March 30, 2008




Thank you Dan from TX for this report and your hard work (along with the others...if I knew who they were I'd personally thank them as thank you other boycotters!)

A Great Public Interest!

We handed out all the supplies we had- probably 300-400 fliers, 50 totes, and 150 business cards! Everyone who was at the protest is really curious to know how many fliers we had because they all went like mad- I couldn't keep a flyer in my hand!

We saw two guys with cameras walk right past us, so I don't think they were with the TV stations. There was a bridal show going on in the same facility, so they may have been down there for that. As far as I can tell, no media showed up. We did get people who were willing to go in and 'talk' to the ATA booth for us.

A travel agent working at the booth (he was American) came out and chatted with us and took a photo of the protestors - no clue why, and I really don't care why. (Michelle's note: I wouldn't have done that, but it's too late. You can't trust those people, so just be careful now. You never know what they have up their dirty sleeves.) We got a couple of photos of the Aruba booth- it was pretty small, just a table really, but that seemed typical.

Note: Not the actual ATA table...just a fun
example of imaging how
pathetic and
embarrassing it must have been!

The only sour note was toward the end of the day the people at the doors (security) made people coming into the show with our totes to turn them inside-out.

(And that would be for what reason? Do these idiots not realize that an 'inside-out' tote bag is going to catch someone's eye and then wonder...curiosity strikes and here come the boycotters outside with all the bad acts of Aruba and what was done (or not done-justice) to Natalee.)

That kind of sucked but I don't know what could be done about it- as far as I can tell, the convention center people have the right to dictate behavior on their property.

(Legally, I'm not sure if that constitutes a violation of freedom of speech. The tote bag was not obscene, it did not cause the person carrying the tote to create any specific "behavior", the tote did not have foul language, it was not causing a distraction that would incite a riot or disturbance. But since this was on private property, I'd have to research that one just out of principle.)

One guy also came out and told us that the ATA booth took one guy's bag away from him- apparently they demanded that he give the bag to them and he did. That was stupid since they had no right to do that, but at least we have some dirt on the ATA.

(Need I say more?)

Before we left I talked to the guy in charge of the show, and he said that the ATA had been complaining to him about the protest all day, and he had to tell them that we had permission, we were behaving, and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

(When I first read that I about pissed myself laughing...ok, not really, but I was laughing pretty darn hard. The actions of the ATA are just putting more negative attention on Aruba! They have and are continuing to dig their own graves. Oh wait, there's no room for graves in Aruba...I guess it would have to be a cremation or just throwing them into the ocean, I suppose.)



March 21, 2008


The next tourism convention/protest will be on March 29-30, 2008, in Houston, Texas at the George R. Brown Convention Center. This brings our loud voices of protest to a grand total of SEVEN in the past year! I'm so proud of everyone who has become so involved with full faith and 110% effort in our crusade for what is right...justice.


Who said THE PEOPLE can't make change?
Here's your evidence!

Aruba, be prepared for the US public to be there
representing Natalee Holloway and JUSTICE.

We will continue to haunt you every day,

every minute, every second...until JUSTICE is served.



Email ME and I will 'forward' you to the next level and dimension!

March 18, 2008


Here's a letter to Greta from a loyal Aruban Boycott member:


We have been discussing the absurdity of the lawsuit the ATA has planned to file against you. If the goal is to elevate the island in the minds of tourists then reminding them of the travesty of Natalee Holloway for the next several years is probably not the way to go.

There must be another reason, and here is my take.

Aruba and all the Caribbean islands are overrun by organized crime. The meager budgets of these mini-nations are no match for the immense power of the Mafias of Russia, China, Italy, Israel, and Japan to name a few.

Could it be that by keeping attention on the island they are calling out to the US and to the US media to clean up something they have no hope of cleaning up themselves?

--Bill, United States.

(Michelle's note: Aruba's media guru for their Prosecutor's Office is John Pauly, a former media consultant [gee, that leaves the imagination open for interpretation!] in Philadelphia. He is good buddies with Steve Cohen, and owns property in Aruba. He's is a "frequent flyer", so to speak, and is allegedly involved in Aruba's sexual deviancy underworld.

See a previous post on this dirty old man:

March 15, 2008


Here is a recent letter from Aruban Boycott Member, Richard to Sylvia Rodriguez, who is the community relations director for Valero Oil Company, an American company doing business in Aruba.

March 3, 2008

Ms. Sylvia Rodriguez
Manager, Community Relations
Valero Oil Co.
1 Valero Way
San Antonio, TX 78249

Dear Ms. Rodriguez:

Thank you for our telephone conversation of today, to which this letter is a follow-up. As we discussed, I am writing to urge that Valero consider donating money to Texas Equusearch to help it continue searching the waters offshore Aruba for the remains of Natalee Holloway. I have no personal affiliation with, or other ties to, Texas Equusearch.

It seems clear that an American-based company with operations in Aruba has an interest in promoting good bilateral relations. Since the disappearance of Natalee in May 2005, the reputation of Aruba has been tarnished by the seeming inability, or lack of desire, of its government to take effective action in this case. Many persons believe that elements of that government and its law enforcement have participated in a cover-up to destroy evidence and to prevent the prosecution of certain local residents last seen with Natalee.

In consequence, a movement to boycott tourism to Aruba has been gaining strength. Nelson Oduber, prime minister of that country, in January said on Dutch television that Aruba already has lost tens of millions of dollars in tourist revenue owing to this case.

So far, American generosity, American volunteers, and American determination have achieved searches on land and in the ocean. The latter have been suspended owing to lack of money; however, the searchers are convinced that they have successfully mapped the ocean floor and identified every possible location where her remains might be. If you call Texas Equusearch at 281-309-9500, they can certainly provide more information.

Here is where Valero can play a role. It is in the interest of ordinary Aruban citizens, as well as Natalee's grieving family, to find answers. Texas Equusearch now seems best equipped to provide them. Helping this group is not a partisan activity, or interference in foreign relations, but an action of decency and compassion. I have donated to them as I am able; were you to do likewise, it would be hailed by all those who seek simple justice.

Sincerely, (Richard)

March 09, 2008


ORANJESTAD -- Patrick van der Eem has threatened Poentje Castro of the programme Un Dia Den Bida, with death. That's what Castro said today and he wants to report this with the police. He showed the recording he made from Van der Eem live on TV last Sunday.

Van der Eem called Castro on the phone immediately after the broadcast; he was very angry...Van der Eem said at certain point during the interview that he had known Joran van der Sloot for years. (Which is contrary to what he has previously stated) He also said that he knows who had thrown Natalee Holloway into the sea.

Castro says that TeleAruba management didn't venture to do this, because they were afraid to be sued. TeleCuracao and the Dutch current affairs Nova and De wereld draait door have indicated their interest in broadcasting the integral images. Director Robert Kelly of TeleAruba said in a reaction that the recordings are 'illegal'. "The person in the recording didn't know that he was being recorded and that can have legal consequences." (How is that possible, if Joran was unknowingly recorded? He was in a public place. Where's the legality of that when Joran has no legal recourse under the same situation? The 'picking and choosing' of what is legal and what isn't is LUDICROUS!)

What's important for Castro is that 'the questionable image' of Van der Eem is shown. "Van der Eem is a dubious person with a big mouth. His scar shows that the underworld had already made that clear; they mutilated him. With what he told me, he confessed who he really is. He says that he wants to help the Aruban people solve the case, but what he really wants is make money. He wants to become a millionaire."

Hey Patrick...that 'ain't gonna happen...keep on dreaming.

Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer
Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no!
I said dreamer, your'e nothing but a dreamer
Well can you put your hands in your head, oh no!
Oh no!

Take a dream on a Sunday
Take a life, take a holiday
Take a lie, take a dreamer
Dream, dream, dream, dream, dream along...

--Supertramp "Dreamer"

March 07, 2008


Patrick van der Eem, the man who helped secretly record Joran van der Sloot confessing to being with Natalee Holloway when she died, has himself been secretly recorded by an Aruban tv company, Dutch media report on Friday.

After an interview on a local television station, Van der Eem carried on talking, thinking the cameras had been switched off. But instead he was recorded saying that he knew who had dumped Natalee's body at sea and that Van der Sloot had asked him for €2,000 to buy the man's silence.

Van der Eem was also heard saying he had known Van der Sloot for several years. He previously claimed he befriended Joran in a Nijmegen casino in 2007.

According to the Telegraaf, Van der Eem expects to become a millionaire because of his role in the Holloway affair. 'And I will make sure that Joran and his entire family fall flat on their face. They had better emigrate to Africa."


Parts of the interview, which was recorded in Papiamento two weeks ago, have already been aired by TeleAruba. The interview was made following the news that Van der Eem has signed a US book deal. News agency ANP reports that Van der Eem was furious after the partial broadcasts and has threatened interviewer Poentje Castro. Castro is seeking legal advice, ANP said.

March 03, 2008


SATISH KALPOE: "I have met Freddy two times after it was confessed that the girl became missing...the second time was when Joran, my brother and I took the camera to Freddy’s house. We delivered the camera to Freddy, and afterwards all four of us ate Chinese in the area of Freddy’s house." (Source)

What camera? We all know that Freddy enjoys taking pictures of willing and unsuspecting women. Often underage, of course. Was this camera ever seized from Freddy? Are there pictures on any hard drives? Was this EVER checked out by the Aruban police?

I doubt it, don't you?

March 02, 2008


From Richard, Aruban Boycott Member

On February 18 I wrote to you suggesting that your newspaper, which has been a consistent voice in
Aruba seeking justice for Natalee Holloway, might consider taking on a leading role in seeking donations there for the Persistence. Despite press reports that Arubans were outraged at the recent videotapes of Joran van der Sloot, they seem indifferent ito what seems to be the most promising effort to solve this mystery.

It was recently announced that the Persistence is returning to the United States, at least for a time, owing to a lack of operating funds. The crew are convinced that they have identified all items likely to contain Natalee's body. But with their efforts over for now, Natalee's family are left in the most cruel position imaginable. I dare not think of their anguish.

As a supporter of the family, I am asking that you redouble what efforts you have made for their behalf. Let those Arubans who profess sympathy for the family do something useful; give them a way to contribute. You perhaps have read on certain blogs that efforts to promote the 'boycott Aruba' campaign are continuing, and are drawing new vigor. The crime took place on
Aruba; let the people there show that they are genuinely concerned, as otherwise the consequences for them may not be pleasant.

I deeply appreciate your attention and assistance on this matter. I am certain that you want an end to this case, and that you agree that no guilty party should escape punishment. The attitude of the Aruban government seems to be otherwise; if that is so, then Aruba's main business, tourism, shall bear the consequences. I cannot think of a greater service that you can render to the Aruban people than to convince them of the urgency to help find answers.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this.


Aaah...New York City.
My absolute favorite city in the entire planet.

What a great place to send a great message.
I'm so glad our message reached one of
the largest and most prominent cities in the world!


We Refuse to Give Up Aruba!
Bring us Natalee!
Put Joran in Prison!

The Aruba Display Man (a/k/a "The Fool on the Hill")
Don't you like my Beatles references this morning?

"He's a real nowhere man,

sitting in his nowhere land, making
all his nowhere plans for nobody."

**Kathy, thanks for the pics and all you do!


Angela, kudos to you and your fabulous article, and most importantly, taking the time out and writing your local paper about donating money for Persistence to continue its search for Natalee! It is caring, self-less proactive citizens like you that make every bit of difference. I am so proud to say that you are a member and a valuable part of this boycott--and now a movement.

Way to Go Girl!

Search crew continues to hold out hope

Sometimes, it is just time to ask for help. Those of us who have devoted the past "almost" three years to finding and returning Natalee Holloway to American soil have reached that time. We need you. We need your help, your hope, your prayers... and yes... we need you to make a donation to allow us to finish the search and bring Natalee home.

Natalee Holloway, a then-recent American High School graduate, traveled to Aruba to celebrate what should have been a wonderful milestone on her way to a fulfilling education and eventual career in medicine. The night before she should have returned home, she instead, disappeared off the face of the earth. Natalee was last seen with an island resident named Joran Van der Sloot who said he didn't know what happened to her. He has since made the horrific admission that he dumped Natalee's seemingly-lifeless body into the cold ocean depths offshore from the beach where he'd taken her.

Kemah businessman, Louis Schafer, has personally spent in excess of a million dollars over the last four months funding a sophisticated, deep sea survey boat, named the Persistence. This aptly named ship, and her wonderful crew, have surveyed the entire 50-square miles area off Aruba. Schafer says, "We have identified at least 60 of the targets. We have about 150 more targets to inspect." Any one of those remaining 150 "targets" could be the remains of our missing American teenager. He went on to say, "We have completely mapped the ocean floor, we know every object that's there, we know every object that could be a container holding her in the sea."

Unfortunately, right now... with the recovery of Natalee within our grasp, the money has run out.

With just 150 objects remaining to be inspected, we are at the brink of finding Natalee or... incredible as it sounds to our hearts... abandoning the effort, coming home empty-handed... and never knowing, never knowing... did we have her right there amongst those targets. Tragically too... not finding Natalee and whatever evidence may be submerged with her... will almost certainly allow the perpetrator of this terrible crime to forever escape the justice deserved.

Texas Equusearch is the non-profit organization. Words can't express how desperately we hope they will hear from you. They can be contacted at: 281-309-9500 (
We need you. Can you help?

March 01, 2008



VP Cheney and Air Force 2 in Aruba????

by Greta Van Susteren

I have received a few emails this morning telling me that VP Dick Cheney, via Air Force 2, is in Aruba……that the plane arrived about 9pm last night and is to leave Monday morning…and that the VP’s security was given permission to carry guns while in Aruba which is routine. We need security for our leaders when they are out of the country (and in the country, too!!)

Here is one article sent to me which is not helpful…(for obvious reasons) but at least corroborates all the tips I am getting that the VP is in Aruba.