October 08, 2006


By Meri, Aruban Boycott Contributor

Can I Get a C For Commitment???

This site has been operating against great odds. Michelle has made some huge sacrifices to keep this place updated and informative. She has been supported by several of us but her main supporter is Beth Twitty.

Beth not only supports this effort and wants to see this boycott succeed but even offered to fund the cost of stickers, postage and everything else. Of course, Michelle would NEVER take money from Beth. Michelle and the rest of us are doing this FOR Beth and Natalee's family so that they can get some answers regarding Natalee.

We have all taken a great deal of heat because of our position and because we are adamant about the boycott succeeding. Don S. donated a generous amount of money to keep this effort going. Others have donated as well. Time, money, effort and emotion has gone into this effort.

Others have acted on their own without any help from anyone to produce material to keep the boycott going...they NEVER ask for recognition.

I am wondering why it has become apparent that some people closely connected to Natalee have NEVER contributed anything...not even a "Job well done" note or an email backing up those who have worked so hard, not even an offer of support, not a "thank you"...NOTHING but silence.

Why would they refuse to help or recognize this effort? If they are people who own or run a business on Aruba I could see their reluctance and I could understand it...if they run a very PRO-Aruba newspaper and are members of the Aruban tourist Board I could see their reluctance…if they have something to hide and are members of ALE, I could certainly understand why they would not help further the boycott movement.

But...what if they are not?

What if they are people who have demanded answers and been given none? Why would those people be reluctant to help or to encourage?

I would love for Michelle to post a list of those who have contacted her in support of this grassroots effort. Those who have either donated their time or money or both, I would like to thank them.

A list of boycott supporters might show once and for all who is with us and who is against and it might show who is merely complacent or who talk the talk but don't walk the walk. This list might also silence those who claim that there are only ten members supporting this movement...a number that is ridiculous and doesn't even come close to reflecting the true number of supporters here and elsewhere who want the boycott to succeed.

It's time to declare yourselves and step out of the shadows. It's time to stand tall and tell the world that you are demanding that Aruba stop stone-walling. We need to send them a message and this is the only way that we can.

Will you join us and declare yourself a supporter? Please contact Michelle if you haven't already and make your voice heard. Let her put YOU on the list so that the world can see that we mean what we say and that we aren't going to quit anytime soon.

BOYCOTT ARUBA and have a voice.


Anonymous said...

The BFN Debbie is so upfront about puting Joran above Natalee on her latest post at 05:19:53 PM Today. Via Re: ON THE RECORD with Greta Van Susteren - September 28, 2006
http://www.foxnews.com/ontherecord/index.html. Natalee ~ We Remember ~ is a Kidnap, Rape and Murder. Natalee is not Mystery. The timely proven warped view of BFN Debbie exposes her dark side under belly of belittling of Natalee. Boycott Aruba. Boycott BFN Debbie.

Auntiem said...

Michelle, put me on the list.

Michelle said...


Email me personally and I will get you the info.


Anonymous said...

Meri ... good to see you back! Maybe one day all of these people will see that one has to keep their friends close, but keep enemys closer!

God Bless Natalee!

Anonymous said...

I’ve done enough reading at BFN to realize Reality is a complete jerk. Why would Robin form a bond with that character and share such personal photographs? I just can’t understand such a thing at all and it makes me suspicious of everything about BFN and some of its participants.

Who is Don S?

Deb357 said...

Natalee's personal home pictures are not an art gallery to be put on display.

Shame for Shame!

Anonymous said...

I don't see why these pictures are being posted either, but the source bothers me more than anything else. It just doesn't make any sense at all!

Anonymous said...

You Said:

Deb357 said...
Natalee's personal home pictures are not an art gallery to be put on display.

Shame for Shame!

Mon Oct 09, 11:24:42 AM EDT

*** Uh, doesn't this kind-of slap Beth in the face since she took the media on a complete tour of Natalee's private bedroom for all the world to see with subsequent film and images made available online from that visit?

Apparently, the theory is if Beth does it, it is okay. But if Robin does it is just wrong, wrong, wrong.

This group seems to have so much bias and the whole stance doesn't make any sense.

Debbie is attacked for harboring people (you say) bash the FAMILY. Yet, here you are all avidly bashing the family by flinging to much hate at Robin.

Then, Robin is talked about like she is a dog because of "releasing" pictures of Natalee. Yet it was fine when Beth took the world on a tour of the girl's bedroom.

It doesn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Meri - I am so glad that you and Michelle are a united force once again.

I can't imagine why Reality would have these pictures? What in the world??

Anonymous said...

Does Robin Holloway know the “real” Reality from BFN or is she being deceived?


Interesting post, but how is the conclusion arrived at that Joran was wild ?

From what I have read, seen and heard, this young fellow seems pretty normal, nothing wilder than the MB Kids that were on Aruba.
In fact, a little pussy-cat when compared to kids that age that I have seen and don't even begin to tell me that does not apply to kids from the US.

One has to take much of the slandering of this kid with a pinch of salt, these are enuendos put forth by the Right Wing US Media, much the same as was applied to the alledged victim of Duke.



But the vast majority of the Refugees are just nice people wanting the TRUTH of what happened to Natalee.



I have to agree with you on this, in my tried and tested opinion the only achievment the Boycott can claim is that of offending innocent Aruban People and hampering the investigation.



Those MB Brats, I wonder if they have started talking yet, possibly in the last year, whilst in the real world and away from the bosoms of their Mama's ?


Yes it is very strange that a Senator had to basically, URGE them to co-operate.

That doesn't make any sense, don't you think ?



From what I have been reading over the past 15 months, there is absolutely no evidence of foul play



Dear Curves,

I am truly saddened that you have allowed your fine organization to be swayed to a very small minority of hate mongers & xenophobes who for the most part have never even set foot in Aruba let alone even heard of Aruba prior to May 31st, 2005.

You’re pulling of the Aruba sweepstakes speaks volumes to a company being swayed by lies & fabrications.

As an American citizen living in Aruba for many years now let me give you a perspective that none of the “protest” emails can even come close to.

Aruba is by far the safest island destination in the Caribbean.
Aruba’s judicial system is based on Dutch law, world renowned as a fair and balanced system.

Aruba’s people are highly educated individuals where most here speak at least 3 to 5 languages.
Aruba has had ONE missing person in the last year, and that person may not even be a victim of a crime.

You have done your valued customers a disservice by pulling your Aruba sweepstakes by depriving them the opportunity to truly experience what an island paradise really is.

If you would like more information about the real Aruba please email at the following and I will be more than happy to set the record straight with facts not the fiction you have based your decision on to pull your Aruba Sweepstakes.

Thu Oct 05, 11:46:50 PM EDT

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
"I don't see why these pictures are being posted either, but the source bothers me more than anything else. It just doesn't make any sense at all!"

This exactly what concerns me regarding the entire issue. These precious photos are being released to somebody by Robin whose posts on BFN and other forums reveal he is anti-American, anti-Beth, anti-Natalee, anti-boycott, pro-Aruban, pro-judges, pro-Joran and pro-Paulus.

What gives?

Anonymous said...

If Beth took Reality on a tour of Natalee's room, I would be asking the same questions.

Suzie said...

Hi Meri, Just wanted you to know that I have commended both Michelle & Debbie many times about their work on the boycott. I am also taking a boycott kit along with a power point presentation to the meeting in Birmingham and I will make sure that Michelle & Debbie are recognized for their efforts. I have always been in favor of the boycott and will continue to be in favor of it. I am wearing my boycott stickers proudly!

Deb357 said...

Thank you Suzie!

Meri said...


It's great that the boycott will be represented at your meeting. It's the only thing working at this time and it's important that the word get out.

As for a power-point presentation, I don't even know what power-point is and the only person I've ever heard mention that he had one was Don S. Is it his that you are presenting?

Whatever, good luck and I hope that you find the answers that you are seeking. After all, that's what we ALL want on behalf of Natalee...the person that this is all about.

There are now hundreds of people on the Internet who are working toward the same goal and for those who aren't......we will not let them stop us.

Anonymous said...

If Michelle or anyone is collecting donations, whether you asked for them or not, those monies need to be reported to the IRS and I believe other regulartory agencies who deal with charitable contributions. Michelle, for your own safety, you need to report those contributions and make public the monies received and how they've been allocated. I would warn anyone who is considering making a donation to think twice, and to demand accountability as to how your money is being spent.
I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but this is serious stuff and you can get in a lot of trouble if even one person beleives you've mis-appropriated even a dollar.

Geroge said...

BFN sucks ass. That site and fugees are one in the same. Vivi is very close with Debbie, Robin and Gagirl.

Anonymous said...

Geroge said...
BFN sucks ass. That site and fugees are one in the same. Vivi is very close with Debbie, Robin and Gagirl.

Wed Oct 11, 03:22:22 AM EDT

Are you sure about that? That is incredible that anyone from fugees is close to anyone from BFN. I will never post at BFN again if that's true. How do we find out for sure? Are they working together for some reason? Why would this Vivi even post at fugees if he/she is so close to Robin, Debbie and gagirl?