March 02, 2008


Angela, kudos to you and your fabulous article, and most importantly, taking the time out and writing your local paper about donating money for Persistence to continue its search for Natalee! It is caring, self-less proactive citizens like you that make every bit of difference. I am so proud to say that you are a member and a valuable part of this boycott--and now a movement.

Way to Go Girl!

Search crew continues to hold out hope

Sometimes, it is just time to ask for help. Those of us who have devoted the past "almost" three years to finding and returning Natalee Holloway to American soil have reached that time. We need you. We need your help, your hope, your prayers... and yes... we need you to make a donation to allow us to finish the search and bring Natalee home.

Natalee Holloway, a then-recent American High School graduate, traveled to Aruba to celebrate what should have been a wonderful milestone on her way to a fulfilling education and eventual career in medicine. The night before she should have returned home, she instead, disappeared off the face of the earth. Natalee was last seen with an island resident named Joran Van der Sloot who said he didn't know what happened to her. He has since made the horrific admission that he dumped Natalee's seemingly-lifeless body into the cold ocean depths offshore from the beach where he'd taken her.

Kemah businessman, Louis Schafer, has personally spent in excess of a million dollars over the last four months funding a sophisticated, deep sea survey boat, named the Persistence. This aptly named ship, and her wonderful crew, have surveyed the entire 50-square miles area off Aruba. Schafer says, "We have identified at least 60 of the targets. We have about 150 more targets to inspect." Any one of those remaining 150 "targets" could be the remains of our missing American teenager. He went on to say, "We have completely mapped the ocean floor, we know every object that's there, we know every object that could be a container holding her in the sea."

Unfortunately, right now... with the recovery of Natalee within our grasp, the money has run out.

With just 150 objects remaining to be inspected, we are at the brink of finding Natalee or... incredible as it sounds to our hearts... abandoning the effort, coming home empty-handed... and never knowing, never knowing... did we have her right there amongst those targets. Tragically too... not finding Natalee and whatever evidence may be submerged with her... will almost certainly allow the perpetrator of this terrible crime to forever escape the justice deserved.

Texas Equusearch is the non-profit organization. Words can't express how desperately we hope they will hear from you. They can be contacted at: 281-309-9500 (
We need you. Can you help?

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