October 09, 2006


We have reached an understanding

My mentor and very close friend, Meri and I, have salvaged our friendship. I am happy to say we are friends and again with similar and clear goals in mind. You can’t take away the kind of friendship we have. No matter how mad she gets, I will always be there for her and I know she will be there for me as well.

Everything is completely copacetic on the Grassroots Boycott Aruba blog! Stay tuned for news and my commentaries.


I am aggressive activist…some people believe my aggressiveness is “evil”, “hurting the family” and “hurting the boycott.”

Not so.

In order for a boycott to be successful one must be aggressive—not wimpy or spineless. Our boycott members must know how I do things. Not half-assed, and not half heartedly. It's all or nothing. I want SERIOUS supporters, so if that does not fit your description, then maybe you should reconsider your thinking of how you want to help the family get answers of what really happened to Natalee.

I am striking when the iron is hot. And the iron is REALLY HOT…it’s steaming and burning like a blue flame.


Auntiem said...

Here, Here.... Break out the Champagne!!!!! Aah, I never doubted it for a moment. You two are too good!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you settled your differences. That's what good friends do they talk things out.

Meri said...

Of course, Michelle and I are still friends. I could never stay mad at someone like Michelle. She is far to important to me to continue to be angry.

It was a gut reaction on my part to the fact that she was put on the spot by a family member that made me angry in the first place. I felt angry at the family member more than I did at Michelle. She took advantage of a caring human being who only wants the best for Natalee and her family. My blog was never the issue..it was the demand that it be removed that bothered me.

Not to worry about Michelle and I...we will ALWAYS be friends. NO ONE from ANY family will stop that. They tried..but they failed.

Anonymous said...

Aruban Boycott is the blue flame torch burning out the Aruba's supply line -- the tourism.

Anonymous said...

good. now, back to business. aruba stinks.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy things are back to normal with you two. (smile)