November 01, 2006


I want my money!

Hey, how about I sue! I saw an attorney on TV today while watching Jerry Springer...this attorney sounds pretty reputable and I get an initial discount...a free consultation!

Oduber--I suggest you don't mess with the Netherlands. You need them as much as they need you...for whatever illegal activity you are into. Doesn't it seem that Oduber often flies off the handle. Remember when he 'threatened' the U.S. to get Hugo Chavez after us? Please. Oduber, get off your high horse, make good with Natalee's family, move on, get more tourists and generate more money.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you!

How are these people politicans? I swear, regular people should run the government. Checks and balances and none of that bureaucratic egostistical crap. Grow up and take care of your own business...since you claim to be 'apart' from the Netherlands. Hypocritical and plain stupidity.

Get used to your THIRD WORLD COUNTRY, Oduber!

Oduber Threatens Lawsuit against the Netherlands

ORANJESTAD – If by this Friday the Netherlands does not change her position regarding the foreign loans, the Aruban government will take them to court. The relations between the countries got this worse that Aruba will not be present at the governmental deliberations on the new political relations within the Kingdom this Wednesday.

Premier Nelson Oduber already announced last week that if the Netherlands continues to stand by the conditions regarding the foreign loans, he would lodge an internal appeal. The government’s position is now, that if the Federal Council of Ministers does not approve the 50 million dollars loan of the Deutsch Bank, Aruba will go to court and also claim compensation for the damages caused by canceling the loan.

‘The Netherlands has made us autonomous in 1954 and Aruba alone at the Round Table Conference in 1983. And now in 2006, the Netherlands wants to colonize us again”, said Oduber. (Maybe they want to do that to keep track and control over your corrupt 'vacation' island.)

Last week Monday, Minister Atzo Nicolaï invited Aruba to attend the governmental deliberation on the new relations within the Kingdom as observer. This two-day deliberation starts Wednesday in The Hague.
The Minister Plenipotentiary was going to do this at first, but he has meanwhile cancelled.


No wonder where Joran gets his attitude from. "It's my way, or the highway." Or in the case of Paulus, sue the government for false arrest when we all know he contributed to the cover up. Stupid S.O.B.

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Anonymous said...

The root cause of corruption, coverup and conspiracy in the Dutch Aruba legal system is beginning to surface. The secret dispute is the number of blonde prostitues to be supplied to the 2008 Summer Olympic games. Since Natalee's disappearance, Aruba governement can no longer supplier the American blondes. So the burden is on Holland to fill the Dutch blonde orders. However, the Dutch blondes are of the worst qualities like Anita. The third party are holding back their multimillion dollars downpayment and not releasing the money. So the dispute was Oduber made the deal when he was travelling aboard last summer. Now he got nothing. He was mad and he insisted the Dutch court pay him his entitlement. And he is wrong.

Anonymous said...

See Michelle, I actually agree again with most of what you have to say as per this post.

John C.

Michelle said...

Wow! 2nd time in one week! :)

Anonymous said...

as long as you guys are right i am happy. Thank god for O.J Micheal Jackson and Enron...oh yeah halliburton too. ignorant just ignorant