October 27, 2006




Anonymous said...

The few palm trees are drying up and dying due to lack of watering. Most of the government gardeners were laid off last month.

Ryan Mitchell (NYC) said...

What's your point here? I'm in Aruba on vacation as I'm typing this and this is a picture I took this afternoon on the beach. Most beaches are empty at 09.14 AM. Duh!


There was hardly space for me to walk! Lol! But all kdding aside... Aruba's tourism is doing great. I've been coming here for over 10 years now ad I still feel safe. It's no more dangerous than any other country in the world. There are 1000's of people, if not more, missing in the USA. Countless of them are unresolved. Why aren't other countries boycotting the USA? Kind of hypocritical if you ask me.

Anyway tourism in Aruba is alive & kicking.

Anonymous said...

The dark blue water in the horizon is killing all the coral reef fish sancturies. Very high salt concentration and pollution from the hotels.

Anonymous said...

The travel agent told me all her clients in NYC are saving for the 08 China World Olympic Games Grand Tour in Beijing. They don't care about the shit Aruba. They are sick of the corruptions and coverups down at that doomed little island. People like to try the new Superjumbo Airbus to fly nonstop from JFK to China. Aruba is dead now. The travel agent said.

Anonymous said...

I have a question that has been bugging me for awhile.
Lets assume these guys lied as per everything regarding Natalee. Would it then not be safe to assume that they dumped her body somewhere else in or around Aruba? Nobody seems to have looked in the waters at the Southern, nor Northern part of Aruba.

John C.

Anonymous said...

In our last town hall meeting with our political candidate for Congress. Somebody brought the attention on the issue of Natalee's disappearance in Aruba. Our candidate quipped about the Dutch are bad apples in many fronts, including the war on terrorism in Holland and the government corruption in Aruba. Our political candidate promised there will be a severe punishment for those operating on illegal casinos licenses in Aruba.

Michelle said...

This is because the Aruban government was "fickle" in who, what and where the searching occurred. We all know that TES was not allowed to search certain areas.

If they were serious about finding Natalee, they would have allowed it. If one has nothing to hide, then one is innocent.

Michelle said...

Hey Ryan--

If you are there in Aruba on vacation, (1) why in the hell are you on your computer??? and (2) why are you on vacation looking at the Aruban Boycott blog while IN Aruba? There is something very wrong with that.

Can you say looooser?

Sorry man, I had to say it. No hard feelings.

mayan_moons said...

lmao michelle!!

i was thinking the exact same thing!~

Rammstein said...

the beaches may very well be empty but your picture Michelle is not proof of that.

Very few people are up at 8.14am when on holiday and those that are up are most likely enjoying a bit of breakfast before going back to their rooms to prepare for going to the beach.

dennisintn said...

aruba has perfected the "stealth tourist". can't be seen, can't be heard, can't find any money spent by him, can't be found when it's time for his flight home.

crime happens everywhere in the world. but on aruba, crimes are covered up, not investigated properly, condoned and laughed off by a.l.e., and if you're a member of certain groups, you can get away with daterape, murder. sex crimes against women, even aruban women are ignored, covered up, and not prosecuted.

i don't condone these activities and won't support or even "rub elbows" with those that do.

dennisintn said...

funny thing about the aruba beach pictures. whatever time of day you check, the beach is empty or less than l0 people on it. i guess all those burgeoning numbers of tourists are gambling, buying their daily supply of drugs on the streets, fending off pickpockets, looking for their daughters, or whatever thoughtless, heartless americans who don't care about the plight of their fellow american travelers do on their vacations. maybe even staying inside the hotels gambling to avoid contact with dengue fever that they hadn't heard about being prevalent on the island before they went. the possibilities are myriad.

Michelle said...


You rock...that is so right on the money!

mayan_moons said...

Bravo Dennistn!

Stealth Tourist!~


Yep....You Rock!~

Anonymous said...

Dennisintn- that was funny. Stealth Tourist made me chuckle

Anonymous said...

Ramstein is the same Dutch idiot that used to be on the original Natalee Holloway website. he always was saying "prove it".
"No proof of this"/ "No proof of that." "No proof of a crime."

we are all sick of you and your "prove it" attitude towards Americans.

You must be a lawyer. For Joran.

Anonymous said...

You're photo showing the beach empty is misleading!! That is a hotel in the lowrise area that has a large beach area for the size of the hotel. I just returned from Aruba, low season (October) and believe me the beaches in the high rise area are as crowded as ever!!

This boycott is ridiculous!! When you are in a foreign country you should take the same precautions or more that you would when you are at home. Aruba is still safer than most vacation spots in the US. Why aren't you as outraged about the number of missing persons cases that aren't handled correctly and go unsolved each year? For instance, around the same time the young, white, rich blond girl from Alabama went missing in Aruba a black woman went missing in Alabama. Isn't it funny we never hear about this on Greta's show and no one is calling for a boycott of Alabama?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michelle!

Keep it up -- you know we're all with you.

I LOVE it when you strike a nerve.

It really brings those termites out of the woodwork:-)

I can't take credit for this slogan -- but I'm going to 'borrow' it.


Justice for Natalee
Peace for her family and loved ones.

Carpe Noctem said...

Hit em HIGH!!!

Hit em LOW!!!

Pound 'em until they SQUIRT!




...and you KNOW THIS MAN.


Know these things
when u go to sleep