October 09, 2006


So Dutch officials? Where are you? This article was released September 5, 2006. It’s been over a month. What is the hold up? I find it amazing how Beth pleads for your help, yet you release stories that are false claiming you will be in Aruba in the next few weeks? Are you down there yet or just appeasing the public again?

We want action and we want it now! Get down to Aruba and take care of your business!

ARUBA – The Dutch minister of Home Affairs, Johan Remkes (VVD) has approved the assistance of the Netherlands in the investigation on the disappearance of the American teenager Natalee Holloway. That happened in the absence of Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP). It was Croes that requested Dutch assistance.

Remkes indicated at the end of the meeting with prime minister Nelson Oduber (MEP) that Aruba has agreed with the conditions that the Netherlands had associated with the assistance. Specialists of the Korps Landelijke Politie Diensten (National Police Corps, KLPD) will lead the location and will also get total tracing authorities. The KLPD-detectives are allowed to carry weapons and will get accessibility to all technical tracing-means. “So the team can start”, said Remkes.

The detectives will travel to Aruba in a few weeks. The minister couldn’t say yet how many detectives will come to Aruba; he thinks between 5 and 15. He expects the investigation to last for weeks and not months. The Netherlands will pay for the costs. Remkes denied the rumours about discontinuing the services of the Detective Collaboration Team (RST). He said that they are looking into improving the effectiveness of the RST. Aruba can have an important role in this study. Remkes was kind of irritated about the fact that minister Rudy Croes was not present at the meeting, during which they also talked about the improvement of the Aruban police. Remkes said that if Croes wanted to give his opinion, he should have been present.

Remkes didn’t want to comment on a future structure with possibly one attorney general and one police corps for Aruba and the islands of the current Neth. Antilles. “The conversations on this are just orientated. That will happen more often in the coming months. The Netherlands will just have a listening position in these conversations. If you want to choose for a different structure, you will have to be sure that it is also better for the people.”

Is Beth being toyed with???

Robert Jensen’s interview with Beth Twitty

Beth’s quote: My plea…and my plea Robert, is that…I am just so hopeful they will take over the investigation and once they do that then I am hoping then can there can be some kind of open communication between someone that’s involved in the case with the attorney, John Kelly in New York. Just so the family is clued in as to what’s going on and where are they are, because we don’t have any communication from anyone in Aruba. So, nobody talks to us. So, we don’t know what’s going on.

Robert: Do you really hope that the Dutch government is going to be more involved?

Beth: Yes, yes, I do. I just wish they could take over. I wish they could have 100% jurisdiction over her case.

Robert: Because…is it your personal feeling that, let’s say a more professional team being involved from the start…I mean we probably would have had an answer by now.

Beth: Not only that, but I think they would have had an answer after the first 72 hours after her disappearance.


Anonymous said...

There are so many funny and easy ways to ArubanBoycott Aruba. To start with, I will chant WTF to Aruba three times a day. I will poo three times a day in the name of Aruba. I will swear I never go back to Aruba again and enjoy my American ice cream before I go to bed.

Anonymous said...

The rising sea level is geting very serious at the northern Aruba beach. Due to the global warming, unusual heavy rainfall, extreme Venezuelan oil field pressurization to boost oil production. The deep sea cold water bed is disturbed and damaged severely, the cold sea water are seeping rapidly to the ocean surface. It will flood the entire beach by next two years. Aruba are denying and covering up the warning and dangers. However, one new hotel construction site was halted due to the sea water invasion.

Anonymous said...

Natalee is almost like Virgin Mary, she bless me beauty and health, I will blog and boycott Aruba forever. Amen

Anonymous said...

My Virgin Mary, bless me, bless Natalee. Boycott Aruba.

Auntiem said...

You, again Beth, are too modest and humble, YOU solved the case in the first FORTY-EIGHT hours!!!!! But, in order for these dimwits to do something, I guess you will have to let them take the credit!!!

Anonymous said...

Boycott Aruba make us have a purpose to live. Even as Natalee will be slowly forgotten by Robin and Dave. Robin and Dave have two little precious daughters of their own. They will not for long have a hole in their heart. Many bloggers are busy in making Joran look right and marketable. However, Natalee's spirit lives in our heart. She bless us as we continue to seek justice for her by boycotting Aruba. Natalee's road is narrow, but she lead us into eternal life. I will never give up Natalee.