November 01, 2006



Meyer Marks,, 28-10-2006 - U.S.A.

The downfall of American Society will be the couse (sic) of greed. (This is the ONLY thing I agree on.) Most people in Amarica (Sic. You go to Georgetown and you can't spell AMERICA? I weep for the future.) are so concerned with trying to get ahead in life, (It's called capitalism and "survival of the fittest"...not survival of the stoned. It's worked well for us so far...that is why we are the most powerful country in the world.) they will go to whatever means to get there. (You are blatantly sterotyping all Americans as greedy evil people. Who sends the most funds to other countries? Who donates hours of volunteer work and help to those in need...most recently Hurricane Katrina victims? I don't think Netherland is on top of that list...)

Americans do not understand to concept of team work in the workplace like Europeans do. (Oh really? Then why is it we have the most successful businesses in the world? You are completely ignorant. Study your facts.)

(I think that you should seriously consider leaving the U.S. and hide in Europe with pedophile, Roman Polanski. Pack your bags and get out! I'm sure there are millions of Americans out there who would love to see someone like you get the hell out of our country after all our sacrificies throughout history to save people...including Holland. You even shunned the Jews after they came back. Real nice hospitality for people who were victimized beyond the realm of thought.)

Also everyone is trying to take the next person to court more so than in Europe. (Again, it's capitalism...the government has control of that...not people like me.)

American society can not continue to compete against each other or they will destroy themselves. "When we work together we all win together." Europeans need to believe in themselves and take pride in who they are. (That is yet to be seen.) Then Europe can become the world leader. (Are you kidding me? Uhhh...yeah...riiight... Just like your weak asses during WWII. The dutch always seem to forget these things! This poster must be too young to remember or completely oblivious as to what we did for Europe, the UK and the Netherlands to overthrow Hitler, the Japs and Mussolini. Just think...if it weren't for us you'd all be speaking German and wearing
swastikas and yelling "Sieg Heil!")

My grandfather took a bullet and received a Purple Heart for defending those such as the Netherlands and other European countries. He killed a lot of Nazis and the Netherlands true colors emerged as the most ungrateful country of Europe besides France. That hits home and pisses me off.

Kind Regards! Meyer Marks (Kind regards, Mark. Now bend over. You are an embarassment to all Americans.)

Johnny, 28-10-2006

I think the middle Holland has to stop setting the agenda, comfortakle (sic) middle class Dutch citizens enjoying a certain level of prosperity who only wishes to feel better.

I agree that Netherlands should not try to become USA/CANADA but let's get rid of this egalitarianism (
1 : a belief in human equality especially with respect to social, political, and economic rights and privileges; 2 : a social philosophy advocating the removal of inequalities among people. Great attitude.) ...let the leaders speak and with firm hand!!! Long live Netherlands!!! We have too much voice for everybody in the Netherlands, everybody knows everything. (Oh really? Let's bet on that. Double or nothing.)

Let's have a consensus amongst leaders and enough of civil society, its not working anymore... (So back to what? Crime, racism, corruption, drugs, human trafficking?)

Jan Velema, 27-10-2006 - CANADA

Europe should not aspire to be a U.S.A. or CANADA. How young does a person have to be before they are not considered "personally responsible?" (I would think that at birth parents would teach their children personal responsibility. How do you raise your children? Sounds like talk show time for you...shall I call Maury to schedule you for his next program?)

The gap between the rich is poor is growing daily here. People do not know where they come from and greed is the primary motivator. It will all come crashing down very soon. (Where are you talking about? The U.S., Canada or the Netherlands? Clarity, please...otherwise your statement is null and void. Moot point, move on.)


Anonymous said...

I would say the German are the top dog, the Dutch are the rats, and anywhere in between is French. I am talking about the Airbus 380 crisis. The Dutch engineers and and government regulators are really screwing up the Airbus 380 cabin lockdown joint systems. The huge Jumpbojet experienced vibrations on decend from high pressure zone to normal pressure inside the cabins. The German Airbus Authority considered there might be corruption and coverup on the defective parts supplied by their Dutch partners. You cannot just take the Dutch companies to court in Netherlands because their Dutch laws protect the accused parties and blame on the victims. In America, anyone can file a class lawsuit to protect the customers. Our legal system is open to all the people. As matter of fact, you can learn to file a complaint in court without using a lawyer via the Internet court legal resources websites.

Anonymous said...

First of all, the input of the Dutch is almost non excistent, except for some nuts and bolts. And since when are you not allowed to take Dutch companies to court? And where is the law that states that if anything happens with a product, the victim is to blame?

Anonymous said...

Sjeeeeezz Michelle, Isn't everybody allowed to have their own opinion? I thought that YOU of all poeple would understand and applaud that.

John C.

Michelle said...

Sure they can have a right to their own opinion...but I reserve the right to rip on them if I want to.

Anonymous said...

LMAO. Ok, Ok, I'll yield this one to you.

John C.

Carpe Noctem said...


Down with the Van der Rapes
and Kalpoes.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Jerry Springer? He/she/it would fit in good. blue

Anonymous said...

What makes Odie so freaking ugly? Maybe it is that oil refinery air.

Anonymous said...

I may be a dummie, but I can't seem to work this comment thing-a-majig. blue