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Justice-orgies and blackmail on Antilles

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Micha Kat Micha Kat
27 juni, 2008 June 27, 2008

With public disclosure of the paedophile network leaders from around the world of justice and politics is a world in images of sex, corruption, fraud and blackmail which we VERY FAR BACK in history to have something comparable to be found.

Hans Holthuis, Joost Tonino, Joris Demmink and Paulus van der Sloot: they all belong to the same club of judicial pervert who at the expense of the taxpayer to kill our rule of law have helped.

Hans Holthuis

Joris Demmink

Joost Tonino

This episode takes us back to the flat of "pedo-professor Ger van Roon in Amsterdam-North, but to the garden of the family of Van Der Sloot in Aruba ...


This piece is placed on HVV because the website klokkenluideronline which it was intended is probably sabotaged. To the causes of the series of failures is now investigated.

The Dutch judiciary is on a colossal scale extortion with pornographic material on prosecutors and judges. That conclusion is no longer escape. People like Eddy Kroes-the three times he was sentenced to a lengthy prison-knew from the cell to abide by leaders of Justice to confront with imagery in which they highly compromising stands to be seen. In the case of the Kroes was the blackmail Hans Holthuis that the PPS with the tail between his legs had to leave. Holthuis belonged to the 'Demmink network' of paedophile 'senior'.

But officers as Jan Wolter Wabeke (by Bram Peper) and Joost Tonino (from business leaders come into view as Cor Boonstra) seem to have become the victim of blackmail such practices. An important indication is that 'big business' of these officers uitdraaiden (very expensive) failures while for everyone while also clearly visible was that the defendants were guilty as hell. But that blackmail may also work on the other side and want to ensure that innocent people are convicted, as was the case with the Kurdish Baybasin businessman who had to swallow because lifelong Justice chief executive Joris Demmink was blackmailed with disclosure of his pedo-files as Baybasin not behind bars would disappear.

Jan Wolter Wabeke

The entire Dutch law has been disrupted by all those magistrates that their penis-envy but do not know to be limited to the marital sponde or pinch of standing up to a brothel. No, it needs much smeriger, in gardens, front and back of official cars, with sinister and illegal orgies with imported minderarigen. Otherwise, we get 'm really no longer prevails among our toga.

Having said all that, dare we are also the best argument that Joran van der Sloot remains at liberty is because his father Paul so much dirty shit in file about the Dutch Antilles to magistrates that they at least three parliamentary inquiries could be filled.

From publicly available sources is already so much filth to top that we can easily say that the West Indies on a continuous orgy of copulerende and ejaculerende magistrates from boredom and depravity not know where they leuter now must instoppen. What about the lower shore to hit criminal Cor Merx, until 2005 the CEO of the PPS in the Antilles, which went under in a tsunami of corruption, fraud and sex? Read the (nearly) complete Merx files which the reader must realize that the OM yes, we are good for our people! - This Merx after they entered the West Indies was off geejaculeerd even has appointed Advocate General Den Haag.

Cor Merx

Is it not a truism that subordinates the behavior of their boss copy? Well, we know immediately what the average Antillean OM'mer as the first act of the day was done after the opening of the already tired eyes and act berof not again go through the files of current affairs. Then there are the not-yet-issued detailed descriptions of the whores and sloeren by the Public Prosecutor Ernst Wesselius acting in the name of the queen is stationed on Bonaire and long time even reported on his interesting experiences "on the islands the door of the PPS.

Also extortion, which has been initiated for the reader of the direct link already clear. It also deserves to be called the biggest criminal in the history of the Dutch OM, French Pommer, billenmaat of Merx at the public prosecutor in Maastricht until 2000 when both the West Indies under the palm trees went lie relax.

Ernst Wesselius

The ground was Pommer Netherlands in a little hot under the feet become after it was revealed that he as an officer in a major drug issues no less than eight observation orders had falsified. For an ordinary citizen opgeknoopt the reason, but within the OM, such forms of corruption are rewarded with a ticktet to Willemstad. On the islands became Pommer almost entirely from the media has managed to remain so entangled in the web of known fraud, blackmail, sex and corruption that for nothing else than him but left again to get back to the Netherlands where he is currently connected to the Prosecutor in Roermond.

Well, in this cosy atmosphere of give and take was one Paulus van der Sloot, proud father of the ambitious Joran, judge-in-training. Need we say more? Paul is still a suspect in the Holloway case but worse still is that there never really been done to research the life and work of Paul on the islands. We suspect that by Justice Paul was stationed in Aruba as a sort of maitre de plaisir as we know from the times of the Roman Empire and Louis XIV at Versailles with the task of organising lectures and interesting legal jurisprudence evenings.

In other words, Paul knows like no other magistrate which are leuter on what day and what a beach chair in which minor schandknaapje and he has put deinst there is not as good father to back this knowledge to be deployed to protect zoonlief. It seems the ultimate depravity of macabre circle around: the OM is even blackmailed by their own judiciary! Let us soon agree what further look at those other mysterious justice-figure about whom very little is known fact: Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Minister of Justice.

Ernst Hirsch Ballin

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Anonymous said...

Joran and Paulus need to be careful for their family reunion this year in their Aruba home. Some unmarked white helicoptor might land onto their yard and pluck them out into the air. The mafia can longer afford the JP to ruin their business under the new US President next year. The potential new president is espicially very harsh and critical of Aruba's doing and undoing, and criminal activities which are strongly causing harms to the American tourists.

Anonymous said...

The digial biometric camera had snapped the finferprints of Rick Smid and Joran van der Sloot in two days apart. Nobody knows what's going on between the two. But certainly Rick Smid and Joran had met together in private in Thailand. Rick Smid is a legalised gay Dutch judge in Aruban. Joran is a murder suspect in Holland at large. This discovery has shown how corrupt and lawless the Queen and her Dutch law is.

Anonymous said...

The Iranians provided the oil money and the Chinese supplied the cheap prisoners labor. The Aruba Airport had been extended and upgraded to modern military standard. Tunnels and super reinforced concrete steel bunkers were built deep underground under the cover of the new runway. The Russian Iranian long range global bombers can now land in Aruba for refueling and aircrew refreshments and new supplies. Aruba has turned itself into a new axis of evil island country. Oduber has a strong desire and aggresive vision of becoming the Emporor of Netherland. Queen Beatrix is weak and she is no match to Oduber's cunningness. Oduber used Joran as a spy to penerate Queen Beatrix's military defence. In fact Joran is a traitor to his biological mother Beatrix and Motherland Holland.

Anonymous said...

The Aruba tourists economy is staggering under the Oduber Dutch colony ministry, and poor local nonwhite Arubans are hurting.
The Liberty group of Holland political independents and activists raises idea of a timetable for Hague Parliament to oust Nelson Oduber on the allegation of his adultereous involement with Joran affair and the price fixing with Dutch Iranian Oil Consultancy in Aruba. The Aruba oil hijacking price scam plotting to $200 a barrel is damaging USA, and the foreign military relationship with Holland. The current American president is proQueen and very uncare about the safety of Natalee Holloway in Aruba. He will visit Aruba during the November general election to comfort Oduber and Beatrix. For they know they will soon lose their powers and return to humble civilian life.

Anonymous said...

The Boycott is working very well, silently and powerfully. The state department has identified and verified the relationship between Iran and Aruba. The Iran missile launch was aiming at sea and homing to Aruba on the new Aruba airport beacon receiver disc made by the Russians. If the Iranian missile can eventually reach Aruba, Iran can attack any US cities in the East Coast and the entire Europe, including the Netherlands. The Hague government is getting very nervious with Aruba's wrong doings and evil intentions. The Holland farmers stop shipping the milk and meat products to Aruba as showing their dislikes of Aruba. Aruba will face food shortage and may be starvation soon. So the boycott is ongoing.

Anonymous said...

In the face of Iranian and Russia threats against Israel and United States, Aruba is deeply dragged into the conspiracy of hurting the American tourists. Aruba secretly reduced the legal drinking age to 14 to match the Dutch law minimum sex worker age. The intent is to attract more US middle school students to Aruba for binge drinking and child sex. Oduber is consolidating his political powers on oil, sex and cocaine trades. He will cut the wages of the airport workers to punish their strikes. Aruba's situations are dangerous.

Anonymous said...

The oil futures and speculations are recently done by the Dutch oil company with the colloaration of the Iranian oil export ministry in Aruba. The super oil tankers are routing to Aruba, down south to Argentina, then set sail back to Africa and India, then return back to the Iranian waters. The poorly regulated deregulations laws under the current US Government allow Aruba to disrupt normal US market forces and amplify the oil market speculations under the Dutch law. Over 60% of oil speculators are Dutch people operating in Aruba's AHTA resorts. They trade oil on future contract papers with no intention of deliver the fuel to the market for consumptions. They just tanker the oil from continent to continet via Aruba. The Dutch oil company buy up large amounts of oil and then sell it to each other big oil companies and their storage subsidaries off and on, again and again with huge markups under the auspices of the Dutch Law - NAFTA Convention signed in Hague, Netherlands. A barrel of oil now trades more than 20 times marked before it is delivered to the refineries. So the US gas pump price will shoot up 40 times higher. Queen Beatrix and her runner dog President Oduber in Aruba are the main conspiracy perpetrators and pirates. We need to stop Oduber and Beatrix cold and dead in order to save our American economy.

Anonymous said...

The state department gets into actions and begins wiretapping the Dutch oil company's Internet traffic between Aruba and Netherlands. But the main sourcings are coming out from Houston, Texas. The new spying laws approved by Congress empowers the US anti-corruption agents to search the buildings without waiting for the warrants actually arive on the site. As long as a federal judge is informed within 24 hours. Aruba has warpped itself into the major politcal and economic crisis of United States and the rest of the world. People think somehow they are going to capture Oduber first and bring him to trial in the World Court of Criminal Justice.

Anonymous said...

Aruba is the permanent member of the WOLA lobby organization serving the interest of 'Latin America. WOLA is mainly funded by Hugo Chavez of Veneszula. WOLA plans to hire top taco lawyers to challenge the legalities of the new spying laws, and moving forward to defend the Queen and her Dutch oil company conglomerate. The most concern of the American people is about some of the huge Dutch oil company profits might have been diverted by Oduber to fund the terrorists organizations as a payback for the Iranians support of his Aruba nation independence from Holland in next few months. The Oduber government is preparing for a wartime mode, and he starts to crack down the media and shut down the TV stations and newspapers.

Anonymous said...

Joran was filling out a change of address form in Thailand post office to request his mail from his old apartment in Holland be forwarded to his new Thailand PO Box number. The Thailand Post Office clerk did not understand Dutch, and made a mistake on the computer, so now Joran's mails from his Thailand PO Box are being forwarded to his old apartment in Holland. Oduber just wrote Joran a check of 20,000 USD and mailed to him in Thailand. Now Oduber's letter has been diverted to Holland by mistake, and the Dutch police might had gotten hold of the bribe letter. Both Joran and Oduber are very alarmed of the coverup of Natalee's rape and murder by Joran and Oduber. They call the taco lawyers to fly to Holland overnight to see if they can retrieve the bribe letter first before the Dutch police do.

Anonymous said...

The climate change in Aruba makes it very hot and humid. The heavy rainfalls breed many bugs and mosquitoes. Since Joran got away the rape and murder of Natalee Holloway, the rape cases increase rapidly and gone unreported, because people are afraid of the Oduber government.

The unwanted babies boost Aruba's population to about 170,000, too much people living in a small island like that. Poverty is everywhere in the southern part of the island. Aruba's tourists economy is ruined and the living conditions are criminal ,lawlessprime and unbearable.

Anonymous said...

"Save up to 75% on popular Aruba hotels, resorts, air, car and more." With the sponsored vacations offered by Aruba, no money down, you can enjoy now and pay later. Bad credits are no problems, as long as you are American tourists. But there is no guarantee that you and your love ones will be safe in Aruba. The Aruba police take bribes and sell rape drugs. The Banana Bus tour is one extreme example taking the young female American tourists to Carlos and Charlie for a drink and get raped by the local and Dutch rapists. It's very scary down at Aruba.