November 11, 2009



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Bob, a member of Boycott Aruba since it's inception recently took a cruise to see the Panama Canal. Unfortunately, one of the ports was in Aruba. Bob turned unfortunate circumstances into fortunate and interesting discoveries about Aruba TODAY. Not four years ago. October, 2009.

Here's the "Aruba List"...thanks for all you do, Bob!

  • Aruba is almost dead as vacation resort.

  • The people I talked to on the cruise ship about Natalee refused to go ashore because of what Aruba did or did not do.

  • At most ports of call there where at least 50 to 60 excursion buses; in Aruba maybe 8 to 10.

  • Hardly any taxis came up to the ship and those that did complained if the ride was short and did not cost a lot.

  • There have been 1000 workers laid off at the Valero Refinery and production is down. However and this is a first for you and it is no where on the internet.

  • Aruba has installed 9 or 10 wind generators near Arikok National Park. The last set of props was being installed when we were there. I was right under them as close as they would let me.

  • Half of who I talked to were split between she was murdered and dumped in the sea to she was sold as a sex slave.

  • When Aruba says look how crowded our beaches are; there is a reason. If two ships like ours is in port they usually allow liberty for about 300 crew members. Where do they go; but to the beaches. So for six hours their beaches are crowded with about 600 non paying cruise ship crew members.

  • I asked a few Arubans about Natalee; the one’s I asked did not recognize the case or know her name.

  • There are no street signs outside of Orangestad so it is difficult to maneuver unless you know the area.

  • The pond that Dave went to in March 2009 was dry. (Monserat Pond) I was there and it is full of broken bottles and glass.

"Bob" even had a chance to peep on over
to check out the Van der Sloot residence:

Photos Private Property of Bob, Aruban Boycott's anonymous source

Even the fence looks like a blue web of deceit!