March 30, 2007


Diamond dealer gives MEP big money for project

ORANJESTAD - In connection with a big project in the harbour of Oranjestad, it now appears that in 2004, diamond dealer H.J. Namdar from New York held out the prospect of two times 500.000 florins to the money box of governing political party MEP.

Effi Nambar's offer was avowed and without any hesitance; he put this in a letter and signed it. In the letter, he promised to deposit 500.000 florins in the election moneybox of MEP (although the party's name is not mentioned in the letter of 2004, the letter still refers to the re-election campaign), and another 500.000 florins after the party is re-elected. This means 1 million guilders for the allocation of the project in the Aruban (cruise) harbour to Namdar.

An investigation team of Diario found the letter of diamond dealer H.J. Namdar from New York and published it on Monday. The letter caused a lot of commotion. AVP will pay close attention to the Public Prosecutor to see whether they will start an investigation. If they don't, we will definitely consider taking the case before the courts and make sure that a penal persecution is pursuit, said AVP-leader, Mike Eman. (Doesn't it seem that Aruba only wants to start any investigation ONLY IF it suits their purpose?)

In the letter, the company starts with introducing herself. H.J. Namdar has five diamond factories; three in the US and two in China. In the letter, H.J. Namdar continues with 'our future plans for the beautification of Aruba' is to establish a two-storey shopping mall with a variety of jeweler's shops near the cruise terminal. Namdar stated that this project is of great value for your government party and if the company can buy the land before September 2004, he guarantees that the completions will be in November of 2005. That would be tactful for the re-election of your party, which is at the same time. The company links these conditions to the offer to deposit all together the amount of 1 million florins in the moneybox of the party.

As the dates in the letter expired and no land was transferred, nor is the shopping mall realized, the question is, has the company actually paid the 1 million florins to MEP? That seems unlikely. The letter was addressed to Michael Williams, former MEP-campaign-leader during the last elections, but before that, he was member of OLA. Because the letter refers to governing party, it can be assumed that the letter was for the MEP.

During the election campaign in 2005, Williams campaigned for OLA though, so the assumption that the money was offered to the MEP is not completely sure. On Monday evening on ATV 15, Williams used the opportunity to bring MEP down and indicated that Prime Minister Nelson Oduber had met with representatives of H.J. Namdar at several occasions. The letter is very naively written and the question is whether it is authentic.

Bribery is very bad in the US and a businessman must know that he will be nailed if such bribery is put on paper. This matter was never discussed in parliament. Not long ago, a Spanish development- and investment group (Alatec, editor) wanted to develop the area together with Aruba Ports Authority. And now suddenly, H.J. Namdar surfaces as partner of Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

The phone number (212) 398-9564 at the bottom of the letter does exist and is being answered by an answering machine, mentioning the name H.J. Namdar at 16 West 46th Street in New York, New York. But up till this morning at 09:00 Aruban time, the message on the answering machine says that the office is still closed.

The Amigoe left a message for Effy Namdar, president of H.J. Namdar Inc, or his spokesperson to get in contact with the editorial staff. This didn't happen before this paper went to press. In connection with the meeting of the cabinet, the government could not be reached this morning and the spokesperson of the government didn't answer the phone.

March 26, 2007


**This post was sent to me by researchers from the group Truth for Natalee


Natalee Holloway, an 18-year-old student from Alabama, was reported missing on May 30, 2005. Concerted efforts by the government, law enforcement officials as well as the entire Aruban community have maintained they have ongoing efforts in helping to determine her whereabouts.

The following is a list of a portion of the efforts made by Arubans and Dutch in reference to the search for Natalee.

Moral Support

  • A psychologist was offered by the Government of Aruba and used by Mrs. Twitty
  • A media liaison was offered by the Government of Aruba and used by Mrs.Twitty’s family for U.S. media coverage
  • Vigils by the community were held on various occasions to show support
  • Churches of all denominations held masses to pray for Natalee’s well being and safe return
  • Private group searches were held for weeks
  • Moral support in the form of visits of Government officials to the family

Financial Contribution

  • Banking members of Aruba US $ 20,000.00
  • Contributions from the Aruban Hotel Industry
  • The Wyndham Resort (Lodging and work space for the family) US $ 30,000.00
  • The Brickel Bay Hotel (Lodging, food and beverages of Equusearch) US $100,000.00
  • The Holiday Inn (Lodging and meeting facilities) US $ 89,736.00
  • Playa Linda Beach Resort (Lodging) US $ 9,016.63

Other Contributions

  • Numerous private boats for the search
  • Use of a submarine as transport for the search teams
  • Use of a helicopter
  • Transportation for the search teams/members
  • Search efforts by the Dutch Marines and the Coast Guard
  • Search dogs
  • Dutch F-16 planes with approximately 40 highly-trained experts (plus housing and food and beverage for these experts in Curaçao)
  • Machinery for the many searches
  • Half day off for all civil servants to participate in the search efforts
  • Assistance from the Search and Rescue team of Aruba
  • Assistance from the Red Cross of Aruba
  • Boat/diving equipment (such as tanks, refills) and use of the Pelican Pier for the search operation
  • Fire Department devoted several days to draining ponds
  • Dutch investigators flown in to interrogate the suspects and review the investigation
  • Judges specially flown in from Curaçao
  • Restaurant contributions for free meals
  • Free rental cars to the family and various search teams
  • Various other contributions to the Texas Equusearch

The total contribution of the island of Aruba, in this case, is substantial – monetarily as well as non-monetarily. Twenty two months later circumstances surrounding Natalee's disappearance continue to appear stuck in time, dating back to that night she disappeared. Aruba maintains to date their sincerity in Natalee's whereabouts and case. But why no progress in her case in determining her whereabouts?

Could money be the answer?

There is at least one police officer in Aruba that suggests for a price he has information about Natalee. This officer is Paul Seute.

In the opinion of researchers after taking a deeper look into Seute as a member of the Aruban Police Force and in personal character reflects a different "Aruba" with sincerity embedded in greed. So, does Paul Seute represent the "real" and "truthful" side of Aruba?

PAUL SEUTE ARUBA POLICE FORCE The Aruba Police Force has stated on their website located at the objective "regarding our organization and Aruba." They promote that "the task of our organization is to ensure the “public safety” of the whole Aruban society. We take care of the public order and other relevant security related aspects." These statements are signed, "Peter de Witte, Commissioner of Police."

Location: Aruba
Occupation: Police officer. ARUBA LAW ENFORCEMENT
Real Name: Paul Brian Seute

DECEMBER 15, 2006 Paul said: "so what can I do and how would you pay? what is the info you need?"

Paul is a registered poster on two sites belonging to Marten Van den Berg, a Dutch National residing in Thailand who associates himself with the Pornography Industry.

Researcher's have located the tickle profile of the ARUBAN POLICE OFFICER Paul Seute as follows:

This Marten site has Paul Suete posting as "police" as his personal user name. Here is the site's juicy tidbits that Paul reveals about himself.

Location: Aruba
Occupation: Police officer
Real Name: Paul Brian Seute
Nick Name: Paulie
Gender: Male
Date of Birth: 1978-06-09
Relationship Status: single
Place of Work or Study: Aruba
Your Country of Residence: Aruba
Education: Bachelors Degree
Languages Spoken: Papiamento, english, spanish, Dutch
Address: Rudolfarendstraat 12 Oranjestad, Aruba
Mobile Telephone: 2977376547
Best Contact Time: Evening
Your Religion: Catholic
Interested in Meeting People for: Dating
About Me: I'm an easy going guy like to have fun dance.
I Want to Meet: I have a deep crush on woman with black hair. Wud like to sit down and talk sometimes about everything and nothing

Those in authority within the Aruban/Dutch legal system have stated "No body, no case, no crime." In turn it is stated that the truth does exist in reference to Natalee Holloway. Implications continue to surface that there is much more to Natalee's disappearance than has been exposed but for a price it can be bought.

The Aruban Law Enforcement sticks to the "blank theory" whereas this one officer seems to know something thats worth paying for. He indicates wanting to know how a person can get the money to him?



To be continued in Part VI.

DISCLAIMER: While every effort has been made to report the truth, this article is subject to errors and omissions. It is not intended to slander, libel, or defame anyone. It is merely the opinion of researchers at Truth4Natalee.

Copyright Protected @ Truth4Natalee 2007



What happened at the Boston Globe Travel Show this weekend?

Richard and a group of others stood firm in Boston this past weekend while protesting Aruba during the Boston Globel Travel Show. Here is a report by Richard detailing what happened:

None of us knew what to expect (I had never organized a protest like this before), but we all agree that it was a positive event in pressuring Aruba Tourism Authority and in keeping Natalee's case in the public eye. Apparently some of the TV coverage was played (I was told that my "exclusive" interview with the local Fox News, exclusive only because the other four people weren't around at the time, did get aired.)

I got there Friday morning, armed with handouts I'd written and had printed. Friday was was for setting up exhibits, and was not open to the public. But we thought it best to have a presence there for all three days.

I got there around 11 a.m. At the entrance to the convention center was a rather unpleasant-looking man who seemed to be Aruban. I told a policeman there who I was, and got a "dirty look" from the Aruban, who went back inside. Five minutes later, someone from the Boston Globe came out and asked to see my permit to protest. I showed it to him, whereupon he shook his head and went back inside.

So it seems likely that the ATA knew we would be there and was on the alert.

The police guy in charge of the event told me the rules ... which mainly were, don't block people going into the event and don't block the sidewalk. No affixing signs to anything; we could hold them, but not paste them on buildings or lamposts, etc. Fair enough.

One major disappointment was that we could NOT display our "Natalee T-shirts" inside the convention center. We'd planned to do this as a silent way of making our point. They all had Natalee's picture on them; some had 'Boycott Aruba' slogans also, some didn't.

I couldn't see how this could be prohibited, and still don't, but was told that it would be regarded as a demonstration inside the convention center, which was against the rules (the permit applied only to the outside), and that anyone who tried it would be in trouble. (Since I was the coordinator, the police said, I'd be held responsible for keeping everyone in line.)

So we didn't do it, disappointed though we were. Our strategy then had to concentrate on the outside. I held out handouts and just stood outside. That afternoon, Kathy showed up with a big sign she'd had made saying "Justice for Natalee." That helped give some focus.

Also Friday, one Aruban hotel owner (from the U.S.) came over and was very supportive. I won't say much about her, because I promised her confidentiality and got the impression the ATA might come down on her. But she gave me her card, and said she would be glad to give us any help or any info that she could, and that she basically strongly supported our doing what we were doing (although she said she didn't think there was a cover-up).

She also said something interesting: according to her, the van der Sloots are practically ostracized on the island now. I don't know if what she says is true, of course. I think she might be a useful contact for the family. She also told me that Aruban tourism has definitely taken a big hit.

Kathy left the sign, so for the rest of the day I held that up and gave out handouts.

On Saturday, there were five of us. Ironically, our inability to do anything inside the building made us more effective on the outside. There was only one entrance to the center, at least for public use, and Aruba's big booth was very near the entrance. So with our sign, people going in couldn't miss us. From time to time, the ATA people would come out and take a cigarette break. They mostly tried to ignore us, but not offensively so. The most obnoxious was a blond white lady (Dutch?) who seemed to imply that there was no difference between Aruba and what the U.S. does, etc. Apparently she was very rude to some of the people who dropped by Aruba's booth too. But I think that once I saw the guy who had been out on the sidewalk when I arrived. He refused to look at us in any way.

We had a few hundred handouts, and almost all of them were given out. Many people who took them had at least a residual knowledge of the case (e.g., "Who was Natalee? Oh, right, I remember now ... they still haven't found her?"), and a lot of people remembered it clearly. And most of the comments we got were supportive and agreeing.

Saturday afternoon, I had the good idea of asking people who took the handouts, "If you agree with us, please go tell the people at the Aruban booth." And evidently a fair number did. One guy told me he talked to four people there, saying why he would never go to Aruba. (Interestingly, some of us went in and tried to talk with the Aruban delegation. At first, some of them evidently replied that their government was lousy. I think later on they just told people that they weren't supposed to comment on the case.) One couple were driving by the convention center, saw our sign, pulled over and waved for a handout. Even some of the staff working inside came over and asked for the handouts. And on one occasion, a guy working for a catering service began talking to passers-by too.

All in all, it was a productive thing to do. I certainly think that the Aruban people at the event will be reporting back about the hostile comments they got. The TV coverage can't have hurt. And since Boston is a big center for Aruban tourism, it was a good place to appear.

Let's hope we can get this going nationwide, so that anywhere ATA appears it will be confronted. I picked up some pointers on doing this, and think results were good. We were all enthusiastic and dedicated.

March 23, 2007



(Source)--Looking at Aruba over the last 20 years, we see a vibrant tourism sector, having transformed the economy and made Aruba a household name in many parts of the world. Looking at where Aruba was in 1986 and where it is now, and comparing it with most countries in the region, Aruba's achievement in terms of economic growth is staggering.

The size of the economy has increased almost five fold with GDP increasing from Afl. 800 million in 1986 to over Afl. 4,000 million in 2006 with the per capita income in dollar terms moving to the 20,000 US dollar range, which is at the same level as many industrialized countries, such as Spain, while maintaining relative price stability.

This has been partly achieved by relying extensively on immigration to such an extent that today a third of the population is foreign-born. In this process, while Aruba's economy has become much more sophisticated than it was before the time of its separate status, it has become even more dependent on one activity, tourism and one market, the U.S.

Aaah, but wait! Here's the bad news for Aruba...

As such, the economy has become vulnerable to a down-turn in the U.S. economy and vulnerable to a possible loss of competitive position in the tourist industry in the Caribbean region.

An adverse external shock, by worsening the balance of payments position and deteriorating public finances, could have spiral effects on the Aruban economy pushing it into a severe recession with far reaching implications for the welfare of the Aruban people.

See ya at the Boston Globe Travel Show Aruba!

March 21, 2007


Leeeeets get ready to rummmmble!!!!

On March 23-25, The Boston Globe is holding a travel show in Boston at which Aruba Tourism Authority will be a major sponsor. This notice is to let you know that some people will be there to remind participants that the Natalee Holloway case remains open and to urge people not to travel to Aruba until the case is resolved.

For more information, or if you are interested in participating, please contact

We believe that Aruban government and law enforcement elements are engaged in a cover-up to protect certain persons from prosecution and punishment. We believe this is intolerable, and that the only tool we have to help the Holloway Twitty family find justice is to encourage the public to speak out.

Even Aruba admits that boycott efforts to date have had an effect. We cannot force Aruba to do the right thing, but we can and will urge people to stay away. One lost tourist in Aruba is more than enough; let's do our part to make sure there are no more.

No justice for Natalee ... no tourists for Aruba. Join us in Boston!

Speak up for Natalee!

(All people involved in this campaign are volunteers. We have no connection with Natalee's family, were not paid or asked to do this and receive no contributions from them.)

March 20, 2007


John Pauly, Pervert Du Jour...

John Pauly.... “researchers have shown the educational value of pornography and its role in enhancing communications between couples." ArubaTruth reported this quote was made by John Pauly, a Media Consultant who represents Adult Freedom Foundation (AFF). This statement is contained in the contents of his letter's to Legislative Director Ken Miller and Dr. Phil McGraw of the Dr. Phil Television Show.

A letter was written to Dr. Phil McGraw in reference to AFF by John Pauly. In the letter Pauly addresses the porn industry with Dr. Phil and makes the following statements. "Please allow the staff of the Adult Freedom Foundation to provide you with free expert information when discussing issues concerning the adult entertainment industry.

AFF can draw from a pool of attorneys, researchers and industry executives to counter misinformation and unfounded criticism from industry critics.

All too often television audiences are exposed only to attacks on the increasingly main stream adult entertainment scene. There are two sides to every story and AFF wants to provide a balance to any print story or broadcast. For example, researchers have shown the educational value of pornography and its role in enhancing communications between couples.

While adamantly against child pornography, AFF believes adults should be allowed to enjoy erotic entertainment. AFF experts are ready to service your informational needs on a moments notice. Thank you for your time and consideration." This communication was signed by John Pauly, Media Consultant.

John Pauly is a Veteran TV news producer who worked as a reporter in the 1980s at WCAU located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He worked there with Steve Cohen, whom we have spotlighted in previous articles. At 20/20 WUVP-TV 65 also in Philadelphia, Pauly held the position of Field Producer per a 2004 source,

An investigation reveals general counsel for Adult Freedom Foundation is Paul Cambria & John Pauly. These same two men are associated with strategic planning for Aruba in reference to the Natalee Holloway case. Cambria and Pauly are associates of Steve Cohen, the hired political consultant for premier Oduber and the MEP party in Aruba.

Public records indicate the AFF is located as follows:

ARDMORE, PA., 19003
PHONE 610 896 5558

In Ardmore, Pennsylvania, Montgomery County public records reflect a Mortgage Deed for AFF's street address and parcel registered to John Pauly. Paul Cambria is a Buffalo, NY based first amendment attorney who has represented various figures and companies within the pornography industry.

Interestingly, Paul Cambria is Larry Flint's (Penthouse Magazine Founder) general counsel as well. In taking a deeper look into Cambria it is noted, "after George W. Bush's 2000 election, there was concern within the pornography industry regarding possible future U.S. Justice Department prosecution over obscene material.

Cambria is known for creating a list of sex acts which he recommended pornographers not film so as to avoid possible legal problems with the U.S. Government. It became known as, "The Cambria List" and is controversial and subject to interpretation, even within the porn industry." Adult Freedom Foundation actively participates in U.S. Government as advocates for the porn industry.

A reference can be made to lobbying that took place in Congress where the General Counsel for AFF testified on its behalf. "The Adult Freedom Foundation is pleased to announce that Paul Cambria, our general counsel, has been invited to testify before a U.S. Senate hearing on “Internet Pornography,” Thursday, Jan. 19, 2006. Atty. Cambria will present oral testimony and then participate in a panel discussion before the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.

In a letter signed by Sen. Ted Stevens, the Committee chairman, Cambria is asked to: “Focus your testimony on what appropriate controls might be placed on pornography on the Internet and whether there is a role that government might play.” Cambria also stated “I’m pleased that the Committee is allowing me to appear on behalf of the Adult Entertainment Industry to present a balanced picture on this important issue,” Cambria said. “All too often in the past, Congress has heard only one side of issues involving the Industry. I’m hoping my appearance will mark a turning point in allowing AFF expert witnesses to testify at future hearings,” he said.
Cambria acknowledged the support of AFF founders and the efforts of John Pauly, media consultant in making this break through possible.

Here is some revelation knowledge that Researchers at T4N uncovered:

"James writes:

Thanks Luke for continuing to expose the .xxx domain name scam. It is as obvious as the nose on your face that the scam is a way for a private, non-adult company (ICMR, Jason Hendales, CEO) to quickly make a few fast millions by extorting adult webmasters. If we must purchase just 25,000 domains (to protect our copyrights) at $60 a pop, that’s $1,500,000/yr out of thin air!

Meanwhile, adult content would be ghettoized thereby making the future right-wing crack down about 100 times easier. Some dimwits (usually so-called porn defending attorneys) say it is good because it will “legally protect” us and it’s voluntary. First, it is only voluntary so far and secondly, you know if an adult company does purchase their .com domain name in the .xxx version, they might as well throw away the .com version, because to continue to use it AFTER you set up a mirror site in .xxx would virtually be an admission of guilt!!! That you are continuing to try to attract those who don’t want to or shouldn’t be viewing your site.

Mr. Cambria and his attorney friends are the only ones in a love affair with the .xxx scam. Might it have something to do with the massive litigation that will ensue, making each of them far more valuable per hour and bigger stars than ever on the talk show circuit? Thankfully .xxx appears to be heading toward defeat. Otherwise it would be the first step toward the end of our industry on the Net."

A reference to the source of this information is made to:


At Arubatruth, a post by the Strategic Communications Task Force at 1:50 PM on Saturday, October 8,2005 was made that stated, "A newsman who covered the case but wished to remain anonymous praised Pauly, who set up regular noon briefings to allow Aruban authorities to correct errors and rumors."

Pauly stated his "greatest triumph was persuading Aruban authorities to hold a press briefing when the suspects were released and made available for interviews." "The Aruban police thought the American media were morons because of all the misinformation they were putting on the air," said John Pauly. "So they weren't about to cooperate with them." "This was the first time in the history of this investigation that the police actually cooperated with the media," said Pauly. "So the media got their access to ask questions."

Like Holloway, Bradley may have gotten too close to local characters of less-than-stellar repute.


**Another thank you to Natalee's Freebirds for this great research and post!


It would be assumed that Paulus Van der Sloot's attorney, Arie Swaen, has an indepth knowledge of Dutch law and when he stated that a case for compensation as a result of wrongful detainment could be inititiated on behalf of his client when the Natalee Holloway case was closed he was drawing on that foundation of knowledge.

Why did the judge disregard Dutch law and award compensation to Paulus Van der Sloot prior the Natalee Holloway case being closed?

Arie Swaen - Paulus Van der Sloot's Attorney
DIARIO Aruba - Oct. 22/05

The judge indicated that he will give his decision on the 11th of November.

According to lawyer Swaen, if the judge decides that the case is closed for Paulus van der Sloot, they will then initiate a case of damage and prejudice, for the days he sat in the police station jail.

If the case is not closed, they will then keep looking for when this will be the case so they can follow up.

Translation Credit -

Paulus Van der Sloot awarded Compensation
Expatica News - Aug. 3/06

AMSTERDAM — Dutchman Paul van der Sloot, father of the chief suspect in the Natalee Holloway disappearance case, has been awarded financial damages

A court on the autonomous Dutch island of Aruba ruled that Paul van der Sloot was arrested and detained for four days without due cause last year as part of the investigation. He was awarded 50,000 Aruban Guilders in compensation. This is equal to EUR 21,800 or USD 27,900.

Paul van der Sloot, a judge in training on Aruba at the time, was arrested on 22 June 2005 on suspicion of conspiring on or after the fact with his son. He was released without charge four days later but still considered a suspect.

He won a civil action for unjust detention against the Aruban authorities in November of that year and has now been awarded damages. He is no longer a suspect. The judge in the civil case stressed his ruling related solely to Paul van der Sloot.

Mariaine Croes
FOX NEWS - Aug. 8/06

ORANJESTAD, Aruba — Aruban prosecutors said Tuesday they will appeal an order to compensate a man detained in the disappearance of U.S. teenager Natalee Holloway.

A judge on the Dutch Caribbean island ruled on July 28 that the prosecutor's office should pay $30,190 to Paulus van der Sloot, a former justice official in Aruba who was detained in the case for three days, for defamation and legal fees.

"The public prosecutor's office does not agree with the amount granted, since this is much higher than usual," spokeswoman Mariaine Croes said.


The conflicts of interest that abound in the Natalee Holloway case in regards to the working and personal relationships between Paulus Van der Sloot and those who held official positions encompassing the investigation were purposely overlooked. The provisions provided in Aruban law regarding this issue were obviously disregarded.

Paulus Van der Sloot

Reporter (Twan Huys): Which function do you have here at the island? Because many stories go around about that. What is your function?

Paulus van der Sloot: I am a replacing member of the joint court of justice of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba [1] and I am appointed for a period of three years, from January the first, 2003, until January the first, 2006.

Reporter (Twan Huys): So, you are replacement judge?

Paulus van der Sloot: Yes.

Reporter (Twan Huys): Do you know the people very well, for example, the people here from the public prosecutors' office that ordered your detention?

Paulus van der Sloot: Yes, for sure, because, before that, I have worked for eight years as chief of the cabinet of the prosecutor general [2].

Reporter (Twan Huys): So, you also know the current prosecutor general?

Paulus van der Sloot: Yes.

Reporter (Twan Huys): Mrs. Croes.

Paulus van der Sloot: Yes.

Reporter (Twan Huys): Yes, and what does that mean when your colleagues stop by to arrest you?

Paulus van der Sloot: That gives a feeling of absurdity. It is indeed almost unimaginable that by someone you actually know very well, where you worked together with for a long time, that that one comes to tell you that you are suspected of complicity to murder.

Reporter (Twan Huys): Who was that in your case?

Paulus van der Sloot: That was, in this case, that was the leader of the team of police commissioners.

Reporter (Twan Huys): Jan van der Straaten.

Paulus van der Sloot: That was Jan van der Straaten, yes.

Reporter (Twan Huys): And you know each other very well?

Paulus van der Sloot: Yes

Translation Credit - Dugo from Riehl Worldview

Paulus Vander Sloot
Official Suspect Statement - June 23, 2005

Jacobs and Kelly took down Joran's statement. Joran was speaking in Papiamentu and that was translated by the officers into Dutch. I was there when Joran made his statement. We made a few changes in the concept with regard to factualities instead of observations.

Rudy Croes - Justice Minister
FOX NEWS - June 27/05

..... Justice Minister Croes said Paul van der Sloot had recently visited him in his office after failing to become a judge, apparently seeking a position in Croes' department. Van der Sloot had also taught the justice minister's daughter.

Ben King
New Blaze - July 1/05

The minister of justice, the political party MEP and the Dutch judges are portraying their partiality by bringing in a judge from a different Island to rule over the case yet the officials that are preparing the investigation are all friends and family of the suspect. How partial is this? Those who are preparing the investigation/case have access to all declarations, forensic reports, suspects and suspects family. Several reports by the international press have proven that the van der Sloot family is very close to the investigating team (The Dutch prosecutors office).

Paul van der Sloot is a high ranking official in the judicial system and is close friends with Ben King, whom now works at the prosecution office. King was reportedly seen visiting Paul van der Sloot at his home when the Arubian police were performing a search of the van der Sloot residence.

Antonio Carlo
Expatica News - Feb., 17/06

Joran is represented by lawyer Antonio Carlo, who is also Paulus van der Sloot's boss on Aruba.

Paulus van der Sloot joined Carlo's legal firm as a lawyer in January this year.

Arie Swaen
FOX NEWS - Aug. 8/06

Van der Sloot now works for a law firm on the island that represented his son. His attorney, Arie Swaen, did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.


John Kelly's logic rings loud with truth when he implies that the entire chain of events which lead to Natalee Holloways disappearance would never have happened if Paulus Van der Sloot had not been enabling Joran in an illegal activity. It can be assumed that Aruban Law must afford wannabe Judges the right to gamble with their underage sons. Otherwise, we contend that Paulus Van der Sloot received preferential treatment.

John Kelly
'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - April 3/06

JOHN Q. KELLY, HOLLOWAY FAMILY ATTORNEY: .... And it’s sort of ironic that it’s his father who brought his underage son to a casino and left him there after he left, with access to his line of credit, to put this unfortunate chain of events in process.

You know, if Joran had never been there, not been allowed in there, because he’s underage and wasn’t accompanied by his father, the whole rest of the night wouldn’t have happened.

.... If you’re under 18, you’re not legally even allowed in casinos, so his son was breaking the law with him enabling it.

Andre Dos Santos
Official Witness Statement - June 20/05

On Sunday, May 29, 2005, around 16:30, I met Joran in the Excelsior casino of the Holiday Inn hotel. The moment I met Joran I was in the company of my father called "Montival SANTOS". Joran was in the company of father named “Paul” that is when my father and I met them in the “Excelsior Casino


Paulus Van der Sloot had been detained under suspicion of murder and kidnapping as well as being an accessory to murder in the Natalee Holloway case. Nevertheless, initially, he appears to have had the power to refuse a search of his residence. Then when an official warrant was obtained, Justice Bob Wit reduced the scope of the search at the scene. Jug and Beth Twitty's utter frustration which is revealed in the following quotes exemplifies the nightmare that Natalee's family has been experiencing for almost two years.

Karin Janssen

Aruban authorities have defended their handling of the case, saying meticulous police work takes time.

"You have to build up an investigation. You can't just go in there like a cowboy," Janssen said last week when asked why investigators waited more than two weeks to search the van der Sloot home.

Paul Reynolds
PAULA ZAHN NOW - July 14/05

ZAHN: I know you also have some strong feelings that this whole search effort has been compromised. What are you most concerned about here?

REYNOLDS: Well of course for the last two weeks I've been talking about the fact that the police would not allow EquuSearch access to the Van Der Sloot's property. Certainly...

ZAHN: And we should explain, Paul, before you go any further, this is the independent group that came in, a group that volunteered to do this work, an experienced group. And you say they've been denied access on key parts of the island?

REYNOLDS: Right, the Van Der Sloot's private property, which I think is a very important area to be searched.

Jug Twitty
NANCY GRACE - Oct. 4/05

JUG TWITTY: Absolutely. I mean I asked -- with a meeting with the prosecutor did you search Paulus` home and she said no. And I said why? And she said because he wouldn`t let us. I`m going I can`t -- he was a suspect. They brought him in for -- held him for two days. I just don`t understand it. That`s what I`m talking about. Nothing was done right in the beginning on this thing, otherwise we`d have an answer.

Beth Twitty
LIVE DESK w/Martha MacCallum - Nov. 28/06

BETH: Well I think they will always have to look at there were two personnel involved from the Aruban Justice Department and that is why we don’t have any evidence and that’s what Joran’s attorney will have to be reminded of. It’s because of Bob Witt and Ben King stopped the search warrants. It was made to initially search the entire area of Montanja 19 the garden, the buildings and everything but on the spot high ranking employee of the Justice Office Bob Witt reduced the search warrant to only the room of Joran so that’s why we don’t have any evidence because of involvement of the obstruction from the Aruban Justice Department personnel.


The Chief of Police stated that investigators suspect Paulus Van der Sloot played a crucial role in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. The investigator, Roy Tromp, stated that Paulus had changed his story regarding his knowledge of the events surrounding the morning Natalee Holloway went missing. Inquiring mind want to know why this man was released as a suspect.

Paulus Van der Sloot awarded Compensation
Expatica News - Aug. 3/06

He won a civil action for unjust detention against the Aruban authorities in November of that year and has now been awarded damages. He is no longer a suspect. The judge in the civil case stressed his ruling related solely to Paul van der Sloot.

Gerold Dompig
48 Hour Interview - Mar. 22/06

The Aruban authorities’ new theory is that someone, someone possibly very close to the young suspects, took the time to carefully hide the body, not once but maybe twice, literally re-burying her.

Gerold Dompig
48 Hours Interview - Mar. 22/06

Dompig says he believes Paulus Van der Sloot does know more than he has been telling about the circumstances surrounding Holloway's disappearance.

Gerold Dompig
'Abrams Report' - Oct. 12/05

ABRAMS: Let me ask you about the father of Joran. He was under arrest for a brief period of time before a judge released him. Do you think that he knows something?

DOMPIG: Well, he is, has been, and still is a person of interest. And I wouldn't like to say more than that at this time.

ABRAMS: But let's be clear. A person of interest in connection with Natalee's disappearance ... or in connection with something after the fact?


Roy Tromp
48 Hours Interview - Aug. 5/05

Tromp, who declined to provide details about exactly what investigators believe happened to Holloway, said that Paul van der Sloot has also changed his account the night Holloway vanished.

"Why should you do that if you are telling the truth?" he said.

Department of Justice
ARUBA BOYCOTT - Feb. 15/07

The following is a literal translation (from Diario paper) as it appears in the sentencing of the Superior Court for Paulus Van der Sloot.

" ...... The taped information and his declaration that he picked up Joran and Natalee by the McDonalds Palm Beach and brought them to the Holiday Inn, are clearly understood by the Dept. of Justice, and could in the judgment of this Superior Court, be considered as an indication of the involvement of Paulus in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway."

Translation Credit - MF at FOB


The prosecutor, Karin Janssen, concedes that Paulus Van der Sloot was guilty of obstructing the investigation. However, Aruban attorney Arlene Ellis-Schipper, claims that there are no consequences for Paulus as his relationship to Joran deems him exempt. Also, John Kelly claims to have read a delaration of a suspect who states that Paulus gave advice that the prosecutor concedes was not appropriate.

Karin Janssen
USA TODAY - June 30/05

Janssen said that the elder van der Sloot had obstructed the investigation by asking a friend of Joran, who had been interrogated by police, what he had told them.

Janssen told MSNBC that he was arrested because investigators believed he was also a suspect in the disappearance.

Karin Janssen
'The Abrams Report' - June 29/05

JANSSEN: The father has spoken with those three suspects and he said he gave them some legal advice, but I think the advices was going further than that. They spoke about the situation that when there is no body, you don‘t have a case and that was already in the first day after the disappearance. And secondly, the father and the mother have asked a friend of Joran, the suspect, the minor suspect, to come to their home to tell them what he has explained to the police. That is, well, I can say, was an obstruction of the investigation.

Arlene Ellis-Schipper
'The Abrams Report' - June 30/05

ARLENE ELLIS-SCHIPPER, ARUBAN ATTORNEY: Well basically obstruction of justice is a criminal offense in our criminal code. However, there is an exoneration for family members in the first degree. So in the case of Mr. Van der Sloot it would not apply.

John Kelly
'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - January 12/06

KELLY: .... Paul Van Der Sloot is obviously a shameless individual. When Deepak Kalpoe gave one of his first statements to police, what he said was, “Paul Van Der Sloot advised us to get our stories straight, to not communicate by e-mail, not to use our cell phones, and to get lawyers.”

Beth Twitty
NANCY GRACE - Oct. 4/05

GRACE: ...... while you were out combing the island, they called a meeting, a meeting at the pool behind the judge`s house of lawyers, the Kalpoe family, Joran Van Der Sloot, his father, for what?

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: What he was doing was helping the boys get their stories straight, Nancy. He was instructing the boys how to get your story straight. If all stories match, in 10 days you will be free.

GRACE: And what about the hard drive?

BETH HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Well he also told the guys once they got their stories straight to begin e-mailing this and then use your hard drive to nail an alibi.

GRACE: And not to use your cell phone.

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!

Natalee's Freebirds

March 11, 2007


*Thanks again to another awesome article from Natalee's Freebirds!


On the morning of May 31/05 Beth and Jug Twitty were informed that Deepak's vehicle had been seen inside the fence of the Van der Sloot's property. As their group waited in the parking lot of the police station prior to going to the Van der Sloot's residence, Art Wood suspects that Paulus was forewarned that Natalee's parents were on the way to his place. His reasoning is based on the fact that Deepak's vehicle was no longer inside the fence when the group arrived half an hour later. If a call was placed from within the police station to the Van der Sloots residence, could this be considered preferential treatment?

Translation Credit: Arubagirl

Beth Twitty Birmingham Meeting - Oct. 28/06

Q: Was Deepak's car seen inside the VDS compound?

BETH: Yes, Alberto Groeneveld and Claudio Eldridge told me they had to climb the wall in order to write down the license number.

Q: Where were Joran and Deepak when Paulus called on the cell phone?

BETH: I really do not know.

Q: Were the Sloots tipped-off that the family group had landed in Aruba?

BETH: Not at first.

ART WOOD: The Sloots were probably tipped-off when the family group stopped at the Noord Police Station to wait for Charles Croes, Alberto Groeneveld and Claudio Eldridge to return from the VDS residence.

Transcript Credit - Debbie at Blogs for Natalee (BFN)

Letter from family attorney Benvinda de Souza to Karen Jansen - June 23/05

...In the meantime Mr. Alberto Groeneveld had received information that the silver car where Natalee was last seen departing from Carlos & Charlie’s, had been spotted at a house in Montanja. After that the group went to the Noord police station, where two agents rode together with the group to the house in Montanja. This resulted to be the house of Mr. Paul van der Sloot and his family. The silver car apparently was not there anymore.


Since day one there has been a rumor circulating that on the morning when Natalee Holloway went missing there was a 6:30 AM cell call to the Santa Lucia area of the Island originating from a cell registered to the Van der Sloot's. Paulus Van der Sloot claims in his official witness statement that he slept throughout the night.

However, on July 3/05 he conceded that he may have made a call. Karin Janssen claims that she was building a case around communication records and the picture was becoming clear.

Could Paulus have been afforded preferential treatment from Rick Smid, the judge who released him from detainment; declared him no longer a suspect and awared him compensation for wrongful detainment?

Greta Van Susteren On the Record w/ Greta - July 3/05

I am most anxious to find out if there was e-mail traffic or phone traffic among the three in custody in the early morning hours of May 30. I am also curious whether Paul van der Sloot used his phone between midnight and 7 a.m. on May 30. He told me no... he told the Dutch TV correspondent on camera no... but after the interview with the Dutch TV correspondent, he pulled him aside and said maybe he did make a call and that he was not sure. Honest mistake or does he fear to be in conflict with phone records now in custody of the police? These questions answered would be, in my mind, a huge jump forward in trying to sort out what did or did not happen.

Paulus Van der Sloot Official Witness Statement - June 18/05

On May 30th 2005, in the nightly hours, I did not pick up Joran from anywhere. I slept solidly through the night without waking up.

Karin Janssen USA TODAY - July 1/05

Janssen said the prosecution was centering its case around e-mail and cell phone text messages written between the suspects the night Holloway disappeared.

Karin Janssen 'The Abrams Report' - June 29/05

JANSSEN: We have much more information than only that. I can‘t tell you the details about that. I only can say there‘s telephone, e-mail, chat sessions, (UNINTELLIGIBLE) messages and that‘s the sort of communication that we are investigating now. And it gives us a clear picture of where they were and how they communicate and what they said to each other.


The security guard, Mickey John, claimed to Greta in a broadcasted interview that he had a conversation with Deepak Kalpoe while they both were detained as suspects in regards to the the Natalee Holloway case. According to John, in this conversation Deepak conceded that he was present at a meeting when the Holiday Inn account was fabricated and SO WAS PAULUS VAN DER SLOOT.

Why would Judge Smid not take this revelation into consideration when he ruled that Paulus could be released from detention; declared him no longer a suspect and awarded him compensation?

It can be assumed that the investigative team obtained a statement from Mickey John regarding this conversation with Deepak; forwarded this statement to the prosecutor who, in turn, presented it to Judge Smid. If this did not occur it can be concluded that Paulus Van der Sloot received preferential treatment.

Mickey John On the Record w/ Greta - June 29/05

JOHN: ...He (Deepak) said a story being made up about dropping the girl of at a Holiday Inn, was all something being made up. He, and the Dutch guy, and the Dutch guy's father, they sit and made up the story.

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!

Natalee's Freebirds


VENEZUELAN ACTION GROUP is composed of 14 venezuelan citizens, organized to fight corruption, complicity, impunity, and negligence, shown by local businessmen and authorities, involved in introducing evil bias in the administration of justice in civil case related to SUN Development, Tierra Del Sol, SUN Capital. The purpose of this Page is to make a loud and clear denunciation, about the unacceptable lack of protection and denial of fiduciary rights suffered by foreign investors (frequent visitors). We point out the HIGH RISKS present in the Island, due to lack of straight law enforcement and worsened by unfair / biased administration of justice.

A few local businessmen (founder shareholders) hold evil influences through ill-intended use of political, social and economical power, thus armoring themselves into "UNTOUCHABLE persons."

March 10, 2007


*Another great article from Natalee's Freebirds


Aruba's former Chief of Police, Gerold Dompig, has implicated all four suspects, Joran, Deepak, Satish and Paulus, in the events that encompass the morning when Natalee Holloway went missing. The defamation of character pertaining to Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Kalpoe could be attributed to Aruba's Chief of Police long before Dr. Phil became involved in the Natalee Holloway case.


'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - Nov. 8/05

DOMPIG: I still believe that these boys have been lying, they're still lying, and everybody knows that by now. So there's no doubt in my mind that they know something, they're guilty of something.

'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - Nov. 2/05

COSBY: Do you believe, Chief—you said to me even before this interview that you believe the boys are guilty as hell. Do you believe they‘re involved in her disappearance?


'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - Oct. 17/05

DOMPIG: .... Joran went back and forth with his statements, and he withdrew two statements which he had already given to us. So basically, none of his statements were really trustworthy.


DOMPIG: Well, it would take me, I think, a little over two days to go over all the inconsistencies. None of the stories match up, let me put it that way. So when it comes to believing this individual, we know in which category to place him.


DOMPIG: Exactly. And I go by the rule of thumb that, in the first 40 days -- as I said in a different program -- the first 40 days, law enforcement has probably also already spoken to the perpetrators. So we feel strongly that we have already spoken to them. And there's no one else outside this group that could be involved or responsible.


DOMPIG: So sometimes people will ask us that, "Are you not tunnel-visioned? Maybe you should look at other possibilities." Of course. We did that. But we still feel that, every time you go on a path, a different path, that path leads back, comes back to these three boys.


Deputy Police Commissioner, Gerold Dompig, told The Associated Press that one of three young men arrested in the case admitted "something bad Happened" to Holloway and was leading police to the scene. Prosecutors refused to comment on Dompig's statement, and Dompig himself refused to identify which of the three young men who took Holloway to the Northern beach the night she went missing made the statement.

48 HOURS - Mar. 22/06

Dompig laid out the latest scenario of what happened after Natalee was last seen driving off with van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers shortly after 1 a.m. He says investigators think the group did not go to the beach but that they possibly brought Natalee back to the van der Sloots' home.


"The F.B.I. profiled him as a person who never has been corrected by his parents. He's the boss of what happens in that house. He's the boss in the family. He is allowed to do anything.… If a person like that is in a position where a person says, 'No,' well, that person may change completely. Maybe he blew a fuse when she wouldn't have sex with him, and something happened."


48 HOURS - Mar. 22/06

Dompig says he believes Paulus Van der Sloot does know more than he has been telling about the circumstances surrounding Holloway's disappearance.

...The Aruban authorities’ new theory is that someone, someone possibly very close to the young suspects, took the time to carefully hide the body, not once but maybe twice, literally re-burying her.

Dompig speculates the body was hastily buried once, and that extra accomplices may have been needed to move it to a more hidden location.

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we won't let up until they have it.

Natalee's Freebirds


*Another great article from Natalee's Freebirds

PICKUP TIME - 11:00 PM or 4:00 AM?

John Kelly has stood firmly behind Beth Twitty's claim that approximately three weeks into the investigation Paulus Van der Sloot changed the story that he gave on May 31/05 regarding when he picked up Joran from McDonald’s. Paulus has said that Beth and Jug were mistaken when they insisted that he said 4:00 AM on the morning of May 30/05. He claimed that he had actually stated a pick up time of 11:00 PM on the evening of May 29/05.

Investigator Roy Tromp confirmed that Paulus changed his story. Jug could not understand why statements were not immediately obtained from all witnesses who were present on that morning that would have all reflected the 4:00 am pickup time.

On June 5/05 Beth requested that security cameras from McDonalds be checked. As of Dec. 12/05 Aruban authorities had yet to comply with her request.

However, in the second week of Feb /07, it was revealed by the Aruban Justice Department that Paulus originally declared 4:00 AM on the morning of May 30/05 as the time he picked up Joran from McDonalds and they therefore, had justification for his detainment.

If this information was forwarded to the presiding judge by the prosecutor, why was Paulus released from detention; why was he declared no longer a suspect and why was he initially awarded compensation for wrongful arrest?

John Q. Kelly 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' = Jan. 12/06

KELLY: ...He also made contradictory statements about when he had picked up his son Joran that night.

Beth Twitty On the Record w/ Greta - Oct. 2/05

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: I think I just saw specific little details that just have started eating me alive just, I mean, from details of that first night, when we met Joran and Paul and Deepak, you know, just little details that have been eating away at me on this pick-up time at McDonald's, you know, Paul van der Sloot stated specifically and emphatically he picked them up at 4 a.m. I have it documented in my journal too many times to know that...

Beth Twitty On the Record w/ Greta - Oct. 2/05

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Yes, 4 a.m. on May 31, he stated — I documented in my journal — that he stated to the police spokesperson that he picked Joran up at 4 a.m. Again, on June 17, I have it documented in my journal that they were going to question Paul that day about the 4 a.m. pick-up. And then it changed. That's why I was so shocked that day that you and I went to his home. That was the first time that he had changed to it 11 p.m., to the 29th. So that's just one example of many little details that are just driving me crazy now that I'm back home.

Beth Twitty Nancy Grace - Aug. 12/05

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: Oh -- oh, it`s a very critical detail. And the night that we arrived on the island -- you know, Jug does not misinterpret a 4:00 AM time pickup to 11:00 PM. I mean, Paulus Van Der Sloot stated that he picked them up at 4:00 AM on May the 30th. Then -- we don`t know who they were, but then even as far as June 16 and June 17, Mr. Van Der Sloot was still stating this 4:00 AM pickup. Only until around -- maybe it was when he was picked up or arrested did he change it to 11:00 PM that I had knowledge of.

Beth Twitty 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - March 21/06

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: ...He had initially told the witnesses that he himself had picked up Joran Van Der Sloot at 4:00 a.m. on the night of the 30th. But he later changed it about three weeks into the investigation that he did not pick up Joran at 4:00 a.m. on the 30th.

Beth Twitty ARUBAN BOYCOTT - Dec. 12/05

MICHELLE: "One of Joran's and PVDS's alibis was that Joran was picked up at the McDonald's. PVDS originally told you the first night you met him that he picked Joran up at 4:00 a.m., but he later gave a statement that he picked Joran up at 11:00 p.m. Do you know if there are security cameras in the McDonald's parking lot to prove this claim?"

BETH: "On June 5, we asked officials to check to see if there were security cameras, and to this day, nothing has ever been done. No one has looked into it."

Roy Tromp 48 Hours Interview - Aug. 5/05

Tromp, who declined to provide details about exactly what investigators believe happened to Holloway, said that Paul van der Sloot has also changed his account the night Holloway vanished. "Why should you do that if you are telling the truth?" he said.

Jug Twitty 'Scarborough Country' - Aug. 11/05

TWITTY: … Those people that were with me that night, had they taken our statements at least a week after it happened, we would have already had the answer. But when they take my statement 33 days later, and they take the other guys‘ statements that were with me and ladies that were with me, you know, like 19 days later, it‘s like they didn‘t want to find the truth.

Claudio Eldridge Letter from Benvinda de Souza to Karen Jansen - June 23/05

"Also understood by Claudio is that Mr. Van Der Sloot said that he picked up Joran around 4:00 am close to McDonald’s." Translation Credit - Arubagirl

Paulus Van der Sloot Official Witness Statement - June 18, 2005

On May 30th 2005, in the nightly hours, I did not pick up Joran from anywhere. I slept solidly through the night without waking up.

Paulus Van der Sloot NOVA Interview - June 28/05

VAN DER SLOOT: ...During the apprehension I was told that I was suspected of complicity to murder manslaughter and usurpatory freedom spoliation (kidnapping). During the session with the judge [5], it was told that the suspicion originated, because that Monday night, when so many people were standing there in front of the door, I allegedly declared that at four o'clock, I picked up Joran. And someone else, allegedly declared that I picked up Joran and Natalee, while my own declaration was, directed at police officers, that I picked up Joran at eleven o'clock at the McDonald's. That is, of course remarkable that the public prosecutor's office adds two witness statements of people who were standing somewhere in the back, and not the witness declaration from the police officers, where I direct myself to, and directed myself to, as much as possible. Translation Credit - Dugo from Riehl Worldview

Department of Justice ARUBA BOYCOTT - Feb. 15/07

he following is a literal translation (from Diario paper) as it appears in the sentencing of the Superior Court for Paulus Van der Sloot. " ...... The taped information and his declaration that he picked up Joran and Natalee by the McDonalds Palm Beach and brought them to the Holiday Inn[/color], are clearly understood by the Dept. of Justice, and could in the judgment of this Superior Court, be considered as an indication of the involvement of Paulus in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway." Translation Credit - MF at FOB


The leaked casino video recording appears to capture Paulus Van der Sloot conversing with Natalee Holloway at the Black Jack table. If it is revealed that the person is Paulus, the implication would be that both Joran and Paulus lied regarding Paulus leaving the Excelsior casino during the Poker Tournament. Another implication would be that Judge Rick Smid, who released Paulus from detention, declared he was no longer a suspect, and awarded him damages for wrongful detention was either uninformed or he gave one of his own preferential treatment.

Joran Van der Sloot On the Record w/ Greta - Mar 1/06

VAN DER SLOOT: .... And yes, so my dad had come with me. And halfway through, he — because my mom at the time was in Holland, halfway through, he had to go back home to my little brother because he was home alone. And I took his place at the poker tournament because I had lost earlier. So I went in and I took his place and I played for him.

Paulus Van der Sloot Official Witness Statement - June 18/05

On May 29th 2005, at approximately 16.00 hours, I went with Joran to the “Free Carribean Stud Tournament” in the Holiday Inn. During the break, at approximately 18.30 hours, I went back home. My youngest son Sebastian who was playing at a friends house was due to be dropped off at home around that time. Joran, with my permission, took over my seat because he had been eliminated earlier.

John Q. Kelly 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - April 4/06

COSBY … John, first of all, is there a possibility that Paulus might have been talking to Natalee the night that she disappeared?

KELLY: Well, if you look at the surveillance video footage, it appears that he’s the one sitting directly next to her and tries to engage her in conversation a couple of times. And it’s sort of ironic that it’s his father who brought his underage son to a casino and left him there after he left, with access to his line of credit, to put this unfortunate chain of events in process.

COSBY: And did he ever say that he had talked to Natalee or not before?

KELLY: No, it’s never even been addressed before whether or not that’s Paulus in the videotape there sitting next to her. And it certainly appears to be to me.

Kimberly Guilfoyle THE LINEUP - June 9/06

GUILFOYLE: It has been one year since the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Unfortunately we are left now with more questions than answers. What we do know is that Joran and the Kalpoe brothers were the last people seen with Natalee Holloway, which is the reason why they still remain to this day the main suspects in the case. As for Paulus, sources say he is the person next to Natalee in the casino.

Jossy Mansur Dana Pretzer Show - Dec. 14/06

DANA: When you look at this case, a question keeps coming up. I am looking at the picture on my PC. It is the alleged picture of a person in the casino with Natalee that looks a lot like Paul. Has there been any update on this issue?

JOSSY: There have not been any change of opinion. People, including people in the casino say that is Paul. Transcript Credit: Heli from RU

Michael Posner ABC7CHICAGO - Feb. 23/06

Posner says it was he who voluntarily turned over this casino surveillance tape to Aruban authorities and that he is furious they have allowed ABC News to broadcast it.

Katherine (Madison) Whatley FBI Statement - July 12/05

After swimming at the hotel on Sunday, WHATLEY and other classmates, including HOLLOWAY, ate dinner at a restaurant next to the hotel. After dinner they went to the casino at the hotel. A few classmates were gambling at a card table along with an "older man" and YURON VAN DER SLOOT. (Whatley 302)

Beth Twitty 'Rita Cosby Live & Direct' - September 19/05

HOLLOWAY TWITTY: ..... I don‘t think there was ever a question that Joran and Paulus Van Der Sloot had been in that Excelsior Casino, and, particularly, on the night of the 29th where he and his father met Natalee.

Chris Cuomo Prime Time Interview - Feb. 23/06

CHRIS: (Voiceover) He says he was interested in one of the other girls, and on surveillance tape, we see Natalee holding a drink and talking to a different man on her left. Nowhere do Natalee and Joran have an interaction.

Natalee and her family deserve justice, and we will not let up until they have it!
Natalee's Freebirds