horror, loss, fear and disbelief at that thought of a missing child. We like to believe that we can protect our children from harm. We have to believe that once our children leave our care the teachers, the other parents, the bus drivers, the religious leaders, the law enforcement officials…EVERYBODY is looking out for them. To be able to let our children grow up, to be able to confidently wave goodbye and maybe even tell our children “it will be okay”, we have to let go of our own fears and trust in God and all the other people on the planet.

The sad truth is that all the other people on the planet are not trustworthy. They do not all have the same goals or the same ideas of honesty and they certainly do not all love our children the way we do.

I admire Beth Twitty so much. I really do. As Natalee’s mother it was she who kept her face and Natalee’s name in the news, in the headlines, at the water cooler. It was she who kept pressing the Aruba officials to, for God’s sake, do something. She was forced to trust what was being done, that it was being done correctly and that because a judge was involved that it wasn’t “Oh, it’s you, Judge…so sorry to have bothered you. Please, have a donut. You can go.”

Not only did she rush to the site of her daughter’s disappearance thousands of miles away, she remained firm and steadfast and able to lead the crusade into the details, the reconstruction of that night. She has said she is aware of sexual abuse against her daughter on that night. I am not sure how well I would handle hearing my baby was raped before she disappeared and where I would find the composure to keep standing in front of the cameras to do interviews and to keep telling the world my daughter is a person, please don’t forget her, please don’t let the bad people in the world know that one child will not matter.

I saw her on television explaining that young girls go missing on Aruba and are sold as sex slaves. I was wondering where she got her composure and understanding her hope that Natalee was still alive somewhere – anywhere—and hoping she would just be found and could go home again. What I find interesting is that, in fact, one child does indeed matter.

Elizabeth Smart was kidnapped from her bedroom on June 5, 2002. Everyone knew her name and what happened and everyone was horrified because she was 14 years old…too old for blind trust to follow someone, and she was at HOME…home where her parents believed they were keeping her safe. Parents across the nation tightened their grip on their children, and made conscious efforts to further protect their homes. Elizabeth was found alive nine months later with the help her parents struggling to keep her name in the news, of thousands of volunteers, hard-working police and John Walsh (See Adam Walsh, below).

Jamie Bulger’s mother had her back turned while shopping when
two boys led her baby away at a shopping mall. All three of them made international headlines when the body of the tortured baby boy was found, and Jamie is forever remembered by parents who were reminded that evil has a face and is really here and able to do anything at any time. I had a son the same age as Jamie when he went missing so perhaps I remember him more than other people, but he still affected millions of people internationally. I still see petitions to lawmakers regarding Jamie, and I still mourn his loss.

“Baby Jessica” McClure was one child who stopped time 19 years ago. She was 18 months old when she fell into an abandoned oil well in Texa
s. All adults, all parents in the United States at that time knew her name. They were all praying for her. Children knew about her. Children knew they had to be quiet and were fixedly watching the television for news of her rescue. For one moment in time the whole country was sure she would be rescued and we were all just waiting to hear when. It was a tense 58 hours later and everyone I knew cried when she was carried out.

Adam Walsh’s name has been on everyone’s lips at least once during the past twenty-five years. He was 6 years old when he too disappeared from a shopping trip
with his mother. Back then no one was available to help, no one shut down the store to help look, no one was helping his mother in her desperate search. It was 2 hours before someone finally called the police, and Adam was missing for sixteen days before his body was found.

However, Adam’s father (John Walsh) has gone on to make sure Adam mattered. Because of him we now have “Code Adam” to aid in locating lost or possibly kidnapped children in businesses nationwide.and shows like “America’s Most Wanted” making sure that bad people are caught and everyone is a little safer. Because of the worth of just one child we have things like “Code Amber” to aid in finding kidnapped children and “Megan’s Law” to alert people to nearby sex offenders.

What I would like to see are more people giving more time and effort into doing what they can to help others like themselves. Others who also work to provide for their family’s needs and who are faltering in the worst moment of their lives. The moment they realize their child is missing…the moment policemen knock on their doors to tell them their child is dead.

What I would like us all to remember is that it could be us. It could be me tomorrow. It could be you. In your worst moment, wouldn’t you like to be able to look around and realize one child makes a difference?
My child matters.


Are the Dutch and Interpol Being Used???

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Aruba needs to close out the Holloway case because not only is the boycott working but their reputation has suffered. They are a laughing stock among intelligent people for their Jerry Springer-like behavior, their lies and cover-ups, and their total mishandling of the entire case from day one.

One way to end this is to throw up their hands and yell "HELP!!" and invite the Dutch and Interpol into their mess to absolve them of any wrong doing once and for all. If the Dutch can't find any new information (how could they since most of it has been lost or thrown away or covered-up??), then Aruba can say, "See world, we tried and now we are done so come to Aruba and have a good time."

Now, if the Aruban's had asked the FBI to come into the case and asked them to take it over and do ALL of the interviews...AGAIN and look where they need to look, finish the searches that were never completed...ANYWHERE...we might get some answers.

Don't hold your breath...that isn't going to happen.

The FBI has every reason to properly investigate this case and NO reason to try and protect the citizens of Aruba who may be involved or the police who are totally incompetent. They would go for broke and turn that place upside down. They would be looking for answers to what happened to an American girl on foreign soil and they would have a true vested interest in finding out the truth.

No offense, but I simply don't believe that ANY European entity short of the British who are the most able-bodied investigative organization in the world (proven by how they handled the recent terrorist plots) has that much interest in seeking justice for an American girl.

Just my opinion...and I hope that they DO solve this case...I am just not willing to hold my breath until that day comes.



25 August 2006 AMSTERDAM — Aruba has asked the Netherlands to take over the leadership of the stalled investigation into the disappearance of US school graduate Natalee Holloway. Dutch minister Atzo Nicola├» has indicated a willingn
ess to help the investigation. "But we still have to look at the precise agreements under which we would work," he said on Thursday. Nicolaï (Government Reform and Kingdom Relations) made his comments at the end of his official visit to the autonomous Dutch island in the Caribbean. The request for assistance was made by Aruban Justice Minister Rudy Croes.

Aruba has been battered by negative publicity in the US for over a year since Holloway, 18, vanished on the night of 30 May 2005. She was on holiday with friends to celebrate their graduation and was last seen leaving a local tourist venue with three youths.

Police on Aruba arrested a total of 10 people so far in the investigation but all have been released. Dutch teenager Joran van der Sloot, one of the youths with Holloway on the night she disappeared, was the main suspect for many months. He continues to deny harming her in any way. Holloway's family doesn't believe him.

Her mother Beth Twitty has led a chorus of criticism from the US of the way the local authorities have handled the case. There have even been calls for Americans to boycott the popular tourist destination. Repeated searches of the island have failed to find any trace of her, though investigators said early on they believed she is dead. At one stage dutch F-16 jets, fitted with special cameras, were used in a futile attempt to find her remains. Aruba's new request goes much further as it proposes giving Dutch officers investigative powers and their own office. They would also be allowed to carry weapons.

Croes wants the Dutch national police service KLPD to lead the investigation. Dutch Interior Minister Johan Remkes, who is responsible for the police, will discuss the matter further when he visits Aruba next week.


This article reminds me of that movie cult classic movie "Heathers". Where everyone thought it was cool to commit suicide. HA HA. Remember the lame song in the movie, "Teenage suicide, don't do it! Teenage suicide, you blew it!" I love how Darwin's theory works sometimes. Stupid dutch idiots.

Dutch teens urge each other to commit suicide

(Source)--Macabre SMSs (I have no idea what a SMSs is...text messaging maybe?) among a group of a dozen Dutch girls egging each other on to commit suicide have provided a new twist to the well-documented dangers of modern, instant-communication technology for the young.

The revelation by a local newspaper that the group of 12- to 15-year-olds had been SMSing each other on their phones and computers for months earlier this year has provoked a flood of soul-searching in The Netherlands, a country that is by now inured to reports of internet sexual grooming and blackmail.

The police were alerted and a team of social workers has been working with the girls, one of whom has been admitted to a psychiatric clinic. The bizarre network grew up following the suicide last March of a girl at a school in Enschede, a city in the north-eastern province of Overijssel on the German border. Four of her friends had "driven each other completely crazy", school psychologist Frank Rijnders told the Tubantia newspaper, which agreed not to go to press with the tale until the summer holidays were well under way. "Who dares to?" was a repeated SMS.

Staff at the school -- the Stedelijke Lyceum -- spoke of a "suicide virus" that they feared would spread to others once the news broke. One 14-year-old girl told the national press she had joined in, believing it was a joke. "OK, then I will too," she responded, saying she had done so "for kicks". When asked when and how she planned to kill herself, the girl broke off the conversation that day but, fascinated, returned to the chat group the next day.

"I realised that many of the girls had problems at home, but I didn't. It got really scary, so that I told my parents, who told the school," the 14-year-old said.

Hermann van Engeland, who lectures in child psychiatry at Utrecht University's medical centre, says suicide and talking about it somehow raise status among the young. "We don't know why," he says, but he thinks it is much like a game of dare.

Commentators have pointed to an 18th-century parallel, when the publication of German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's novel The Sorrows of Young Werther, whose hero commits suicide following a disappointment in love, led to a string of youthful suicides.

The internet has replaced the romantic novel and the lovelorn letter, and as a Dutch foundation that works with those at risk of suicide has noted, it also provides information on how to commit suicide. Erik Jan de Wilde, who heads the youth research department of the Social Health Service (GGD) in Rotterdam, says it is well documented that "one suicide increases the risk of another" within a secondary school. Schools run specific programmes to demystify suicide and counter the romantic aura that surrounds it for some youngsters.

But he echoes the 14-year-old who brought the messages to light: "It is never girls that are otherwise happy within themselves. There is always something else going on -- feelings of helplessness, hopelessness. The bucket is full and then something apparently trivial -- a fight, a boyfriend who ends a relationship -- can be the last drop."

The experts agree the problem is not new. Adolescents have always been prone to strong feelings and to radical action, but modern technology allows a situation to get out of hand more quickly. There is no measured sealing of an envelope and long walk to the post box, during which the writer might have time to reflect. And the response comes in two minutes, rather than two days, allowing the cycle to begin again almost immediately. -- Sapa-dpa


ARUBA – The Netherlands will soon send constables to Aruba to investigate the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. The Netherlands does this at her own expense. The Corps National Police Service in the Netherlands (KLPD) is going to help Aruba with the Holloway-case. They do this upon request of Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP). Croes has also asked Interpol to thoroughly examine the file.

Holloway disappeared more than a year ago during a school trip. The authorities have worked on that case since then, without finding any trace of the girl. Minister Croes has sent a letter to The Hague a week ago requesting assistance. He hopes that with police assistance from the Netherlands, the case will be solved faster.

“Aruba sympathizes with the parents and close family of the girl, despite the negative campaign against the island”, writes Croes in the letter. The request went to minister Johan Remkes (VVD) of Home Affairs and the minister of Kingdom Relations, Atzo Nicolai (VVD). As a result of the request, the KLPD will get full leadership of the investigation.

Police officers of the Dutch corps will come to Aruba especially for the investigation. The Netherlands will also pay for the accommodation expenses of these officers in Aruba and also the expenses for the commitment. They will also get a location of their own, out of which they can work on the case. The police officers are allowed to carry a gun and use it and they get power of criminal investigation. They will also get access to relevant information from the Holloway-file and all the information system.

Minister Croes promised in his letter that the Dutch officers will get full cooperation of the investigation authorities and the government. Croes has also formally requested the Interpol to investigate the file for irregularities. “Upon request of the attorney general, Interpol had meanwhile tried to get the not yet released data by the FBI (the American federal police, editor)”, mentioned the minister in the letter.

The Public Prosecutor confirmed being aware of the request, but emphasized that it didn’t come from attorney general Theresa Croes–Fernandez Pedra, but from the Justice-minister himself. He had asked Interpol for assistance in July, when he visited the headquarters of the international police organization in Lyon, France.

The OM is also aware of the cooperation between the corpses from the Netherlands and Aruba and mentioned that this was done on police level and that the OM had not made the request. “The criminal investigation in the Holloway-case is still open. If the Dutch police can help, they are more than welcome to do so”, said Mariaine Croes.

August 24, 2006


Cab drivers feel the falling-off of the number of tourists directly in their wallet.

ARUBA – 52.050 Tourists visited Aruba in May. That is 6.73 percent less than last year. The decrease was 10.64 percent for the first five months of this year. The United States are still good for more than 74 percent of the total number of visitors, despite an above- average decrease in May and the first five months of this year.

The May statistics published by the Aruba Tourism Authority show that tourists from Great Britain increased and that the KLM has transported 20 percent less passengers to Aruba. 39.000 American tourists visited Aruba, which is 6.99 percent less than last year. 215.000 American tourists visited the island in the first five months of this year; 13.9 percent less than in 2005. 2.863 Tourists from the Netherlands visited Aruba in May of this year; 9.2 percent less than last year.

Compared with May of 2005, 22.97 percent less tourists from Venezuela came to Aruba in May this year. The top three countries with tourists that visited Aruba in May of this year are first the United States, second the Netherlands, and third Venezuela.

The increase/decrease percentages of tourists per country (not mentioned above) in May and for the first five months of this year are: Canada, 10.32 decrease in May and 2.11 increase in the first five months; Great Britain, 81.12 increase and also an increase in the first five months; Curacao, 13.59 decrease in May; Brazil, a decrease in May and 16.01 increase in the first five months; Argentina, 12.44 increase in May and 54.43 percent increase in the first five months; Germany, 1.41 increase in May and 11.58 percent decrease in the first five months.

Passengers transported from the United States to Aruba in May 2006 compared with May 2005: American Airlines, 1.86 percent more; US Airways, 17.72 percent less; Delta Airlines, 17.35 percent less; Continental Airlines, more; United Airlines, 8.22 percent more. Avianca transported 18.47 percent more passengers in the first five months of 2006 from Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil to Aruba.

August 23, 2006


8/22/06 Diario--Short and sweet A 36 year old British woman with the B.J.L.B. reported an attempted "violation" upon her person at about 8:15 am Monday morning by a man of 5' 9" height, grey eyes and brown hair. The woman was able to fight off the purported attacker and told the police that in the struggle she had marked the mans face with scratches.


Diario is calling on the people at the High Rise hotel - some who claim to have heard and or seen the attack to come forward with information to avoid another story that could harm tourism.


A Shameful Display of Paranoia and Mean-spiritedness

I am going to defend myself because obviously, there are those on the Internet who are filled with hate and malice. Since I am NOT one of those people I want to clear up a few things that have been brought to my attention.

First, I am NOT Michelle and she is NOT me. There is more than a 30 year age difference between us, she is about 8 inches taller than I am, very beautiful, lives in a different State and she is the ONLY owner of this blog site. I am in my 60's, short and far from beautiful. I wouldn't know how to run a site if my life depended on it. I would not know how to hack into someone's computer either and I recently broke my own printer by simply trying to change a cartridge. My computer savvy son helps me download things and other than that, I am totally useless in any form of technical mechanics.

I am a part of this grass roots movement to boycott Aruba and I believe in it with all of my heart and soul. I also believe that at this point in time it is the only way to help get answers about what happened to Natalee. The focus of my "series" at this time are those who are harmful to this movement that I am a part of.

This focus has at no time reached in the direction of any administrators or moderators at any other blog spot. I have not spoken to them and have no intention of doing so. I have tried to be fair to them in my conversations with others (some of whom are their friends). Comments like "Serve the meal" "Get the knife and fork" are so immature and ridiculous as to be an embarrassment to anyone who reads them.. Where the hell do you get off accusing me of hacking and suggesting that I am evil?

I stated in my last "Series" blog that I would not name my sources and that is true. That does not mean that I will not post the verifiable information and documentation that they give to me. It simply means exactly what it says...the people who gave the information to me will not be named. I repeat...I would NEVER post anything that I had not verified, checked for accuracy and vetted.

I have blogged that I believe Joran and the Kalpoe brothers to be involved in Natalee's disappearance and some have called me out (mostly from the hate sites like Refugees and Unusual Suspects) for making a statement without proper documentation. First, I based my statements in part on what ALE said publicly, "They are guilty as hell". I also based those statements on my personal opinion and the reasonable deduction that those suspects lied multiple times and were the last known people to be seen with Natalee.

Everything else that I have blogged has been information that was readily available through various sources and the media. If someone works FOR the Aruban tourist industry, is friendly with others who support the Aruban tourist industry, has a lot to lose if this boycott succeeds (as we KNOW it will), they are an enemy of this movement. That and only that is my reason for exposing people who fit this description.

I could care less what people say on other blog sites. I could care less if they disagree with my own personal opinions. Life isn't fair and I have lived long enough not to whine about it. I can't change what other people think or make them agree with me nor do I want to.

I CAN and WILL do everything in my power to see that this boycott movement is successful and THAT and ONLY THAT is the reason behind what I am in the process of doing. To those of you who feel the need to try and read my mind and put words in my mouth, you are being foolish and premature and you are proving it with every comment you make about my intentions and how I will express them.

I would NEVER harm a person intentionally and that stems from my upbringing, my belief in God and the fact that at one time I was a Nurse, Even when I do post the information that I am acquiring it WILL NOT be about anyone's family or anything that would not be in the public record. It will be simple fact presented as such and available for anyone who wishes to read it, believe it or ignore it.

My family has been severely and cruelly attacked by certain members of the anti-Holloway/Twitty sites and I have been hurt by the lies that have been told. I would NOT repeat that kind of behavior to hurt someone else in the same way.

Fact is fact and lies are lies and I assure you that I know the difference. You are doing a terrible disservice to Natalee and her family by continuing to waste your time bashing me or anyone else. You should be concentrating on helping to seek justice. If you are not, than you are useless to this cause and harmful to our goal of bringing peace to Natalee's family.

Whatever I do or say will be directed toward the above and for no other reason. Frankly, I don't give a rat's ass about the individuals who are acting out like small children on a school playground. I have no time for you, this effort has no time for you.


August 22, 2006



Posted by MG: "I find it hard to believe that two entertainers who were born and raised in Alabama, and still have fairly strong ties to that state would agree to perform at this year's Aruba Musical Festival. Lionel is from Tuskegee and Shaw is from Montgomery."

Check out the traitors out for yourself--greedy bastards trying to salvage their careers...

Traitor, Lionel Richie

Traitor, Tommy Shaw-Styx

Previous posts on Aruba Musical Festival:

Part 1

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By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

I am continuing in my pursuit of the truth and wanted to keep you all updated. Information is starting to flow quickly and it is going to make a big difference in how some of us view what we now believe is truth and who we see as friends.

So many of us have worked so hard to help Natalee's Family and we plan on continuing that. I want to point out that this boycott movement is VERY important because at the moment it is our only real weapon and we must use it to bring the Aruban authorities to their knees and give up what they know about Natalee. They DO know more than they are saying and we have to do whatever we can to make them speak.

To be blunt and a little profane..."money talks and bullshit walks". If anyone is in a position to hurt our efforts they must be exposed. They cannot be allowed to continue conning Natalee's family and blocking our efforts. They are out there among us right now. We read their words all of the time and we have been fooled. Good, decent, and innocent people are being dragged down to the level of these individuals and we can't let that continue.

We can't allow anyone to stop our momentum and we won't. Those who have something to hide know who they are and soon you will all know as well. Those who have been pretending will be named and exposed for all to see. Too many people have invested too much of their lives and time to be fooled and Natalee deserves better. Not all of the good, hard-working people get much recognition but they deserve it and they will get it from me. They may be excluded from the thank you notes posted on various sites but their voices will be heard.

Every time I blog I will name a couple of those people who have devoted so much of their lives these past months...Michelle..Frank...thank you. Beth, as always....our promise to you continues and won't end until you have your answers. The worst thing that anyone can do is rush to judgment because eventually they look foolish.

That, unfortunately, will be the case before this series ends. It is never wise to listen to only one person before jumping in and speaking out. One should know all of the facts and that hasn't always been the case as of late. For those of you who know me and have known me for a long time now, you know that I am not vicious and you know that I would NEVER do anything to harm Natalee's memory or her family.

Those who judge me without knowing what I have had to say in the past are wrong. I am no hater. I have fought the haters. Once they are exposed I won't give them another thought. They do NOT count. I promised to tell you all the truth about what some of us have discovered and I will. I also promised to do it as accurately and honestly as possible so that takes time.

I try to never post hearsay and unsubstantiated gossip so you will have to allow me to do this in my own way and in my own time. I do NOT name my sources and never have so the information has to be verified and I have to be sure of what I am telling you. I have to be satisfied that I am correct in my assertions.

For those who continue to judge and bad-mouth go ahead and do what you must do. It will not stop me from my blogging. For those of you who have shown your faith in me and asked that people simply listen to what I have to say...thank you. I will not let you down.

This is ALL about NATALEE and that's as it should be. It has always been that way for me. My loyalty is to her and seeing that she gets justice and since there are those who are behind the scenes doing everything in their power to stop that justice we will go forward. Sadly, some of them are very close by. I have yet to name any names or expose any blog yet people are acting as if they have a guilty conscience.

Maybe they do......

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