March 24, 2006


It's time to call it like I see it......

By Meri, Aruban Boycott Blogger

According to Deputy Police Chief Dompig (the real PIG), Natalee Holloway was given a drug or took a drug because of her high alcoholic consumption and died as a result.

According to MY version, the story differs. The "Suspects" left C&C's wit
h Natalee for one reason and one reason have sex with her and to possibly tape it for their ever-growing collection of porn. They could then run it on their "Pimp" website to continue impressing other creeps with like-minds that they were the ruling kings of sleaze on Aruba. The big men....

This was their claim to fame...not Joran's "sporting" or his "honor student" GPA. They were, after all, the "Pimps" and that's what "Pimps" do. They procure girls for sex.

If Natalee's body was moved as Dompig (the REAL pig) claims, where was it moved from? The Island isn't that large and the chances of someone finding her would be great. At least the chances would be great if anyone was looking in the right places. If they are told to look in the WRONG places then they could safely store her until it was convenient to move her the deep water.

Did Joran take Natalee to a Rave House? Was she given drugs that interacted with the alcohol that she had consumed and caused her to die? Did people (Joran first, of course, condom or not), have sex with her before or after she expired? Did Paulus withdraw funds from an ATM that evening or soon after to fund the removal of Natalee's body or to keep people quiet? It doesn't take much money to silence a drug addict...just enough for a few fixes would do.

Have Jacobs and Vander Stratton known about this scenario from the beginning? Did they cover it up to protect Paulus and his wayward, spoiled son? They certainly had a connection to Paulus prior to Natalee's disappearance.

The "credible witness" who came forward months ago and pointed directly at where Natalee was buried....why did he come forward just then? What did he have to gain? Was he threatened...was he told that HE would become the main suspect if he didn't come up with Aruba's brand of the "TRUTH"? Was he frightened into making up a story or telling them to look somewhere that would result in nothing?

Equusearch wanted to search the Dunes AND the DEEP WATER for a long time but were refused permission.. The FBI refused to send their expensive dogs and their handlers because Aruba refused to disclose this so-called "credible witness". The FBI was NOT about to go on an expensive wild goose chase...who can blame them as there have been so many of them on Aruba since Natalee went missing.

We now have the truth and the ARUBA TRUTH. One does not resemble the other because the ARUBA TRUTH is the same truth that Alice encountered when she fell down the rabbit hole and wound up in Wonderland. Everything was backwards down that rabbit hole.

So, we will allow the parents of the missing victim to hear on TELEVISION that their daughter is dead from an over-dose and that she probably, maybe, possibly, most likely, could have, been responsible for her own demise. We will blame the victim over and over again and torture her family. That is also ARUBA TRUTH. Off with their heads....they are the victims and in Aruba's version of Wonderland the victims are the perpetrators and deserve no protection.

Would anyone in their right mind want to fall down that rabbit hole? Would anyone in their right mind want to go to ARUBA....????

Remember this if you are thinking of booking a room for your next vacation..... the Cheshire cat is hanging from a tree and he says, "All right," said the Cat; and this time it vanished quite slowly, beginning with the end of the tail and ending with the grin, which remained some time after the rest of it had gone." (Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland).

The Queen shouted "Off with their heads!!".

Down is up and back is is night and lies are truth. That is ARUBA TRUTH, so don't forget it as you book your trip to that Paradise for your next vacation or weekend off.

Be sure to look for the Cheshire Cat's grin because that's all you will see with the naked eye in Arubaland.


Anonymous said...

So the FOX Greta Joran Truth Interview were all new and more lies from Joran as said by Dompig on CBS. There was really no two people walking together on the beach that night. Dompig proniunced that Natalee was overdosed that night in Joran's car, and where is Natalee's body now, Dompig? The Aruba Cannibals theory is running strong and widespreading like red hot wild fires burning through the Internet. The red blotches appeared on Joran's cheek and upper neck joint are indications of human corpse meat hormone blood poisoning. Especailly when sick men were eating a young dead white woman's sex organs. Deepak and Satish were also showing dark eye rings and black mole spots around their ears, those ugly hairy unusual bloches on these suspect criminals were absoluely caused by the female hormones from a dead young white woman's sex organs. Dompig also has white slashes
across his sideburns, all those blemishes are indications he had eaten some fresh from a daed white young female. The young white blonde female hormones were very acidic and pinging in composition which are doing and causing great substrate damages on their facial and body skins because the specific DNA makeups are so different and antibiotic between the southern women living in USA mainland and the ocean men living in a small tropical island. Their fresh contents are totally imcompatible. There are medical suggestions that the forensics experts can surely locate
Natalee's DNA trace embedded among the DNA configurations of the bloods in Dompig, Joran, Deepak, Satish, Paulus and many other Aruban people suspected of eating the women corpses on the island. Can Dompig provide us Americans some of their blood samples for the FBI crime lab tests to show us Americans that the Arubans are not Cannibals as the whole world are suspecting them that they are. They had eaten Natalee's body like the Russian pack rats running around in Holland Amsterdam.

Anonymous said...

If this had happened to the daughter of the president of the United States,or even a former president.Aruba,would NEVER!!!!,get away with this shit.Why should it be any different for anyone else's daughter.
Would someone in the media PLEASE, pose this question to the president.
For the record,George Bush,I hope someone,someday,rape's,& murder's one of your daughter's.So you can have some idea,how Natalee's family feel's.

Anonymous said...

Wow,I had no idea eating female sex organs were dangerous to your health anonymous..mmmmmmm..anyway I'm gonna watch this interview with dompig and try to control my temper and keep a open mind. Tonite i'm heading out and having fun..I need to recharge and shake off some of this frustration,anger,listening to ALE,sloot,kalpoes,croes,is like listening to explosive diarhea and man they are throwing crap everywhere on the happy little island...To everyone here i wish a safe and wonderful weekend in the land of the free...and god bless our troops...

Anonymous said...

Just when Tim Miller and TES were about to go to Aruba and start a search in deep water Aruba gets this bogus lead to stop them. Most likely one of Juron's creeps gave it to them after Juron told him to. After seeing Dommpig on CBS last night all I can say is the Dutch sure can find a Uncle Tom when they need one

Anonymous said...

Yes I think that also, these fuckers down there announce a search of somewhere and all of a sudden a new and more credible tip comes that cancels another search