February 28, 2007



**Thanks to Richard for his ongoing participation and magnificient efforts in this boycott.

Richard wrote a letter to Weight Watchers in the beginning of February regarding their promotional sweepstakes which featured Aruba as a winning prize destination. Here is their lame reply and Richard's original letter. Do you think they will actually reconsider for next year? Only time will tell and we will have our eye on Weight Watchers.

Weight Watchers International, Inc.

300 Jericho Quadrangle, Suite 350
Jericho, NY 11753

February 21, 2007

Dear (Richard),

Dave Kirchhoff has received your letter and has forwarded it to me for reply. First, we thank you for taking the time to write about the contest which was conducted on behalf of Weight Watchers retail products. We understand your comments and do value your opinion. We have shared your point of view with our Licensing Department so they will know of your concern.

While the contest has had success, we realize some people, who may feel as you do, may have chosen not to participate. By their actions, we will reconsider the location for any future sweepstakes. Please note this contest ended on February 17, 2007. We understand your perspective, and thank you for sharing your point of view.


/s/ Cara Bishop

Manager, Corporate Affairs Weight Watchers International, Inc.

February 4, 2007

Mr. David Kirchhoff
President and Chief Executive
Weight Watchers International, Inc.
11 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Dear Mr. Kirchhoff:

I recently learned that your company is sponsoring a drawing offering free trips to Aruba. I believe this offer is contrary to the interests of your clients, especially women, and is inappropriate at this time. I therefore request that you consider retracting the promotion.

Since Natalee Holloway disappeared in Aruba on May 30, 2005, Americans largely have heeded the call of her family to avoid the island. Nearly two years later, the case is still unsolved and Aruba shows no interest in finding answers. The Dutch government has assumed the leading role in the investigation, yet it also seems to be sitting on its hands.

Events since Natalee vanished provide strong reason to believe that elements of Aruba's law enforcement and government are complicit in a cover-up to protect certain persons from prosecution in this case. American tourism comprises 80% of Aruba's economy; it is the one tool that we have to persuade Aruba that we will not let this crime be forgotten.

Although your company is not a law-enforcement agency, it seems irresponsible if not cynical for you to encourage travel to Aruba, even at low prices, while that island is reeling from the impact of our collective boycott. It also seems simple justice to support an American family that for two years has contended with a hostile foreign government.

Last year, Curves International was running an offer similar to yours. When contacted on the matter, the Curves chief executive swiftly canceled the ad campaign, which he had not authorized, and agreed that Aruba was no fit destination for American women.

I hope your company also will decide that without a solution in the Natalee Holloway case, we stand united against travel to Aruba. "No justice for Natalee? No tourists for Aruba."

I appreciate your attention and assistance in this matter.






Predators are known for telling lies. Look no further than some of our other infamous killers. This predator, Joran, lied about not previously meeting Natalee, lied about his identity, and told numerous lies about how he got home the morning Natalee disappeared-- yet he says one day he will tell the truth.

Joran and the Kalpoe brothers initially told police investigators they dropped Holloway off at the Holiday Inn where she was staying, but ten days later after being arrested they all changed their stories.

Unfortunately, the investigation had been drastically compromised by the prosecutor and polis who had neglected to arrest these three - knowing these suspects had lied. The Polis knew the "witnesses" lied because within the first 24 hours the Holiday Inn security cameras showed no sign of the Alabama teen having been returned to the hotel.

After admitting he had lied about dropping Holloway off at the hotel, Joran said he left Natalee at the beach near the Marriot hotel, but he continued to lie about surrounding circumstances. Joran has told four different versions of how he got home that night:

  1. The Kalpoes dropped him off at home and drove off with Natalee
  2. He left her at the beach and walked home
  3. Deepak picked him up from the beach near the Marriott
  4. Satish picked him up from the beach

The Kalpoe brothers deny they ever picked Joran up from the beach. In fact, they state they went home, got on the computer and Satish went to bed because he had school the next day.

Why create the first lie if you are innocent?

Why lie about your identity?

Why the lie about when you met Natalee Holloway?

Police chief Gerold Dompig stated: “Joran Van Der Sloot "lies a lot" and it would take days to recount them all.”

The ‘A Current Affair' interview with Jerry Wagschal, showed Joran stating he would tell the truth one day. We are still waiting for the truth about what these criminals did to Natalee Holloway. Joran and his father know what they did to Natalee Holloway.


Joran Van Der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers originally told police they dropped Natalee Holloway off at the Holiday Inn into the custody of a black security guard:

They said they dropped her off at her hotel about 2 a.m. and last saw her being approached by a black man in a black security guard uniform before they drove off, a lawyer for the brothers has said.


VAN SUSTEREN: Did you actually say that to Deepak, or did you think that?

VAN DER SLOOT: And then that's when we — that's when we made up a story to say, you know, that we didn't — that we dropped her off at the Holiday Inn.

VAN SUSTEREN: Whose idea was it to make up the story, yours or Deepak's?

VAN DER SLOOT: It was — it was kind of both ours.


After the original Holiday Inn lie was debunked, Van Der Sloot said he left Holloway at the beach and told four different versions of how he got home.

1. Joran tells police he was dropped off at his house and the Kalpoe brothers, Deepak and Satish, drove off with Natalee Holloway:

One of the trio detained since June 9, the Dutch son of a judicial official, is now saying that his two Surinamese friends — who are brothers — dropped him off at his house after he exchanged e-mail addresses with Holloway and said goodnight, Lejuez said.


2. Joran tells police he left Natalee at the Marriot beach and walked home:

On the record, Greta Van Susteren Wednesday, August 24, 2005-

VAN SUSTEREN: What is it that the phone call at 2:40 in the morning between Joran and your client was about? What were they talking about?

KOCK: Of course, that was not with my client. But my client says that what he was saying was that he was walking home, that he left the girl on the beach and that he's walking home. And afterwards, the call after 3:00 o'clock was to actually call in and say that he got home. So you know, if you look at the distance that it would take you to walk, that also concurs a little bit with the elapsed time between the two phone calls.


Vanity Fair article, January 2, 2006

Under questioning, however, Joran did change his story. Instead of leaving Natalee at the Holiday Inn, he now said, the Kalpoes had dropped him and Natalee off at the beach beside the Marriott, a half-mile north of the Holiday Inn; the area is a lovers' lane of sorts. He said Natalee was so drunk she was drifting in and out of consciousness. Joran said he left her at the beach and walked home.


3. Joran tells police Deepak Kalpoe picked him up at the beach near the Marriot:

Joran Van Der Sloot's June 14, 2005 statement to police investigators:

Deepak had said that I have left my shoes at the Marriott Hotel. Deepak told me not to worry, because he'd pick the shoes up tomorrow for me. I had left a pair of white with blue shoes of the brand "K-Swias" [sic], size "14" on the beach. These shoes I bought in the United States.

What I also could mention is that during the drive Deepak told me that he was free the next morning that he didn't have to go to work. I told Deepak that I did have school and that I was tired.

I was left on May 30th, around 3:45 am at my house by Deepak. During exiting the car I asked him if he was going to go online. Deepak told me yes. Furthermore I had told him that I would call him the next day. I had asked Deepak if he could pick up the shoes that I had left on the beach. Deepak told me that he would pick up the shoes immediately. Then Deepak drove away.

4. Joran tells police Satish Kalpoe picked him up at the beach near the Marriot:

Joran van Der Sloot's June 29, 2005 statement to Aruban police:

When I was picked by Satish around quarter to three (02:45am) I was barefoot. I went to sit in front, next to Satish. I don't exclude the possibility that I had sand on my feet. Definitely did white sand from my feet stay behind on the floormat of the Honda. I had left my shoes (sneakers) on the beach. I had told Satish where I had left my shoes (sneakers).

Joran Van Der Sloot says he knows the truth and will tell it one day at his bidding:

Joran Van Der Sloot interview with Carl Wagschal, A Current Affair:

WAGSCHAL: Well, I think if you can explain to people what really happened and you were really forthcoming, the more forthcoming you are, the more chance there is of you to get on with your life.

VAN DER SLOOT: One day, I will explain exactly what happened. But right now, I don`t -- I don`t feel ready to do that.



At the same time, he told "Primetime" that his version of events is hard to believe. When asked why, after all the lying he's done, his word should be credible, he said, "There's absolutely no reason to believe me." "I would probably not believe myself, no," he added.

Natalee and her family deserve justice - and we will not let up until they have it.

Natalee's Freebirds


I wonder who procured their ILLINOIS attorney, Kristina Beck? I don't find it a coincidence that this law firm is in close proximity of where Aruba casino boss Michael Posner is from. Do you think maybe he had anything to do with getting these boys their attorney? If not, then why an Illinois firm???? Who is paying? In addition, this woman is only 31 and only been practicing law for six years! I hope she knows who and what she is up against. This should be interesting...

Aruban Brothers Want Natalee Holloway Lawsuit Dismissed

LOS ANGELES -- A lawsuit filed in Los Angeles against two Aruban brothers by the parents of missing Alabama teen Natalee Holloway should be dismissed on grounds the case has no connection to California, the siblings' lawyers argue in court papers obtained Tuesday.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge George Wu will consider the motion brought on behalf of Deepak and Satish Kalpoe, but no date was immediately set. The next scheduled hearing in the case is April 2.

The brothers' attorney, Kristina M. Beck, filed court papers last Tuesday in support of the dismissal. The Kalpoes and another Aruban resident, Joran van der Sloot, have been the subject of scrutiny by Aruban authorities and the U.S. media. All three were arrested in connection with the Holloway case and later released.

Beck's court papers state that an important ruling occurred Jan. 24, when another Los Angeles Superior Court judge, Edward A. Ferns, ruled that the wrongful death claim of the teen's parents against the Kalpoes is substantially different from the siblings' defamation case against "Dr. Phil" McGraw." These actions do not arise from the same or substantially identical transactions, happenings or events...," Ferns wrote, in ruling that both cases should not be kept before the same judge.

The Kalpoes sued McGraw and CBS Television on Dec. 13, alleging they were defamed in a Sept. 15, 2005, show dealing with the still-unsolved case. Although the Kalpoe brothers had been released from Aruban police custody, the "Dr. Phil" episode suggested they gave Holloway a date rape drug and had non- consensual group sex with her, according to their lawsuit. The episode also implied the siblings helped kill Holloway and dispose of her body, according to the lawsuit. The Kalpoes and van der Sloot have maintained that they were not involved in her disappearance and did not have sex with her.

In addition to defamation, the Kalpoes' suit alleges invasion of privacy, emotional distress, fraud, deceit and civil conspiracy. Natalee Holloway's parents, Elizabeth Ann Twitty of Alabama and Dave E. Holloway of Mississippi, filed a wrongful death suit against the Kalpoes the next day, even though their daughter's body has never been found and Aruban authorities have not determined if she is dead or alive. Natalee Holloway was vacationing with friends on the Caribbean island resort when the 18-year-old disappeared the night of May 30, 2005.

Twitty and Dave Holloway, who are divorced, maintain that by bringing an action against McGraw in Los Angeles, the Kalpoes voluntarily submitted themselves to the Los Angeles Superior Court jurisdiction. But in her court papers, Beck argues that Twitty and Holloway are not part of the defamation case; that the alleged misconduct by the defendants in the lawsuits occurred in two entirely different locations -- Aruba and California; and that one suit involves wrongful death and the other defamation.

In support of her motion, Beck attached to her court papers a declaration by the Kalpoe brothers' mother, Kemwattie Ramirez, stating that her sons live with her in Aruba and have no ties to California."Neither Deepak nor Satish has ever traveled to California, or anywhere
within the United States, for business or pleasure," according to their mother, who also said her sons have no business, employment of financial ties to California. (Is this the same mother who said, "Everybody lies"????)

Twitty and Dave Holloway also filed a wrongful death suit last year in New York against van der Sloot and his father, but a judge there also threw it out for lack of jurisdiction. Meanwhile, a motion is set before Judge Ferns on Thursday in the defamation case.


**Another wonderful post coming from Natalee's Freebirds...thank you!



The night Natalee Holloway disappears Joran Van Der Sloot portrays behavior common to sexual predators who drug their victims.

Joran Van Der Sloot told a bold faced lie about Natalee prior to the night she disappeared and it is documented that he had a pre-meditated plan to go to Carlos & Charlie’s that night, and he had used a false identity with the Mountain Brook students to further his web of deception.

It is well-documented that Joran van Der Sloot showed up at the bar 30 minutes before closing time. Is it typical of Predators to keep their exposure among others to a minimum prior to containing their target?

Joran and Kalpoe brothers coordinated their leaving Carlos & Charlie’s with Natalee by using their cell phones, as the Kalpoe brothers statements reveal. Why would they need to communicate by telephone just to all get in the car (which they knew was parked behind the building so no need to find the car) to leave Carlos & Charlie’s? Why didn't the three of them just meet in the bar, coordinate their exit with Natalee, and all four walk out together?

This gives indication of a plan in which the predators single out a female and make the American tourist think she is going back to the same hotel as the other tourist, in this case Joran van der Sloot, sharing a taxi cab ride. Even Deepak’s statement said it was not the first time he had taken tourists back to the Holiday Inn.

Joran van Der Sloot knew this would be Natalee's last night on the island. It is fairly common for sexual predators to administer date rape drugs to female victims on their last night of vacation because they will be confused the next morning and have to rush to catch their planes back home.

Dave Holloway was told immediately to go down to Carlos n’ Charlie’s, have a beer and wait for his daughter to show back up, but to keep his drink covered, as the locals tend to drug drinks in that bar – which indicates even the cops in Aruba know of this taking place with the tourists on their island by locals.

Every indication demonstrates this was a pattern Joran had used many times before. In one of his interviews Joran van Der Sloot told Greta Van Susteren he had done this with female tourists 20 times before.

Done what? Drugged and raped young American tourists without consequences?

Joran van der Sloot said he and the Kalpoes rarely if ever went out two nights in a row. Satish Kalpoe indicated that Joran and Deepak were together three nights in a row: the night before Natalee went missing, the night Natalee went missing, and the night after she went missing.

Predator behavior is to plan, execute the plan, and when something bad happened this time – they covered-up what went terribly wrong to Natalee Holloway. Joran Van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers show up at Carlos & Charlies 30-45 minutes before closing time.

On the record with Greta Van Susteren, Fox news: Joran and the Kalpoe brothers do not associate while in Carlos & Charlies, allowing the three to distance themselves from each other in order to play out their exit strategy with a “taxi”:

ABRAMS: And let's be clear. You're talking about the chief suspect, Joran van der Sloot, and you've been looking for any sort of as you say, predatory past. So what happened? Someone just came up to you?

TWITTY: Well yes, I had a beautiful 18-year-old blond-headed girl from New Jersey and you know was able to recant an encounter that she had with Joran van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe during the month of April '05.

TWITTY: You know it's interesting how he is able to try to work his way in and connect and establish himself in that—in Carlos N' Charlie's, was walking her around and these other tourists and was able to point out Satish and Deepak Kalpoe. They were sitting ironically in the same corner, the same stools that they were seated at in the picture that's been all over international media, so that must be their spot that they wait while Joran is working.


Meanwhile, the Kalpoes were coordinating their plan to pose as taxi drivers for Joran and Natalee on their cell phones:

Satish June 11, 2005 police statement- I saw that my brother had called me. I know that my brother didn't have any more credit on his mobile phone and had called him back. My brother answered his phone and asked where we were. I told him that we were still inside Carlos & Charlies. He had told me that he was already at his car. I told him that we would come to where he was. I said to Joran that my brother was already at the car and if we were leaving, because Carlos & Charlies was about to close. Joran said that it was OK that we would be leaving and that the girl would be coming with us.

Deepak June 11, 2005 police statement- I walked to the parking lot where my car was parked. When I arrived at my car I sat on the ground next to my car, because my brother had the keys. I then called my brother on his mobile phone. I had almost no more minutes on my pre-paid phone so I called him in a way that produces what in English is called a “miss call”. After that my brother phoned me back, I asked him where they were and he said they were still inside and that he would come. After a while Satish came walking, I asked him where Joran was and he said that Joran was still inside.

Joran van der Sloot says he'd done this 20 times before and nothing ever went wrong:

On the Record, Greta Van Susteren- March 3rd, 2006 http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,186707,00.html

VAN DER SLOOT: And you're like, you know, what, you know what are you doing? Because it was — it was a normal — it was a normal thing for us to do, you know, go to our friends, go to the beach, talk to American tourists, you know, then go out with them and have a good time and, you know, nothing — nothing ever bad has ever happened. I mean it's happened probably 20, 20 times nothing has ever gone wrong.

Joran says it was highly unusual that he and the Kalpoes would ever go out two nights in a row. However, Satish Kalpoe's statement indicates Joran and Deepak were together three nights in a row:

VAN DER SLOOT: Two nights in a row? Never, really, because he works a lot and — yes.

VAN SUSTEREN: When you met up with him on the night of the 29th, the night going into Natalee's disappearance, when was the most recent time before that that you'd spent time with him?

VAN DER SLOOT: The most recent time before that?


VAN DER SLOOT: I don't remember exactly when it was.

VAN SUSTEREN: More than a week or two weeks? Any idea?

VAN DER SLOOT: No, it was probably a week.

Satish 2nd police statement on June 10, 2005:

Question: Where had the three of you gone on the night from Saturday night to Sunday night on May 28th 2005?

S. KALPOE: We had gone to Carlos & Charlies.

Q: Was it just the three of you who had gone to Carlos & Charlies on Saturday May 28th 2005?

S. KALPOE: Yes, it was just the three of us that went to Carlos & Charlies.

Natalee and her family deserve justice - and we won't let up until they have it!

--Natalee's Freebirds

February 22, 2007


16 February 2007

AMSTERDAM — A German war criminal founded the Dutch police system in its present-day form, reads the new "History of the Dutch Police" by Cyrille Fijnaut of Tilburg University.

The Second World War played an important role in the history of the Dutch police, Fijnaut told De Volkskrant.

Ever since the mid-19th century, there have been many arguments about what the national police should be like, and it was the German occupation forces in the 1940s that gave the Dutch police its permanent structure. The Higher SS and Polizei Führer Hans Rauter simply put an end to the divided opinions on the matter. After the war, the Dutch authorities decided to keep Rauter's model.

This decision has been criticised for a long time, since the Dutch police were anything but innocent during the war years. Of the 16,500 police agents active in 1944, seven thousand were accused of collaboration after the liberation and two thousand were fired.

The police still suffers from the stains on its reputation when its role in the persecution of Jews is brought up, Fijnaut says.

The new coalition thinks it has provided for all the necessary reforms to the police, but at the presentation of the new accord last Tuesday Minister of Interior Johan Remkes said it was "inevitable" that the police would have to be reorganised again in a decade. (IN A DECADE? It takes 10 years to reorganize a corrupt governmental organization? I suppose that is how long it takes them to solve crimes, as well?)

February 15, 2007


Dutch make available over 1 billion guilders

CAY HILL--The Netherlands is making available more than one billion Antillean guilders for financial support for the Netherlands Antilles, St. Maarten, Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius. This commitment from The Hague is part of the transition accord the Netherlands, the Central Government and the islands signed late Monday afternoon at the end of a plenary session of the one-day political consultation.

The target date for new relations in the Kingdom of the Netherlands has been set at December 15, 2008, the day traditionally celebrated as Kingdom Day, the day on which the Charter was signed in 1954. St. Maarten will become a country and the three “smaller” islands Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius overseas municipalities.

To make sure the islands have a healthy start, the Netherlands is helping with debt relief. An amount of NAf. 224 million is being reserved for this purpose. To eliminate the backlog of payment arrears, The Hague is making available NAf. 259 million. The four islands will receive NAf. 71 million extra for social and economic investments. NAf. 15 million is being made available on the short term for concrete projects.

NAf. 13 million is being reserved for budgetary aid for the islands. This budgetary aid is a one-time contribution and is mainly to cover health care related expenses for the three “smaller” islands. The budgetary aid will only become available after the financial supervisor has been appointed.

In addition it has been agreed that the Netherlands will deposit NAf. 507 million on an account at the Central Bank of the Netherlands Antilles as soon as the financial supervisor has been appointed. This money is reserved to pay the shares of St. Maarten, Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius in the yet-undivided debt of the Netherlands Antilles.

Made available specifically per island for payment arrears (in Antillean guilders):

  • St. Maarten 183 million
  • Bonaire 55 million
  • Saba 3 million
  • St. Eustatius 15 million

Each of the four islands receives NAf. 3 million for budgetary aid. The four islands also will receive NAf. 2 million for so-called quick wins.

For the Social Economic Initiative (SEI):

  • St. Maarten 26 million Antillean guilders
  • Bonaire 19.5 million
  • Saba and St. Eustatius each 13 million.

Dutch caretaker Minister of Kingdom Relations and Administrative Reform Atzo Nicolaï assured that the one billion were solely extra means and that the amount would not be deducted from any Dutch development aid related expenses. He said the amount had to be seen separately from funds made available via the Implementing Office of the Development Foundation Netherlands Antilles USONA.

The phased plan of St. Maarten, the Netherlands Antilles and the Netherlands, and the phased plan of the Netherlands Antilles, Bonaire, Saba and St. Eustatius will serve as points of departure for the new constitutional relations. The transition accord doesn’t mention Curaçao, as that island territory hasn’t ratified the November 2 accord with the Netherlands. As a result, Curaçao attended Monday’s meeting as observer.

Aruba was also to attend as observer, but informed that its representatives couldn’t make it.


Natalee's Last Night and Paulus Van der Sloot

**Thank you for the translation by MF at FOB

The following is a literal translation (from Diario paper) as it appears in the sentencing of the Superior Court for Paulus Van der Sloot. "With attention to the lying declarations that the son of Paulus, Joran Andreas Petrus van der Sloot (hereafter Joran) gave about his last contact on the 30th of May 2005 with the disappeared Natalee Holloway, the suspicion is not unreasonable that he made himself guilty of a conduct that can be qualified as murder, manslaughter, or kidnapping that resulted in death.

The possible involvement of Paulus with that could then be deducted from the file with the official reports of witnesses, amongst which two people suggested a contact existed between Paulus and Natalee Holloway the night of her disappearance, and a taped report (that was given by the Prosecutor in her final note 1 to the Court).

The taped information and his declaration that he picked up Joran and Natalee by the McDonalds Palm Beach and brought them to the Holiday Inn, are clearly understood by the Dept. of Justice, and could in the judgment of this Superior Court, be considered as an indication of the involvement of Paulus in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway."

Yes, in the decision that the Court made, it was also mentioned that there were a couple of witnesses that saw Paulus in company of Joran and Natalee (in the jeep). Yes, those witnesses told the ALE and Prosecutor's Office that Paulus van der Sloot was seen picking up Joran (around 11:00 p.m.) and Natalee at McDonald's and giving them a ride to Holiday Inn, a few hundred feet down the road.

The telephone information was in relation to a tap that was done on the family in which the ALE and prosecutor concluded that it might have been possible that PvdS had contacts with Natalee before she disappeared, maybe even twice... but that was when he was detained and could not substantiate that. They only had the statements.


Dianne Brimble was found dead of an apparent overdose of a date rape drug. An inquest has been initiated in an attempt to conclude her cause of death and other unanswered questions.

P&O Pacific Sky Cruise Ship

for entire story

Click here for the

Where Dianne's Body Was Found

The Confiscated Drugs that were
slipped to Dianne Brimble


They didn't even offer peanuts! (No pun intended!)

(New York - WABC, February 14, 2007) - At JFK Airport, at least four JetBlue planes were stuck on the runway fully loaded with passengers and children for hours. The planes were running out of food and water -- and the passengers were running out of patience.

...It was a nasty commute for a lot of people Wednesday morning so we'll keep this in perspective. But think about it -- hours and hours on a plane. We have pictures from inside JetBlue Flight 751 on its way to Cancun.

134 passengers sat on the plane for more than nine hours. Passengers didn't get off until 5 p.m. And as you would imagine, all that time never getting to Cancun had passengers furious.

"There was no power and it was hot. There was no air. They kept having to open the actual plane doors so we could breath," a passenger on the flight told us.

"Nobody gave us any answers. They kept telling us we know as much as you do. And I said, I don't work here, you work here, give me answers," another passenger said.

"Everybody is incredibly tired and frustrated and we didn't expect to be in New York tonight, so it's ridiculous. Just sitting there and sitting there and them saying they were going to pull us into the gate and they never did. There was very little food. It was just a nightmare," a passenger told us.

JetBlue told these folks that they were getting off their plane that they will get reimbursed for this ticket, and also get a free round trip ticket anywhere JetBlue flies. A JetBlue spokesperson said, "We did not do our best ... no excuse for why we allowed those passengers to sit on the tarmac."

The spokesperson adds that a total of six aircraft were waiting for departure at JFK today and were eventually cancelled. They say the problem was that there were no free gates to bring the planes back to, that's why they had to rely on buses. Airport officials say if JetBlue had told them that they had people needing rescuing on planes out on the tarmac, they would have sent buses. They said JetBlue didn't call the airport to tell them that until after 3 p.m.

Other flights stuck:

  • JetBlue flight Flight 351 was scheduled to depart JFK at 6:45 a.m. but had been sitting on the tarmac. A viewer called in to say shortly after 4:30 p.m., the pilot told passengers they will deplane and be transported back to the terminal.
  • JetBlue Flight 850 from Ft. Meyers, Florida landed at JFK around 9:44 a.m. and had been sitting on the tarmac since.
  • Jet Blue Flight 1060 from Austin landed at 11:14 a.m., was also sitting on the tarmac for hours. A passenger on board told us that the bathrooms were overflowing.


February 14, 2007





Joran Van Der Sloot creates a false identity
and lies about when he met Natalee

In Part 1 we established the fact that Joran Van Der Sloot lied about his actions leading up to going to Carlos & Charlies the night Natalee Holloway disappeared. In an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Joran lied about having no intentions of going to the bar that night, but had actually called a friend earlier in the afternoon telling him the American girls were going to be there and asking him to join him.

In Part 2 we expose more lies. Joran told many media sources he had not met Natalee until that night, when in fact he had been hanging around the teen’s hotel during the week according to statements by Natalee's friends, and Aruban officials. In these days he had lied to the Mountain Brook teens, telling them he was a tourist on Aruba, was 19 years old, and plays soccer in Holland.

Why would Joran Van der Sloot make up a false identity? Why would Joran lie about himself and stalk Natalee for days prior to the night she disappeared?

Joran Van Der Sloot creates a false identity:

Greta Van Susteren: Do you remember any conversation at all you had with him, like even if it was like about chips, or anything at all?

Ruth McVey:
Only that he said that he was 19 and played soccer at a school in Holland.

On the Record w/ Greta - "Wall of Hope" Interview

Joran Van der Sloot claims he only met Natalee that night:

VAN DER SLOOT: I remember — I remember when I first saw her. I went there, I went to the casino, the Excelsior casino at the Holiday Inn, to play a free poker tournament. I remember walking in there and sitting at a — playing a — first playing a poker tournament, then afterwards, when I was done, going to a blackjack table and sitting down. And I remember her and her friends coming up to the table. They sat down. They wanted to play blackjack.

On the Record w/ Greta

When in fact he had been hanging around the teen’s hotel during the week:

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- The Natalee Holloway case's main suspect, Joran van der Sloot, was no stranger to the Mountain Brook group. He'd been hanging out with them all week, according to one of Holloway's friends, NBC 13 reported.

NBC 13 Birmingham- June 27, 2005

O'REILLY: Had you seen her with this guy before, before this night?

No, but he was in our casino a lot.

Now, did you know Van Der Sloot? Did -- how did you know who he was?

KISSEL: I didn't know him, but I had seen -- he had been around the hotel and the casino with her and with her friends, her closer friends, just hanging out around the hotel for the last few days, two or three days.

Bill O'Reilly Fox news


FBI 302 of Lee Ashford Broughton:

While at the casino, Broughton and Holloway came across Joran Last Name Unknown (LNU). Holloway had met Joran LNU earlier in the day on the beach.

Bryan Reynolds, Mountain Brook student:

Reynolds said he saw the suspects hanging out at the Holiday Inn where the Mountain Brook High School graduates stayed in Oranjestad. When Holloway went missing, Reynolds said they were the first people he considered as potential suspects. "That was the first people who came to mind," said Reynolds, who said Holloway is one of his best friends.


GRETA VAN SUSTEREN: But you weren't here, so how would you be in a position to even know who this young man was?

BETH TWITTY: Through some of her classmates. And this young man had spent time with these children. He had been with them for a couple of days. They knew this young man. They knew his first name. They had spent hours with him. So it wasn't a secret. It wasn't a secret who she left with.

On the Record- with Greta Van Susteren

BETH TWITTY – Well the night that Natalee disappeared really was no different than any other night that the students had been on that island. It just happened to be that it was their last night and they had been around Joran Van Der Sloot now for a period of about two days and have spent many hours with him at the casino and just around the Holiday Inn and it was their last night I think there was some unique circumstances that were going on that night the established closed earlier than what it normally does.

Tyra Banks Show- May 3, 2006

Police say Joran met Holloway at a casino two days before her disappearance.

Decatur Daily News

Police Chief Jan Van der Straten says
Joran had met Natalee before that day:

HARRIS: Police say Joran met Natalee at a Holiday Inn where she was staying.

They met each other in the casino...

That day? Or a previous day? Or...

The day before.

CNN Headline News

Deputy Police Chief Jan van der Straten said Holloway met Van Der Sloot in the casino attached to her hotel two days before she disappeared.

CNN Headline News- June 10th 2005

Natalee and her family deserve justice
and we will not let up until they have it!

Natalee's Freebirds

February 13, 2007


It shouldn't surprise any of us that the Dutch don't care what athletes do to themselves. We have a problem like that here in the U.S. particularly with NBA players using drugs (aside from performance enhancing drugs.) These athletes are criticized daily here on how they are supposed to hold themselves to a higher standard because of their fans and especially the young fans who look up to these individuals. How would you like to root for an athlete that is stoned out of his mind?

Can you hear Payton Manning say, "It's halftime! Where are my munchies???"

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
-- Recreational drugs such as marijuana and alcohol, and some others that don't help athletes perform better (like every other drug? Heroin, mushrooms, LSD, opiates, pills, cocaine, crack, meth...should I go on?), should be removed from the World Anti-Doping Agency's list of banned substances, the Dutch health secretary said yesterday.

Clemence Ross was speaking at a closed conference in Amsterdam that is part of an ongoing review of WADA's World Anti-Doping Code. In remarks published by her office, Ross praised the code for "ensuring that (doping) is combated and punished in the same way everywhere in the world," but "it's always useful to remain critical about what can be improved." "WADA should focus all its powers on the core task, and spend its money and efforts that way," Ross said. "Combating soft drugs should be a task for the government." She said it didn't make sense to punish athletes for drugs on the banned list that don't necessarily boost an athlete's performance. (Who is this woman and what credentials does she hold to make that statement? What does she know about the effects of drugs and how they react to people...is she a doctor? A scientist? An addiction counselor? I doubt any of the above, that is why I don't understand why her opinion means JACK.)

WADA's review began in 2006 and will culminate in an update to the code at a major meeting in Madrid in November. Ross spokesman Jan Brouwer de Koning said that since the meeting is not open to public observers, it's impossible to say how much support the Dutch viewpoint has.

About 85 representatives of governments and various organizations were attending the two-day meeting ending today, he said. He said it was at least partly coincidence that Ross represents a country renowned for its relaxed approach to marijuana.


Between this blog and my other blog, Michelle Says So, I am always reading, posting and concentrating on negative and terrible things that happen to other people. I've seen it all...I've read it all. Everyday I read about everything from murder to rape to missing people and grieving families... Death and horrific events that happen to "other people" has certainly put things in perspective for me. Especially when someone like Jamie, who could be my dad's age dies so suddenly and unexpectedly. Just remember...we could be one of them at any time.

Just like Jamie. Just like Natalee.
Suddenly and unexpectedly.

This was posted by someone who attended Jamie Skeeter's funeral:

Yesterday, I attended the funeral of a man that I had never met before. I went in honor of a friend and former co-worker of mine, who's father suddenly passed away. I had heard a few stories about him and I always noticed the twinkle my friend's eye whenever she spoke of him. I knew my friend would be devastated by her father's sudden passing, so my husband and I drove 2 hours in the pouring rain, to show our support and try to offer her some comfort.

During the funeral, numerous mourners stood up and talked about the man I had never met before. They spoke, one after another, about his generous nature, caring heart and sense of humor. For nearly 2 hours his friends and family sang his praise and reminisced about his incredible zest for life.

After only a few minutes, I found myself laughing, crying and grieving right alongside his closest friends and family. Throughout the service, I learned about the hundreds of lives he touched and his frequent altruistic acts while serving nearly 30 years of service to the Oxnard, California
community. This once Marine Sergeant was also a police officer, a founding member of the Oxnard Police Department SWAT team, a member of the Ventura County Narcotics Task force, a founding member on the Governor's Task Force against Sex Offenders and he later became a licensed polygraph examiner. This guy was busy. But never too busy to help a friend in need or call his daughter a couple of times a day, just to say, "I love you."

By the time the service was over, I too, was grieving for the man that I had never met before.

And while he managed to touch so many lives while he was alive, even in his passing, he somehow touched a few more. I know my husband and I walked away from the service, inspired to become better people.

I think a good exercise in improving yourself... would be to simply think about what you would want your loved ones to say about you, at your funeral.

Dedicated to: Jamie Skeeters, the man I never met before: Thank you for making me want to be a better person.



Antilles granted new status in 2008

AMSTERDAM – The Netherlands Antilles will cease to exist as such next year. It was agreed earlier that the islands would receive a new status this summer, but this has been postponed until 2008.

Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba will become Dutch municipalities and Sint Maarten will be a separate country within the Kingdom.

Minister for Kingdom Relations Atzo Nicolaï reached agreements in the Antilles on the subdivision. Agreements still have to be made with Curacao, but it is likely this island will be granted country status like Sint Maarten. The Netherlands is giving a half billion euro to the Antilles. Most of the money will be used to pay off debt.

Michelle's note: Why is it that there has been all this discussion about how these Dutch-owned islands have so much debt? My question is: Where does their illegal money go? Who gets it? What kind of debt are these islands in for, and how much? These are questions that the Dutch need to answer, because it sounds as fishy as those islands already smell.

February 12, 2007


Author: Wade (---.252.96.224.Dial1.Cincinnati1.Level3.net)

My wife and I just returned this Sun. from Aruba. We are repeat visitors and have never had any problems with theft on the island until this Sat.

While I was snorkeling at Malmok Beach, someone got into my snorkel bag hidden in the rocks and took the car key (left my wife's snorkel equip.) and stole the rental car. My wallet, cash, credit cards, driver’s license, etc. were locked up in the trunk. We purchased all additional ins. offered to us from Budget but they state we declined Theft ins.

Bottom line... It was never offered to us, we are responsible for the cost of the car until it is located.


Is there anybody with a similar incident that can give me some advice. I have nobody to represent me when they find the car and return it to Budget. The car was in pretty bad shape when it was given to us but I did video tape the car before we took it.

Anybody seen a white Toyota Yaris Lic plate # V- 3631??? We love Aruba and will return next year but this is a huge problem that the police call JOY RIDING. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.



*Both letters written by Richard, Aruban Boycott Contributor.

I want to thank Richard for his great letters and effort he has put in to this cause. He was the second person to contact me when I started my blog, and he's still fighting with me. Thanks for the letters, articles, ideas and everything else Richard. Keep up the great work. I hope the words in your letters inspire others to write as well.

February 11, 2007

The Hon. Condoleezza Rice
Secretary of State
U.S. Department of State
2201 C St., NW
Washington, DC 20520

Dear Madam Secretary Rice:

I am writing to ask about our national readiness to protect American citizens abroad.

Allow me to allude to some recent actions on the part of other governments. Mr. Peter MacKay, Canadian minister of foreign affairs, recently went to Mexico in the wake of assaults on several Canadian tourists. Mr. MacKay evidently demanded and received assurances that action will be taken, including a possible request for Canadian assistance.

More recently, in the face of a horrid and savage assault on three of its nationals in Cape Verde, the Italian foreign ministry sent a diplomat from its Senegal embassy to ensure that prompt and effective action would be taken on their behalf. This effort succeeded: within days, Cape Verde announced that three people had been arrested in this tragedy.

It appears that some governments are prepared to assert interest in the well-being of their citizens abroad. Why, then, is our own government inert on this matter in the Caribbean?

In March 1998, Amy Bradley, an American citizen, vanished from a cruise ship docked at Curacao. There continue to be reported sightings of her in conditions of duress, yet our government appears to be indifferent. Nearly two years after Natalee Holloway vanished, Aruba continues to deny her family even the semblance of an honest investigation, and the Dutch, who have assumed control of the case, are sluggish. The family of Joel Gove, who in December vanished on Saba, in the Netherlands Antilles, is struggling to fund a search that should be the joint responsibility of the local government and of the Dutch.

The World Factbook puts the population of Cape Verde at 418,000 last year; with only 72,000 people, Aruba could act at least as quickly. Clearly the inability of Aruba to make progress in the Natalee Holloway case reflects nothing more than a lack of will to do so – or, perhaps, a will not to do so. As Americans provide 80% of Aruban tourists, it has an incentive to be obliging. Perhaps Canada and Italy provide a useful model to follow.



February 11, 2007

Mr. Alec Sanguinetti
Director General and Chief Executive
Caribbean Hotel Association
2655 Lejeune Road, Suite 910
Coral Gables, FL 33134

Mr. Vincent Vanderpool Wallace
Secretary General
Caribbean Tourism Organization
80 Bond St., 32nd floor
New York, NY 10004


I am writing to you in the understanding that you will serve as the initial co-chairmen of the Caribbean Tourism Development Company, a newly founded private firm dedicated to promoting tourism, and possibly related activities, in the Caribbean region. If I am in error, please pardon my mistake and forward this letter on to the appropriate person.

Although your group has been generated by the Caribbean Hotel Association and the Caribbean Tourism Organization, my understanding is that the CTDC will be a for-profit entity. As such, it will be reliant on the good will of those customers it seeks to serve. Certainly, in the last analysis, the opinion of the individual “retail” client is what matters.

Where the island of Aruba is concerned, the individual client has expressed his opinion. Tourism there has plunged and shows no signs of improving. The Aruban media fret and whine about this state of affairs, but do not address the cause: The American public, who had provided eighty percent of Aruba tourism, will not visit an island whose government continues to support the cover-up of a crime against an American citizen. In this instance I am of course referring to Natalee Holloway, who vanished on Aruba on May 30, 2005.

Indeed, the whole Netherlands Antilles seems to be under somewhat of a cloud. You will recall the disappearance of Amy Bradley in March 1998 from a cruise ship docked at Curacao. Sightings of Amy Bradley in an apparent condition of duress continue to be reported in the Caribbean. Likewise, the family of Joel Gove, who vanished on Saba in December, faces the burden of organizing a search effort that authorities there should do. You may ask the reason for my raising these matters, given that you do not presume to be a law enforcement agency. My purpose is to suggest that you are in a unique position to act boldly and demonstrate your integrity in championing the interests of your clients.

To my knowledge, no organization in the Caribbean has raised its voice in support of the Holloway Twitty family, the Bradley family, or the Gove family. Americans are left to wonder who will represent their interests should misfortune befall them in the Caribbean and why American families must mount searches for loved ones in a foreign country in the face of hostility and contempt from the very governments that seek to attract tourists.

Were your organization to take the lead in this matter by announcing that you will not represent Aruba or the other Netherlands Antilles islands until they take action to provide answers in these tragedies, it would provide a reassuring sign that someone, somewhere in the Caribbean is committed to the interests of visitors. Promoting safety is a basic step in promoting tourism, and when, as in the case of Aruba, the welfare of visitors is shown to be supported by nothing but a cynical sneer, the public will react accordingly.

Mr. Allen Chastanet has said: “The Caribbean is one brand, and we all live and die by this brand.” Unfortunately, the saying that a chain is but as strong as its weakest link must be invoked here. The moral stench of Aruba may yet spread beyond its own shores to drag down its neighbors in its own decay. There also are signs that governments may be taking a greater role in supporting their citizens abroad: in Mexico and Cape Verde, the Canadian and Italian governments respectively have made diplomatic representations recently on behalf of their citizens who were assaulted as tourists. The silence of the U.S. government, so far, in the cases cited above shames all Americans, but it too may change.

Allow me to conclude by urging, again, that you speak out on behalf of these families who are facing hostile or indifferent governments. The specters of terrorism, narcotics trafficking, and crime already threaten: indeed, Australia has formally warned its citizens, with regard to next month’s ICC Cricket World Cup, about the dangers of the Caribbean. Surely your organization will understand the value of a voice that speaks for justice and fair play. No such voice can be heard in Aruba today. I call upon you to fill this void.



February 11, 2007


**This was posted by "Peacemaker" who commented on VistaArubaBB and was located in its archives.

Thursday, June 23rd, 2005, 04:54 AM

Joran's mother is very impressive. Everything she says about her son is no different than what we have heard about Natalie. Both great kids according to their parents. Let's wait for the truth.

Please read the entire message before you reply. The idea is to help all of us to think more objectively. The facts may look bad for Joran, this does not make him guilty. However, it does raise much suspicion when considering his character.

Lets look at the simple facts about Joran's character - Is he a good kid? While he may not be a great kid and although he has an irresponsible reputation, this alone does not convict him of any crime. Character, however, is important when determining someone's actions in desperate


  • At the age of 17, Joran drives which is illegal in Dutch law, but his parents say he is a good kid and do not consider him a criminal.
  • At the age of 17, Joran drinks alcohol which is illegal in Dutch law, but his parents say is a good kid do not consider him a criminal.
  • At the age of 17, Joran gambles which is illegal in Dutch law, but his parents say he is a good kid do not consider him a criminal.
  • At the age of 17, Joran has been forcefully removed from Resorts by security, but his parents say is a good kid.
  • At the age of 17, Joran lied to Dutch authorities which is illegal in Dutch law, but his parents say is a good kid do not consider him a criminal.
  • At the age of 17, Joran had to attend anger management classes (of some sort) according to his mother, but his parents say he would never harm anyone.

When you do something illegal and your arrested/convicted, you are considered a criminal. When you do something illegal and are never arrested/convicted, you are a criminal without conviction.

The mother said her son should be held accountable, if he is guilty. Yet, she has never held him accountable for any of his criminal activities. This is not impressive. It is sad and common of parents delusional of their children. Either they have trouble controlling Joran or they let him do whatever he wants.

Yet, regardless of his unlawful activities, they claim he is a good kid. Joran has broken multiple laws. As parents, like many parents, they need to address these issues. Until then, they are just as guilty of his abhorrent behavior.

Unfortunately for Van der Sloot, he has lied to the police and incriminated himself already. If any of you really care about this family, then tell them to tell the truth about what they know. Until he starts telling the truth (like Bentree said), people will rightfully consider a person of his
character very suspicious.

Even more implicative, Joran has consistently lied to authorities about a missing girl, he supposedly cared enough to have relations with. They say the truth will set you free. All of America will be here until we see this truth. If he is innocent, then people will support him. He will have learned the importance character and hopefully begin to live above reproach. Although this is not the way you would wish to learn such things, this may be the wake up call he needed.

Bentrees it is obvious you and some others are somehow close to the Van Der Sloots. Your posts certainly reflect as much, but there is nothing wrong with this. Either way, like everyone we should try to balance our posts. Simply an observation. After all, Joran could be guilty. And if he is guilty of a crime, his own mother wishes Joran be convicted. Like Greta Van Susteren, we need to observe an objective, realistic view until the truth is revealed.

Your comment that Natalee is anything like Joran is simply irrelevant and inaccurate. Natalee is simply a better person than most of us have hoped to become. Her studies and efforts are exemplary. Her volunteer work and devotion to missions that have fed starving children, define her character. Many have missed the reason why this event has captured the worlds attention.

It is not because some underaged kid that attends casinos and bars, desperately chasing girls has possibly acted with criminal intentions. It is not because Aruba is so beautiful nor is it that she is a beautiful, white, blonde. It is simply character. Natalee Holloway, regardless of race,
regardless of physical beauty, has character that reflects grace, faith, peace, honor, goodness, kindness, patience, and love.

When you are a person with the character of Natalee Holloway and you are missing, you will get plenty of support and attention.


The Brits are Beating the Dutch in Tourism!

BERMUDA: British Caribbean territory sees 23 percent increase in tourist arrivals in 2006

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) -- The number of tourists vacationing in Bermuda in 2006 increased 23 percent from the previous year, the prime minister has said. Some 641,717 tourists visited the prosperous mid-Atlantic British territory in 2006, up from 521,024 in 2005, according to Premier Ewart Brown. "All arrows were pointing in the right direction as air, cruise and yacht arrivals were all up showing double-digit percentage point increases," said Brown, who is also the tourism minister.

Air arrivals reached their highest level in the last six years with a nearly 11 percent increase over 2005.
Tourists also spent US$426.9 million (euro327.8 million), said Brown, who said the increase was due to measures the government took to reverse a trend of sustained decline.

Airport To Seek Other Carrier For
Boston If AA Cancels--ATA IS SURPRISED!?!

ORANJESTAD-American Airlines (AA) intention to cancel the Boston-Aruba route as of May 1st 2007 has surprised Aruba Airport Authority.

Spokesperson for Aruba Airport Authority, Ruben Trappenberg said that the high passenger load factor on AA flights between Boston and Aruba does not justify the suspension of flights as of May 1st. The airport is aware that the Boston route is operated seasonally by AA. The route is serviced from the end of the year until the middle of Spring, AA has done so last year and the year before, said Trappenberg.

Aruba Airport Authority does not know if the cancellation as of May 1st is seasonal or definitive. The airport will try to find another carrier to service Boston if AA decides to stop operating the route. The demand from Boston is great and continues to grow, the passenger load factor on the route is proof said Trappenberg. (If that were the case, then AA wouldn't consider cancelling flights. It's called supply and demand Ruben!)

The news of a possible cancellation of the New York-Aruba route by AA also surprised the Airport Authority. The possible cancellation has to do with aggressive competition from other carriers flying on that same route. One of the air carriers, JetBlue, began operating the route with daily flights 5 months ago. JetBlue recent announcement of two daily flights from JFK airport has AA concerned. (I think AA has more to be concerned about than 'blue light special' JetBlue!)


Joel Gove's Benefit Fundraiser to Reclaim Body
As Dutch End Assistance in his Disappearance

(Source)--Tears mixed with tender music at a benefit concert last night to raise funds to help search for the body of Trenton resident Joel D. Gove, who disap peared last year while hiking the tiny Saba Island in the Caribbean and is presumed dead. Gove's former wife, Amy Gonzales, hopes to raise enough money to pay for a search team to go back and retrieve Gove's body.

"We'd like to reclaim his body. That's the ultimate goal," Gonzales said. More than 100 people donated money to hear pianist Steve La Manna perform at the Ellarslie Mansion in Cadwaladar Park last night. Gonzales hoped to raise $20,000 from the concert.

She said it will cost $75,000 for the recovery effort. "We hope to get information on what happened to him, how he fell," Gonzales said. "Without having the visuals there is no closure. Our ultimate goal is to bring him home."

Searches of the island by Saba police and by friends and co-workers of Gove had been fruitless until mid-January, when Gonzales and friends of Gove went to Saba with cadaver dogs and other privately funded searchers.

...Gonzales would like to send out a search team as soon as possible "but we have to make sure we get the right people. If the Dutch won't do anything to reclaim his body we have to get our own private team."

Gonzales hopes the U.S. State Department will send a Marine Special Unit in the search. "It's not easy. You can't just send two or three people in there," she said. "We're talking 34 acres of area but you can't see more than five feet ahead of you." But, most important, she wants to be sure the searchers are safe. "We don't want anybody else to get hurt," she said.