October 30, 2006


Boycotting is our Last Resort to Answers!

Many people have various theories about what happened to Natalee Holloway. Many good people are trying to support her family and come up with answers.

Unfortunately, for every good and kind-hearted individual there seems to be two or three with ill-will and the need to insult, criticize or bash the family (especially Beth who has taken the brunt of all the attacks).

Since I became involved in this case I have run into all sorts of people. I have been astounded at the intelligence and kindness of some and the utter meanness of others. It has been quite an experience.

The point was to try and help find answers...the point was to try to make the people who know what happened to Natalee talk...to bring peace to her family...the liars must take personal accountability and those involved should be brought to justice. Unfortunately, none of this is has happened.

Beth has lectured about safety to students, traveled to Holland and all over the USA, she has never given up on her daughter. Dave wrote a book that spelled out what he observed on Aruba, all for the purpose of finding answers...bringing their daughter home, finding peace of mind.

They are an example to all of us who want nothing more than to help them. They keep a lot of us going when we'd really like to quit out of frustration and fatigue. It's hard to quit when you see the parents putting forth so much effort. It makes you feel like you are abandoning these good people who want nothing more than what any parent wants...to know where their child is...what happened to her...why did it happen???

These are not unreasonable questions...they have a right to know.

I have run dry and hit a wall. I have no more to offer and no ideas to bring forth. I am out of words and it's time for me to step back and rejoin my family and my own life. I don't have any choice.

Before I go I want to say one more thing to all of you...the boycott is working. Tourism is down on Aruba and this grassroots movement is being felt. It is working. There is no miracle at work here...no magic bullet that will suddenly make liars tell the truth, make honest people out of dishonest ones. Life isn't like that.

But, there is THIS blog and what it stands for.

Michelle cannot continue to do this alone. She cannot abandon her family and work to pay for this boycott movement. She also cannot step away from it. She cares too much and she sees Natalee's face in all that she does when she thinks about how to help. She sees and speaks to Beth and she just can't let this go.

She shouldn't have to. Some of us have donated some money to pay for materials that Michelle sends out to advertise the boycott and keep Natalee's case in the public eye. It isn't enough. We have to do more. We can't let Michelle shoulder this burden all by herself.

She will NEVER post a blog asking for money. She hates asking for donations that simply cover the costs that she is putting out of pocket but I am not hesitant to ask all of you to help.

I believe that out of everything that I have seen, done, written or spoken about this is the ONLY thing that is working right now. The only chance to get the people on Aruba who know what happened to Natalee to come clean...to protect their livelihood and their Island and its dependence on TOURISM. Someone there will want to restore their Island to what it was before Natalee went missing. Someone will want to see the tourists come back in numbers as strong as they once were. Someone on Aruba will want this boycott to stop.

We can help by flooding the USA and other places with boycott material...make it known all over the land that we are serious about finding Natalee Holloway. The only way to do that is for people to send in donations and order material to show that you are behind the boycott movement...that you support it and want some answers from Aruba.

No one is asking for a set amount...whatever you can afford. I don't even know what the kits actually cost. I don't know what the postage costs but I would think that a $10.00 donation would cover it. If enough people would join the movement and get their boycott kits we could make a difference to Natalee and her family. We could at least try......if you can send more, that would be great. Whatever you can afford will help.

Write to Michelle at the address listed at the top of this blog site...it remains stationary so that people who want to join can do so. Let's show Aruba that we mean business, that Natalee is important to us and that her life means something.

Let's tell them that we want answers and as soon as we get them this will go away. They will be free and Natalee's family will be free. That isn't asking too much...we are all entitled to freedom and peace of mind. Please help give that peace of mind back to Beth Twitty and Dave Holloway.

Thank you all and thank you for reading my blogs and for offering your comments and opinions. This is an experience that I will never forget. Natalee will always be in my heart and my hope and prayers for her parents will remain a constant in my life.


Anonymous said...

The source of Aruban Boycott is steady and strong. We have many followers. The target is the evil island of Aruba. Everything you do can be a Boycott to Aruban, big or small. It is easy. Many people learn to identify the Dutch and Aruban products, and not to buy them. The words are kind of going from house to house in the neighborhoods across America. A week before the midterm elections, many constituents quiz their prospective candidates about the Natalee's disappearance in Aruba. 100% of them agree that the Aruban government is guilty of corruptions and coverups. America shall deal with this problem as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get your sources from please? TIA

And I wouldn't call them followers of the boycott, more like supporters of the boycott.