August 25, 2008


Thanks Richard for writing this letter to Hans Pos. He is intending to release a "loosely based" film on the events of Natalee's case.

Mr. Hans Pos
Shooting Star Film Co.
Prinsengracht 546
1077 KK Amsterdam The Netherlands

Dear Mr. Pos:

I am writing to you following recent news articles saying that you plan to release in 2009 a film “loosely based” on the disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba in May 2005. As an American who has followed this tragedy since it began, I am concerned that your film might distort known facts or otherwise seek sensationalism at the expense of those people who are seeking a solution.

I would hope that your planned film will concentrate on the hostility, lies, and evasions that Aruba has inflicted upon Natalee’s family since day one. Many concerned people believe that elements of Aruba’s government and law enforcement have conducted a cover-up, apparently to shield certain local persons from prosecution and punishment. Aruba’s own actions make this conclusion likely.

Accordingly, some people have discouraged Americans from including Aruba in their tourism plans. Your actual intentions will be known only through the release of the film. In the meantime, please allow me to make one suggestion.

Earlier this year, a group called Texas Equusearch searched waters off Aruba for Natalee’s body. The searches were suspended when pledged money ran out. I understand that there are plans to complete them, but that adequate funding has not yet been secured. It would be a enormous step forward if your company, which is linking itself to this tragedy, were to encourage donations for this purpose. (Please note that I am not associated with Texas Equusearch in any way.)

The Netherlands and Aruba have engaged in mutual finger-pointing over who is in charge of investigating this case, but in neither country have local people taken the lead in helping those seeking answers. You are in a position to do so, and win the gratitude of all those who want justice to prevail. As a concerned citizen, I hope that you will give this idea serious consideration. You can read more about Texas Equusearch at its Web site,

Finally, I trust that you know of another American missing in the Caribbean: Amy Bradley of Virginia. While on a cruise with her family, she vanished from the ship in March 1998 as it was docking in Curacao. There have been several reported sightings of her since then, including one in which she identified herself by name while in a situation of duress, and her case also remains open. You can read more about her disappearance on the family Website,