December 19, 2008


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Sunday, December 21, 2008

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December 18, 2008


LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- The tragic tale of Natalee Holloway is coming to Lifetime and actress Tracey Pollan has been tapped to play the mother of the teen who vanished during a trip to Aruba, Access Hollywood has confirmed.

Pollan will star as Natalee’s mother, Beth Twitty, in the movie based on Twitty’s book, “Loving Natalee: A Mother’s Testament of Hope and Faith.” Pollan, who is married to Michael J. Fox, is best known for her stint alongside her husband as his recurring love interest Ellen Reed on the 1980s sitcom “Family Ties.” She has also had guest spots on “Spin City” and “Law & Order: SVU,” for which she received an Emmy nomination.

Pollan and Fox, who married in 1988, also shared the screen in the 1988 film “Bright Lights, Big City.”Based on the harrowing true story of Natalee which captured huge national media attention – an Alabama teen who vanished during her senior class trip to Aruba — the film will focus largely on Twitty’s relentless efforts to uncover the truth behind her daughter’s disappearance.

“The Natalee Holloway Story” will air in April 2009 on Lifetime Movie Network. Production is slated to begin in South Africa in January.

My cast choice for the other main characters:


Ed Westwick, who plays "Chuck" on the show "Gossip Girl"
would make a good Joran.

Rich, smarmy and sleazy.


Blake Lively, who also hails from "Gossip Girl" as the beautiful Natalee.


Tom Arnold as Dave Holloway


Harrison Ford as Jug Twitty


Al Franken as Paulus van der Sloot


Shelly Winters as Anita van der Sloot


Sally Struthers, "understudy" for Shelly Winters


"Borat" as either of the Kalpoe brothers


Dude from "Menudo" circa 1984


Michael Douglas as Peter de Vries


Joe Peschi as Joe Tacopino


Brian Dennehy as Jan van der Stratten


Vincent Pastore, from the "Sopranos" as Dennis Jacobs


Martin Lawrence as Gerald Dompig


"Seinfeld's Soup Nazi guy" as Nelson Oduber


Ron Howard as Rudy Croes


Judith Light as Karin Janssen

December 15, 2008


ORANJESTAD — Justice-minister Rudy Croes wants a thorough investigation into the first days after the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in 2005.

There will be an independent investigation into this next year, confirms Croes this morning. “The preparations are already in place. A few things have already taken place. Croes refers to the many reactions he received, after he accused the former investigation-leader and chief of police Jan van der Straten last week of favouritism in the early stages of the investigation into the disappeared American teenager.

In a conversation with the American FoxNews, the Dutch House-member Hero Brinkman of the extreme right party PVV, called Aruba ‘corrupt as hell’. Also many other media in the US brought Croes’ the statements up for discussion, because ‘he just now brought it up’.

PVV pressed in vain to have the Dutch detectives for the Kingdom investigate the accusations. PVV didn’t get any support for this in the Lower House. The Dutch state secretary of Kingdom Relations, Ank Bijleveld did say yesterday the Minister Croes must start an investigation immediately to verify whether van der Straten obstructed the investigation into the disappearance in Aruba. Bijleveld indicated that she cannot force Croes to start an investigation, but it is strange to her that after so many years, the minister has just now come with the accusations. Bijleveld assumes that the accusations do not tally.

If necessary, the Netherland is willing to help, says Bijleveld.

Minister Croes doesn’t want the Netherlands to interfere and has not started the investigation because of the Netherlands. “I don’t need instructions from her.”

Croes has also criticized the Dutch government’s part in the case. He says that Aruba had to keep silent about the fact that Joran was a Dutchman. “He had to appear as an Aruban as much as possible. A Dutch minister had personally requested that and I won’t say who this minister is.”




Bijleveld said not recognizing herself in this criticism. She says that the Netherlands has given her support in all sorts of ways to the investigation that was carried out under leadership of Justice in Aruba.

December 14, 2008


There aren't any scheduled "going away" parties for the following countries as the Netherlands bids adieu and washes their hands of these corrupt islands. Aruba didn't make the cut, as expected. It was last reported that certain unnamed Aruban Officials and a former PR consultant were at the new Senor Frogs and chatting old times with the bartenders.

It's quite a "Cheers" moment.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands finds itself on the eve of a historic event. After more than 60 years, the Netherlands Antilles will soon cease to exist. Two new autonomous nations will take its place: Curaçao and St Maarten. The smaller islands of Bonaire, Saba and St Eustatius will become 'special Dutch municipalities'.

The necessary legislation has been drawn up, and all the political leaders of the Netherlands and the Netherlands Antilles need do at the Round Table Conference in the Curaçao capital of Willemstad on 15 December is place their signatures.

Exactly when this will happen is not exactly clear, as earlier deadlines were not met. All eyes are now focused on 1 January 2010. However, Deputy Kingdom Relations Minister Ank Bijleveld has said that "quality is more important than speed". Last week's debate on the dismantling of the Netherlands Antilles - hosted by the Caribbean desk at Radio Netherlands Worldwide - showed there were still several stumbling blocks which must be cleared. Most important among them are a common Court of Justice, the internal divisions among Curaçao politicians, and the inadequate standard of law enforcement in St Maarten.

Tulip fields

'The "other women"...

The Netherlands Antilles includes five islands, Bonaire, St Eustatius and Saba, the so-called BES islands, will become part of the Netherlands. Their island councils will become local councils, the governor will become a mayor, and their residents will in future be entitled to vote in Dutch and European elections.

And yet, they will retain a 'special status', and with good reason. The islands are far from the Netherlands. Or, as Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende recently put it: "We are different, at home, we speak different languages. Whereas one person grew up among palm trees, the other among tulip fields". This means that the Dutch political system will not be integrally copied by the islands. The system of pensions and social security benefits will be adjusted to Antillean standards and it remains to be seen whether the euro will be introduced as legal currency.


'What your grandmother always thought...'

In 1942, then Queen Wilhelmina spoke the historic words: "Each relying on their own strength, but with the will to support each other" with which she intended to say that the then Dutch colonies would become more autonomous in future. In 1954, her daughter Juliana definitively ended the colonial era when she signed the Statute of the Kingdom of the Netherlands which granted the islands autonomy.

National flag

'I'm coming by to take my stuff...'

As agreeable as things were back then, relations between the Netherlands and its former colonies became more pressurised as time went on. In the 1960s in particular, it became clear that the former colonies needed to become fully independent. Surinam led the way, and hoisted its own national flag in 1975.

Aruba also pressed for more autonomy, and was granted a separate status in 1986, with the express purpose of becoming fully independent in ten years.

The other five Antillean islands preferred to retain close ties with the Netherlands. The call for more autonomy was not heard again until the end of the past century. A 2005 referendum, in which the people of St Maarten and Curaçao voted for more autonomy, lent further weight to that call.

'Breaking Up is Hard to Do'

'What do You Mean, You've Been Planning This?

It nevertheless took several years before concrete plans were drawn up. The negotiations with Curaçao were particularly difficult. Deadlines kept being pushed back and politicians accused each other of obstruction, abuse of power, corruption and colonial interference. The people of Curaçao organised demonstrations against Dutch rule. A low point was formed by the Island Council's rejection of the hard-fought 'Final Accord' in 2006. The Netherlands and the other Antillean islands were astonished.

Opinion poll

'Screw Grandma...What You're Friends Always Thought...'

The Dutch people were slowly becoming fed up with the situation as well. An opinion poll showed that more than half the population wants to get rid of the Antilles. The islands' multi-billion euro debt in particular is a thorn in the side of many.

December 12, 2008


Someone sent this great old "Taco Joe" article from GQ that I've never seen. A great Friday laugh. Talk about FALSE advertising!


TV make up artists call him, "too-bad-he's-married-Tacopina"? (See article text below)

I'd rather have a wild night with Dr. Phil, thank you very much. Are you kidding me? I'm cutting this post short because I have to run to the toilet for some serious wretching.

December 10, 2008


VAN SUSTEREN: Sir, let me just start first with the big question. What do you think, as a Dutch member of parliament, about Aruba?

BRINKMAN: They are corrupt as hell.


BRINKMAN: That's what I say about Aruba.

VAN SUSTEREN: What will you do about it, or is there anything you can do about it?

BRINKMAN: I want a full investigation about what happened with Ms. Holloway over there. It is really a disgrace that the minister of justice, Mr. Croes, told everybody, Mr. van der Straaten and the police chief are very good friends, and the investigation over there with the first ten days of the investigation went wrong because of the friendship. So I am very disappointed about that.

VAN SUSTEREN: Sir, prior to becoming a member of the Dutch parliament you had a long history as being a police officer. When you say that Aruba is, quote, "corrupt as hell," those are your words, what is it that tells you that? Why do you say they're corrupt as hell?

BRINKMAN: Because there is a lot of corruption which is going on. It is also investigated over there. Politicians and police officers have been conflicted, but they still are doing their jobs. So that is very strange.

We all know that the Dutch countrymen, the Dutch know that there is a lot of corruption over there, and they don't want to do anything about it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Why doesn't the Dutch government want to do anything about the corruption in Aruba?

BRINKMAN: I think because it is a political matter. We are now in discussions about another way to look at those islands formally.

And all the political parties within the house of parliament has said for years that they want to do it like this. Not our party. We are the only party that does not want to go that way, but the other ones did. And that's why they don't want to talk about corruption.

All the politicians in the Dutch parliament know that there is a lot of corruption. But on Aruba, they don't want to talk about it. And that's why I say it is a political matter.

VAN SUSTEREN: What do you make of the fact that the prosecutor, though, is not from Aruba. The prosecutor is a Dutch person.

BRINKMAN: He is a Dutch person, but he is very long within the Aruban society. And what Aruban politicians do, they drag you within their corrupt society. That's what they do.

And even if there are Dutch politicians, competent guys, it does not matter. If they are there long to stay, they will be dragged into that corrupt system.

VAN SUSTEREN: What did the police have to gain by not investigating this case? We have brought information to them-actually, we haven't brought it to them. We have information and we can't seem to get them to look at it. But what is in for the police not to look at what we have?

BRINKMAN: I don't know. And that's what I want to investigate, and that is why I asked the minister here in Holland to investigate that from out of the Dutch government.

But I think that because the police chief of Aruba may have some involvement in this case. And if that is true, then of course the political persons who are responsible for this do not want to investigate that, because otherwise they get chopped off their head.

VAN SUSTEREN: So what can we do here in America to try to push the investigation? Because all we want is a full and complete investigation. And what can you do from Holland to push for a full and fair investigation?

BRINKMAN: First, I want to thank all of the Americans who e-mailed me and wrote to me all the things they knew and all the encouragement. I thank them very much. I've read everything. I did not answer everything. I will still try to do that, but I didn't.

But, please, if you know anything, e-mail to me, write me. I will try to encourage the Dutch parliament to fully investigate this matter, because the truth has to come out for all of us, for the Americans, for Aruba, and also for the Dutch parliament.

VAN SUSTEREN: You said that Aruba is corrupt as hell. Do you have any particular names of people that should have the bulls eye on their back, people we should look at to try to at least take a look at them?

BRINKMAN: There are a lot of people. I have made a full investigation this year and filed a full reporting in the parliament early this year from hundreds of different cases of corruption. Nobody in the parliament wanted to talk about that. It is a disgrace.

Just one example--Minister Croes says that he knows that the Van der Straaten, the police chief of Aruba, and Paul van der Sloot, the father of Joran, were very, very good friends. And those two investigated the matter in the early days of the case, and they did this in a very slow manner.

If Croes does say this, and this is true, then he already knew that for more than three years. This is truly a disgrace. Why didn't he tell that before? That's why I think it's fully corruption.,2933,464065,00.html

December 04, 2008



October 4, 2005

GRACE: … Jossy, regarding the connection, what I perceived to be a close connection between the judge, Paulus Van Der Sloot and the retired chief of police who initially handled Natalee`s case, Van Der Stratten, were they friends?

MANSUR: Of course, they were friends. It stands to reason they were friends because Paul Van Der Sloot had many friends within the police department; he had many friends within the Department of Justice. And he had many friends with -- and he was friendly with all the judges in Aruba. He worked out of the same office as they did and did the same work.


In the book, Joran states that of course he is innocent of any wrong doing, but if he were to have killed Natalee, he wouldn't have done it the way people hypothesize. "Believe me," Joran stated, "IF I would have had anything to do with her disappearance, you wouldn't see Deepak or Satish around anymore." When asked if that was a threat against his former friends, van der Sloot stated, "What do you think?"

The book also details how IF he had killed Natalee he would have taken her to the home of Jan Van der Stratten.

"The old man was on his way out...heading to retirement. He could have hidden her body for me and no one would have questioned him."

Joran also eludes that he would have forced his father's friend, Yolanda Wever, the owner of the newest crematorium (which was financed by Daddy Sloot) on the island.

"I would have made sure that she (Natalee) would have been body, no crime." Joran laughs, “Maybe that’s where my shoes are!”

Scared Monkey's interview regarding Van der Stratten
with Tito Lacle of Aruba Today

  • SM: When Mickey John was arrested he told me that 14 LE showed up at his house including Jan Van der stratten… this common for van der stratten and 14 ALE to go arrest one man?
  • Tito: Yes...he is. He was at all the arrests. He headed the case and was present at all arrests.
  • SM: Now that Jan Van Der Straaten is no longer working this case can he be questioned in any way regarding any aspect of this case? If so, can his statements be presented as evidence by way of a summons to appear in court to provide those statements under oath?
  • Tito: Unlikely. He was part of the investigation.

National Enquirer Excerpts

By David Wright
April 24, 2006

June 13, 2005, Jan van der Straaten said Joran told him he believed Deepak raped Natalee and "did something to her."

Van der Stratten replies, "Where is the girl buried?" Joran states, "I think she is buried next to the fishermen's huts, next to the wall."

Van der Stratten, "Has the girl been dumped in the ocean?"...Joran stated, "No...I mean I don't know.

Jan van der Stratten stated, "During the conversation he sometimes shows his emotions by whistling; sometimes he cries and sometimes he answers direct."

Dave Holloway's Observations

In October Dave Holloway and the investigator observed Jan Van der straaten, the former Chief of Police leaving Jacobs office. A young dispatcher informed the investigator and Dave Holloway that he (Van der Stratten) was a frequent visitor to the office.

The investigator is VERY suspicious that Van der straaten is still pulling the strings of this investigation and he has his hand picked investigator, Jacobs, who has sabotaged the case at every turn.


"I cannot do this to my friend Paul"

Dutch police commissioner Jan van der Straten actively frustrated investigations on the island of Aruba into the disappearance of US teenager Natalee Holloway.

Aruba's Justice Minister Rudy Croes confirmed on Thursday that Van der Straten delayed the start of investigations in order to protect his friend, Paulus van der Sloot, the father of Joran who is the main suspect in the case. Paulus was working for the Justice Ministry at the time.

Minister Croes made his public statement about the commissioner's dallying following critical remarks by Van der Straten about Aruba's police. Shortly after Natalee's disappearance in 2005, the Dutch police commissioner was overheard saying "I cannot do this to my friend Paul".

Rudy Croes

The Justice Minister says there were remarkably frequent phone conversations between Jan van der Straten and Paul van der Sloot in the first days after the American teenager went missing.

Carnival policemen

In more detailed criticism, Minister Croes accuses Commissioner Van der Straten of putting a "second rate police team" on the Holloway case. The team consisted of part-time policemen who are hired in to help the regular force during events like carnivals.

The Dutch government is also blamed by Minister Croes for giving insufficient moral support to the Aruban authorities:

"They stand by while Aruba's name is being dragged through the mud. We were asked in 2005 to hide the fact that Joran is a Dutchman. A Dutch minister - I won't say who - personally asked us to present Joran as an Aruban."

Justice Minister Rudy Croes is known for his critical attitude towards the Dutch, Aruba's former coloniser. He said in 2007 that he was in favour of breaking off Aruba's relations with the Netherlands. The statement caused an uproar, coming as it did while negotiations with the Netherlands were going on.

A new political division of the Kingdom of the Netherlands will come into force on 15 December 2010. Aruba will remain a separate country within the Kingdom.


Dutchman Jan van der Straten, who was police commissioner on the Caribbean island of Aruba when US teenager Natalee Holloway disappeared, seriously hindered the investigation in the first few days, Aruban justice minister Rudy Croes is quoted as saying by news agency ANP.

ANP says Croes claims Van der Straten was slow to take action in order to help his friend Paul van der Sloot protect his son Joran, who was suspected of being involved in the disappearance. Such rumours have circulated on the island for some time, ANP says.

According to ANP, Croes made the statement following criticism of the Aruban police force made by Van der Straten earlier this week. Questioning Croes said that Joran and two other suspects were only taken in for questioning 10 days after Holloway went missing ‘when the first days are crucial in a disappearance’.

And he claims he heard Van der Straten say
‘I cannot do that to my friend Paul’.

Croes also claims there were a lot of telephone conversations between Van der Sloot senior and Van der Straten and that a ‘second class’ police team was put on the investigation. ‘It was the team used during the carnival celebrations,’ ANP reports him as saying.

In addition, Croes accuses the Dutch government of failing to provide any moral support to Aruba. He says the Aruban authorities were pressured to present Joran van der Sloot as an Aruban, not a Dutch national. ANP does not say when and where Croes made the comments, or if it had picked them up from another source.

December 03, 2008


Gabcast! Boycott Commentary #2 - GRETA! SUPPORT THE BOYCOTT!

Greta, you've been on this case from day one with no success and no help from Aruban authorities. Isn't it about time to tell your viewers to BOYCOTT ARUBA?



John Q. Kelly wants action. In a letter to Aruban Chief Prosecutor Hans Mos, Kelly calls for the arrest of Joran van der Sloot, his father, Paulus, and the Kalpoe brothers.


KELLY: Nothing but deafening silence of I haven't heard from him (Hans Mos).

VAN SUSTEREN: This is the story. Either he has gone on vacation...or he is incompetent, or he is corrupt...He does not want to see it. They do not want to solve this or make any attempt to either prove this or disproved this.

KELLY: I think incompetent would almost be kind. There are sinister things going on.

KELLY:...He is just ignoring the whole issue, and it is a shame. And, quite frankly, we are not going away...Beth and Dave or any parent out there watching, to just think that if their child was missing, there was a one in one in a million chance that they could still be alive somewhere. And, believe me, there is no evidence to the contrary that Natalee Holloway is not possibly alive somewhere, to think for one second these parents would let go of this is just sorely mistaken.


VAN SUSTEREN: But this is what I don't get-what is Holland's problem? Holland has responsibility in this too. And Holland is just sitting up there I don't know how many thousands of miles away from Aruba looking the other way, refusing anyone just to look at this information.


VAN SUSTEREN: ...We got an e-mail from someone, and I do not know if it is true or not, but I posted it on, that Joran was seen last night at a casino in Manila.

MICHELLE SAYS SO: I found this comment on today: "Joran is hiding in Manila. I saw him last night playing poker at the Hyatt casino in Manila. He's going by the name Murphy."


Watch Video:

December 01, 2008


Challenge to Aruba:

We all know you read these reports. I openly challenge you meet me in person, with government and central bank officials, to answer questions consumers have regarding safety of tourists in Aruba. Let us watch your police department and courts in action. Let us see how you handle public safety. You claim Aruba is safe - we say contact us and prove it.


By Fred Taub, President of Boycott Watch

Thursday, November 20, 2008, Greta Van Susteren of Fox News announced that she will air an interview with Joran Van Der Sloot Monday November 24th, the content of which she offered to reveal to Hans Mos, the Prosecutor in Aruba, in advance. Mos, however, immediately reacted by saying there is no new evidence, showing complete disinterest in any possible confession or revelation in the case of Natalee Holloway, who went missing more than two years ago.

On her show, Greta asked why Mos was not interested in any possible new evidence, which is a good question. In response, Boycott Watch President Fred Taub sent a memo to Greta reminding her that every time the Natalee Holloway disappearance case is in the news, Aruba's economy is hit hard, the subject of which Fred Taub appeared on Your World with Neil Cavuto, also on the Fox News Channel, three times (See: here, here and here).

In our reports and in interviews on the Fox news Channel, Boycott Watch exposed how Aruba lied on their tourism numbers, claiming at first that tourism was up because, as they claimed, "everyone now knows about Aruba" when in fact, both the Central Bank of Aruba and Caribbean tourism numbers both indicated a sharp drop in tourism and revenue. Aruba first denied our reports, but later admitted Boycott Watch was right all along.

At one point, Boycott Watch was contact via email by someone who claimed to be a taxi driver in Aruba, but the information he had revealed that he was actually an Aruban tourism official. The so called taxi driver first reported, unsolicited, that Aruba tourism was unhurt and that he was as busy as ever. When he later got into more detail, I asked if he worked for the tourism ministry, and that was the last I heard from him.

Later, Aruba responded to every point made by Fred Taub while on Your World with Neil Cavuto on the Fox News Channel. The fact is, Aruba pays close attention to the boycott inspired by the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, and especially what Boycott Watch reports in this case. The reaction of Hans Mos immediately dismissing Greta's report before he even knew the content of the interview, and the facial expression of Hans Mos said it all - Aruba wants to keep the Natalee Holloway case out of the news. Period. End of story.

Aruba is sure to be unhappy reading this report, especially where we predict the result of the current news, and they will read it. Aruba fears the reports of Boycott Watch because we reveal the truth that Hans Mos gave away once again - Aruba does not want this case in the news, and they certainly do not want Boycott Watch revealing their cover-up, and especially when we report about the incompetence of their law enforcement system, as typified when we wrote about how Aruba left a thirty foot ladder in their jail recently, allowing double murderer to easily escape.

Aruba does not want you to know the following:

This year, the tourism packages to Aruba have already been sold, and were sold long before the collapse of the housing market, so the people who purchased vacations to Aruba will still go this winter. However, some people will be spending less money while in Aruba because of general economic fears, something Aruba can not afford. The main people to be affected in Aruba are the taxi drivers, restaurant owners and their employees. People looking for Carlos & Charlie's, the bar Natelee Holloway was last seen in, will have a difficult time, as the owners changed the name to Senior Frog's because the bar developed a bad reputation world-wide. There were some cosmetic changes, but it is still essentially the same club. The local "pimps," the young men who look to pick up single American teenagers and college students to have a night of fun with zero responsibility, are reportedly still on the prowl, thus still leaving American students in danger.

Aruba's big fear now is Spring Break sales, and this is the season for selling those packages. If this case remains in the news, Aruba will be hurt in one of its two most important tourism seasons. Meanwhile, Joran Van Der Sloot's father's home was heavily vandalized after the first confession, because Arubans were unhappy about why they lost money. The new report on Fox reveals that Van Der Sloot's father knew about what Joran claimed and may have been involved in a cover-up despite being a sworn officer of the court, thus is now an accomplice after the fact.

The reaction of Hans Mos to Greta van Susteren said it all. Aruba fears losing Spring Break vacation sales if the story remains in the news and Boycott Watch will be monitoring Aruba closely.