October 09, 2006


MEMO August 17, 2005

To: Members of the Press
From: Strategic Communications Task Force
Re: Q & A Aruba's Assistance Regarding the Natalee Holloway Case

The Strategic Communications Task Force is a working group established in Aruba to address the issues surrounding the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. The task force includes representatives from AHATA (Aruba Hotel and Tourism Association), ATA (Aruba Tourism Authority), business and government leaders. Former Governor Olindo Koolman has agreed to serve as the Senior Advisor for the task force.

(1st lie)
The task force continues to support the Holloway/Twitty family and will continue to offer support in their search for Natalee Holloway.

Question: Has the task force interacted directly with the Holloway Family?

Answer: (2nd lie) Yes, members of the task force have been in direct in contact with the family. (Beth never got any return calls from anyone. That is why she had to hire an Aruba attorney.)

Question: Has the Task Force provided any monetary assistance in the search for Natalee Holloway?

Answer: The task force itself does not have a budget however, individual members of the task force have contributed directly for search efforts. The task force has served as a conduit and provided a significant amount of support for the search effort. For example, the banking members of the task force gave $20,000 to the Texas EquuSearch search team. In addition, the local hotel Brickell Bay donated all rooms at an estimated cost of $100,000. The task force was successful in securing boats and transportation for EquuuSearch members. Meals have also been provided to the search team by local restaurants.

Doesn't it seem selfish to sit and bitch and moan about the money Aruba spent helping find Natalee? So they donated hotel rooms? They were probably empty. Meals for the search team? Big whoop. Gee...considering this happened on their island isn't it the right thing to do in a situation like this? Look at us Americans. When someone goes missing, (not in all cases) people ban together and do what they can...they don't sit and think about monetary costs. They just want to help.

Aruba did not want to help, no matter what this pathetic "Task Force" says. By the way, there is no more "Task Force". I wonder how and why that was dismantled?

Beth Holloway = out of sight, out of mind? I don't think so. Don't forget her face. Don't forget what your island did to cover up Natalee's disappearance. All to save some inept judge's spoiled and sociopathic son, Joran.

Question: How has the task force interacted with the Aruban Government?

Answer: The task force has been in contact with the Aruban Government on a daily basis. (Of course they have! They need to exchange stories and perfect lies to succeed in their conspiracy.)

The task force has several members appointed by the Prime Minister and have been active in requesting more resources. (Never saw that happen...and I'm not counting the Dutch Marines because they are just as inept...no one is better than the United States Armed Forces.) The task force urged the inclusion of the Dutch Marines in the search and supported the (3rd lie) Prime Minister in his decision to give the FBI a larger role in the investigation. (No one investigating this case ever let the FBI come in and do anything. That is a known fact. They were stymied left and right and were unable to do their job. That is why they left Aruba.)

Question: How has the task force interacted with the Office of the Attorney General, Prosecutor or Police?

Answer: (4th lie) For obvious reasons the task force cannot interfere (but the task force knew what happened the entire time. They are just as much of an accessory as everyone else.) with an ongoing investigation. We do however recognize that the lack of information (Lack of information is the ultimate understatement of the day!) from the above-mentioned entities has resulted in unnecessary and even malicious speculation on behalf of some of the world's media. (what do you expect from Aruba's purposely inept and corrupt investigation from day one? Did you expect a cookie and a big hug? Poor Aruba...you are so misunderstood.)

(5th lie) We have and will continue to strongly urge them (Attorney General, Prosecutor and Chief Commander of Police) to set up joint press conference/media opportunities and provide strong information about the process as well as the collaboration that has taken place internally and externally with entities such as the FBI. (Never happened. Why should a task force have to "urge" the AG, Prosecutor and Chief Commander of Police to do their jobs? Release information, yet not compromise the investigation. We do it all the time here in the U.S.)

Question: How much has this investigation cost the Aruban Government and what other support have companies or citizens provided?

(More bitching about how they had to spend money...it's your island, step up to the plate cowards!)

Answer: It is difficult to add all that this investigation has cost the Government of Aruba however estimates are in the millions. Many companies in Aruba have donated time and machinery in the search. The authorities have asked for equipment such as generators and pumps and have received this equipment without cost.

Many citizens have taken off from work (So what? We do that in the U.S. everyday to help missing people) and have joined the search for Natalee. The Netherlands have also provided experts and even sent F-16 jets to assist in the search. (Result was unsuccessful, or was it???)

Question: Do you believe the media exposure has been fair?

Answer: The Task Force respects the role of the press in this matter however it is important that the media check and recheck information (how can one check and recheck information when there were 22 stories being told?) before putting it out to the world.

This incident is an aberration, an exception to the rule. (6th lie) Aruba is one of the safest islands in the world and that message will not change. (Oh yes it will...it already has.)

(7th lie)
We do agree that one incident is one too many and we stand with the press and the Holloway/Twitty family that full disclosure and justice must prevail.


Anonymous said...

The 8th lie, they lie about the tourists numbers. The Aruban Boycott is working well.

Anonymous said...

Aruban Boycott is my life time commitment.

Anonymous said...

You can boycott Aruba by putting a sticker "Aruba Lies" on your absentee voter ballot when you mail it out.

Anonymous said...

Boycott Aruba! Joran! Repent! In the name of the Queen, jump into the tar pit, put the tar on top of your head! Repent! For your end is near! Boycott Dutch! Boycott Aruba!

Anonymous said...

i do not believe that natalee was murdered , in that her death was an accident. i do believe that she was allowed to have the date rape drug , "g b h" , which will make it impossible for her to defend herself. i do believe that when the father of joran stated , quote , "no body , no crime" , to me that says he incriminated himself. this is a fact. there are witness that heard this statement. the timing is critical here. at this exact time , the u s government should have involved themselves into this case. the ambassador to holland , directly should have demanded action. when aruba authorities waited to see what pressure would be put on them , and there was none , they decided correctly that , just cover it up. as time goes by , people will forget natalee holloway. joran's father has more blood on his hands then his son joran has. for shame!!!!!!!! in closing , i am so proud of natalee's mom and dad. the effort to get justice was 110%.