August 30, 2006



By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Reality in the case of Natalee Holloway is ugly. It is about corrupt officials on Aruba, lies on Aruba and on the Internet right here in the United States. It is about people pretending to be friends and doing all that they can to harm Natalee's image and the character of her Mother, Beth Twitty.

REALITY is uglier than anyone imagined when on that fateful day, Natalee disappeared.

REALITY is people pretending and people covering their behinds and preventing people from seeing the TRUE REALITY.

REALITY is this:

No matter what form it takes or where it posts...REALITY has reared it's ugly head and it is up to those of us who want to find the truth, to find protect her family to bring it all out.


Mine is to support this boycott and to find the truth and most of all:



Anonymous said...

Meri - the link is broken. A password is required to get in, and the site will conveniently not allow anyone to register. If you click on the Site Map, however, and maneuver to the second page, you can clearly see the promotion of Aruba and the bashing of Beth. Is this the REALITY you intend us to see? I can clearly see it, and am not at all surprised. Jessie

Anonymous said...

He is NOT a Beth supporter
This is one of his posts
Posted: Nov 2 2005, 11:18 AM
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as i told you from yesterday early in the morning, beth arrived
in aruba again with a group of bandits, terrorists. dry.gif

but since this site is not working, posts are coming out like 3 days
later , its old news !!!






Meri said...

Sorry about the link problem. I hope that it can be seen and look for the poster named REALITY. There are several posts by this person.

He is a man of many various PM's, and posts he can be charming, pornographic or downright nasty to Beth. This is one example of his "style". He will deny that it is him as he always does when something is uncovered to show his true colors. There is a lot more information and documentation on this creep but I decided to show only one side of his REALITY. Other's have seen the other sides of this disgusting person. Some even thank him which makes me want to vomit.

Anonymous said...

I've seen posts on this site from a poster called reality..

They are all hateful towards Beth and sick.

Anonymous said...

Reality also post over on Refugee's under the name of Alvin, I believe. If you do a search on Alvin you may find all his post. Even one there where he says he is at BFN and what a joke it is there.

Anonymous said...

Meri, keep them on the run.

Anonymous said...

sick people playing games on natalee holloway and families expense...check it out for yourself

Alvin over on Refugee's Natalee thread
Alvin PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2006 8:34 am
Im ridiculously handsome and hung like a horse.
gagirl PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2006 9:07 am

Alvin wrote:
Im ridiculously handsome and hung like a horse. Laughing
I can vouch for that.
oh my Embarassed
No, mine.
gagirl PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2006 10:48 am
Oh.. I thought it was an honest question..sorry Diva. Embarassed Laughing Laughing

gagirl PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2006 11:42 am

Told ya.. refugees and can fit on there

Alvin PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2006 1:42 pm
BhamMom wrote Alvin wrote:
Im ridiculously handsome and hung like a horse. Laughing
hocked Shocked Shocked Is that a minature pony or HORSE? Laughing
Whichever fits you, sweetie.
Alvin PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2006 2:43 pm
If she's cute, hey, what a pleasure, now do yourself a favor and pop over to BFN and catch a dose of Reality !

This is what happens when their in NO News Sorry Guys

Anonymous said...

Carter,Reality,Alvin what ever he calls himself today he's a pervert in his PM's to woman he's sick and BFN does nothing.We are told to not respond to him.

� Reply #465 on: Today at 01:12:41 PM �
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This will be my second attempt at this...where did my first post go?

Reality has posted the most disgusting, immature and idiotic crap that I have seen in a long time and this is SUPPOSED to be a blog FOR Natalee.

How does this person help the family...what does he contribute other than garbage and innuendo?

As poster Alvin

Alvin PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2006 2:43 pm
If she's cute, hey, what a pleasure, now do yourself a favor and pop over to BFN and catch a dose of Reality !

Alvin PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2006 8:34 am
Im ridiculously handsome and hung like a horse.
Alvin PostPosted: Fri Aug 18, 2006 2:15 am
I love it, give women the subject of a sizable object and they go to town on it ! Laughing

What a ride ! LOL Banana Bang
I can't see how this helps the family

Anonymous said...

Aruba is a dirty bomb, it will kill you if not careful about whats coming. The oil spill is a curse, beginning of an end to all the hotels and resorts in the northern shore. The vast oil spill by the leaking old refinery undersea pipeline is unpluggable 'cause the thick steel wall were eaten away by the coral fish. The coral fish schools swim up to the hotel beaches with those spilled motor oil in their belly are poisoning everybody in touch with them. This is the First Curse on Aruba. The Second Curse will be the possible HIV outbreak brought in by Joran's blonde prositute from Holland.

Anonymous said...

Carter/Reality/Alvin/ w/e the name is he chooses to create is a disgrace to Natalee and her family!
Very disrespectable! and
Robin Holloway thanks him! :(

For What Robin? Whay thank a Natalee basher/hater? If Natale was your real daughter would you thank him? For the love of God I do not understand you thanking such garbage! You need to some serious thinging and praying!

Anonymous said...

I nominate that scumbag as Aruba's Little Man of the Year...

Good work Enuch. You have taken this cause to a new low level. And Debbie, you should be freaking ashamed of yourself for allowing that to continue for 15 months.
No wonder their are people jumping off your site like mad.

Anonymous said...

I went to BFN and asked a simple question in an effort to hear the other side of your story. Debbie’s goon squad deleted my post in its entirety without as much as a word. So, I changed threads and tried to post again. Once again my post was deleted by Gagirl with a comment that I was in the wrong place. I responded with a note that said yes it was apparent that BFN was the wrong place period, considering the random censorship. That post never made it on the board either.

My polite query was met with extreme resistance, while some are allowed to run amuck and defile the name of Beth at every opportunity. “Blogs for Natalee” should be sued for false advertising! That blog is not for Natalee and those that are serious about this case. It is a playground for a bunch of rejects that wouldn’t make it five minutes on any decent, respectable message board.

The place should be exposed for what it is! Keep up the good fight Meri!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That idiot gagirl has deleted more posts written by other posters than she has written herself.

So much for Southern Charm. She has none.

Thanks Meri for exposing what that site really is. It was long over due.
Keep up the good work. This case needs more people like you. Someone who integrity cant be bought through praise or money. I look forward to hearing more from you on this subject soon. The sooner, the better.

Anonymous said...

Gagirl is a long time member from Refugee's. Gagirl has been a Beth basher a long time on Refugees.

Would you expect any less of her at BFN? She's not been at BFN that long. Wonder how she got in as moderator. Guess Reality pulled some strings over there since he's a moderator too. Sick, just sick!

Auntiem said...

I've never had a problem with the link. In fact, I just used it and read more of his disgusting bashing of Beth. I truly hope that Robin and Dave are made aware of the link so that they can go there and read for themselves what he has posted and why Deetch and so many other posters had such an extremely shocked and disappointed response to her post. Let her see how terribly she has been used.

Anonymous said...

Gagirl is caught up in Reality's "spell". Just as Debbie is and apparently Robin.

The damage is done to BFN. It will never be a respectable forum again. Debbie screwed up Royalty!!

Anonymous said...

Deetch does not bash Beth and he did not bash Robin. If you would read his post you would understand what he said.

Deetch was attacking the person or persons that put Robin in the position to make the post at BFN.

Deetch is a huge supporter for natalee. Just as huge as Meri & Michelle.

Debbie made a huge mistake for urging Robin to post on BFN. She thought it would HELP the forum but it only made it worse.

BFN is not a respected forum anymore. It used to be, I admit. However, Debbie has allowed Reality, MIP6 and Ramm to come in and totally run the place.

To add to it, she has gagirl as a mod. Gagirl is plainly a basher. She has some major issues. She and Reality talk about sexual issues on Refugees, (a hate site). Is that respectable? I think NOT!

Brandi and Yolibee are the only sane ones there. However, I'm thinking they are not allowed to discipline the three above mentioned.

Keep up the great work Meri!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Please continue to call out these deviants. Name names..maybe the Reality is...they have something to hide.

Anonymous said...

At this time I would like to ask if any who are reading here and were/are posting at BFN have found that their computers have been hacked? A few have mentioned having certain "strange problems" with computers, and I would like to find out if this is something that is prevalent or just a "coincidendece" for a certain chosen few.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we were hacked!!
A few of us had to get new computers.
More then a "coincidendece" I would say.

Reality has told my friend he was a hacker.
"I have told you BEFORE what I do as my job !
And I am BLOODY GOOD AT IT ! Quote


Anonymous said...

"I have told you BEFORE what I do as my job !
And I am BLOODY GOOD AT IT ! Quote"

What a bunch of bullshit!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't know how to tell if I've been hacked or not. I have two separate email addresses, however, home and work. In the last 2 weeks, I have started receiving similar porn emails at both email addresses. Coincidence? I think not. BFN has both email addresses on file, and it started right after I expressed an interest in hearing what Meri had to say. Meri, please, finish the story!

Auntiem said...

A week or so ago I posted something here on another thread, discussing how many good people were banned or left (BFN) due to Reality and his abuse. I named three posters off the top of my head, and low and behold, while reading the Diario Forum, the same three names appeared as posters. The posts were ridiculous, sounded like Gagirl and Brandig with the recipe talk. Suddenly the REAL Faith (one of the posters I had mentioned) came on in full denial of HER and the other two (Loveslilac and Blond) saying that they did NOT have accounts and did not post at Diario!! Another coincidence?? Like the hacked computers? I THINK NOT!!

Anonymous said...

Auntiem said...

You've said a lot. This show's how BFR works. Thank you for speaking the truth.

Robinhood Holloway-Reality-Ramm-Mark lover has been busted and she is making post at Diario as guest. She hates Beth and she is out to get her. She also post on Refugees. Pay attention to VC's comments on RU-Beth hate site. She tells a lot about how she and Robin are friends. (hello)!

Robin hates Beth so she is the one causing this stir. Everyone know's this Robin and you've been BUSTED! hahahahaha

You'r not Natalee's mom and you do not love her like her real mom, you're just JEALOUS of Beth because SHE has more integrity than you do.

STOP the hate Robin in Natalee's name.

Boycott Aruba all the way!
Boycott Blogs 4 Reality-Ramm-Mark

Meri & Michelle I love you both- your messages say a LOT. The truth hurts at times but, thats ALL we want is the TRUTH & NATALEE.

May Aruba Sink in the ocean.

Anonymous said...


In the name of Natalee- STOP!

You're jealously has shown through. Have some respect for once in your hillbilly life! Natalee is not yours and your hate for Beth has gone too far. Let it go!

Michelle said...

F-ing AMEN!!! I have been told by reliable sources that she is purposely trying to sabotage anything this boycott movement does. Including anything that has to do with Beth.

Go ahead can be mad at me too. Go back to High School.

Anonymous said...

Reality think's he's Mr Cool. He has been busted! He & Robin talk on the phone and exchange emails. What do they have to talk about? All Reality wants to do is send porn to ladies and talk dirty.

This is interesting because we know what Robin is doing behind Dave's back.

Reality, remember this-we used to talk. I know what you are capable of and I know what you do.

I fell for you hook, line and sinker.

Robin, back off before it's too late.
Leave Beth alone and support her even though you hate her. This is her daughter missing and Dave's, not yours.

Reality, rot in hell.

Meri, thank you for posting this. I used to be a BFNer many moons ago. I left because things got out of hand. Reality is scum, Debbie is worse. Gagirl is a nasty B. She has bashed the family a lot and now a mod at BFN.

This show's what BFN is. I'm so sorry they have taken Natalee's name in vain.

May Natalee rest in peace.