October 30, 2006


Boycotting is our Last Resort to Answers!

Many people have various theories about what happened to Natalee Holloway. Many good people are trying to support her family and come up with answers.

Unfortunately, for every good and kind-hearted individual there seems to be two or three with ill-will and the need to insult, criticize or bash the family (especially Beth who has taken the brunt of all the attacks).

Since I became involved in this case I have run into all sorts of people. I have been astounded at the intelligence and kindness of some and the utter meanness of others. It has been quite an experience.

The point was to try and help find answers...the point was to try to make the people who know what happened to Natalee talk...to bring peace to her family...the liars must take personal accountability and those involved should be brought to justice. Unfortunately, none of this is has happened.

Beth has lectured about safety to students, traveled to Holland and all over the USA, she has never given up on her daughter. Dave wrote a book that spelled out what he observed on Aruba, all for the purpose of finding answers...bringing their daughter home, finding peace of mind.

They are an example to all of us who want nothing more than to help them. They keep a lot of us going when we'd really like to quit out of frustration and fatigue. It's hard to quit when you see the parents putting forth so much effort. It makes you feel like you are abandoning these good people who want nothing more than what any parent wants...to know where their child is...what happened to her...why did it happen???

These are not unreasonable questions...they have a right to know.

I have run dry and hit a wall. I have no more to offer and no ideas to bring forth. I am out of words and it's time for me to step back and rejoin my family and my own life. I don't have any choice.

Before I go I want to say one more thing to all of you...the boycott is working. Tourism is down on Aruba and this grassroots movement is being felt. It is working. There is no miracle at work here...no magic bullet that will suddenly make liars tell the truth, make honest people out of dishonest ones. Life isn't like that.

But, there is THIS blog and what it stands for.

Michelle cannot continue to do this alone. She cannot abandon her family and work to pay for this boycott movement. She also cannot step away from it. She cares too much and she sees Natalee's face in all that she does when she thinks about how to help. She sees and speaks to Beth and she just can't let this go.

She shouldn't have to. Some of us have donated some money to pay for materials that Michelle sends out to advertise the boycott and keep Natalee's case in the public eye. It isn't enough. We have to do more. We can't let Michelle shoulder this burden all by herself.

She will NEVER post a blog asking for money. She hates asking for donations that simply cover the costs that she is putting out of pocket but I am not hesitant to ask all of you to help.

I believe that out of everything that I have seen, done, written or spoken about this is the ONLY thing that is working right now. The only chance to get the people on Aruba who know what happened to Natalee to come clean...to protect their livelihood and their Island and its dependence on TOURISM. Someone there will want to restore their Island to what it was before Natalee went missing. Someone will want to see the tourists come back in numbers as strong as they once were. Someone on Aruba will want this boycott to stop.

We can help by flooding the USA and other places with boycott material...make it known all over the land that we are serious about finding Natalee Holloway. The only way to do that is for people to send in donations and order material to show that you are behind the boycott movement...that you support it and want some answers from Aruba.

No one is asking for a set amount...whatever you can afford. I don't even know what the kits actually cost. I don't know what the postage costs but I would think that a $10.00 donation would cover it. If enough people would join the movement and get their boycott kits we could make a difference to Natalee and her family. We could at least try......if you can send more, that would be great. Whatever you can afford will help.

Write to Michelle at the address listed at the top of this blog site...it remains stationary so that people who want to join can do so. Let's show Aruba that we mean business, that Natalee is important to us and that her life means something.

Let's tell them that we want answers and as soon as we get them this will go away. They will be free and Natalee's family will be free. That isn't asking too much...we are all entitled to freedom and peace of mind. Please help give that peace of mind back to Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway.

Thank you all and thank you for reading my blogs and for offering your comments and opinions. This is an experience that I will never forget. Natalee will always be in my heart and my hope and prayers for her parents will remain a constant in my life.


This is an interesting article about an American tourist who was slipped GHB in her drink while vacationing in Bermuda just weeks ago. Luckily for her, she had friends who knew what was going on, and took care of the situation. Bermuda is now in the middle of damage control...not wanting to be associated with Aruba. They want to be considered SAFE.


Sounds like Aruba is still trying to figure out ways to get money. It's pretty pathetic how they are practically begging like they are complete destitute dogs. They say their finances are at stake as a result of the conditions the Netherlands have imposed for Aruba borrowing money. How about the island's other stakes?

How about the results of the boycott?!? Do you think that Aruba would be begging to borrow money if their island was doing 'oh-so-great' like they proclaim they are? Listen, it's quite obvious what the problem is here. The boycott and Aruba's bad reputation are the cause of this.

Wake up and smell the coffee! This is your own fault! Keep begging, because things will not get any better for you!

Swaen: ‘Financial reputation of Aruba at stake’

Minister Nicolaï is looking for alternatives, so that Aruba can still borrow money.

ORANJESTAD – The reputation and name of Aruba on the international financial market is at stake, says minister Nilo Swaen (MEP) of Finance and Economic Affairs, as a result of the conditions that the Netherlands had laid down for borrowing money abroad.

These statements are in the report of the meeting between the Aruban and Dutch government of last Monday. The Aruban ministers that attended this meeting were Premier Nelson Oduber, Finance-minister Swaen, Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP) and minister Plenipotentiary Frido Croes (MEP), and the Dutch minister for Governmental Renewal and Kingdom Relations, Atzo Nicolaï (VVD).

It appears that Nicolaï is looking for alternatives, now that according to him, Aruba can not agree with the conditions, namely that the Federal Minister Council must also approve the local loans. As Amigoe reported earlier, the minister wants to include a Dutch expert in the Aruban committee Public Finances that amongst others is working on the budget standard. This committee will have to report to the Federal Council of Ministers and the federal government will also have to monitor the recommendations, said Nicolaï. He continues saying that the budget standards of the kingdom countries must be laid down in a statute law.

Swaen indicated in a reaction that in the past five years, the Netherlands has never mentioned that there are stipulations with borrowing money in foreign countries. Aruba participates in the international financial market and is being monitored by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Fitch Ratings. According to the minister, Aruba has better ratings this year compared to last year. (Let's see the ratings, Minister...)

According to the minister, there was a quick scan and the idea based on this is, that Dutch experts work together with Aruban civil servants in order to make corrections. (How about the Dutch and Aruba work together to solve the disappearance of Natalee Holloway?) When necessary, Aruba has always cooperated with the Netherlands. The two countries should not be treating each other like this, said the minister.

With regard to the committee Public Finances, Swaen indicates that the government is already planning to suggest the Parliament to establish a budget standard via a national ordinance and not via a statute law. However, for official reasons, he cannot agree with reporting the progress of the committee to the Federal Council of Ministers, because it is an internal matter.

He finally points out that when other interests are at stake, and with that he means the negotiations regarding more collaboration with the other islands, they should discussed it openly. There is no longer a mutual trust, concluded Swaen.

Nicolaï said on Wednesday during the press conference in Curacao, that Aruba does not play a part in the governmental deliberation that takes place in The Hague next week Wednesday. Minister Plenipotentiary Croes will basically attend this meeting as observer.

The following persons were present at the conversations for Aruba: Prime Minister Nelson Oduber, Finance-minister Swaen, Justice-minister Rudy Croes, (Rudy finally shows up for something! Wow!) minister Plenipotentiary Frido Croes, and the (official) employees Peter Davidse, Erwin Croes and Bano Lopez. For the Netherlands were present: minister Nicolaï, Representative of the Netherlands in Aruba Rens Knegt, and a press officer of minister Nicolaï.

October 29, 2006


First of all, this was a repeat in an attempt for Fox to trick viewers. Everything discussed has been previously reported; there was no new news (i.e. the Dutch "supposedly" getting involved in the investigation, or the continuing of the boycott), new ideas, relevations, interviews with KEY government officials such as Rudy Croes and Nelson Oduber. The fact that no investigative reporting was done or updated by Greta or her staff was no surprise. In fact, Greta left her show open-ended for debate with no outlet for any independent opinions. In essence, it was a "Michelle Says So" in a Greta format.

If you are someone who is just recently reading into the Natalee Holloway disappearance, then this would be a basic semi-documentary 101 class. For the rest of us, it was boring and redundant with nothing new except for some new 'pretty editing'.

One Star * -- A totally annoying waste of time


"Gee, I can't figure it out! But I'm inclined to believe Joran, my sweet young love..."

Greta Discusses the Disappearance of Natalee Today at 4:00 ET! This is NOT and will NEVER BE a 'perfect crime'. We will get answers!!!

(source)--What happened to Natalee Holloway? An Alabama teenager goes missing on a school trip to Aruba. She is last seen leaving a popular nightclub with three local boys who provide conflicting stories about what happened next. Within twenty-four hours, her family is on the island, putting pressure on the boys, their parents and local police for answers. And Greta Van Susteren and FOX News are with them. We've been investigating from the beginning. (They haven't been around in quite awhile, I must say...)

Join FOX News as we put together all that we've learned. The missed opportunities, false leads and outright lies that have plagued this investigation from the beginning are revealed in a one-hour, "Crime Scene" special.

Joran Van Der Sloot, still the prime suspect, gives his version of his last moments with Natalee. It's an account that has never been corroborated by anyone else. Everyone has seen bits and pieces of this story. When you put them all together, they form a picture of what might have been the perfect crime.

October 27, 2006




Aruba, you never cease to amaze me. You poo-poo at the idea that your tourism has suffered and your economy is weak. But you need money NOW! A banker would ask, "For what?" Do you need the funds for more marketing to salvage your reputation? Or do you need it to pay off some high power officials or business owners? I'd really like to know what the money is going to be used for.

Wait! How about spending that money to finish Natalee's investigation so your island can be free. Once we get answers, we will go away. And you can go back to being the epitome of nasty.

ORANJESTAD -- The Netherlands has promised Aruba about 260 million florins. Frendsel Giel, director of Aruban Investment Bank (AIB) is of the opinion that the Netherlands can better deposit this amount in the Aruban Development Fund (FDA) now. “There is currently no overview of the expenses. Besides, it’s now a matter of destruction of capital.”

Aruba and the Netherlands entered an agreement, the so-called Aruba-deal in 2002. The FDA was established with this agreement. It was furthermore agreed that under the condition that Aruba balances her budget, the Netherlands will pay another 270 million florins in activities that concern the Kingdom and Aruba, like money for the Coastguard, special investigation, tax judges, interest subsidies on old Dutch loans to Aruba, and current obligations regarding government projects.

Of this amount, also 120 millions is reserved to purge Aruba’s debts to the Netherlands. To determine that balancing, the definition of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is maintained and Aruba must produce an annual statement of accounts approved by the Central Accountants’ Service.

The agreement was also that if for three consecutive years, Aruba has not complied with the conditions of balancing the budget, there would be political deliberations between both countries. (Aruba not providing numbers? Why does that not surprise me?) That has meanwhile happened and the decision was to deposit 15 million florins of the reserved amount for the debt restructuring into the FDA for the purpose of maintenance of law and order.


AIB-director Giel is of the opinion that the Netherlands must also deposit the rest of the amount into the FDA. “The Netherlands has promised that amount, so why don’t they give it to us, so we can invest it and collect interest for example. Nothing is currently done with the money; it’s a matter of destruction of capital. A lot less can be bought with 120 million Dutch guilders after 6 years.”

Giel realizes that Aruba must first do something regarding the balancing of the budget. “FDA has proofed itself as an independent and reliable entity. The money is managed well and as soon as the government complies with the conditions, the money will be released.”

The Netherlands should be clear about how much money was spent in the past years on the other activities, like the earlier mentioned coastguard and maintenance of law and order. “And what is left of the 150 millions? The Netherlands has never informed Aruba of the state of affairs. Aruba also doesn’t know what the investments have yielded.”

The 2005-2006 Federal-budget of the ministry of Finance in the Netherlands is stated that 10.4 million euro is reserved for debt restructuring of Aruba. It also states that this amount will be transferred to the next budget year, since Aruba has not yet complied with the conditions of balancing the budget. But this amount is no longer specifically mentioned in the 2007 Federal-budget.

October 26, 2006


What kind of safety are they talking about? National safety or personal safety? Don't you think they should be worried about personal safety? Let's face it...no one is going to blow up or terrorize their island. Let the U.S. worry about that...since we are always the ones who clean up others messes.

Maybe the ABC islands need to discuss the safety of INDIVIDUALS on their islands--whether they are tourists or citizens!

Dick to the Netherlands for deliberation on PVNA

CURACAO – Justice-minister David Dick (PAR) will go to the Netherlands next week to talk about the progress of the Safety Plan Netherlands Antilles (PVNA). When he is there, he will pay several of the persons involved a visit. The agenda has to be set up yet.

A ministerial deliberation on PVNA was planned for yesterday in Curacao, but since both Justice-minister Ernst Hirsch Ballin (CDA), and Defence-minister Henk Kamp (VVD) could not be present, Dick requested to cancel the deliberation. The most important issues that would have come up for discussion were according to the minister, the changes within the political structure and the strengthening of the legal security.

Dick did meet with the Minister of Kingdom Relations, Atzo Nicolaï (VVD) yesterday though. “The meeting was an update. It was not an important discussion as regards content. I told him about the state of affairs towards amongst others PVNA and immigration.”


Aruba officials are worrying about money and loans, and now there is an urgency to update the airport? To impress who? The visitors you are losing? Keep on "marketing" towards the British and Dutch and other chumps who waste their money coming to your stinky little island.

AAA Initiates Third Phase Of Landscaping Project

(Source)--As part of its continuing effort to enhance the airport product, the Aruba Airport Authority N.V. (AAA) started on October 23, 2006, the third phase of the Landscaping project.

This entails the public parking area and part of the cardholder parking exit area. The project is scheduled to be finished by December 15, 2006. Contractors involved in this project are: Hernac N.V., FataMorgana and Caribbean Drip Irrigation N.V., design works and supervision is being handled by ir. Francis Leo.

Business Unit Manager of Properties & Facilities Mr. Mario Bikker declared: “We are continuing to enhance our Airport with this project, hoping to give a much more tropical view of our airport area. AAA appreciates your cooperation and apologizes for any inconvenience this project may cause”

October 25, 2006


Hey Aruba! Start cutting coupons and saving those pennies...looks like you are going to have to depend on your tourism for money instead of loans from the Netherlands. Hmmm...guess that means you better get your asses moving in answers to what happened to Natalee Holloway, or you won't see many Americans, your bread and butter, on your stinky little island.

Budget standard for Aruban government

ARUBA – Aruba will soon establish a budget-standard via a National Ordinance; an Aruban act. That is one of the results of Monday’s conversation between premier Nelson Oduber and the Dutch minister of Kingdom Relations, Atzo Nicolaï. “It was a stiff conversation”, said Nicolaï, “but the relationship between both countries is restored.”

There will be an extra Federal Council of Ministers next week Friday to discuss the matter about the financial loans of Aruba. Oduber says that the Netherlands has understood that the local loans of Aruba are the island’s own responsibility and not that of the kingdom’s government. Oduber indicated being willing to see together about the financial situation of Aruba. “We were already planning a standard for the revenues and expenses of the government. This will be settled in the 2007-2008 budgets.”

The visit of Nicolaï to Aruba was kind of iffy last week, because Oduber was enraged at the conditions that the Netherlands stipulated for the financial loans. The premier threatened to stop all negotiations; also the ones on more collaboration between the kingdom islands after the Neth. Antilles disintegrate.

Thanks to the mediation of the Representation of the Netherlands in Aruba, the two ministers still met. The media was outside waiting for them after the meeting. They only told the media about the problem with the financial loans of Aruba. Whether Aruba will continue negotiating on the collaboration with the other islands, was not clear. Aruba will still be observer at next week’s meeting between Curacao and St. Maarten.


This family has real NERVE moving to the United States. Why Georgia (so close to Alabama)?

They should have chosen Alaska...

Hey kids! Go and get your eggs for some Halloween fun! Help decorate the Gottenbos house!

October 24, 2006


Thanks to Walkman for the following figures:

Here are some highlights of the Central Bank reports on the decline in Aruba tourism for 2006. Note this only factors in the basic tourism numbers-- not the decrease in dollars that come with every decline. Keep in mind every single one of those tourists who chose not to go to Aruba represents anywhere from $2,000 and up not spent on dining, recreation, dry goods, souveneirs, etc.


The Aruba Tourism Authority has not yet published information on the number of stay-over tourists and their nights spent on the island for August, September, October, November and December 2005. The average occupancy rate of the hotels fell by 2.5 percentage points to 79.5 percent in November 2005, and by 0.8 percentage point to 74.8 percent in December 2005. In the month under review, the number of cruise passenger arrivals went up by 5.7 percent, notwithstanding 21.6 percent fewer ship calls (see table 10). For the year as a whole, the number of cruise passenger arrivals registered a 4.1 percent decrease, while port calls went down by 2.2 percent.


The Aruba Tourism Authority has recently published tourism figures up to and including November 2005. Data on December 2005 and January 2006 have not yet been published. The available information shows that in the months August, September, October and November 2005 the number of stay-over visitors dropped by 7.8 percent, 8.7 percent, 9.1 percent and 8.4 percent, respectively, compared to the corresponding months in 2004, while their nights spent on the island decreased by 6.5 percent, 4.7 percent, 7.9 percent and 7.3 percent, respectively. On a cumulative basis for the year up to November 2005, the number of stay-over visitors and their nights spent on the island rose by respectively 1.2


In December 2005, the number of stay-over visitors dropped by 6.3 percent, compared to the corresponding month in 2004, while their nights spent on the island decreased by 2.5 percent. For the year 2005 as a whole, the number of stay-over visitors and their nights spent on the island rose by, respectively, 0.6 percent and 1 percent, compared to 13.4 percent and 10.6 percent during the corresponding period a year earlier. The data on tourist arrivals and nights spent for January and February 2006 have not been published as yet. The average occupancy rate of the hotels fell by 1.5 percentage points to 88 percent in February 2006. Data published by the Cruise Tourism Authority show that in February 2006 the number of cruise passengers increased by 8.9 percent, compared to the corresponding month of 2005. However, the number of ship calls remained unchanged.


Tourism The Aruba Tourism Authority has not yet published the data on tourist arrivals and nights spent on the island for January, February and March 2006. According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, the average occupancy rate of the hotels fell by 5.4 percentage points to 83.5 percent in March 2006, compared to the corresponding period a year earlier. Data published by the Cruise Tourism Authority show that in March 2006 the number of cruise passengers rose by 15 percent, when compared to the corresponding month of 2005. In addition, the number of ship calls went up by 5.7 percent.


In January 2006, the number of stay-over visitors and their nights spent on the island fell by 15.8 percent and 10.3 percent, respectively, compared to the corresponding month in 2005. The Aruba Tourism Authority has not yet published the data on tourist arrivals and nights spent on the island for February, March and April 2006. However, according to the Department of Immigration, air passenger arrivals dropped by 14.7 percent during the first quarter of 2006 compared to the corresponding quarter a year earlier. According to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, the average occupancy rate of the hotels contracted by 4.8 percentage points to 81.3 percent in April 2006, compared to the corresponding period a year earlier.


There are some of you out there who don't understand why I discuss the Dutch for the Aruban Boycott. If you knew your history and current politics, you would know that Aruba is owned by the Dutch. Therefore, Aruban Boycott = Dutch Boycott. I don't see those Dutch officials in Aruba yet.

Until then, let the games begin!!!

Dutch mayor raises prostitute plan Monday

Oct 23 23:47 AESTA Dutch mayoress has raised eyebrows by backing the idea of sending prostitutes to accompany Dutch troops on foreign missions."The army must consider ways its soldiers can let off steam," Annemarie Jorritsma, mayor of the town of Almere in central Netherlands and a member of the ruling VVD liberals, told Dutch television.

"There was once the suggestion that a few prostitutes should accompany troops on missions. I think that is something we should talk about," she said, adding that the prostitutes would keep soldiers from turning to local women.

Her comments have drawn a mixed response in the Netherlands, renowned for its liberal prostitution laws."I don't think my wife would find it a good idea," Wim van den Burg, a spokesman for the military service trade union told Dutch newspaper Volkskrant. Andre van Dorst of sex industry organisation VER told the same paper: "I can see something in this, though it's a very strange idea."

The Netherlands has more than 2,000 soldiers serving abroad, most of them in Afghanistan as part of a NATO peacekeeping force, and in Bosnia.

October 23, 2006


Fun Story to Start off Your Morning--Sit Back with Your Coffee and Read this funny little ditty...

Last Friday afternoon I went to see my doctor because I've had the flu. When she walked me into the room she immediately said, "Oh God! I saw this commercial for Aruba and I thought of you!" Her face immediately cringed..."I thought, Ugh...yeah! Who would want to go there?!"

HA! The boycott has even gotten to the professional community! These are ones with money who can spend the cash to take vacations! Well, I can tell you that my doctor and her family won't be going to Aruba, EVER!

Keep it up Boycott Supporters!!! Aruba has no clue how strong this is and the damage we will incur until Natalee's family gets answers.

October 14, 2006


The Perverts in Holland Get HAULTED

Amsterdam- A Dutch political party generally known as the "paedophile party" will not participate in the November elections as it failed to collect the requisite signatures by the deadline Tuesday. (They should just join NAMBLA...)

The Party of Brotherly Love, Freedom and Diversity (PNVD) said late Monday it had not managed the 570 signatures. It was not made public how many signatures the party did manage to gather. Last week PNVD Norbert de Jonge regretted the lack of support.

"I think we can say that we will not participate. For that reason no one will be able to see how large our support really is, and that's a pity," De Jonge said. In July a court in The Hague denied a private application to ban the PNVD brought by a foundation that conducts research into paedophilia.

The party advocates allowing all over the age of 16 to participate in pornographic films. Young people would be allowed to have sex from the age of 12, four years lower than the current age of consent.

Polls ahead of the November 22 elections show the Christian Democrats (CDA) of Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende slowly edging ahead of its main rival, the Labour Party (PvdA) under Wouter Bos.


Bush signs the control on internet gaming bill

– President Bush has signed the UIGE Act today. With this Act, the United States can start controlling the internet gaming, and banks and credit card companies are prohibited to transfer money to internet companies that are engaged in gaming.

According to some people, the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act can yet be favourable for countries in the Caribbean. The British press agency Reuters reports that online casino-operators in London are massively pulling out, but companies in Costa Rica, Antigua, and Curacao can yet reap profit from the Act.

There are several internet gaming companies active in Curacao. They will soon experience the consequences of the American Act, said lawyer Karel Frielink of the Curacao online gaming industry earlier. But on the long run, the damage will be better than anticipated, because those that want to gamble will find a way to get around the ban. (So basically, they aren't going to obey the law.)

Reuters reports that contrary to earlier reports, Antigua and Costa Rica do not fear the US-Act at all. Worse still, they can profit from the fact that British companies are closing their doors out of fear of being extradited.

Caribbean islands have fewer drastic extradition treaties (if that’s the case, then it does not apply to the Neth. Antilles, editor). However, more important than extradition is the fact that a person that violates the new law will be arrested when entering the US. Antigua guesses that the Americans are handling against the World Trade Organization principles and are taking ‘protectionist and discriminative’ measures.

Bodog.com in Costa Rica of multi-millionaire Calvin Ayre has confidence that her business is established in such a manner that she does not have to fear. Frielink in Curacao told this paper earlier that Asia is an important growth market. “Thus it is important to offer those games that are popular there.” He is still afraid that it is not going to be easy to have the transactions of Asian banks go via American bank, which is mostly the case now. “Banks in New York have pressured the local banks in the past not to meddle with online gambling.”

Reuter says that there are approximately 2700 gaming websites worldwide. About 170 of these have announced that they will keep out American gamblers. The worldwide turnover of internet gaming is by now 12 million dollars, of which 30 to 50 percent come from the United States.


Are you proud of your country?

A real nice finger gesture from Dutch Military

These guys are a bunch of serious LOOOSERS!
My God...stealing porn and energy drinks?!

AMSTERDAM — Dutch marines have sparked outrage in Norway for allegedly stealing pornography and food from a shop prior to becoming involved in a nightclub fight with Norwegian nationals. The Defence Ministry has launched an inquiry into the theft. Security camera footage shows a couple of men stealing from a shop. The owner of the store claims the culprits were Dutch marines on leave. The footage was broadcast on current affairs show NOVA on Monday night and a ministry spokesman said if any marines were found guilty of the theft, disciplinary measures would quickly follow.

The men are accused of stealing pornography magazines, sandwiches and energy drinks from a late-night shop located on the Norwegian-Finnish border. Owner Hans Rasmus said the culprits were unmistakenly Dutch marines. News of the theft comes after reports that Dutch marines on exercise in Norway were involved in a massive fight at a Norwegian nightclub last weekend. The theft is alleged to have taken place before the fight. Residents of the Norwegian village Karasjok exchanged blows with about 30 marines and several Norwegians were injured in the fight.

The Dutch military police and Norwegian police are investigating the incident. Dutch military commandant Dick Berlijn has apologised to his Norwegian colleague. Some marines have already been questioned about the incident.

Military union AFMP has urged for the marines to be quickly disciplined. Chairman Wim van den Burg wants to discuss with Defence State Secretary Henk van Hoof this week how marines on exercise can be kept under control.

October 12, 2006


Ok…there has been a significant amount of chatter on this blog that is negative; whether you agree with what is said or not.

I am sick and tired of all the weird incoming comments, and the disrespect between one another. I feel like I am in high school all over again.

I am not in drama class. One of my mottos is to stay away from unnecessary drama. This blog is for promoting the Grassroots Boycott of Aruba. My subjects will be related to Aruba and the Netherlands for this purpose only.

Anyone that posts in the comment section anything regarding what I mentioned above, I won’t post it. I admit that I like to read the legitimate debates between people; but it’s gotten completely out of control and I’m 'this close' to shutting down the comment sections. I don’t want to do that.

Please, let’s stay on target and concentrate on what is important. That is demanding answers and boycotting the island of Aruba. We can all agree to disagree, but let’s just focus on the pertinent subject at hand.

Hundreds of us will continue with THE BOYCOTT, our GOALS and STRATEGIES!

October 11, 2006


Maybe if the police arrested the drug dealers, drug users, and the prosecutors would prosecute these people instead of looking the other way like the Dutch do, then maybe your island wouldn't be infested with addicts scurrying around like cockroaches.

Maybe if the police and officials did their job, they wouldn't have to combat the drug addiction problem. Aruba is the portal for drug trafficking. This makes money for many people...public officials, crooked cops, prime ministers, casino owners…shall I go on?

Combat the drug trafficking first, then the drug addicts. Concentrate on the root of the problem!!!

Despite public sentiment that the number of addicts has gone up, the Drug Interdiction and Coordination Bureau is pleased with the addiction care on Aruba, among other things with the arrival of the drugs information center CIAD. (They are pleased because they don't want to deal with it.)

ORANJESTAD – The government is working on a comprehensive approach to the drug addiction problem. It needs to end with the little islands inside and outside the government, according to Minister Booshi Wever of Healthcare (MEP).

The Drug Interdiction and Coordination Bureau has therefore launched a round of talks regarding the issues having to do with drug addiction. The talks should eventually lead to a management plan that all the involved parties of the government and institutions can commit to.

Therein the entire chain of addiction care, like prevention, repression, housing, treatment, and rehabilitation need to be taken into account. According to Rosita Otterspeer of the Coordination Bureau the conferences are also meant to shed further light on the number of addicts in Aruba.

“We don’t know exactly how many there are (of course they have no figures..."go figure!") and what they’re addicted to. That investigation is starting now. With those figures we can later get out priorities straight and further build up the management plan. The results will provide the basis to see if we are offering the proper addiction care.”

Otterspeer understands the media commotion and the feelings of the populace that the addiction problem keeps getting bigger and it seems
as if no one is doing anything about it. Still according to her it’s questionable whether all the homeless in the inner city are addicts. “We notice ourselves that it often involves people who are homeless due to economic problems, so for example can’t afford a roof over their heads. There are also many with psychological problems or it involves older people.” Therefore, according to her, other institutions who deal with psychiatric patients and take in senior citizens also need to play a roll to solve this problem.


I wonder when Styx will be playing? Do they have "Too much time on their hands" to go to Aruba and play their oldies?

Party, fiesta, all night long

ORANJESTAD – Lionel Richie took the stage on Saturday night during the second night of the Aruba Music Festival. He warmed up the public with well known ballads, who calmly enjoyed the scene and moved along a little with the tunes of this often romantic music.

Until Richie played ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’, announcing the festival had now really began.
To the sounds of this hit people took to their feet and everyone in the Entertainment Center danced along. Richie did a good job setting the tone and atmosphere. Particularly with his encore he really brought down the house.

For their last tunes Richie and his band played the world renowned ‘Hello’ and ‘All Night Long’. Between the songs the singer kept seeking out contact with his audience, achieving a truly interactive show. Richie’s concert was a mix of recent numbers, golden hits, and songs from his days with The Commodores. The people who came to the show knew most of th
e music from their youth and sang along loudly.

The Aruba Music Festival was successful and well organized again this year. But on Saturday night there were a few issues. During Richie’s performance the music in back was not loud enough. When the public reacted to something Richie had said, you couldn’t hear him anymore.

At the back of the field of the Entertainment Center people were able to have full conversations even during his performance, which didn’t do any good for the music. Also the opening acts ended too early and it was a full half hour before Richie took the stage. The music that was played in the interim was okay, but not a good warm up for the audience.

October 10, 2006


Anna Nicole Smith's son, who died in the Bahamas three days after his mother gave birth to a baby girl has become a mystery. According to the Bahama officials Daniel Smith's cause of death and investigation will be completed in the next couple weeks. The Bahamas even asked for assistance from California law enforcement! The Bahamas are doing serious damage control and are succeeding, which is what Aruba should have done in the first place by not hiding or destroying evidence, lying, corruption...all they care about is their tourism.

"Beth will go away...this will blow over..." NOT! Look where its gotten them now!


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October 09, 2006


So Dutch officials? Where are you? This article was released September 5, 2006. It’s been over a month. What is the hold up? I find it amazing how Beth pleads for your help, yet you release stories that are false claiming you will be in Aruba in the next few weeks? Are you down there yet or just appeasing the public again?

We want action and we want it now! Get down to Aruba and take care of your business!

ARUBA – The Dutch minister of Home Affairs, Johan Remkes (VVD) has approved the assistance of the Netherlands in the investigation on the disappearance of the American teenager Natalee Holloway. That happened in the absence of Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP). It was Croes that requested Dutch assistance.

Remkes indicated at the end of the meeting with prime minister Nelson Oduber (MEP) that Aruba has agreed with the conditions that the Netherlands had associated with the assistance. Specialists of the Korps Landelijke Politie Diensten (National Police Corps, KLPD) will lead the location and will also get total tracing authorities. The KLPD-detectives are allowed to carry weapons and will get accessibility to all technical tracing-means. “So the team can start”, said Remkes.

The detectives will travel to Aruba in a few weeks. The minister couldn’t say yet how many detectives will come to Aruba; he thinks between 5 and 15. He expects the investigation to last for weeks and not months. The Netherlands will pay for the costs. Remkes denied the rumours about discontinuing the services of the Detective Collaboration Team (RST). He said that they are looking into improving the effectiveness of the RST. Aruba can have an important role in this study. Remkes was kind of irritated about the fact that minister Rudy Croes was not present at the meeting, during which they also talked about the improvement of the Aruban police. Remkes said that if Croes wanted to give his opinion, he should have been present.

Remkes didn’t want to comment on a future structure with possibly one attorney general and one police corps for Aruba and the islands of the current Neth. Antilles. “The conversations on this are just orientated. That will happen more often in the coming months. The Netherlands will just have a listening position in these conversations. If you want to choose for a different structure, you will have to be sure that it is also better for the people.”

Is Beth being toyed with???

Robert Jensen’s interview with Beth Twitty

Beth’s quote: My plea…and my plea Robert, is that…I am just so hopeful they will take over the investigation and once they do that then I am hoping then can there can be some kind of open communication between someone that’s involved in the case with the attorney, John Kelly in New York. Just so the family is clued in as to what’s going on and where are they are, because we don’t have any communication from anyone in Aruba. So, nobody talks to us. So, we don’t know what’s going on.

Robert: Do you really hope that the Dutch government is going to be more involved?

Beth: Yes, yes, I do. I just wish they could take over. I wish they could have 100% jurisdiction over her case.

Robert: Because…is it your personal feeling that, let’s say a more professional team being involved from the start…I mean we probably would have had an answer by now.

Beth: Not only that, but I think they would have had an answer after the first 72 hours after her disappearance.


MEMO August 17, 2005

To: Members of the Press
From: Strategic Communications Task Force
Re: Q & A Aruba's Assistance Regarding the Natalee Holloway Case

The Strategic Communications Task Force is a working group established in Aruba to address the issues surrounding the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. The task force includes representatives from AHATA (Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association), ATA (Aruba Tourism Authority), business and government leaders. Former Governor Olindo Koolman has agreed to serve as the Senior Advisor for the task force.

(1st lie)
The task force continues to support the Holloway/Twitty family and will continue to offer support in their search for Natalee Holloway.

Question: Has the task force interacted directly with the Holloway Family?

Answer: (2nd lie) Yes, members of the task force have been in direct in contact with the family. (Beth never got any return calls from anyone. That is why she had to hire an Aruba attorney.)

Question: Has the Task Force provided any monetary assistance in the search for Natalee Holloway?

Answer: The task force itself does not have a budget however, individual members of the task force have contributed directly for search efforts. The task force has served as a conduit and provided a significant amount of support for the search effort. For example, the banking members of the task force gave $20,000 to the Texas EquuSearch search team. In addition, the local hotel Brickell Bay donated all rooms at an estimated cost of $100,000. The task force was successful in securing boats and transportation for EquuuSearch members. Meals have also been provided to the search team by local restaurants.

Doesn't it seem selfish to sit and bitch and moan about the money Aruba spent helping find Natalee? So they donated hotel rooms? They were probably empty. Meals for the search team? Big whoop. Gee...considering this happened on their island isn't it the right thing to do in a situation like this? Look at us Americans. When someone goes missing, (not in all cases) people ban together and do what they can...they don't sit and think about monetary costs. They just want to help.

Aruba did not want to help, no matter what this pathetic "Task Force" says. By the way, there is no more "Task Force". I wonder how and why that was dismantled?

Beth Holloway = out of sight, out of mind? I don't think so. Don't forget her face. Don't forget what your island did to cover up Natalee's disappearance. All to save some inept judge's spoiled and sociopathic son, Joran.

Question: How has the task force interacted with the Aruban Government?

Answer: The task force has been in contact with the Aruban Government on a daily basis. (Of course they have! They need to exchange stories and perfect lies to succeed in their conspiracy.)

The task force has several members appointed by the Prime Minister and have been active in requesting more resources. (Never saw that happen...and I'm not counting the Dutch Marines because they are just as inept...no one is better than the United States Armed Forces.) The task force urged the inclusion of the Dutch Marines in the search and supported the (3rd lie) Prime Minister in his decision to give the FBI a larger role in the investigation. (No one investigating this case ever let the FBI come in and do anything. That is a known fact. They were stymied left and right and were unable to do their job. That is why they left Aruba.)

Question: How has the task force interacted with the Office of the Attorney General, Prosecutor or Police?

Answer: (4th lie) For obvious reasons the task force cannot interfere (but the task force knew what happened the entire time. They are just as much of an accessory as everyone else.) with an ongoing investigation. We do however recognize that the lack of information (Lack of information is the ultimate understatement of the day!) from the above-mentioned entities has resulted in unnecessary and even malicious speculation on behalf of some of the world's media. (what do you expect from Aruba's purposely inept and corrupt investigation from day one? Did you expect a cookie and a big hug? Poor Aruba...you are so misunderstood.)

(5th lie) We have and will continue to strongly urge them (Attorney General, Prosecutor and Chief Commander of Police) to set up joint press conference/media opportunities and provide strong information about the process as well as the collaboration that has taken place internally and externally with entities such as the FBI. (Never happened. Why should a task force have to "urge" the AG, Prosecutor and Chief Commander of Police to do their jobs? Release information, yet not compromise the investigation. We do it all the time here in the U.S.)

Question: How much has this investigation cost the Aruban Government and what other support have companies or citizens provided?

(More bitching about how they had to spend money...it's your island, step up to the plate cowards!)

Answer: It is difficult to add all that this investigation has cost the Government of Aruba however estimates are in the millions. Many companies in Aruba have donated time and machinery in the search. The authorities have asked for equipment such as generators and pumps and have received this equipment without cost.

Many citizens have taken off from work (So what? We do that in the U.S. everyday to help missing people) and have joined the search for Natalee. The Netherlands have also provided experts and even sent F-16 jets to assist in the search. (Result was unsuccessful, or was it???)

Question: Do you believe the media exposure has been fair?

Answer: The Task Force respects the role of the press in this matter however it is important that the media check and recheck information (how can one check and recheck information when there were 22 stories being told?) before putting it out to the world.

This incident is an aberration, an exception to the rule. (6th lie) Aruba is one of the safest islands in the world and that message will not change. (Oh yes it will...it already has.)

(7th lie)
We do agree that one incident is one too many and we stand with the press and the Holloway/Twitty family that full disclosure and justice must prevail.


We have reached an understanding

My mentor and very close friend, Meri and I, have salvaged our friendship. I am happy to say we are friends and again with similar and clear goals in mind. You can’t take away the kind of friendship we have. No matter how mad she gets, I will always be there for her and I know she will be there for me as well.

Everything is completely copacetic on the Grassroots Boycott Aruba blog! Stay tuned for news and my commentaries.


I am aggressive activist…some people believe my aggressiveness is “evil”, “hurting the family” and “hurting the boycott.”

Not so.

In order for a boycott to be successful one must be aggressive—not wimpy or spineless. Our boycott members must know how I do things. Not half-assed, and not half heartedly. It's all or nothing. I want SERIOUS supporters, so if that does not fit your description, then maybe you should reconsider your thinking of how you want to help the family get answers of what really happened to Natalee.

I am striking when the iron is hot. And the iron is REALLY HOT…it’s steaming and burning like a blue flame.