March 22, 2006


These are excerpts of last night’s Rita Cosby Show—Rita is finally on the defense! I loved how she interrupted Steve Cohen and put him in his place.

Attorney David Kock:

From the information we are getting, it seems like, you know, too, they have to round this up. I won’t be surprised if, you know, summer, July, July the case will be presented. (Well after a YEAR…) I don’t think that would even apply theoretically, first degree murder, you know, because you would have to have an intent to do something (I believe Joran DID have intent to go and have sex with Natalee unwillingly…he knew he could drug her or get her so drunk that she’s “in and out of consciousness”. Sounds like intent to me.) and if you just look at the facts, even if you would want to construct something, I don’t think you can even construct first degree murder. The DA can also present, let’s say, the first instance, the heavier charge and the subsidiary. If that cannot be proven…and then to lighter forms of crimes.

Beth on Recent News:

It’s kind of frightening Rita when I think about them now having these suspects go forward to the judge of instruction, and I think that we have known all along there had to be more evidence brought forward, and I don’t know what has come forward to proceed with a trial. (More miscommunication with Beth and her family…they obviously didn’t give John Q. Kelly that privy information, considering he is supposed to be working with the prosecutor and others!) It’s frightening because I mean it’s one chance, we don’t get a second chance at this. Once before they go before the judge of instruction for the charges that’s it.

Beth's feelings on the investigation:

It is a concern…this is our one chance and I just don’t know what new evidence they have to go forward with a trial. (Smoke screen…no new evidence. The ALE knew what happened all along, but has been covering thinking Beth would go away…now they have cut their noses of to spite their face…and their loss of tourism dollars can prove that.) I think that heard Dave speak last night that we have never pressured them as far as proceeding forward with a trial, we new that the evidence had to be collected. I think we haven’t been able to thoroughly exhaust the searches on the island of Aruba. (Try the WATER!!!)

If we look at our track record on filing for motion for appeal we have not done very well, none of them have ever been successful there. It is a concern, Rita. I just hope they have all the evidence they need and they are prepared to move forward and press charges against these suspects. I knew that when we were speaking with the officials during the summer, they were saying they had enough charges that they could bring forward the sexual assault charges, but as far as anything further than that, we weren’t given any information on that. (So, they’ve had this evidence all along and NOW they are saying there is new evidence…what a crock.)

We have known that the suspects have divided in June and escalated in September. What Jug and I discussed last night, we go back to the very beginning and that’s the reason why PVDS was arrested in connection with Natalee’s disappearance because he lied to the authorities by saying that he changed his pick up time. He originally told the witnesses that HE himself had picked up Joran at 4:00 am on the night of the 30th, but he later changed it 3 weeks into the investigation that he did not pick up Joran at 4:00 am. So that is why PVDS was arrested and we think back on that maybe Deepak and Satish were not there to pick up Joran and that it was PVDS himself.

I think the track record speaks for itself. We just have not been very successful when we brought forward this case in front of the judge of instruction. I just hope they have all the evidence they need and are really ready to press charges against these suspects. That’s all we can rely on.

Steve Cohen:

Rita: Does the Aruban government want to see this case to go to trial?

Cohen: There is no question that the goal is to figure out what happened to Natalee, who was responsible, if anyone…but all that’s happened here Rita is that you have an aggressive producer who got hold of the attorney (Attorney Kock) and the attorney was just talking out loud and thinking out loud came up with these…

Rita: Steve, I got to interrupt on two counts, first of all, our producer wasn’t aggressive, he was doing his job, second of all, I can tell if you if you have listened to the whole thing, he is essentially saying ‘I am getting information that, and it sounds like it’s coming from the prosecutor’s office or somewhere. (cross talk) Are you saying that this attorney is just making this up, this is the Kalpoe’s attorney, and why would he even want to say his clients may be facing murder charges? It doesn’t make his clients look good!

Cohen: I’m telling you all that’s happened here is this is conjecture. There is no one inside this case. Either the investigators or the office of the prosecution told the attorney what he said…I think that when you are asking an attorney questions he is going to offer his instinctive feelings, he is going to offer what he thinks could happen, and it was about what he said could happen, not what would happen. (A good attorney would never discuss the case, let alone his feelings on it!)

The investigation has not concluded. Until the investigation has concluded the office of the prosecution will not know exactly what they have with their case that they can present to the judge.

Arlene Schippers:

Rita: Why would the attorney (Kock) say that he is getting inside information? Do you think he is lying Arlene? I will tell you that he was very clear, and we even have it on camera saying ‘I am getting information, I am being told and would not surprised’…is the Aruban government putting the heat on him for that?

Schippers: …First of all the police must feel the investigation is complete, then they close the investigation regarding these suspects, then the official and the case file goes to the prosecutor and then the prosecutor has the sole capacity to decide on a prosecutorial decision that can either be to prosecuted or not. It is a common known fact that the prosecutor’s office wants to bring this case to trial, but they will only do so if they have due confidence…there is the issue of double jeopardy and no prosecutor in her right mind will bring the case to trial if she feels not confident. …They could bring them up with lesser charges if they feel comfortable, but this is speculation and I don’t want to raise any expectations if we are still in the stage of an open investigation which we are still at.


Anonymous said...

That is definitely a gang rape confirmed by Steve Cohen in the world view. God forbid how could a weak defenseless rape-drugged girl able to fend off three strong, aggressive and sex-hungry sex predators. Natalee was drugged by Joran, and taken to his house, and cornered by the three or four gang rapists: Joran,Deepak, Satish and possibly Paulus. How dare you dirty old man Steve Cohen call that a "consensual sex"? You must be out of your mind and have no conscience and no compassion for a helpless raped and murderred, innocent and unprovokative, lovely girl Natalee.

Anonymous said...

You have just proved the point of many!! You said a good attorney would never discuss the case, let alone his feelings on it. But then you guys turn around and slammed the Aruban attorneys for not giving Beth enough information on an ONGOING case (especially last summer). By using you logic (which is correct), they did the right thing by not giving Beth everything they knew, especially since she took this information and passed it off as fact on the cable news everynight!

Michelle Says So said...

Beth did not get information from ATTORNEYS. She got them from the ALE and other officials! She never passed anything as fact at the beginning because she was preserving the investigation. After months of non-cooperation she decided to NOT KEEP QUIET anymore. Do you have children?

Anonymous said...

Rita is a jerk. Her producers did come up with the story, but I think they took the interview with the attorney and edited the tape.

Remember Skeeters? Edited tapes in this case are not new.

Anonymous said...

I do have kids. And this is not about them. It is about this case. Apples and oranges here. And yes, Beth did get her information from attorneys, called prosecutors. And she did spread these statements. She did not wait to speak. She was on every night on Nancy, Rita, Greta, Joe, Hannity, and others. Her information was not just form the ALE. It compromised the investigation like the Vanity Fair article said.

Michelle Says So said...

Then why is it that Beth and Dave had an almost impossible time getting information from them...prosecutors, the ALE, the Dutch and Aruban authorities? Stories were changed, lies were formed and retracted...Natalee's dead, now she's alive. What was she supposed to go on?

This is a mother of a missing child. She will do whatever she can to get Natalee back. I stand behind her 100% and if you have a problem with the philosophy on this blog, then I suggest you troll somewhere else.

dennisintn said...

the reason beth had to hire investigators is because a.l.e. wasn't doing anything and anything they produced would be available to anyone asking. it's only information that a.l.e. gathers itself that would be privileged information. what beth heard from reporters investigating and from her investigators is the only thing beth ever talked about.
a.l.e. did not want this case investigated or prosecuted. van der straaten, jacobs, and paulus was doing their dead level best to just make it go away. "go on home to alabama, and we'll call you". same they would do with a stolen wallet case. bad mistake on their part that bites them on the butt daily and will continue to do so until the boys are convicted and natalee's remains are back in alabama.

Anonymous said...

If you carefully read what the attorney said: "From the information we are getting, it seems like, you know, too, they have to round this up."

Yeah, the information says that they have to round this up. He doesn't say the information means there will be arrests and trials for murder...that's Rita's spin on the matter.