March 30, 2006


Hellooo everyone!? This just didn't happen to Natalee. It is obvious these keystone cops don't know anything, don't care, or are just plain INCOMPETENT! God forbid if you are a victim of a crime in Aruba. In Aruba crime pays big and victims are an annoyance.

Let's revist this older news; yet still, VERY important and NOT forgotten.


"Check yo self!"--Ice Cube

Check out this article from Scared Monkeys. I just LOVE it!


Heh...heh...she said DICK.

Doesn't it seem like these people are always out launching PR campaigns to solve problems, but never really see any results? Reminds me of some people in Washington. Don't you just love how this guy's last name is Dick? If there weren't any dicks, there wouldn't be a sex-slave human trafficking problem. HA HA!

Minister Dick takes action against human trafficking

PHILIPSBURG--Minister of Justice David Dick made a firm commitment yesterday that he is going to combat human trafficking through the Netherlands Antilles. He launched a preventive publicity campaign to deal with the issue.

Dick said women were transported to the Netherlands Antilles under horrible conditions and on false pretexts, and ended up in prostitution. “There are also situations of forced labour and people being exploited. We must give a clear signal that the Netherlands Antilles does not tolerate these kinds of punishable acts,” he said. (Take heed, you bad, bad traffickers...)

The International Organisation on Migration (IOM), subsidised by the United States, through its work worldwide with migrants, noticed that it was possible that human trafficking went through the Netherlands Antilles. (Possible? Us? No way...)

In the investigation “Exploratory assessment of trafficking in persons in the Caribbean region” of June 2005 IOM came to the same conclusion. That’s why a preventive publicity campaign was set up. The Dutch Ministry of Justice made funds available for the Netherlands Antilles to participate in the publicity campaign by IOM. (And the publicity helps, HOW? You think the human traffickers and the people involved in this HUGE MONEY MAKING INDUSTRY are going to take notes?)

The United States makes a Trafficking in Persons (TIP) report every year in which every country, including the Netherlands Antilles, is judged on its efforts to prevent human trafficking. The United States is thinking about taking measures against countries that don’t make sufficient effort.

According to Miloushka Racamy of the Netherlands Antilles Department Justice, the Netherlands Antilles does not have to fear repercussions, because “we are listed as part of the Dutch Kingdom, according to the 2005 report.” (Oh don't you worry...)

A workgroup (Workgroup? What is this? A college political science project?) is being formed that will provide information on human trafficking through all media channels. (Ah...provide information, but do nothing. You know what they say, the camera really does add ten pounds...ten pounds of LIES.) A coordinator will be appointed in each island territory to fill in the way the publicity campaign is conducted.

March 28, 2006


This post will run at the top of this blog for the month of March

Spring Break is here.

Read this article on the dangers of spring break. It is specifically geared towards sexual assault and rapes.

The male writer even quotes, "Unfortunately, male behavior never takes a holiday and for that reason, women are perhaps never truly safe as long as men are around."


Earth to Dompig, come in Dompig. Ok, Gerold. Here's another question for you. What was your country using for radars PRIOR to November 2005?

OTTAWA --- November 28, 2005--Raytheon Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of Raytheon Company, has been awarded a contract valued at approximately $12 million (Euro 10 million) by the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Coast Guard of the Netherlands Antilles & Aruba (CGNA&A) to build an integrated coastal surveillance radar network on the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao, including long-term maintenance and training. The system will enable the precision monitoring of marine traffic in the waters around the Dutch Caribbean. It will be used primarily for search and rescue and drug interdiction, but it will also help combat illegal immigration.

The baseline system consists of eight radar sites equipped with a single command and control center based at the CGNA&A`s rescue and coordination center in Curacao. Each site is composed of a Raytheon Canada Marine Small Target Tracker, Terma Scanter 2001 Radar from Terma of Denmark, wireless communications and physical infrastructure. The command and control center will be provided by HITT Traffic of The Netherlands. "This contract highlights Raytheon`s industry leadership in coastal surveillance, advanced signal processing, and small target tracking technology," said Ron Fisher, president and CEO of Raytheon Canada.

"We`re delighted to team with HITT to create and design this complex system for the coast guard of the Netherlands Antilles and Aruba. Our Waterloo facility has provided strong leadership on this project." Raytheon`s Airspace Management and Homeland Security business area offers a broad range of automation and surveillance systems that are in use today in more than 50 countries around the world. The breadth of Raytheon`s systems includes automation, communication, navigation and surveillance. Products are available to both civil and military markets. Investing in Canada since the 1950s, Raytheon Canada employs 1400 people at multiple sites in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Ontario, serving the aerospace and defense sectors with a broad range of high technology products and services.

Raytheon Company, with 2004 sales of $20.2 billion, is an industry leader in defense and government electronics, space, information technology, technical services, and business and special mission aircraft. With headquarters in Waltham, Mass., Raytheon employs 80,000 people worldwide.

Hmmm...a U.S. company to boot!


Dompig, why would you come out and volunteer information that wasn't asked of you? No one asked if the radar was working that night. Why bring it up or make it an issue unless you are trying to cover something up or lying?

But, A-HA!

Back in November, 2005, I received a tip from a source close to an aruban native. This individual stated said that the radar to detect boats coming in and out of Aruba does not work, and the radar that detects the airplanes only works sometimes. This person said they are suppose to work, but Aruba won't ask the Netherlands for the money to help repair them because it will put them in greater dept owed to the Netherlands.

Dompig, let's see proof of those radar reports you discussed on 48 Hours. Maybe others can offer information to disprove your lie about the radar working, when it wasn't.

Does anyone notice how Aruba keeps avoiding searching the water? Take a boat about 2 and a half to three miles out from the Marriott and check there.

Why are they concentrating on the sand dunes? Because they are trying to steer the investigation in the wrong direction on PURPOSE...knowing full and well Natalee isn't buried there.

March 27, 2006


The "48 Hours" Fiasco

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

Poor Deputy Dog...he really messed up. All of the hype and all of the bluster wound up making him and his fellow Keystone Kops look even worse then many of us imagined.

I loved the computer screens showing the tracking of EVERY SINGLE boat that came and went on Aruba the night Natalee disappeared. What makes him think that Natalee was taken out to sea that first night? I believe that if she is in the water, they moved her there the second night (you know, the night when Beth and company arrived at the van der Sloot property looking for a missing Joran). Besides if she's buried in the sand (where nobody seems to want to search to completion) why would the boats make any difference. The screens looked like cartoons and Dompig reminded me of Elmer Fudd.

His "theory" was ludicrous and he had absolutely nothing to back up anything other than the fact that Natalee was drinking. Where is the proof that SHE had drugs? What were those drugs? He can't convenient.

What about the bartender at the second bar that Joran may have stopped at that night...the one where there's a bottle under the counter marked "For women only". Did Natalee get a special drink from that bottle courtesy of Joran and friends?

He mentioned that they were tracking the suspects from the third day but he failed to
mention that they also had two security guards in custody who's cars, clothing and homes were searched without any interference from anyone. He never mentioned those guards at all in his interview. Did he forget about them?

Beth prevented the police from tracking the suspects...right...did they have a GPS on Deepak's Were they prevented by Beth from checking cell phone records or computer He made Beth look like a hero and himself and his cohorts look like zeros.

What did we learn that was new.....hello? I can't hear you......Oh, you can't think of anything? I didn't think so because there was nothing new. Beth and Dave have been claiming that Natalee was drugged from day one. Suddenly Dompig has this "theory" that she may have been drugged and died of an OD? The fellow is a little slow.

I forgot about the witnesses.....the SECRET witnesses....where are they and if they had information directly relating to the disposal of Natalee then they committed a crime by impeding a police investigation and possibly being accessories to a crime. Why aren't they in jail?

I want to thank Deputy Dog for helping all of us who feel that the Aruban authorities are solely responsible for messing up this investigation. He did everything that I could hope for and more to prove that point.

I am thrilled that they aired that interview because it simply strengthened my belief that there is a cover-up on Aruba and that the place stinks to high heaven with corruption.

Oh, and I loved Arlene's new make-up. She looked like the media whore she aspires to be.

March 25, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

I have been conversing with Jamie Skeeters for a couple of weeks and I have come to believe him and respect his endeavors.

Jamie is a former Los Angeles Police Officer and was a member of the force for many years. He is now the president of the California Polygraphers Association.
Jamie informed me that the tape and video of Deepak Kalpoe is totally on the up and up and that NOTHING about it was doctored or altered in any way.

He has had several other members of his association and of the police force li
sten to the original copy of the tape and they have all concurred that what Deepak said was absolutely what Jamie depicted to the media and to the Aruban authorities.

The tape itself is not in question, only the parts edited by the Dr. Phil Show.

Deepak and his former boss, Angela (of the Internet Cafe where Deepak
used to work) were present and gave their documented permission for ALL of the taping to take place.

As a matter of fact, after the first conversation that Jamie had with Deepak he was called at 2 a.m. in the morning for a meeting with Deepak. They met in the lobby of Jamie's hotel and then returned to Jamie's room for more conversation.

Deepak DID admit that he and the other two boys had sex with Natalee and he also told Jamie that he and his brother DID in fact, drop Joran off with Natalee.

He told Jamie that neither he or his brother Satish went back to the beach to pick up Joran and that at first Joran said that he had walked home and later changed that to say that someone else had picked him up.

Joran again changed his story twice. He stated that Deepak had picked him up and when that was proven to be untrue he switched to Satish picking him up. Neither of them did, according to Deepak.

Jamie had been given permission to give Deepak a lie detector test the following day but Deepak was rearrested the next morning at 8 a.m. and that prevented Jamie from giving him the test.

After the second arrest, Deepak was no longer willing to cooperate. Deepak also asked Jamie to set up a book deal for Deepak which Jamie was in the process of arranging when Deepak got arrested and stopped talking.

Jamie felt and feels that he was close to finding out answers from Deepak and even said to him, "Take me to where her body is". Deepak replied that he no longer knew where the body was at that time. A definite confession that Deepak had known where she was at one point in time.

Unfortunately, we will not know what Deepak might have said or done if given a polygraph by Jamie because he is now only speaking through his attorney.

I can vouch for Jamie Skeeter's credibility and if he tells me that the tape is honest and above board I believe him. He fully intends to pursue this and he is trying to speak to Deepak and Satish's attorney.

I hope that he is successful because sometime in the future the Kalpoe brothers will have to come forward to tell what they know in order to avoid being the ONLY suspects in the case of Natalee's disappearance to be charged with a crime.

Joran is doing his best to point his finger directly at the brothers so eventually they will have to talk. They do not have a Paulus in their corner to protect them nor do they have the connections that Paulus has.

I also wanted to add that the original hard-drive copy of the tape was in fact handed over to the FBI in Ventura County, CA and they have it at the present time. The FBI doesn't comment on evidence or any particulars as we all know by now.

The request that the Aruban's supposedly made to The Dr. Phil Show NEVER arrived in writing and it eventually came to pass that Dr. Phil's producers voluntarily sent their copy of the tape to the police...of their OWN volition and not because they EVER received a formal request as Dompig claimed on television.

This is yet another example of their duplicity and incompetence and more proof that they are doing nothing to pursue this case in an aggressive way. Tips come and go and yet they do nothing in a timely manner. Joran makes inconsistent statements in more than one interview yet they have not taken him in for re-questioning to compare his original statements with what he said in his recent interviews.

Dompig is busy expounding on his "theories" and blaming the victim and her family for their failed investigation and even for Natalee's death. He has postulated that she died of a drug/alcohol over-dose with absolutely NO evidence to back this up yet he participated in an interview with a large media franchise (6 wee
ks ago) rather then searching for Natalee.

I wonder how long Dompig will hold his job as chief figurehead and how much longer his superiors will find a use for his type of smear campaign against the family of the REAL victim?

If the Arubans thought that this "Critical last phase" interview would help them with their little tourism problem they once again miscalculated the reaction of people listening to this garbage and I believe that the angry reaction of decent Americans at his wanton smearing of Natalee and her family will backfire and they will suffer even more financial damages as a result of their inability to judge the American mind-set and our sense of fairness and humanity.

The Aruban's never seem to learn and this will eventually do them in. I can't wait.

March 24, 2006


Has it occurred to anyone in Aruba that Natalee is NOT on the island? How many times do I have to say that Koen, Joran and Deepak were seen by Dompig's relative leaving in his father's boat around the time he was SUPPOSEDLY was at the casino. Hey, Michael Posner, why don't you release those tapes? That's because he wasn't there.

Get Equasearch or some other independent company that you don't have beef with and get the job done. Search the water. Why have the water searches been put off time and time again? It's time for Joran and his buddies to go down. Their lives are over either way.

This is the WORST PR move that Aruba has caused since day one. There are more Americans aware of what is going on and hate your island and the corrupt people that run it.

No KID gets away with committing something heinous and develops this huge international mystery...not in my book. There's no such thing as a perfect crime, Joran.

It's elementary Sherlock...

Toledo Blaze--A Sylvania Township firm's search in Aruba for missing teen Natalee Holloway ended yesterday without clues to her whereabouts.

Police on the Dutch island were acting on a tip that Miss Holloway was buried somewhere in dunes in a beach area about the size of two football fields and needed some high-tech help. Ground Penetrating Radar Systems of Sylvania Township donated an employee and its ground radar equipment to search the area after they were contacted by Don Wood, head of Child Watch in Orlando, through an Internet search.

"They got down there and searched beach areas and caves," Mr. Wood said. Unfortunately, he said, nothing was found. The company has volunteered its services for future searches, if needed, Mr. Wood said.

...Authorities there were criticized for the slow progress on the case and also beset by allegations that locals who might have been involved in the case were being protected.

The latter prompted Alabama Gov. Bob Riley and others to call for a travel boycott of Aruba, located in the southern Caribbean off the coast of Venezuela.


It's time to call it like I see it......

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

According to Deputy Police Chief Dompig (the real PIG), Natalee Holloway was given a drug or took a drug because of her high alcoholic consumption and died as a result.

According to MY version, the story differs. The "Suspects" left C&C's wit
h Natalee for one reason and one reason have sex with her and to possibly tape it for their ever-growing collection of porn. They could then run it on their "Pimp" website to continue impressing other creeps with like-minds that they were the ruling kings of sleaze on Aruba. The big men....

This was their claim to fame...not Joran's "sporting" or his "honor student" GPA. They were, after all, the "Pimps" and that's what "Pimps" do. They procure girls for sex.

If Natalee's body was moved as Dompig (the REAL pig) claims, where was it moved from? The Island isn't that large and the chances of someone finding her would be great. At least the chances would be great if anyone was looking in the right places. If they are told to look in the WRONG places then they could safely store her until it was convenient to move her the deep water.

Did Joran take Natalee to a Rave House? Was she given drugs that interacted with the alcohol that she had consumed and caused her to die? Did people (Joran first, of course, condom or not), have sex with her before or after she expired? Did Paulus withdraw funds from an ATM that evening or soon after to fund the removal of Natalee's body or to keep people quiet? It doesn't take much money to silence a drug addict...just enough for a few fixes would do.

Have Jacobs and Vander Stratton known about this scenario from the beginning? Did they cover it up to protect Paulus and his wayward, spoiled son? They certainly had a connection to Paulus prior to Natalee's disappearance.

The "credible witness" who came forward months ago and pointed directly at where Natalee was buried....why did he come forward just then? What did he have to gain? Was he threatened...was he told that HE would become the main suspect if he didn't come up with Aruba's brand of the "TRUTH"? Was he frightened into making up a story or telling them to look somewhere that would result in nothing?

Equusearch wanted to search the Dunes AND the DEEP WATER for a long time but were refused permission.. The FBI refused to send their expensive dogs and their handlers because Aruba refused to disclose this so-called "credible witness". The FBI was NOT about to go on an expensive wild goose chase...who can blame them as there have been so many of them on Aruba since Natalee went missing.

We now have the truth and the ARUBA TRUTH. One does not resemble the other because the ARUBA TRUTH is the same truth that Alice encountered when she fell down the rabbit hole and wound up in Wonderland. Everything was backwards down that rabbit hole.

So, we will allow the parents of the missing victim to hear on TELEVISION that their daughter is dead from an over-dose and that she probably, maybe, possibly, most likely, could have, been responsible for her own demise. We will blame the victim over and over again and torture her family. That is also ARUBA TRUTH. Off with their heads....they are the victims and in Aruba's version of Wonderland the victims are the perpetrators and deserve no protection.

Would anyone in their right mind want to fall down that rabbit hole? Would anyone in their right mind want to go to ARUBA....????

Remember this if you are thinking of booking a room for your next vacation..... the Cheshire cat is hanging from a tree and he says, "All right," said the Cat; and this time it vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail and ending with the grin, which remained some time after the rest of it had gone." (Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland).

The Queen shouted "Off with their heads!!".

Down is up and back is is night and lies are truth. That is ARUBA TRUTH, so don't forget it as you book your trip to that Paradise for your next vacation or weekend off.

Be sure to look for the Cheshire Cat's grin because that's all you will see with the naked eye in Arubaland.


"Aruba's Lead Investigator (Dompig) feels strongly that Natalee Holloway was not murdered, but probably died of complications involving alcohol, and possibly, drugs."

I just saw this headline last night and thought, "What next?" I'm not even going to discuss this "version" of events because they are absolutely preposterous and are in an attempt to re-victimize Natalee all over again. Dompig wants this case closed and everyone cleared so Aruba can move on...including his close relative that witnessed Joran, Koen and Deepak taking Koen's boat out the same night Beth flew into Aruba.

After this last stunt, I am IMPLORING everyone who cares about ANY woman to BOYCOTT ARUBA. Innocent women ANYWHERE do not deserve to be treated and victimized in this manner.

If this is the way Aruba handles their policework and their attitudes towards women then this is the last straw. This BOYCOTT should be taken seriously...and now the powers of the people all over the world can make a decision for themselves. This last action is unconscionable and ARUBA IS GOING DOWN.


March 23, 2006


Notice how the "person" dancing with Natalee, (a/k/a Joran) is more aggresive in his body language towards Natalee. He is grabbing her around the waist and she isn't touching him--with her arm closer to her body.

Read Interesting Link on Body Language

March 22, 2006


Was Joran wearing that blue, red and white striped shirt that evening?

Does anyone remember?

I'm sick and tired of hearing the same old crap over and over...but it's always done in different versions to get you hooked. You watch waiting until the last 15 minutes of the show to realize you've spent your entire time waiting for news that you already know!

I think CBS is obviously following suit by cashing in on this international controversy; but hey, that's the media. On the other hand, I think it is great for Natalee, Beth, David and their family to keep getting the word out and putting pressure on Aruba to solve this case and give Natalee justice.

Like I've mentioned in the past, I am a proud American, and I won't go down without a fight over this corrupt 'One Pathetic Island'. Or maybe, 'One Desolate Island'. I like the latter much better.

(CBS) Gerold Dompig, deputy chief of police in Aruba and the man leading the investigation into the disappearance of Alabama teen Natalee Holloway, is breaking his silence on the case in an exclusive interview with 48 Hours correspondent Troy Roberts. (Breaking his silence...oh so dramatic! And actually that phrase is really overused, CBS...try a thesaurus.)

Dompig tells Roberts that investigators believe Holloway's body is on the island (There is no way she is buried. "No body no case" wouldn't work then. A body is too easy to dig up and easier to I smell a smoke screen? Sniff...sniff...), but suspects it was moved to avoid detection and then re-buried. Dompig says the probe to determine what happened to the 18-year-old is in the "critical last phase."

Dompig tells Roberts that investigators have credible information on a possible location of the body and will be employing ground radar and cadaver dogs in their search. Dompig says a critical new witness has surfaced (Back in JANUARY!): "He [the witness] wanted to talk about the fact that he knew more about the whereabouts of Natalee…concerning a specific burial location…. The information that this person gave was too specific to just be a story that was just made up by someone." (Just like all the other witnesses you discounted...)

Based on the new information, investigators will begin a new search on the northern tip of the island in the sand dunes near the lighthouse. (I thought they've been searching that area for weeks? Nothing new here, CBS!) The authorities' new theory is that someone took the time to carefully hide Holloway’s body, perhaps twice. (New theory? What was your previous theory? That she ran away, right? I am embarassed at the ALE's lack of intelligence.)

Dompig's remarks will be broadcast this Saturday, March 25, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. (Oh my god...I'm sitting on pins and needles...I'll have to re-schedule my evening around this event! I will bet you it won't be anything new. If I'm wrong, then I will say I'm an idiot on my OWN BLOG. I'm sure some of you would love that.)


Who has his arm around Natalee? Could it be.....JORAN?


This pompousness makes me want to vomit. Who do they think they are? Some invincible country that can do no wrong? Aruba, you are dealing with the United States. There are millions of pissed off people that want to see your country go down...don't forget about that when you lie to yourself about how you are still "one happy island".

ARUBA (20 Mar 2006) -- Widespread publicity about the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway may be having an impact on the number of American tourists visiting Aruba, (Don'tcha think???) but Massachusetts residents headed to the Caribbean island in record numbers last year. (So what? That's ONE state. We've got 50 here, you know.)

Officials at the Aruba Tourism Authority say arrivals from Massachusetts, the island's second largest US market behind New York, totaled more than 61,000 through the first 11 months of 2005, an increase of 12.5 percent over the same period in 2004.

Overall, however, arrivals from the United States were up less than 1 percent over the 11-month period, well off the pace of previous years.

Gina Lopez, a spokeswoman for the tourism authority, said travel numbers softened in the second half of the year because some hotels shut down for renovations, room prices rose dramatically, and many travelers crossed the Caribbean off their lists after the harsh hurricane season. (Excuses, excuses...Did the dog eat your homework, too?)

Lopez said the publicity over Holloway's unsolved disappearance ''may have had some impact," but she maintained it was minimal. ''The effect was mostly on Aruba's image rather than its tourism numbers," she said.

Still, Aruba is eager to put the negative publicity behind it. Officials say a record $230 million in public and private money is expected to be invested in the island's tourism economy this year.

Tourism represents 85 percent of Aruba's economy, Lopez said. Aruba is known as a fairly upscale, tourist-friendly place far enough south -- it is off the coast of Venezuela -- to miss the hurricanes that regularly sweep through the region. The island is popular with Americans looking for sun in an environment that is a little different from Florida but not strikingly so.

The intense poverty that characterizes some Caribbean islands is absent from Aruba, where the standard of living is relatively high and the unemployment rate relatively low.

After Holloway's disappearance last May and the ensuing media barrage, the island's image took a beating. The tourism industry saw the story as a serious threat and created a team of local officials that operates under the name Aruba Truth. (A outright mediocre PR move.) ''It's an incident of very great concern to everyone that has a stake in the tourism industry," said Carlos Aquino, director of Caribbean sales and marketing for InterContinental Hotels Corp., which operates a Holiday Inn on Aruba.

Holloway, 18, went to Aruba with other graduates of Mountain Brook High School near Birmingham, Ala. She was last seen at a tourist-oriented bar and grill at 1:30 a.m. on May 30. She never showed up for her departing flight later that day. No one has been charged in connection with Holloway's disappearance, and officials have stressed that the incident was an aberration for their peaceful island. (You've GOT to be kidding me...they are blaming Natalee for what Joran did to their peaceful island? Talk about abusing the people are so sad and pathetic.)

To offset the negative publicity (Thanks to Joran et al.) government and industry leaders are pushing ahead with a number of projects to ensure tourism growth. (But screw Natalee, right? Are you actually thinking that will go away soon?) In addition to hotel renovations and expansions and restaurant openings, Aruba is spending $34 million on airport improvements and planning to spend another $16 million to build a greenway park that will stretch from the airport to the end of the high-rise hotel corridor and involve relocating parts of the port facility.
(Aruba can spend all this money, but they can't solve this case We are obviously dealing with some really unintelligent and unconscionable people.)

Officials are also launching a training program called ''The Aruba Promise" for people involved in the tourism industry. (PUKE! I'm dry heaving...)

Lopez said the training is designed to make sure tourism workers are in sync with Aruba's tagline of ''One Happy Island." (Forget it...that slogan is LONG GONE...)
''We have to pay attention to the little details."


These are excerpts of last night’s Rita Cosby Show—Rita is finally on the defense! I loved how she interrupted Steve Cohen and put him in his place.

Attorney David Kock:

From the information we are getting, it seems like, you know, too, they have to round this up. I won’t be surprised if, you know, summer, July, July the case will be presented. (Well after a YEAR…) I don’t think that would even apply theoretically, first degree murder, you know, because you would have to have an intent to do something (I believe Joran DID have intent to go and have sex with Natalee unwillingly…he knew he could drug her or get her so drunk that she’s “in and out of consciousness”. Sounds like intent to me.) and if you just look at the facts, even if you would want to construct something, I don’t think you can even construct first degree murder. The DA can also present, let’s say, the first instance, the heavier charge and the subsidiary. If that cannot be proven…and then to lighter forms of crimes.

Beth on Recent News:

It’s kind of frightening Rita when I think about them now having these suspects go forward to the judge of instruction, and I think that we have known all along there had to be more evidence brought forward, and I don’t know what has come forward to proceed with a trial. (More miscommunication with Beth and her family…they obviously didn’t give John Q. Kelly that privy information, considering he is supposed to be working with the prosecutor and others!) It’s frightening because I mean it’s one chance, we don’t get a second chance at this. Once before they go before the judge of instruction for the charges that’s it.

Beth's feelings on the investigation:

It is a concern…this is our one chance and I just don’t know what new evidence they have to go forward with a trial. (Smoke screen…no new evidence. The ALE knew what happened all along, but has been covering thinking Beth would go away…now they have cut their noses of to spite their face…and their loss of tourism dollars can prove that.) I think that heard Dave speak last night that we have never pressured them as far as proceeding forward with a trial, we new that the evidence had to be collected. I think we haven’t been able to thoroughly exhaust the searches on the island of Aruba. (Try the WATER!!!)

If we look at our track record on filing for motion for appeal we have not done very well, none of them have ever been successful there. It is a concern, Rita. I just hope they have all the evidence they need and they are prepared to move forward and press charges against these suspects. I knew that when we were speaking with the officials during the summer, they were saying they had enough charges that they could bring forward the sexual assault charges, but as far as anything further than that, we weren’t given any information on that. (So, they’ve had this evidence all along and NOW they are saying there is new evidence…what a crock.)

We have known that the suspects have divided in June and escalated in September. What Jug and I discussed last night, we go back to the very beginning and that’s the reason why PVDS was arrested in connection with Natalee’s disappearance because he lied to the authorities by saying that he changed his pick up time. He originally told the witnesses that HE himself had picked up Joran at 4:00 am on the night of the 30th, but he later changed it 3 weeks into the investigation that he did not pick up Joran at 4:00 am. So that is why PVDS was arrested and we think back on that maybe Deepak and Satish were not there to pick up Joran and that it was PVDS himself.

I think the track record speaks for itself. We just have not been very successful when we brought forward this case in front of the judge of instruction. I just hope they have all the evidence they need and are really ready to press charges against these suspects. That’s all we can rely on.

Steve Cohen:

Rita: Does the Aruban government want to see this case to go to trial?

Cohen: There is no question that the goal is to figure out what happened to Natalee, who was responsible, if anyone…but all that’s happened here Rita is that you have an aggressive producer who got hold of the attorney (Attorney Kock) and the attorney was just talking out loud and thinking out loud came up with these…

Rita: Steve, I got to interrupt on two counts, first of all, our producer wasn’t aggressive, he was doing his job, second of all, I can tell if you if you have listened to the whole thing, he is essentially saying ‘I am getting information that, and it sounds like it’s coming from the prosecutor’s office or somewhere. (cross talk) Are you saying that this attorney is just making this up, this is the Kalpoe’s attorney, and why would he even want to say his clients may be facing murder charges? It doesn’t make his clients look good!

Cohen: I’m telling you all that’s happened here is this is conjecture. There is no one inside this case. Either the investigators or the office of the prosecution told the attorney what he said…I think that when you are asking an attorney questions he is going to offer his instinctive feelings, he is going to offer what he thinks could happen, and it was about what he said could happen, not what would happen. (A good attorney would never discuss the case, let alone his feelings on it!)

The investigation has not concluded. Until the investigation has concluded the office of the prosecution will not know exactly what they have with their case that they can present to the judge.

Arlene Schippers:

Rita: Why would the attorney (Kock) say that he is getting inside information? Do you think he is lying Arlene? I will tell you that he was very clear, and we even have it on camera saying ‘I am getting information, I am being told and would not surprised’…is the Aruban government putting the heat on him for that?

Schippers: …First of all the police must feel the investigation is complete, then they close the investigation regarding these suspects, then the official and the case file goes to the prosecutor and then the prosecutor has the sole capacity to decide on a prosecutorial decision that can either be to prosecuted or not. It is a common known fact that the prosecutor’s office wants to bring this case to trial, but they will only do so if they have due confidence…there is the issue of double jeopardy and no prosecutor in her right mind will bring the case to trial if she feels not confident. …They could bring them up with lesser charges if they feel comfortable, but this is speculation and I don’t want to raise any expectations if we are still in the stage of an open investigation which we are still at.

March 21, 2006


JORAN REGARDING BETH: I don't have any — I don't have any bad, I mean, not regrets — I mean, I don't think badly of her. I mean, if my daughter — well, I don't have a daughter — if my daughter was missing, if I — or my brother or my mother, you know, someone was missing that I loved, and there was some kid with him last, you know, I'd — I'd probably feel — and everything that's here in the media, I'd feel that way, too.

VAN SUSTEREN: Beth, when you listen to that sound from Joran van der Sloot, how he feels about you and your feelings to him, do you buy it? (But Greta? Weren't you "inclined to believe him?")

TWITTY: No, I don't buy it at all, Greta. Absolutely not. We spent too many frustrating days and weeks that turned into months searching for Natalee on that island with no help from Joran Van Der Sloot. The only thing we were getting from him was a litany of lies. So no, I don't buy any of it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Did you watch the entire interview? It was unedited. We did it on two successive nights, and then we did the third part, a small part, the next night. Did you watch it all?

TWITTY: Oh, yes, I watched them all, and I have seen it now a second time in its entirety.

VAN SUSTEREN: What was it like for you to watch it? (What do you think it was like for Beth, Greta? The questions you ask...unbelievable.)

TWITTY: You know, it's so difficult for me to watch Joran and how he continually just makes all the disparaging remarks about Natalee. I mean, that is so difficult.

And also, I noticed there in part two, probably the most difficult time is when Joran is pressed with the timeline from the night that they took Natalee. I could see him really having a great deal of difficulty in staying with you when he was having to give an account of the timeline of that night.
(Weren't we all?!)

VAN SUSTEREN: Now, you and I have spent an awful lot of time together, talked together. You know my entire staff. (Buttering Beth up after your previous faux pas?) Was it difficult for you that we sat down with him?

TWITTY: Oh, no. No, I mean, I think that any time that we can get Joran speaking, I think that he only incriminates himself every time. And you know, I've heard his offer that he is willing to sit down with myself or with Dave or the family, and absolutely, I would do it. I would go to Holland. I'd meet him wherever he would choose to.

But you know, Greta, I would have to have one polygraph expert with me because, you know, just having Joran talk without any type of repercussions — I mean, I think those days are over for him. You know, I'd like to get to the bottom of where his lies are, and I think that a polygraph expert could help do that. (Let's see if Joran would agree to that. We all know what the answer is. If he has nothing to hide, then he needs to take the lie detector test so the ALE can concentrate on the other suspects (i.e. Deepak and Satish).

VAN SUSTEREN: When you look at his demeanor on the tapes — were you there — that first night, when you got to the island, I know that you were in the car outside his house. You had a chance to talk to him, is that right?

TWITTY: I did. It was very, very brief, though.

VAN SUSTEREN: Is there a way to compare and contrast the demeanor? Obviously, sitting down with us for the interview, you know, eight or nine months later is much different. But was — you know, how did it strike you?

TWITTY: You know, Greta, really not a lot — not really that much different. I mean, Joran has just been confident and very arrogant and just seemingly, like — you know, he's just not really concerned about any repercussions from the beginning. It's just like he's known that he was able to — or is known to be able to get away with anything that he chooses to. (It's called being a sociopath...Joran is a perfect clinical case of a true sociopath.)

VAN SUSTEREN: Why do you think he did talk to us?

TWITTY: I don't know. I don't know what motivated him to come forward. But you know, there certainly is an agenda there. (Of course there is! He wants the Americans to believe him...he's using his tactics to win us over...all the while he's laughing at us for being so stupid!) I mean, we all know that. I mean, Joran isn't just coming on with innocent hands, and you know, just pleading his case to the media. There is an agenda behind this. I don't know what it is (It's PR) and I don't know when we'll find out, but you know, I'm certain that there's an agenda behind him doing this.

JORAN VAN DER SLOOT: If Beth Twitty or Dave Holloway were to say, Joran, I want to come to Holland and talk to you — I mean, I'll invite them into my house. I'll answer any questions they have. I mean, I'll understand if they — if they don't — you know, if they're mad at me, I mean, I can understand that all. I can understand if they hate me or they despise me. I understand all that all. (They aren't the only ones who hate and despise you, Joran.)

But when I was in jail, I signed a paper for them to come talk to me, and then my lawyers and my parents said. No, you can't. You can't talk to them because they can come out saying anything, that you said anything.

And you know, I've always — I've always wanted to talk to them. (Yeah, right...that's why you were SO forthcoming when you were first approached?) And I know they might not listen to me and they — you know, they don't — they might not believe me, (Why would they believe you? You've told too many lies for me to even remember!) but I'll talk to them and tell them anything they want to know, answer any of their questions, do anything of that.
(I'm not holding my breath...)

VAN SUSTEREN: We'll continue with Natalee Holloway's mother, Beth Twitty. Beth, I know the last segment you said you'd like to do it but you'd want someone who's a polygraph expert. But you know, that's — that's not going to happen. He's not going to do that. But in the event that you might learn something from him, do you have anything to lose, just the two of you, without TV cameras, without anything but just you and Joran van der Sloot sitting down — because you're a pretty tough cross-examiner. Why not do that?

TWITTY: Well, I don't think we'd have anything to lose if Dave and I were to do that, but I just don't think that I'm going to gain one thing. And that's what concerns me.

VAN SUSTEREN: What do you lose? What do you lose by doing that? I mean, just on the off chance you do get some information or you get some sense of — you know, instead of going through this horrible pain, maybe you'd get lucky.

TWITTY: You know, I just don't think that we can decipher through all of his lies. I mean, I think that to get to the bottom of it — you know, just to let him speak freely, we're just — I just don't think that we're going to get anywhere with Joran. I really don't. (After 10 months, it's obvious no one is getting anywhere with Joran. Let's move on to the Kalpoes and Steve Croes...don't forget Koen Kottenbos. What about Freddy?)

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, you're not going to get anywhere in a holding pattern. I mean, he has — you know, he has spoken now for two-and-a-half hours with us unedited. He's not formally charged. He does have a civil case filed against him, but chances are, you'll never get him in deposition then. You know, maybe he has some valuable information, or maybe he'll slip up, maybe he'll convince you that he didn't do anything, maybe something.

TWITTY: I think if that were the case, if we were to find something like that, it would have to be somebody besides Dave and I. You know, we'd have to have some other parties there to help us do that because we're just not capable. We just — that is just not in our area of expertise at all. And you know, I just...

VAN SUSTEREN: I think you underestimate yourself, Beth.

TWITTY: Well, I just — you know, if Joran's ground rules were just Dave and I, with no polygraph expert or no other individuals, I just don't — I just don't know that — I just don't think that I could get anywhere with him, Greta.

VAN SUSTEREN: You know, I'd like to talk to Deepak and Satish. I'd like to talk to them. How about you? (Greta, I'm certain you already have that in the much is that going to cost?)

TWITTY: Well, you know, when I spoke with Deepak at the Internet cafe, I felt as if — for some reason, I didn't have any trouble in the 90 minutes that I was trying to engage in a conversation with Deepak. But the thing about it, he just would not respond to me at all. And you know, I'd be curious to see if he would respond now.

VAN SUSTEREN: You know, when I spoke to him in the cafe, as well, I thought he was openly hostile to me.

TWITTY: Well, you know, he was just so quiet with me. I mean, he would just not — he would not even — he couldn't even pick his head up and wouldn't even look at me, and you know, wouldn't engage in any type of conversation whatsoever. No matter how hard I tried or whatever I said, I could not get anywhere with him. (It's called liar's GUILT.)

VAN SUSTEREN: I mean, I don't know what — how to interpret, you know, open hostility. A lot of people don't like me, I guess. (You guessed right!) You know — you know, I can't judge totally on that. But I — you know, he's been unwilling to step forward. And maybe his lawyer tells him not to. I know that Joran's lawyer told him not to. But I don't understand why neither he nor Satish has — you know, has sort of — you know, why we haven't been able to get to them. Nobody's been able to talk to them. Do you have any thoughts on that?

TWITTY: Well, I know that I would love for somebody to get to Satish Kalpoe because he seems like he's the one who's gotten off the easiest in all this. He seems to have just been the one that everyone's overlooked. We've always been thinking about Deepak and Joran, but I think Satish has quite a bit of involvement and knows exactly what happened. And I just hate that he's the only one that no one has been able to get to. And it seems like to me he might be the easiest one to get some information out of. We just don't seem to be able to find him.

VAN SUSTEREN: There's a new search that just started the other day. Is it — are you — are you thinking, like, I'm so glad this search is going forward, or are you thinking that this is a charade or something in between?

TWITTY: Well, you know, I'm glad to hear that they are thinking about or conducting a search because when I went — when I hear them mentioning an upcoming trial, I'm thinking it just doesn't fit. I mean, can we at least do a proper search before we even try to head to a trial? I mean, that is something the family — we have never pressured or even mentioned to the officials on the island of Aruba. I mean, you know, what we have been focused on is just the recovery of Natalee.


"We are one happy island, we are practically crime free! Come and visit our beaches and get victimized for free! Plane tickets and hotel prices are at an all time low, so take advantage!"

ORANJESTAD (AAN): It seems that in Aruba, authorities immediately ‘guli manda abao’ [swallowed?] the story of the crew members of the ‘Rachel S’ ship, which arrived in Aruba the Sunday of Carnaval Grandi with a dead person on board.

There is a big possibility that the crew members ‘played a comedy’ which apparently turned bad, to cover up a possible crime that was committed on board.

The autopsy conducted in Aruba deduced that Bernard Ramsaran, 50 years of age, died of heart failure.

But now, an autopsy conducted in his country of Trinidad & Tobago, has deduced that Bernard died of something more sinister, ‘traumatic asphyxia’, which indicates that was strangled and choked! His death is nothing natural! It is a crime which took place on the high seas and now Interpol is involved.

The question is, how could Aruban authorities not discover this? The Trinidad & Tobago authorities discovered that Bernard’s body even had several marks of violence. Last Saturday, he was buried in his town of Rio Claro.

Interpol’s first mission is to find two of the crew members who possibly ‘lied’ about things turning bad immediately to divert the Aruban authorities who apparently also fell in the trap.

Again, a negative light is directed towards Aruba and its police force.


Trinidad News--Local homicide officers have contacted Interpol to help them find two men they hope can help solve the strange case of a Rio Claro man who was invited to the United States, but who ended up in Jamaica and died in Aruba.

An initial autopsy in Aruba on the body of Bernard Ramsaran, 59, concluded that he died of heart failure. A second autopsy done at the request of his family found something more sinister - traumatic asphyxia - which indicated he was strangled.

Ramsaran's family declined to speak to the Daily Express yesterday. However, investigators were told that in early February Ramsaran, of Agostini Road, Rio Claro, was contacted by a friend with whom he worked aboard a ship five years ago. The friend reportedly offered Ramsaran a job in Texas. Ramsaran left the country, but on February 5, called his family from Jamaica to say he would be returning to Trinidad by sea.

On Carnival Sunday, a caller from Aruba contacted Ramsaran's family to say he had died and asked for two family members to come to the island to identify the body. The family reported declined but an autopsy was done. Ramsaran's body was returned to Trinidad on March 4, and an autopsy paid for by the family was done. The finding was traumatic asphyxia and unnatural death.

The family reported the findings to police. Ramsaran's body was found to have several marks of violence. He was buried on Saturday after a funeral at his home. San Fernando Homicide Bureau officers are investigating.