October 08, 2006


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Anonymous said...

Natalee needs you, Michelle. Your are her only true friend on planet Earth. Here are the support from your fans. You have the drive, energy and dynamic personality, we are sure you can make it happen for Natalee. Your ArubanBoycott is a favorite among the library adult study Internet group. The group discussion pointed the advantages that your blog has over the others are: 1) You are young and bold. 2) You got the brain. 3) You have the physical beauty. 4) You have the sharp and bittersweet words,. 5) You have a true heart feeling for Natalee. 6) You are a super eManager. 7) You are good at playing up emotions. 8) You know how to choose and pick. 9) You can easily influenced by emotions. 10) You are warrior.