November 30, 2006


This headline is sick and shows Aruba's lack of CLASS.
As if we didn't know that already. Hello? A no-brainer!?

After Holloway, Aruba Kicks Off Major U.S. Campaign

Hardbeatnews, NEW YORK, N.Y. Fri. Dec. 1, 2006: Alabama teen Natalee Halloway’s fate remains a mystery since her 2005 disappearance from the island of Aruba. But with public outrage and bad press largely behind, the Dutch territory has rolled out a new ad campaign to continue to target its core group of travelers from the U.S.

The Aruba Tourism Authority recently launched a $4.3 million campaign (Does anyone find it ODD that Aruba is complaining to the Dutch about money and financial losses, yet they spend $4.3 in marketing?) that consists of 30-second television spots, magazine, newspaper and Internet advertising created handled by the destination’s advertising firm,
Fitzgerald+CO in Atlanta, Georgia. (Let's contact this Georgia-based company...)

“Aruba is a unique place and we wanted to showcase its beauty and what sets our island apart from other Caribbean destinations,” said Minister of Tourism and Transportation Edison Briesen. “We are confident that our new advertising campaign is our most dynamic yet and that it truly reflects the many unforgettable experiences Aruba offers its guests.” (Oh definitely unforgettable...drugged date raped and murdered...Briesen, what the HELL are you talking about? I see you are a horse's ass once again.)

Talk of boycotting the island has slowly died (Are you living in a cave or 'third world country'? DENIAL. I can assure with a 100% certainty that you are having delusions of grandeur...check these articles from Boycott Watch. (article 1) (article 2). I'd like to see your rebuttal to that. IN FACT, my offer is open for a debate...we'll see how you stumble like Dompig and Steve Cohen. Probably worse than Bush). and now Aruba, looking to cover ground lost to negative publicity, is hoping the diverse topography and beauty of Aruba featured in the ads as well as “Rumba Aruba,” an original up-tempo song written by local Aruban musician and three-time Grammy Award nominee, Hildward Croes for the television spot, catches the eyes and heart of Americans again. (Is THAT their gimmick? Pretty pathetic...)

Each ad carries a unique headline and signs off with copy that reads “This is Aruba. This is our home. And we want to share it with you.” (What happened to "One Happy Island"?) According to Myrna Jansen, Managing Director for the Aruba Tourism Authority, “The energy of the music coupled with the images of the television ad and the bright, vibrant color of the print, you can’t help but stop what you’re doing and ask, ‘where is that’ and that is exactly what we wanted this campaign to do.”

The campaign is concentrated in areas with high numbers of past travelers. This includes Aruba’s first-ever national television presence with a cable buy that spans a wide variety of popular American networks, including HGTV, Food Network, Travel Network, Bravo, Discovery, The History Channel, National Geographic and TLC. (By the way, there are many outraged people who have contacted this parent network company in protest!)
Travel and epicurean magazine presence continues to be an important piece of Aruba’s media plan, this time with full page ads being complemented by two-page spreads, another first for the island. And on travel-oriented websites including Expedia, Travelocity, Yahoo, Travel, Weather, Concierge, Fodors and Sidestep. –



First I'd like to say that I LOVE that Natalee's story is staying in the media. Especially after 18 months. So here we are...18 months go by, and guess what?!? Joran is STILL in the news. Hello? Aruba! Do you NOT realize that no one is giving up?!

And my, my, my...which medium does this story hit? Try The New York Post! Maybe not the NY Times, but more people read the post for fun. So fun that this is the same state that Aruba markets and caters to the most. I hope those New Yorkers are reading up and have something up in their noggins.

Ok, with that being said, I've been working with lawyers for 11 years now. I know that a huge majority of them are money grubbing pathetic egomaniacs. I've seen first hand that some are very unethical. I went to law school 10 years ago (I quit after the first year due to astronomical tuition prices!) and THREE people from my graduating class are now felons…and I'm not talking about some minor or lame crimes.

But you know what? I never thought about attorneys in OTHER countries. My god...Carlo is the epitome of a dirty lawyer with a big mouth. But in our case, this is an asset. Keep your pie hole running, Tony!

November 29, 2006 -- A Dutch reporter investigating the 2005 disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway in Aruba claims a lawyer representing the first suspect in the case once paid a visit to the lead prosecutor "to clear his conscience."

At the meeting, lawyer Antonio Carlo allegedly told prosecutor Karin Janssen that he knew Joran van der Sloot played a role in the teen's disappearance, but that it was up to the police to "get the full proof," Peter de Vries told Greta von Susteren Monday on Fox News' "On the Record."

When Janssen wrote to Carlo asking for more details, she got a letter back from the "scared" attorney saying "you misunderstood me," de Vries said. (Carlo obviously isn't ready for "suicide" yet...)

Van der Sloot's current attorney, Joseph Tacopina, yesterday dismissed de Vries' report as "utter bull- - - -. He's trying to cash in on the tragedy to publicize a documentary he made in Holland." ( you aren't cashing in? Good god...your stupidity is boggling.)

Editor's Note: Taco Joe...please spare me. Take some PR tips and act like a professional that you claim you are. You are starting to sound like Joe Mammana now. Pluhleese! That 'bad ass' act is soooo last year.


If you are a member of the grassroots boycott aruba movement, or even if you aren't; but you have STRONG feelings about Aruba and AGREE with the boycott...we need your help! Be proactive! This could be very effective! Aruba Tourist Officials will be here!

Email me at SOON! This is only a week away!

Final Agenda Set For 2nd Annual Caribbean Sales & Marketing Conference

Miami Dec. 7-8, 2006

Movers and Shakers Doing Business in the Caribbean will Gather for Two-Day Forum. When the Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International (HSMAI) and the Caribbean Hotel Association (CHA) team up Dec. 7-8, 2006 in Miami at the Downtown Hyatt Regency Hotel for the 2nd Annual Caribbean Sales & Marketing Strategy Conference, they will welcome a “who’s who” of companies and organizations that do business in the Caribbean.

Registrants run the gamut, from CEOs, Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents of Sales & Marketing, Information Technology Officers and General Managers, to Regional Directors, Sales Managers and Marketing Coordinators.

A sampling of companies attending are: Tourist Boards including Anguilla, Curacao, Grenada, Jamaica and the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO); Hotel & Tourism Associations including Aruba, Turks & Caicos and the U.S. Virgin Islands; as well as hotels/hotel companies such as Best Western International, Bolongo Bay Beach Resort, Cendyn, Driftwood Hospitality Management, Hilton Caribbean, Holiday Inn SunSpree Resorts Aruba & Jamaica, Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, Sunterra Resorts and SuperClubs Hedonism III.

400 SE Second Avenue, Miami, FL

November 29, 2006


Since we know now that Joran likes to photoshop, I'd like to show him a taste of his own sick medicine! And guess what Joran, it didn't cost me 200 Euros!


November 28, 2006


The controversial book by O.J. Simpson that was scheduled to be released this week but was cancelled amid public outrage has now taken a different turn. This time Joran van der Sloot wants to cash in.

Reports made by publicists indicate that a book and a television mini-serie
s will be showcased during the "Spring Sweeps" on the Fox channel in the United States. The title of the book will be called, "Natalee Holloway--IF I did it, this is how I would have done it..." penned exclusively by Joran van der Sloot with the help of a ghostwriter due to Joran’s poor writing abilities. In fact, Joran’s “helper” is the same person who helped write Paris Hilton’s book, “Confessions of an Heiress”.

In the book, Joran states that of course he is innocent of any wrong doing, but if he were to have killed Natalee, he wouldn't have done it the way people hypothesize. "Believe me," Joran stated, "IF I would have had anything to do with her disappearance, you wouldn't see Deepak or Satish around anymore." When asked if that was a threat against his former friends, van der Sloot stated, "What do you think?"

The book also details how IF he had killed Natalee he would have taken her to the home of Jan Van der Stratten. "The old man was on his way out...heading to retirement. He could have hidden her body for me and no one would have questioned him." Joran also eludes that he would have forced his father's friend, Yolanda Wever, the owner of the newest crematorium (which was financed by Daddy Sloot) on the island. "I would have made sure that she (Natalee) would have been body, no crime." Joran laughs, “Maybe that’s where my shoes are!”

There are already public outcries not only in the Netherlands, but in the United States over this new book. People have been urged by activist groups to sign a petition at Much like the same website that O.J. Simpson was up against.


Wife Prime Minister witness in Lee-case

ORANJESTAD – Glenda Oduber, wife of Prime Minister Nelson Oduber (MEP) is called to witness in the matter of the reporting against Minister Ramon Lee. The national detective is currently investigating a reporting on sexual offence against the minister of Labour, Sport, and Culture. Oduber’s wife is interrogated because before the reporting, the supposed victim had telephoned her about what happened.

“Hundreds of people call here every day with all sorts of storeys. We cannot check everything whether they are true or not. That would mean that we are in court every day or called to witness”, was the premier’s comment on the witness call.
Oduber says that they received the call to witness via fax around 16:30 on Thursday. Several newspapers reported this the next day already, which is very strange. “Only we and the Public prosecutor are supposed to know about the call”, said Oduber. (Thus, "keep it in the closet")

His opinion is that all the parties have to be careful and reserved about the case. “It’s a
very sensitive matter and I regret the way everything is now in the media. (Just like the Natalee Holloway case?) I also regret the fact that I had to hear the woman cry again telling her story on several radio stations today (Friday, editor).” (Such a nuisance, right? Poor you, Oduber. Let's break out the tiny violin...)

He therefore hopes that the OM will soon have a definite answer on the legal actions and on what had happened exactly. It’s not right for the government and definitely not for his wife. (What is not right for the government? To take care of the wrongdoings of his own political party members?)

He does not understand why his wife was called by the National detectives. “This is a small community and everybody has stories. Since I receive a lot of calls, my wife has become kind of a secretary at home. She hears so many things, but she cannot determine what is true and what is not. Why didn’t the woman go straight to the police instead of calling my house? Only somebody that has seen what happened or that knows the details can be considered a witness. And that’s not my wife.”

Michelle's Final Thought:

Listen up Oduber: She probably didn’t call the police because she knew that it wouldn’t be investigated! Are you that incredibly dense? Another thing I find funny is that Oduber is bitching and moaning that this has gotten out into the media and the victim was on the radio telling her story. Guess what?! Maybe that’s what should be done in Aruba since crimes against women are never taken seriously and this is something that Oduber has blatantly proved in the past with his inaction in the Natalee Holloway case. What goes around comes around. Let’s hope this situation becomes just as messy as Natalee’s case. And may all those involved PAY for their crime.

November 24, 2006


Remember that story in Aruba about six months ago where a school girl was gang raped by her fellow students and nothing was done? No one was punished. The girl had to leave the school. The victim was victimized again. Her family was victimized. All this pain inflicted by a bunch of vile excuses for human beings were freely walking around Aruba. These are probably "junior" pimps. Are they paying their dues? Do the dirty deeds and get in "the club"? Admit it, it doesn't sound very off...this is very plausible.


Sex offenders in the Netherlands are walking the streets unpunished

(Source)--Of the 15,000 rapes, indecent assaults and so-called "lewd incidents" reported each year, just 1,400 convictions are made, the Justice Ministry's research institute said this week.

The public prosecutor handles only 2,700 cases every year, bringing 63 percent of these to court. In 15 percent of these cases, the suspect is acquitted, compared with 4 percent in general crimes.

The gamble is abundantly clear: rape and sexually assault at will - you are likely to escape conviction. And what's more, efforts to combat sex abuse get barely a mention in the Dutch government's agenda, given its fixation on terrorism and Islamic extremism. The abused and vulnerable are left abandoned.

Now it's time the tide changed. But how do we fight back? We must first identify a cause, because rape is at times described as pure violence and power and these elements should not be ignored. Nor should a diverse array of causation factors in child sex abuse be ignored. But to claim that sex is not part of a crime of sexual abuse is naïve and ignores the very nature of the crime itself: sex.

Should we take preventative action then and ban short skirts and pornography? Or remove erotic billboards that can bring on wanton thoughts? One reaction was a call for a return to traditional Christian values; to paraphrase: turn off the light and make sex taboo once again.

Or should we go the other way and re-open the street prostitution zone in Amsterdam, perhaps giving frustrated would-be rapists at least some kind of release.

That's not the answer either.

But sex shouldn't be something hushed up. Let's talk about it, enjoy and explore it and encourage its victims to lodge police reports. There's no shame in being a victim, only society's shame of allowing a victim's silence.

The Netherlands can be proud that the readiness to report sex crimes is slightly higher here than in other countries, which in turn leads to a higher number of recorded offences. But 75 percent of cases involve a victim and perpetrator who know each other. In more than 50 percent of these cases, it involves a family member or partner, and the remaining cases often involve colleagues, teachers or friends.

More startling is that two-thirds of victims are aged 15 or under - and despite the better-than-average Dutch record, only a small number of all victims lodge police reports.

Abuse strikes at the heart of childhood, the trust of a marriage, the responsibility of profession. And yet it is only the stand-out horrors that grab the headlines.

This is a hidden problem. A taboo.

But where do we have a right, more than anywhere else, to feel safe? It is in our home and our trusted relationships. The vulnerable need our protection, both via prevention and punishment. Too often it is up to the prosecutor and police to ensure convictions in court, where it is frequently the word of the victim against those of her attacker.

Consider the 13-year-old girl who informed police she was raped in April, May and October 2004, leading to the arrest last month of 17 youths. She might still have to face the suspects in court, despite alleged confessions from some of the suspects.

17 are among the 200 youths prosecuted on average each year for gang rapes, a figure that could be much lower than the true number of crimes, the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law warned late last year.And countless victims, whether abused by adults or youths, are unable to close the door on dark memories; unable to say: "at least he was jailed." (Only 2 percent of sex suspects are women, while 85 percent of victims are

So how do we protect women? Our children?

In 25 percent of cases the prosecutor takes on, a lack of "valid evidence" forces an acquittal, so we must shift the weight of evidence in favour of the victims. We must eliminate their shame and punish perpetrators without mercy to serve as a deterrent.

But most importantly, all teenage boys must be given disciplined education at school outlining the real facts of sex abuse - that he too is a potential future offender and that there is no excuse for abuse.

Stop a rapist young.

Footnote: That's pretty sad when you have to "educate teenage boys" not to be rapists. That phrase just boggles my mind.


The definition of LOSER?...hmmm. So many little space. Public Enemy #1..Joran, Paulus, Anita, Deepak, Satish, Stevie Croes, Freddy, Van Der Stratten, Rudy Croes, Nelson Oduber, Arlene Schippers, Edison Briesen, Julia Renfro, Karin Janssen, Marianne Croes, Gerald Dompig and his sonny boy Mikey, Dennis Jacobs, Koen ('I sleep with my mommy') Gottenbos, Mark Purcell, Michael Posner, Greta ('I'm inclinded to believe him') van Susteren, that gay dude who worked at the casino, and all those other pimps...They all look alike to me.

Did I forget anyone? I'm sure I did. Please feel free to add to the list...

Well, for what it's worth, we sold our 2 time shares at different properties as our way of silent protest against the continued insult to American vacationing tourists. To each his own, and thank God we did so last winter. I was contacted by the buyer recently who said she had to drop her asking price ANOTHER $2,000 because after trying Aruba and not liking it, she decided to sell, and now can't. She said the place was deserted most of the time, and increasingly, the people are agitated and sometimes rude.

For my part, "IF" they ever decide to bite the bullet and act as they are expected to act, and fairly conclude the Holloway affair, then we will re-consider rebuying time shares again. By that time, the prices will be dirt cheap. There was no need for all of this, so all are punished for the sins of a few. What a waste. So sorry.

Comment by Bob | November 20, 2006, 2:51 pm

I wonder why Rudy Croes would have an Office in Columbia to process work permits. hmmmm Perhaps for brothels and prostitutes? hmmm I find it so amusing that Rudy Croes asks Jorge what statistics he is using regarding the increase in crime. When I lived in Aruba and recalling one of my episodes of being a victim of crime, after a robbery and despite numerous calls to the police, they never showed up to take a report. Later I heard there had been so many robberies that night they did not have the man power. My question is: How can there be accurate statistics when there is not accurate reporting? Also, does Rudy still have his office in Columbia in order to process work permits?

Comment by melissa | November 20, 2006, 11:39 am



Letters from readers on the Aruba boycott


This is the last straw for many American citizens who support Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway in their efforts to find out what happened to their daughter. Another slap in the face.

Nothing but lies coming out of Aruba from the very beginning.

Now the senior Van Der Sloot is no longer considered a suspect, the guy who told his son and cohorts "No body, no case". What a joke Aruba is in the eyes of the rest of the world, not just the American citizens.

Corruption from the very beginning, now even the chief prosecutor is lying about meeting with Beth Twitty. To the Dutch who control Aruba: you have done irreparable harm to your country's, to your citizens who depend on tourism for their livelihood.

I have been to Aruba 6 times and cannot return there considering the lack of concern for Natalee Holloway and the corruption of your government. It appears all Aruba and their Dutch government is interested in is the almighty American dollar. I will spend mine elsewhere.

Maryland, USA

Like many of my fellow Americans have been following the disappearance of Natalee Holloway very closely. I have found many of your officials to be very disturbing. Your Prime Minister announced the finding of blood and then you try to tell us "chocolate and cleaning fluid"?

We rearranged our school's Senior trip destination to go elsewhere. I have also chosen another destination for my honeymoon. No, my problem is not with the people of Aruba. It is with the government and the people you have chosen to protect us when we visit your island.

I have in addition to many of my friends and our families have written to our Governor to join Alabama in a boycott. Just for the record, it really is a shame that this affects the people and not the government. I have never seen a country that allows liars to walk the streets while a young girl is missing. Why do you have a law regarding the legal age to consume alcohol when it is not enforced? The Law Enforcement serves what purpose?

Daphine Peck

As an American citizen, I also totally support a Boycott in Aruba. The Holloway family has been treated very badly, and in the name of Natalee, I will also not support any wrongdoing. There are many more Caribbean Islands to enjoy, besides Aruba.

Pam Aderholt

The way they have handled (and covered up) this case is unacceptable. The way they have treated this case and Natalee's family is cruel and inhumane and I will never spend any money on that lousy island. They have continued to put up roadblocks for the search team and have done everything possible to make sure that this case goes unsolved. Now they will suffer. I cannot believe that they actually expect American citizens to continue to go to their Island after the way they have treated one of our own. I do feel bad for the Aruban citizens, but they did elect their officials.

Mark Dickenson

The reasons to boycott Aruba. The ABC team of Aruba; arrogant, bumbling, and corrupt.

(1) From the very beginning, the chaperone that stayed behind to find Natalee was given the runaround and no assistance.

(2) Beth was the one to rundown the suspects, not the ABC team.

(3) The team would not search Deepak's car or PVDS's home because they said "no".

(4) Statements taken were altered and, in front of Beth and Jug, Natalee was called a whore,' they used the Spanish word.'

(5) Dave Holloway was also disrespected when asked how much money he had and told that his daughter was shacking up and would turn up at the bar.

(6) The next day Poppa Paul and suspects held a meeting with family and lawyers and were advised "No body, no case" how could he have been so certain?

(7) The suspects conspired to come up with a false statement and pointed the finger at two black security guards and when found out they changed stories many times. They say she was left at the beech and was fine! Why then did they make up a story if they did not know anything had happened to the girl?

When finally arrested, (only because of the media coverage), they failed to follow up on statements, such as when Joran said that he thought Deepak murdered Natalee and buried the body. Why didn't they follow up with at least basic questions like "Where?"

(9) All evidence was either altered, ignored, suppressed, or tampered with. The blood in the car, the body parts found, the belt, the statements by school friends that before this happened, Joran bragged about drugging and seducing girls, especially American tourist. What happened to the girls that came forward? On and on.

(10) There is so much more but I do not intend to write a book.

Let’s skip to recent events. DomPig started appearing on the media shows in a public relations campaign making such statements like, "We can't wait to get a hold of these tapes, if they are authentic we could re-arrest the suspects that I am sure that are in some way responsible for the disappearances of Natalee."

He now says after the tapes have been sitting in Holland for three weeks that there is no priority in getting the tapes. Also, he expressed an eagerness to talk with Beth. When she went to Aruba neither he nor the prosecutor would meet the grieving mother. Recently Dave asked Dompig to question a friend of the suspects with a boat. He did not, but the boy's father was called in! What for? To warn the suspect?
Enough already. The reason to boycott Aruba is that it is the right thing to do!! They perpetrated a cover up, brutalized a grieving mother, and will never attempt to find the answers unless they are replaced under pressure. BOYCOTT ARUBA NOW.

Dorothy Phillips
Las Vegas, Nevada

My entire family is going to indefinitely boycott Aruba as a travel destination.

Natalee Holloway was just a child. Your island is supposed to be a safe place. She was killed and your investigators are so inept and incompetent they could not uncover the truth in all this time. Amazing. You guys are an amazing bunch of incompetent and uncaring people.

I will support the Aruban boycott started by the mother of the missing girl. Shame on you all for allowing crime to go unpunished and making a mockery of justice. I have the deepest contempt for your entire island and every single one of its contemptible inhabitants. Just because the kids involved in the murder and cover-up come from wealth, your officials are intimidated and afraid to rock the boat.

If this were my island, I’d be ashamed to live in it. Ashamed to belong to a group like yours. Cowards!

Martine Chirayath
California, USA

Dear Aruba:

You are basically dead as a vacation destination to more Americans than you'll ever know; you have blown the Natalee Holloway investigation so badly, that only a miracle would redeem you at this point.

Does that mean that no Americans will ever visit Aruba? Of course not, like any country, we have many citizens that could care less about others' problems, their losses, their pain, unless of course something happens that effects them personally.

So you will still see American tourist on your corrupt little island. But you won't see as many, I can assure you of that, because there are far more who do care about others pain and suffering and who can and do empathize with others.

There is such a tremendous ground swell of animosity towards how you handled this investigation that you will lose business, probably an awful lot of business. There are many of us who now realize that your country is unsafe to visit and should be there and anything go wrong, that we could only blame ourselves because you have shown your true colors to whole world.

But again, will Americans visit Aruba, of course they will, but again, not nearly as many as used to, so you'll have to decide if allowing your institutionalized corruption to continue is worth the cost the on going loss of business, because for many of us, we will continue to boycott Aruba until convinced things have been corrected in the Holloway case and that your island is safe to visit..

I know of no one who would now consider Aruba a vacation destination. I have a sister-in-law who is a travel agent, specializing in vacation and cruise travel. She tells me that when she works with clients today, no one will consider Aruba, even in light of some of the bargain deals now being offered to salvage your tourist business. She said she can't even book a cruise with Aruba as location to be visited. She said that by now she has booked 100s of winter vacations for her customers, but not a single one to Aruba; a location she said had always been high on people's list and by now she would have booked dozens of Aruba packages for this winter and she hasn't booked a single one this year.

So you can kid yourselves that this will pass, but for many of us it will only pass if you solve this crime, clean up your act enough to make people feel safe.

My own daughter will be celebrating a significant birthday in 2006, the entire family at her request had agreed to join her in Aruba, although the trip hadn't been booked, the dates and location had been agreed to...well, she made it easy for all of us by announcing she was open to other suggestions then Aruba, because Aruba was officially off the list.

That's means about fifteen of us from our family alone, won't be vacationing in Aruba this year and one can only speculate how many times this same scenario will repeat itself all across America.

Maybe when Arubans begin to lose jobs and have their standard of living impacted will they then appreciate the cost of corruption and not speaking up against officials who protect themselves and their ilk at the cost of the citizenry?

G. Schwend
Texas, USA

As a prominent news source for many of the Caribbean island nations, I'm writing to share near total disgust with the obvious negligence and/or protective corruption apparent in the Natalee Holloway case with Aruba.

As a member of a diving group who routinely spends large sums organizing dives throughout the Caribbean, we intend to not only support Beth Holloway's request for an Aruban boycott, we intend to further it by our own means.

More to the point, we are outraged by the Aruban government's statement that an Aruban boycott is "preposterous", as relayed in pleadings to the United States Department of State.

What we find is preposterous is the sham "investigation" carried on to date and the unwillingness of the Aruban Attorney General to shoulder any responsibility whatsoever for the Aruban government's failings in properly investigating and prosecuting this case to fruition.

So until such time the Aruban government assumes proper responsibility for it's faulty investigation, lack of results and unwillingness to properly examine all evidence presented to date, we intend to urge all Americans to avoid travel to Aruba. It's "Hell no, we won't go", until this case is resolved to Beth Holloway's satisfaction.

Jeffrey Antisdel
Niles, Michigan USA

November 14, 2006


Aruban Boycott stronger than ever! Those are not just MY words anymore, people!

Keep it up! BOYCOTT ARUBA until we get answers!!!

Read Boycott Watch's new article regarding Aruba's latest tourism figures!

November 12, 2006


There is an expatriate who hails from Chicago that has spread and built his empire of greed and vice on the island of Aruba. His name is Michael Posner, but is also known as Michael Rubins and Irving Goldstein. He currently lives in Aruba (note: Posner was conveinently missing at the same time as Natalee.) and owns the Excelsior, Holiday Inn, Brickel Bay Hotel, Grand Holiday Casino, along with other miscellaneous “businesses” in Aruba. It would be an understatement to say Posner is a major player in the stench of Aruba’s underbelly of crime.

Posner has gathered quite an extensive list of arrests dating back to the 1960’s, including a ten-year prison sentence in the 1980’s. All his crimes stem from his mafia ties in the suburbs of Chicago, as a lieutenant under the 1980’s Chicago mob boss, Joseph Ferriola.

Let’s take a look at some infamous pieces of his past and how they relate to Aruba’s crime, money laundering, prostitution, human and drug trafficking.

In March of 1986, George A. Mueller, a millionaire businessman whose businesses included cigarette vending machines, video machines, and real estate in Chicago was executed mob-style at his place of business, George F. Mueller & Sons. That wasn’t Mueller’s first run-in with Posner and his gang. Mueller previously received numerous death threats and his business was bombed twice. Reminiscent of the movies such as “Goodfellas” or the hit show, “The Sopranos”, Mueller had been forced to pay mob bosses large amounts of money for what was called a “street-tax” in order for him to operate his business without the interference of Joseph Ferriola and his mob thugs.

Chicago investigators claimed that the murder of Mueller was meant to “send a message” to other non-mob related vending machine business owners. This murderous warning came from Ferriola, whose plans were to take over the businesses from Chicago’s legitimate businessmen in order to expand his operations into the city’s south suburbs with help from his golden child, Michael Posner. (The Chicago Sun-Times, March 30, 1986).

It was said at the time that Mueller’s murder may have been in connection with the convictions of five mafia leaders in a Kansas City courtroom just one week earlier. Hefty sentences were handed down to Chicago’s No. 2 mob boss, John Cerone, former Chicago boss, Joseph Aiupppa; and their mob counterparts, Joseph Lombardo and Angela LaPietra for their roles in a Las Vegas casino conspiracy. (The Chicago Sun-Times, June 24, 1986)

Operation Safe Bet Claims Ferriola and Michael Posner

On January 29, 1987, a federal grand jury indicted Ferriola, Posner, and Sidney Muscovsky on charges of racketeering, mail fraud and using interstate facilities to aid prostitution which stemmed from Posner’s “massage parlor”, the Roman House, a whorehouse located in Prairie View, Illinois. According to the indictment, customers of the Roman House used their credit cards to pay for sex, which was enabled by a government sting organized by federal agents. Michael Spilotro and his brother, Anthony, who were a part of the operation were subsequently murdered, and a Palentine, Illinois nightclub owner, Nick Stevens fled to Greece to escape charges. (The Chicago Sun-Times, January 29, 1987).

“…Posner is the head of gambling, vending machines, prostitution and pornography in Lake County and nearby counties…in 1984 the Internal Revenue Service nabbed him as he left a Northbrook restaurant and confiscated his $54,000 Mercedes, several thousand dollars and what appeared to be gambling records…Posner learned the racket, according to federal sleuths, from his father, Bernard “Pi Pi” Posner, who was an underling of Ralph Pierce and Murray “the Camel” Humphreys, founding fathers of the Al Capone gang.” “All Chicago and suburban porno bookstores are controlled by the mob, federal sources say.” (The Chicago Sun-Times, January 26, 1987)

The Roman House—nudie bar or hooker delight?

Posner claims that he was unaware of any sexual activities in his club. He claimed to have instructed his employees that no sex was allowed to take place there. No alcohol was served on the premises, yet customers racked up hefty tabs, the highest being $4,600, including a bill for a $96 “bottled water”. If no sex services were exchanged, then how were these customers racking up such monstrous amounts on their credit cards?

During Posner’s trial, a former patron of the Roman House was called as a witness and stated that “he was once standing naked, except for a pair of socks, after having sex with a waitress when she presented him with a bill for her services. ‘You’d better cover up’, he said she suggested, handing him a cocktail napkin.” Laboratory test results revealed sperm on used cocktail napkins. “A cleaning woman at the club also testified that she found used condoms on the floor on a daily basis.” (The Chicago-Sun Times, October 20, 1987)

Posner—Sugar Daddy, or Pimp Daddy?

The sick part of this story is that Posner claimed that he was helping these young troubled women earn money to stay off the streets by giving them these jobs. During the trial, Posner’s partner, Sidney Muscovsky stated that “Posner gave troubled young women dancing jobs, paid their health insurance and converted them into taxpaying citizens. ‘I think, if the Roman House wasn’t there, they’d still be on the street.” (The Chicago Sun-Times, December 12, 1987)

Sex, Lies, Videotape and Posner

So now that we know what Posner’s favorite dirty deeds are, let’s check out the connection between Posner’s acts in the U.S. and his “businesses” in Aruba. Perhaps the reason he moved to the lawless island of Aruba was to continue to do what he knows best? Already schooled and mastered in the ropes of crime, he is free to do what he wants on the island of Aruba and knows he can’t be touched. I doubt he will be returning to his posh home in Illinois any time soon. First, let explore the similarities between his Chicago and Aruban “businesses” starting with the world’s oldest profession.

“…Some of the people at Carlos & Charlie’s are reportedly involved with “recruiting” girls for wild sex parties, involving known well-connected and wealthy “mobsters.” One of those “mobsters” and his associates reportedly own hotels on Aruba, Curacao, elsewhere in the Caribbean and in other areas. There are rumors of wild orgies and taping of porn films, including “snuff” films, in a special room at the Holiday Inn on Aruba, as well at other locations.” (

We all know that Joran’s best friend Freddy likes to photograph scantily clad young girls after we learned of his arrest in the summer of 2005. There are even reliable sources that have said he was waiting at Joran’s the night Natalee went missing in order to videotape the bang bang and sell it to Rafael Levy, the brother of Carlos and Charlie’s owner, Albeto Levy. Rafael Levy is known to have business ties to the international pornography industry, including such horrific acts called “snuff films”. It has been said that Joran, along with his gang of “pimps” are nothing but couriers or “loverboys”, who lure and drug unsuspecting girls in order for Freddy to videotape the unconscionable acts and in turn sell them to Levy for distribution.

Considering Posner’s past regarding the sex industry, it would be prudent to say that Posner could be involved with both Albeto and Rafeal Levy and is instrumental in picking out girls via the hidden cameras in his casinos.

In conclusion, is this the kind of place where you would want to send your children or family to for vacation? Aruba markets itself to the tourism industry as the safest place to visit. They produce fake statistics on crime, or report nothing for years. Their false marketing campaigns and blatant facades give weight to the boycott of Aruba. We have all been lied to. Would you purchase a product from a company of known liars, murderers, and those who know, do nothing and look the other way?

I know the answer to that question…do you?

November 10, 2006



1 : firm adherence to a code of moral values

synonym see HONESTY

I don't understand why Aruba claims to have INTEGRITY. As you can see from above, this definition does not fit Aruba and the way things are run on their island. Who do they think they are kidding? Do you think we are that stupid and gullible?

Maybe you've fooled Ms. Queenie, but not the rest of us. Using the word integrity regarding your tourism is a slap in the face to our intelligence. Give it a rest and use that "INTEGRITY" to clean up your island.


ORANJESTAD – The second day of Queen Beatrix’s visit was in the sign of integrity. A presentation in the Central Bank of Aruba mentioned that the tourism can develop itself permanently especially by integrity. (You have to know what integrity is in order to utilize the action!)


Governor of the Central Bank Rob Henriquez, Prime Minister Nelson Oduber (MEP), the entire council of ministers, and the bank personnel welcomed the Queen inside the reception hall of the Central Bank of Aruba. Daughters of three employees presented the Queen with flowers. The ministers had an encounter with the Queen and talked about the financial developments of Aruba and the tourism. (Here's a clip of their conversation: "We have everything under control...we've built new hotels, but they are empty, but don't worry "B"...we know what integrity is and our tourism is not at stake. Don't believe all those things you hear or see on the internet.) They didn’t mention the dispute between the Netherlands and Aruba about foreign loans. (That reminds me of when I was a kid and I wanted money from my parents...they knew I needed it, but I didn't bring it up so I wouldn't blow my chances of getting their loot.)

After the encounter with the ministers, the Queen attended a presentation of Ryan Peterson, dean of the Faculty Hospitality & Tourism Management about permanent tourism. Peterson mentioned that tourism and also the future economic development of Aruba depends on the willingness of the island not to be an island, but to be open to integration and head for (cooperation)-relations. Aruba needs to behave as a nation.

If Aruba wants to BEHAVE as a nation, then Aruba must BEHAVE as human beings with INTEGRITY--the word they like to throw around like poker chips.

After the presentation, Queen Beatrix minted the commemorative coin in honour of 20-years Status Aparte and 30-years National Anthem and Flag. This is the first time a commemorative coin is minted in Aruba. Afterwards, they toasted with champagne (Was Julia there drinking it up?) and shouted “Biba La Reina, Biba Aruba (long live the Queen and long live Aruba)”.

An alternative translation of that would be:
"The Plane! The Plane!"...reminiscent of Fantasy Island.


November 08, 2006


Hey Julia! You are putting your friends, including "Booty" out of business!

"Aruba...where the drugs run rampant like cockroaches."

Their National Anthem should be the song, "I'm Your Pusherman"...

November 07, 2006


Alienate one country, try for another? NO DICE... Still using the slogan, "One Happy Island?" Try, "One Lonely Island..."

One of our Aruban Boycott Members is British and plans to visit home in the next couple of weeks. I have made sure this member is STACKED with BOYCOTT ARUBA materials to pass around and plaster the city of London.

We aren't going away, Aruba! We've got members in every out for the sucker punch!

ATA Launches Winter Advertising Campaign for the U.K.

--The Aruba Tourism Authority launched its 2006 winter advertising campaign today, by bringing its One Happy Island message to ExCel in a convoy of branded London taxis.

The three-month campaign, worth around £70,000, includes 75 London cabs, as well as travel trade and consumer travel magazine advertising. The artwork depicts Aruba’s pristine white sand beaches and a beaming Aruban bathing lovely with the tag line; The happiest island in the Caribbean (I see Aruba is still in DENIAL...), Just a few smiles away.

According to Minister of Tourism & Transportation, Edison Briesen, “We are enth
usiastic to move the UK market forward as I believe Aruba is a perfect destination for UK visitors and this new campaign will boost our efforts in getting the job done”.

Joanna Freezer, UK representation manager for the Aruba Tourism Authority commented: “Our campaign theme is a reworking of successful UK 2004 promotional activity that saw winter season traffic increase by 30 per cent on the previous year.”

According to Myrna Jansen-Feliciano, ATA’s Managing Director, “This campaign, in addition to the other marketing promotions Aruba has going on in the UK, will surely be effective to fill up the two charters scheduled for 2007.

Starting May 08 to October 23, 2007, First Choice will start an additional charter flight from the UK to Aruba from Manchester International Airport. This will be the second charter flight from First Choice; the original charter flight leaves from London Gatwick Airport.

November 05, 2006


BC ‘signs’ for premature death of 180 people under the fumes

WILLEMSTAD – Commissioners Eugene Rhuggenaath (Finance, PAR), Dennis Jackson (Education, PAR), Charles Cooper (Infrastructure, MAN) and Gimena van der Gen (Public Health, PNP) consciously agreed with the constant pollution of the Isla-refinery, while acquainted with the fact that at least 18 people per year die prematurely due to this.

The four commissioners signed a refusal of the Governing Body (BC) to force the Isla-refinery to comply with the protection standards in the licence under the Nuisance Act and agree to point out the residential areas in which the health standards may be exceeded for another 10 years. They did this, while the last study by order of the BC indicates that at least 18 people die prematurely per year due to the standard-exceeding emission of sulphur and soot over the neighbourhoods.

In a LAR-case against the BC, the Clean Environment Foundation in Curacao (SMOC), together with the Humanitarian Care demanded that the BC must force the Isla to comply with the licence under the Nuisance Act. Even though Judge Joop Drop (Nice that Deputy Dog's neighbor?) decided in his verdict of July 19th of this year that the BC should revise this decision, because it is unbalanced and careless and was taken without a thorough consideration of the interests, the BC still refuses to do this. The BG appealed the verdict, but before the appeal is served, the BC decided again that the refinery will not comply with the licence under the Nuisance Act. This was put in writing to both instances’ lawyer, Sandra in ‘t Veld.

“The BC states in the decision it took this week that the official allocation of the so-called non-attainment areas will soon be done with. Those are the areas, where according to the BC, the Isla is exempted for another 10 years from complying with the superseded air quality standards of the current licence under the Nuisance Act. This means that the Isla can continue doing what it is doing and according to the BC, is not exceeding the standards, so there is no reason for acting against the Isla.

While the last study done by Ecorys-Nei by order of the BC made mention of 18 premature deaths per year, consequence to the Isla. Ecorys-Nei also mentions that this estimate is actually low and that the real number of premature deaths per year due to the refinery is higher”, says SMOC. “The licence under the Nuisance Act that was given to the refinery, is almost 10 years old and the standards included in that Act are from 1994. Just add the next 10 years that the BC is now planning to legalize, and you have 20 years of structural and unacceptable standard-exceeding with a total of more than 100 premature deaths. This is a political scandal that takes human lives."

The foundations cannot understand that a PAR-commissioner of Education that should be coming up for school children can act so reprehensible to approve the agreement. “While it was the PAR and the current Premier Emily de Jongh-Elhage that at that time was commissioner of Public Enterprises and had ordered the study of Ecorys-Nei, that repeatedly said that the Public Health comes first, same as Van der Gen of Public Health. It now appears that the interests of PdVSA are coming first and the life and health of our own people come last”.


Let's hope this helps Aruba in any future "missing" people or visitors. As the Carole King song goes, "Well it's too late baby, now it's too late..."

LeadDog Releases Comprehensive Islandwide Maps for Aruba

(Source)--LeadDog Consulting, an international provider of street and road maps, has announced the release of detailed islandwide geographic databases for Aruba. LeadDog maps support military, government, asset-tracking, and commercial GIS applications.

Designed to deliver accurate positional data, assist organizations in tracking their assets, and provide accurate base-level mapping, LeadDog's product provides numerous vector layers and attributes such as:

  • Streets at 1:10,000 scale
  • Street names
  • Street classifications
  • Extensive Points of Interest (airports, hospitals, government offices)
  • Water and Landmark polygons
  • Political division and borders

"This allows our clients to immediately use datasets with a high level of confidence they will meet application requirements," said LeadDog's president, Jim Anderson. "Our Aruba datasets are comparable in quality and 'look and feel' to maps for the U.S. and Europe, which is a big issue for our clients who don't have the time to sort out different data formatting in every country they look at."

LeadDog's products aim to allow GIS users to replicate GIS solutions efficiently and cost effectively across Aruba and other countries in Latin America.

November 01, 2006


A new book by Dutch journalist Charles Groenhuijsen entitled 'Long live the Netherlands' (Leve Nederland) has been described by (lame-o Harry Potter look-alike) Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende as one of "hope, perspective and the future". The author himself says it's a book about "dreamers and go-getters, leaders and innovators, heroes and idealists".

Long Live the Netherlands is full of people (how many people? 2, 3, 20?) who have decided to take on personal responsibility (that's a start...all talk no action? We'll see...) volunteers who help former prison inmates make their way again in society, Dutch ship builders who make the most luxurious sailing yachts in the world (what does that have to do with taking on personal responsibility???), Muslim women who've emancipated and started their own fitness centre. 'Less talk, more action - then things will be all right with the Netherlands', (in essense, the author is acknowledging that their country is a complete social MESS.) is one very simple way of summing up the message that emanates from the book.

Charles Groenhuijsen himself has the following to say: "Coming back after 10 years in America, I discovered that there's a terrible lot amount of grumbling and moaning in the Netherlands. We even talk a lot about our 'growling' culture, and this leads to a negative self-image. At the same time, I noticed that there are so terribly many Dutch people who are trying things a different way and are saying, "Enough of that moaning, enough of the grumbling. Let's deal with the problems'." (What have they been doing? Notice the author doesn't back up those claims...)

Complete Hypocrisy--This is Just Amazing.
Does he think all people have no comprehension or common sense???

Long Live the Netherlands contains a number of elements which might best be described as 'right wing'. For example, the author describes the Netherlands' regulations on sacking employees for having a 'stifling effect' on enterprise; he says that some people who live below the poverty line only have themselves to blame, and he believes more Dutch women should be working a full week instead of part time.

Yet...he still has his home base in Washington D.C., is wary of the temptation to paint the United States as a kind of 'Promised Land' where everything is so much better than anywhere else: "The notion that you could introduce the kind of social system that applies in the US into this country is unimaginable. It doesn't fit with our culture; we really are different. (NO SHIT!)

Moreover, the political world would never accept it. (Aaah...really? God you people are clueless.) But I do believe we could adopt the concept of personal responsibility from the Americans." (He just stated that the U.S. social system would never apply to the Netherlands, a complete and embarassing contradiction from a so-called "author".)



Meyer Marks,, 28-10-2006 - U.S.A.

The downfall of American Society will be the couse (sic) of greed. (This is the ONLY thing I agree on.) Most people in Amarica (Sic. You go to Georgetown and you can't spell AMERICA? I weep for the future.) are so concerned with trying to get ahead in life, (It's called capitalism and "survival of the fittest"...not survival of the stoned. It's worked well for us so far...that is why we are the most powerful country in the world.) they will go to whatever means to get there. (You are blatantly sterotyping all Americans as greedy evil people. Who sends the most funds to other countries? Who donates hours of volunteer work and help to those in need...most recently Hurricane Katrina victims? I don't think Netherland is on top of that list...)

Americans do not understand to concept of team work in the workplace like Europeans do. (Oh really? Then why is it we have the most successful businesses in the world? You are completely ignorant. Study your facts.)

(I think that you should seriously consider leaving the U.S. and hide in Europe with pedophile, Roman Polanski. Pack your bags and get out! I'm sure there are millions of Americans out there who would love to see someone like you get the hell out of our country after all our sacrificies throughout history to save people...including Holland. You even shunned the Jews after they came back. Real nice hospitality for people who were victimized beyond the realm of thought.)

Also everyone is trying to take the next person to court more so than in Europe. (Again, it's capitalism...the government has control of that...not people like me.)

American society can not continue to compete against each other or they will destroy themselves. "When we work together we all win together." Europeans need to believe in themselves and take pride in who they are. (That is yet to be seen.) Then Europe can become the world leader. (Are you kidding me? Uhhh...yeah...riiight... Just like your weak asses during WWII. The dutch always seem to forget these things! This poster must be too young to remember or completely oblivious as to what we did for Europe, the UK and the Netherlands to overthrow Hitler, the Japs and Mussolini. Just think...if it weren't for us you'd all be speaking German and wearing
swastikas and yelling "Sieg Heil!")

My grandfather took a bullet and received a Purple Heart for defending those such as the Netherlands and other European countries. He killed a lot of Nazis and the Netherlands true colors emerged as the most ungrateful country of Europe besides France. That hits home and pisses me off.

Kind Regards! Meyer Marks (Kind regards, Mark. Now bend over. You are an embarassment to all Americans.)

Johnny, 28-10-2006

I think the middle Holland has to stop setting the agenda, comfortakle (sic) middle class Dutch citizens enjoying a certain level of prosperity who only wishes to feel better.

I agree that Netherlands should not try to become USA/CANADA but let's get rid of this egalitarianism (
1 : a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic rights and privileges; 2 : a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people. Great attitude.) ...let the leaders speak and with firm hand!!! Long live Netherlands!!! We have too much voice for everybody in the Netherlands, everybody knows everything. (Oh really? Let's bet on that. Double or nothing.)

Let's have a consensus amongst leaders and enough of civil society, its not working anymore... (So back to what? Crime, racism, corruption, drugs, human trafficking?)

Jan Velema, 27-10-2006 - CANADA

Europe should not aspire to be a U.S.A. or CANADA. How young does a person have to be before they are not considered "personally responsible?" (I would think that at birth parents would teach their children personal responsibility. How do you raise your children? Sounds like talk show time for you...shall I call Maury to schedule you for his next program?)

The gap between the rich is poor is growing daily here. People do not know where they come from and greed is the primary motivator. It will all come crashing down very soon. (Where are you talking about? The U.S., Canada or the Netherlands? Clarity, please...otherwise your statement is null and void. Moot point, move on.)


I want my money!

Hey, how about I sue! I saw an attorney on TV today while watching Jerry Springer...this attorney sounds pretty reputable and I get an initial discount...a free consultation!

Oduber--I suggest you don't mess with the Netherlands. You need them as much as they need you...for whatever illegal activity you are into. Doesn't it seem that Oduber often flies off the handle. Remember when he 'threatened' the U.S. to get Hugo Chavez after us? Please. Oduber, get off your high horse, make good with Natalee's family, move on, get more tourists and generate more money.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you!

How are these people politicans? I swear, regular people should run the government. Checks and balances and none of that bureaucratic egostistical crap. Grow up and take care of your own business...since you claim to be 'apart' from the Netherlands. Hypocritical and plain stupidity.

Get used to your THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, Oduber!

Oduber Threatens Lawsuit against the Netherlands

ORANJESTAD – If by this Friday the Netherlands does not change her position regarding the foreign loans, the Aruban government will take them to court. The relations between the countries got this worse that Aruba will not be present at the governmental deliberations on the new political relations within the Kingdom this Wednesday.

Premier Nelson Oduber already announced last week that if the Netherlands continues to stand by the conditions regarding the foreign loans, he would lodge an internal appeal. The government’s position is now, that if the Federal Council of Ministers does not approve the 50 million dollars loan of the Deutsch Bank, Aruba will go to court and also claim compensation for the damages caused by canceling the loan.

‘The Netherlands has made us autonomous in 1954 and Aruba alone at the Round Table Conference in 1983. And now in 2006, the Netherlands wants to colonize us again”, said Oduber. (Maybe they want to do that to keep track and control over your corrupt 'vacation' island.)

Last week Monday, Minister Atzo Nicolaï invited Aruba to attend the governmental deliberation on the new relations within the Kingdom as observer. This two-day deliberation starts Wednesday in The Hague.
The Minister Plenipotentiary was going to do this at first, but he has meanwhile cancelled.


No wonder where Joran gets his attitude from. "It's my way, or the highway." Or in the case of Paulus, sue the government for false arrest when we all know he contributed to the cover up. Stupid S.O.B.

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