November 01, 2006


A new book by Dutch journalist Charles Groenhuijsen entitled 'Long live the Netherlands' (Leve Nederland) has been described by (lame-o Harry Potter look-alike) Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende as one of "hope, perspective and the future". The author himself says it's a book about "dreamers and go-getters, leaders and innovators, heroes and idealists".

Long Live the Netherlands is full of people (how many people? 2, 3, 20?) who have decided to take on personal responsibility (that's a start...all talk no action? We'll see...) volunteers who help former prison inmates make their way again in society, Dutch ship builders who make the most luxurious sailing yachts in the world (what does that have to do with taking on personal responsibility???), Muslim women who've emancipated and started their own fitness centre. 'Less talk, more action - then things will be all right with the Netherlands', (in essense, the author is acknowledging that their country is a complete social MESS.) is one very simple way of summing up the message that emanates from the book.

Charles Groenhuijsen himself has the following to say: "Coming back after 10 years in America, I discovered that there's a terrible lot amount of grumbling and moaning in the Netherlands. We even talk a lot about our 'growling' culture, and this leads to a negative self-image. At the same time, I noticed that there are so terribly many Dutch people who are trying things a different way and are saying, "Enough of that moaning, enough of the grumbling. Let's deal with the problems'." (What have they been doing? Notice the author doesn't back up those claims...)

Complete Hypocrisy--This is Just Amazing.
Does he think all people have no comprehension or common sense???

Long Live the Netherlands contains a number of elements which might best be described as 'right wing'. For example, the author describes the Netherlands' regulations on sacking employees for having a 'stifling effect' on enterprise; he says that some people who live below the poverty line only have themselves to blame, and he believes more Dutch women should be working a full week instead of part time.

Yet...he still has his home base in Washington D.C., is wary of the temptation to paint the United States as a kind of 'Promised Land' where everything is so much better than anywhere else: "The notion that you could introduce the kind of social system that applies in the US into this country is unimaginable. It doesn't fit with our culture; we really are different. (NO SHIT!)

Moreover, the political world would never accept it. (Aaah...really? God you people are clueless.) But I do believe we could adopt the concept of personal responsibility from the Americans." (He just stated that the U.S. social system would never apply to the Netherlands, a complete and embarassing contradiction from a so-called "author".)


Anonymous said...

You bet this guy holding dual citizenship. He may be a naturilzed American citizen, however Netherlands will not revoke his Dutch passport. That means he can disguise himself either Dutch or American. To my patriotic opinion before I cast my vote on November 7, This dude is unbecoming and very unAmerican. We don't need you. Go back to Aruba, stay there!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Charles Groenhuijsen is not Aruban. He's Dutch. He was, for years, the correspondent for the NOS news from the Netherlands. That's why he has lived so long in the States. He started out as an anchor, and moved on to reporting. He doesn't hold US citizenship, just his Dutch passport. He can't hold dual citizenship, because the Netherlands doesn't allow for dual citizenship, if you hold a Dutch passport. So if he applied, and got US citizenshiup, he would have lost his Dutch passport.

John C.

Michelle said...

John-- I know he is dutch...did I suggest otherwise? I was just showing the differences in sociology between the Dutch and the U.S.

Anonymous said...

No, I know. It wa s a remark as per the anonymous post before mine that ends with: "Go back to Aruba, stay there".

So not a reaction to your (mostly to the point) comments.

John C.

Anonymous said...

Netherlands cannot take away your birthright, especially for those elite white in Aruba. If you were born on the island before the Aruba rebirth into a nation in the 80's, you are titled as a full Dutch blood citizen. The Queen will never give away her children to the Americans, unless you condemn the Queen and cut your tie your self by burning your birth certificate card. So you are always the Dutch citizen, even if you are officially American citizen. As long as you pay tax on your Dutch assets, the US don't care. Sometimes the Queen will get upset with your cheating, she will ask you going back to Aruba, and stay there for a while, or you can always go back to USA, your adopted homeland. You just don't want to be a homeless, countryless person. Most Dutch men ended marrying American women anyway and have Dutch American kids, what the heck, they don't even want to speak Dutch. They don't think it's cool.

Anonymous said...

If not mistaken the disgraced Colorado magachurch minister had Dutch ancesters. Many multimedia and evanglical celebrities had bad dishonest genes inherited from the royal families. They are not American billygrams. Many Dutch vote Republican in the hope that the will let Joran come to America after the mid term election. Also the Aruban judge will release the J2K from the murder suspect list on November 8, just try to pull a fast one on the American people like that Huricane Katrina morning after. Of course Aruban Boycott is on the close watch and make sure the Dutch won't cheat again.

Carpe Noctem said...


They are an island of DUTCH


They are tourist targeting maggots,
and it is time to lay the -SHMACK
DOWN- on em... ( as I so fondly refer
to ARUBA now )



an island of rapist murderers