July 31, 2008


We all know that Mr. "I've reformed myself" Joe Mammana is sitting in prison right now. Violation of probation, money laundering, tax evasion, using his company to hide money and setting up "dummy vendors" to obtain cash illegally.

However, since his arrest it seems that NO ONE has heard about him. Where is he? What prison? If you remember, the head of the Columbus, Ohio Crime Stoppers was beaten by Joe's "cronies" because Joe wouldn't pay up after they found Julie Popovich's killer. I have contacted this man, but have not received any answers.

If anyone has any insight or has knowledge, please let me know. There are many who are wondering where he is at, how long he is going to be sitting in prison and what his fate is.

Read here regarding my immense disappointment with Joe after he snowed me over with his sociopath ways of being "sincere" and reigning me in like a lame horse.

PHILADELPHIA — Federal prosecutors contend a businessman known for pledging money to help track down criminals has pocketed $3.2 million of income over the past several years while not paying federal taxes since 2000.

Court papers allege Joe Mammana diverted millions from his Yardley egg farm into his personal checking account and four other business accounts to avoid income taxes.

Mammana has been "lining his pockets and accumulating luxury cars and a luxury house with the proceeds of his business, all while refusing to report this illicit income to the IRS," the U.S. Attorney's Office said in court papers Friday.

The court filing requested Mammana be kept in custody while awaiting trial on recent gun charges. U.S. Magistrate L. Felipe Restrepo granted the request, denying bail because he said Mammana was a flight risk.

Mammana was arrested on Thursday, the day after authorities found a loaded handgun in his home during a search for evidence of possible mail and wire fraud, according to an arrest warrant.

He has a lengthy criminal record that includes convictions for aggravated assault, larceny and narcotics violations.

The felon-turned-philanthropist has offered reward money in numerous high-profile cases, including the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway in Aruba last year and the death of Julie Popovich, whose skeletal remains were found Sept. 1 near an Ohio reservoir.

Mammana is embroiled in a lawsuit with an Ohio crime-stoppers group that alleged he reneged on the reward offered in the Popovich slaying. The head of the group, Kevin Miles, is also suing Mammana, saying someone with a baseball bat attacked him and told him to drop the lawsuit. Mammana said he had nothing to do with the attack.

Here is his FORMER website: "Mighty Joe's Justice".
How funny that it "morphed" into this.

July 21, 2008


I would personally like to thank Mr. Tromp for putting this video together. It is a MUST SEE. The "gist" of the video goes something like this:

"...Duped by the white collar criminals of the Dutch Kingdom in Aruba...and I want to apologize to you through this letter to you for the injustice for the Ministry of Justice of Aruba..."

He names names, compares government officials to Nazis through various photos and is fearless in speaking his mind. A MUST SEE!!!

July 13, 2008


Aruba - Tax Haven - Privacy,
Offshore Investments & Financial Services Of Aruba

NEW DELHI: The government is planning to scrutinize investments flowing in from tax havens such as Andora, Aruba, Bahamas, Costa Rica and Dominica where investor details remain confidential due to banking policies.

According to sources in the department of industrial policy and promotion (Dipp), the government is concerned about Indian residents parking money in the island nations to route them back for investments. There are also mounting fears of money being used for terror funding and laundering activities.

Investments in the nations do not get reported as the island countries maintain banking secrecy and do not reveal the nature of investments.

Intelligence agencies have expressed fears that funds from such places were flowing into the stock market through participatory notes issued by foreign institutional investors.

“We need to crack down on such investments. Intelligence authorities and National Security Council (NSC) would assist in tracking such investments,” a government source said, adding that most such funds flow into the real estate sector.

According to estimates, funds from such nations flowing into the real estate sector totaled $150 million. Although the money through the route may be a paltry amount compared to $2-billion FDI in 2007-08, the government fears this is just the beginning of an impending influx.

The government’s move comes months after revelations by German government intelligence authority BND about ill-gotten wealth to tune of millions being parked in Liechtenstein, a tax haven near Germany. Countries like Canada, Italy, India and the US have expressed interest in accessing information on the funds parked in Liechtenstein.



**I want to personally thank "Natalee's Freebirds" for their hard work, extensive research, dedication to finding answers, questioning scenarios and "conclusions"; and bottom line...never giving up in the quest of finding JUSTICE FOR NATALEE.

Too Little Too Late, Or Bait and Switch?

Many questions have been raised about the vehicle Natalee Holloway was last seen in - the Silver Honda Civic owned by Deepak Kalpoe.

It seems there was a concerted effort made to possibly remove or dispose of evidence pertaining to Miss Holloway's demise from that car.

It had been reported that the vehicle in question was inspected in the early days of this investigation - wherein the FBI told Natalee's parents that blood was present in the vehicle.

Considering these suspects could never have anticipated the timely arrival of Natalee's desperate family on the island of Aruba, their immediate efforts to cleanse this car don't appear to have been enough to remove this damaging evidence.

June 01 2005

A high school's senior trip to Aruba went terribly wrong for a local family. The trip ended without Natalie Holloway returning. The 18-year-old went to a nightclub in Aruba with a man she befriended while on the trip. She was last seen in the man's car leaving the club at about 1 a.m. Monday. The man, who lives in Aruba, has been interrogated and his car is in FBI custody.


8:00 am Tuesday, May 31, 2005 Beth arrives at Bubali Police Station and Deepak's car is parked in the back. (p. 58 Loving Natalee)

  • With this in mind, we then re-visited what has been made available about the disposition of this Honda Civic in the hours and days after Natalee disappeared.
  • It is highly unlikely Deepak Kalpoe cleaned his car in the middle of the night, and then dropped it at Automotive Enterprises the next night out of sheer coincidence.
  • A neighbor saw the vehicle being cleaned in the early morning hours of the same night Natalee went missing

“In the early morning hours of Monday morning (May 30th), Deepak methodically and uncharacteristically cleaned his silver Nissan, claiming that it had “ants” in it..."

(source: CIVIL SUIT filed in New York)

In the night time hours of May 30th, Deepak's vehicle was deposited with Automotive Enterprises - a time during which Deepak told law enforcement he was at work

Because I had worked in the past on the car of Deepak, he approached me to keep z/n its car for him in my garage in the "Automotive Enterprises established" at Wayaca for him. I must note that I in the past the car of Deepak had twice left his car in my garage when I worked on it. With the car of Deepak I mean the grey four door private car of the make "Honda Civic".

On your question if Deepak had told me how he knew that the missing American little girl Natalee Ann HOLLOWAY on Monday, 30 May 2005, in the night time hours, had only her identification document (drivers license) and an amount of US $50, in her possession, I answer you the following:

At absolutely no moment did Deepak tell me how he knew that missing little girl only had her identity card and US $50, =, in her possession. You must ask it to Deepak.

(Witness Statement given by OF Osman August 6, 2005)

By 8:00 am the morning of May 31st,
Deepak's vehicle was located at the Bubali Police Station

Does the above activity tell us the following may
have occurred with Deepak's vehicle?

  • Deepak attempts to clean his blood stained vehicle himself in the middle of the night, within mere hours of Natalee going missing?
  • That attempt did not remove the blood from the vehicle, and a second attempt at cleaning the vehicle was done by Automotive Enterprises when Deepak took his car there the night of May 30th?
  • When neither of those attempts at evidence removal worked, and the FBI had found blood in that vehicle during an inspection conducted by June 1, 2005, we then have to pose the question:

Whose vehicle was impounded
and forensically tested on June 9, 2005?

Below is a photo of the front of the Kalpoe home, taken on June 9 2005 after the two brothers Deepak and Satish had been taken in by Aruban law enforcement, and after Deepak's silver Honda Civic was purportedly seized by authorities.


CBS News: Suspect Knew Natalee http://nataleeholloway.tripod.com/

Whose silver Honda Civic is that pictured outside the Kalpoe home after another Honda Civic was seized by authorities?

The following are pictures of Deepak Kalpoe's Honda Civic -
note the number of spokes in the wheels:



Here now is the Honda Civic Aruban police seized in the early morning hours when Deepak and Satish were arrested - note the difference in the number of spokes in the wheel from Deepak's Honda Civic:


Was the car Natalee Holloway was last seen in
the one seized by authorities on June 9 2005?

Or was another car taken in its place?

Where did this second silver Honda Civic
come from, and to whom did it belong?

July 01, 2008


Justice-orgies and blackmail on Antilles

Published by
Micha Kat Micha Kat
27 juni, 2008 June 27, 2008

With public disclosure of the paedophile network leaders from around the world of justice and politics is a world in images of sex, corruption, fraud and blackmail which we VERY FAR BACK in history to have something comparable to be found.

Hans Holthuis, Joost Tonino, Joris Demmink and Paulus van der Sloot: they all belong to the same club of judicial pervert who at the expense of the taxpayer to kill our rule of law have helped.

Hans Holthuis

Joris Demmink

Joost Tonino

This episode takes us back to the flat of "pedo-professor Ger van Roon in Amsterdam-North, but to the garden of the family of Van Der Sloot in Aruba ...


This piece is placed on HVV because the website klokkenluideronline which it was intended is probably sabotaged. To the causes of the series of failures is now investigated.

The Dutch judiciary is on a colossal scale extortion with pornographic material on prosecutors and judges. That conclusion is no longer escape. People like Eddy Kroes-the three times he was sentenced to a lengthy prison-knew from the cell to abide by leaders of Justice to confront with imagery in which they highly compromising stands to be seen. In the case of the Kroes was the blackmail Hans Holthuis that the PPS with the tail between his legs had to leave. Holthuis belonged to the 'Demmink network' of paedophile 'senior'.

But officers as Jan Wolter Wabeke (by Bram Peper) and Joost Tonino (from business leaders come into view as Cor Boonstra) seem to have become the victim of blackmail such practices. An important indication is that 'big business' of these officers uitdraaiden (very expensive) failures while for everyone while also clearly visible was that the defendants were guilty as hell. But that blackmail may also work on the other side and want to ensure that innocent people are convicted, as was the case with the Kurdish Baybasin businessman who had to swallow because lifelong Justice chief executive Joris Demmink was blackmailed with disclosure of his pedo-files as Baybasin not behind bars would disappear.

Jan Wolter Wabeke

The entire Dutch law has been disrupted by all those magistrates that their penis-envy but do not know to be limited to the marital sponde or pinch of standing up to a brothel. No, it needs much smeriger, in gardens, front and back of official cars, with sinister and illegal orgies with imported minderarigen. Otherwise, we get 'm really no longer prevails among our toga.

Having said all that, dare we are also the best argument that Joran van der Sloot remains at liberty is because his father Paul so much dirty shit in file about the Dutch Antilles to magistrates that they at least three parliamentary inquiries could be filled.

From publicly available sources is already so much filth to top that we can easily say that the West Indies on a continuous orgy of copulerende and ejaculerende magistrates from boredom and depravity not know where they leuter now must instoppen. What about the lower shore to hit criminal Cor Merx, until 2005 the CEO of the PPS in the Antilles, which went under in a tsunami of corruption, fraud and sex? Read the (nearly) complete Merx files which the reader must realize that the OM yes, we are good for our people! - This Merx after they entered the West Indies was off geejaculeerd even has appointed Advocate General Den Haag.

Cor Merx

Is it not a truism that subordinates the behavior of their boss copy? Well, we know immediately what the average Antillean OM'mer as the first act of the day was done after the opening of the already tired eyes and act berof not again go through the files of current affairs. Then there are the not-yet-issued detailed descriptions of the whores and sloeren by the Public Prosecutor Ernst Wesselius acting in the name of the queen is stationed on Bonaire and long time even reported on his interesting experiences "on the islands the door of the PPS.

Also extortion, which has been initiated for the reader of the direct link already clear. It also deserves to be called the biggest criminal in the history of the Dutch OM, French Pommer, billenmaat of Merx at the public prosecutor in Maastricht until 2000 when both the West Indies under the palm trees went lie relax.

Ernst Wesselius

The ground was Pommer Netherlands in a little hot under the feet become after it was revealed that he as an officer in a major drug issues no less than eight observation orders had falsified. For an ordinary citizen opgeknoopt the reason, but within the OM, such forms of corruption are rewarded with a ticktet to Willemstad. On the islands became Pommer almost entirely from the media has managed to remain so entangled in the web of known fraud, blackmail, sex and corruption that for nothing else than him but left again to get back to the Netherlands where he is currently connected to the Prosecutor in Roermond.

Well, in this cosy atmosphere of give and take was one Paulus van der Sloot, proud father of the ambitious Joran, judge-in-training. Need we say more? Paul is still a suspect in the Holloway case but worse still is that there never really been done to research the life and work of Paul on the islands. We suspect that by Justice Paul was stationed in Aruba as a sort of maitre de plaisir as we know from the times of the Roman Empire and Louis XIV at Versailles with the task of organising lectures and interesting legal jurisprudence evenings.

In other words, Paul knows like no other magistrate which are leuter on what day and what a beach chair in which minor schandknaapje and he has put deinst there is not as good father to back this knowledge to be deployed to protect zoonlief. It seems the ultimate depravity of macabre circle around: the OM is even blackmailed by their own judiciary! Let us soon agree what further look at those other mysterious justice-figure about whom very little is known fact: Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Minister of Justice.

Ernst Hirsch Ballin

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I almost feel sorry for the level of denial the Aruban Tourism Authority is in with this propaganda-filled article. I guess it's that time of year they have to fool themselves and the public into thinking they are financially 'just-a-okay'.

Rather embarrassing, don't you think?

MEP: ‘2008 successful tourism year

30 Jun, 2008

ORANJESTAD – All the institution with tourism expertise on the island say that 2008 is going to be another successful year for the tourist industry. This is thanks to the dynamic policy of the Oduber-cabinet and the huge efforts of Minister Edison Briesen of Tourism and Transport.

MEP indicates that the government has fastened upon the reinforcement of this industry. Premier Nelson Oduber laid the basis for this by seeing to it that the project Plan Sasaki was implemented near Eagle- and Palm Beach. The MEP AND especially Minister Briesen was praised for all the good things they did in the tourism industry.

Thanks to Briesen, the tourism on the island increased from 691.000 tourists in 2001 to 754.000 in 2007. AHATA, ATA, and Aruba Airport Authority (AAA) confirmed that this year is going to be another success.

(As always, Briesen et al never supply their "statistics". Personally a six year report doesn't really say much about how the CURRENT trend is. Here are some reasonable questions for Briesen: How did Aruba do in the last quarter? What about the year? How about the years from 2004-present?)