October 25, 2006


This family has real NERVE moving to the United States. Why Georgia (so close to Alabama)?

They should have chosen Alaska...

Hey kids! Go and get your eggs for some Halloween fun! Help decorate the Gottenbos house!


Anonymous said...

Dacula is a small railroad gotten town without its own police department, maybe that is what the Dutch family want. May be they had the bad experience with the ALE before. May be they have something to hide.

Anonymous said...

Just what a family from aruba would want. A town without it's own police force. So it could do whatever it wanted. Just like living in aruba. Since it is there 1st Halloween in this country. Hopefully people will show them how to properly decorate there house. And show them some of the Halloween traditions.

Anonymous said...

Hi Michelle, Just a few questions:
1) So this is a family called Olmtak that lives there? And the Gottnbos boy now lives with them?
2) If anybody now does throw eggs on their house this coming halloween, and they say to thepolice that they follwoed your "advise" on your website, does that make you liable, should the people living in this house bring forth a case? (just asking)

John C.

Michelle said...

I said it in jest...you should know I am a sarcastic person. I am not liable for what anyone does. Also, I do not live in GA, therefore there is no recourse for anyone to "get me". Whooooo....

Also, it was no "advice" if you read it correctly.

Anonymous said...

John, There will be NO police coming here if that house get's egged. Why don't you troll somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

I agree with John. This site is constantly hate-mongering. Michelle how can we tell what is meant in 'sarcasm' and what is not? Is the boycott sarcasm? Where does it start and where does it stop? If you want this site to have any crediblity, you have to run it with complete professionalism, which hasn't occured up until now. You encourage hate and mischief (at the least). You run this place like a junior high school class when the teacher is out of the room.

Michelle said...

Thanks! That's a compliment! I'm not a professional blogger...just a regular person with a blog and a cause. If you don't like it, don't read it!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, all you did was report. You cannot control what your commenters say. If this one annonymous commenter doesnt like what he reads let him take his vitriol elsewhere.

Sam said...

Georgia will run their asses south. They are not welcomed here! They are filthy liars.

Mothers, watch your daughters in Georgia.

Sam said...

I've contacted many agencies. There needs to be a warning to alert all young ladies in the area.

Aruba has come to Geargia.

They are in OUR territory now.
That's the only good thing about this.

Sam said...

Maybe they came to America to tell the truth?

Anonymous said...

Michelle, keep up the good work. You are the best and any and all that don't like it can kiss "our asses"
Thanks for letting us know about the move. I live in Georgia. THANKS FOR ALL YOU DO. NEVER GIVE UP AND "WE" are not giving up either.

Hey, our places have been called hate sites too. You think I care. They that do nto like it can kiss mine ours too !!


Anonymous said...

Spread the word to the locals in that town...

Sarah said...

Thank you Michelle for warning the public of this group of heatherns moving in the neighborhood in GA.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michelle!

Kind of curious, don't you think??

After ALL the anti-American sentiment and bashing we have heard on all those hate sites (especially the ONE that says it's for the family -- lol)-- and here we have the Gottenboes!

The mother loving the town in Georgia and wanting to move there for the past 2 years! And now they do.

Last I checked -- Georgia was an AMERICAN state in the good ol' USA. lol

Those hate monger trolls! What a source of entertainment -- especially with their feet in their mouths. But that won't stop them from mumbling.

And that's the reality of the situation!!!!!


dennisintn said...

a man/woman is judged by the things they hate enough to stand up against, as well as the things they love enough to stand up for.

we love natalee ann holloway and her family's heroic fight to bring natalee home and have her assailants put where they belong.

we hate injustice and the way aruba's govt. and business representatives have covered up for the people responsible for what happened to natalee.

Anonymous said...

Whoooaaaaa, like i stated I was just asking, 'cause I was curious as per liabilty laws regarding statements made on websites.

But as per question 1, I still don't understand:
So this is a family called Olmtak that lives there? And the Gottenbos boy now lives with them?

John C.

Michelle said...

Sounds like Sander has relocated. Can't say about the entire family. It's just the point...the nerve coming here when he knows what happened. Find Koen...he's probably still hiding under the sheets in his mother's bed.

Anonymous said...

I would really rather find Natalee. I don't think this Koen guy knows much. I just think he's a wannabee, just like the guy Croes who in the beginning corroberated the story of JVDS and K2 as per them dropping Natalee at the Holiday Inn (which was proven to be BS).

John C.

Anonymous said...

A wannabee, John C??

What is your opinion as to where the wannabe got $1400 CASH to flash in the picure that he himself posted on his myspace(where he also admits to stealing).

Saved his allowance money??? Babysitting? Raking leaves? Boy Scout's cookie sale?

Anonymous said...

Well, I'll be honest: I don't know, as sure as you don't know neither.
I haven't met the guy, and neither have you, so how do you know about the $1400? And how does anybody know how he got it, if he did? Not that I don't put it past them, but just saying something is a conspiracy, because you don't have proof, doesn't make it one.
But with wannabee I meant, that he involved himself in the matter in the sameway this Croes guy corroberated a lie (of dropping Natalee at the Holiday Inn).

Michelle, I have a nice rumor by the way for you. One of my contacts sent me the following 'new'' item: Remember the lawyer that BT had in the begining, Mohammed something, well it seems that it was a good thing that BT left hem behind and went to another firm. Apparently this guy has left his wife of 10+ years, to go live with a DUTCH girl (an accountant or something), while in the meantime fathering a kid with ANOTHER woman, apparently a South-American woman. So he not only double-crossed his wife, but even tripple-crossed her. So Beth had good reason (probably bad vibes as per this low life) to go to another lawfirm. If I can get more details on this I will forward.

John C.

Michelle said...

I'm not surprised. They are all SHADY down there. Look, maybe I'm just a midwest idealistic person, but I just don't understand their way of thinking, morals or lifestyle. And I certainly don't approve. And I'm glad everything is coming out gradually. Everything will be exposed by the time we are through.

Another thing that bothers me: There are regular aruban citizens that are being punished for what they didn't do. However, there ARE regular citizens who do know and choose not to say anything either out of loyalty or fear.

How sad is it that girls can come forward against Joran, but then back off due to fear? What kind of country is that? If that happened here, ANYAmerican father who is a real man would take care of business for what some punk did to his daughter and not run and hide.

I'll tell you what! In the United States, we don't fear that the police will come after us for reporting a crime. Unless it involves some sort of conspiracy or corruption.

The more and more I've been involved in this boycott the more and more I know that I would NEVER want to visit Aruba...even if there was no Natalee Holloway and Joran van der Sloot. Just uncovering the truths and realizing what that little island is capable of makes me sick. I would never spend my hard earned U.S. dollars there. EVER.



mayan_moons said...

Thanks for the chuckles in regards to liability statements on the internet being sought by a family that didn't want to answer police questions regarding the disappearence of Natalee Holloway, so much so that the father G. refused to let his son Koen answer ANY questions Aruban Police had and immediately fled to Holland.
Unless they want to give those answers now i doubt that they're gonna do jack$shit.
Oh and one more thing, there is nothing illeagal in warning Americans that a family who refused to fully cooperate when Natalee's life literally was hanging in the balence on Aruba, now lives next door to them.

Deb357 said...

I sent a letter to Governor Sonny Perdue about the Gottenbos being in Georgia along with a Boycott Aruba package.

Since Gov. Perdue called for a Boycott Aruba as well, I thought he would like to have a Boycott Aruba magnetic bumper sticker along other items to show support.

Anonymous said...

Wel the last i heard none of the gottenbos's are living in the US, they all moved to the netherlands so i don't know where you got your info from that sander is living in Georgia because that is just not true.