November 28, 2006


The controversial book by O.J. Simpson that was scheduled to be released this week but was cancelled amid public outrage has now taken a different turn. This time Joran van der Sloot wants to cash in.

Reports made by publicists indicate that a book and a television mini-serie
s will be showcased during the "Spring Sweeps" on the Fox channel in the United States. The title of the book will be called, "Natalee Holloway--IF I did it, this is how I would have done it..." penned exclusively by Joran van der Sloot with the help of a ghostwriter due to Joran’s poor writing abilities. In fact, Joran’s “helper” is the same person who helped write Paris Hilton’s book, “Confessions of an Heiress”.

In the book, Joran states that of course he is innocent of any wrong doing, but if he were to have killed Natalee, he wouldn't have done it the way people hypothesize. "Believe me," Joran stated, "IF I would have had anything to do with her disappearance, you wouldn't see Deepak or Satish around anymore." When asked if that was a threat against his former friends, van der Sloot stated, "What do you think?"

The book also details how IF he had killed Natalee he would have taken her to the home of Jan Van der Stratten. "The old man was on his way out...heading to retirement. He could have hidden her body for me and no one would have questioned him." Joran also eludes that he would have forced his father's friend, Yolanda Wever, the owner of the newest crematorium (which was financed by Daddy Sloot) on the island. "I would have made sure that she (Natalee) would have been body, no crime." Joran laughs, “Maybe that’s where my shoes are!”

There are already public outcries not only in the Netherlands, but in the United States over this new book. People have been urged by activist groups to sign a petition at Much like the same website that O.J. Simpson was up against.


Anonymous said...

May the aim of a hitmans hands be steady
May his sight be clear
May we all have a wish list
and Jorans death be near.

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Michelle

Anonymous said...

Great post Michelle!

But I think you forgot to mention that the book foreword was being written by Greta VanSustern

Anonymous said...

Great job Michelle!!

Joran did it!

Greta is still inclined to believe him!

dennisintn said...

i like the first comment fine, but please have the hitman find out where natalee's remains are first.