December 10, 2008


VAN SUSTEREN: Sir, let me just start first with the big question. What do you think, as a Dutch member of parliament, about Aruba?

BRINKMAN: They are corrupt as hell.


BRINKMAN: That's what I say about Aruba.

VAN SUSTEREN: What will you do about it, or is there anything you can do about it?

BRINKMAN: I want a full investigation about what happened with Ms. Holloway over there. It is really a disgrace that the minister of justice, Mr. Croes, told everybody, Mr. van der Straaten and the police chief are very good friends, and the investigation over there with the first ten days of the investigation went wrong because of the friendship. So I am very disappointed about that.

VAN SUSTEREN: Sir, prior to becoming a member of the Dutch parliament you had a long history as being a police officer. When you say that Aruba is, quote, "corrupt as hell," those are your words, what is it that tells you that? Why do you say they're corrupt as hell?

BRINKMAN: Because there is a lot of corruption which is going on. It is also investigated over there. Politicians and police officers have been conflicted, but they still are doing their jobs. So that is very strange.

We all know that the Dutch countrymen, the Dutch know that there is a lot of corruption over there, and they don't want to do anything about it.

VAN SUSTEREN: Why doesn't the Dutch government want to do anything about the corruption in Aruba?

BRINKMAN: I think because it is a political matter. We are now in discussions about another way to look at those islands formally.

And all the political parties within the house of parliament has said for years that they want to do it like this. Not our party. We are the only party that does not want to go that way, but the other ones did. And that's why they don't want to talk about corruption.

All the politicians in the Dutch parliament know that there is a lot of corruption. But on Aruba, they don't want to talk about it. And that's why I say it is a political matter.

VAN SUSTEREN: What do you make of the fact that the prosecutor, though, is not from Aruba. The prosecutor is a Dutch person.

BRINKMAN: He is a Dutch person, but he is very long within the Aruban society. And what Aruban politicians do, they drag you within their corrupt society. That's what they do.

And even if there are Dutch politicians, competent guys, it does not matter. If they are there long to stay, they will be dragged into that corrupt system.

VAN SUSTEREN: What did the police have to gain by not investigating this case? We have brought information to them-actually, we haven't brought it to them. We have information and we can't seem to get them to look at it. But what is in for the police not to look at what we have?

BRINKMAN: I don't know. And that's what I want to investigate, and that is why I asked the minister here in Holland to investigate that from out of the Dutch government.

But I think that because the police chief of Aruba may have some involvement in this case. And if that is true, then of course the political persons who are responsible for this do not want to investigate that, because otherwise they get chopped off their head.

VAN SUSTEREN: So what can we do here in America to try to push the investigation? Because all we want is a full and complete investigation. And what can you do from Holland to push for a full and fair investigation?

BRINKMAN: First, I want to thank all of the Americans who e-mailed me and wrote to me all the things they knew and all the encouragement. I thank them very much. I've read everything. I did not answer everything. I will still try to do that, but I didn't.

But, please, if you know anything, e-mail to me, write me. I will try to encourage the Dutch parliament to fully investigate this matter, because the truth has to come out for all of us, for the Americans, for Aruba, and also for the Dutch parliament.

VAN SUSTEREN: You said that Aruba is corrupt as hell. Do you have any particular names of people that should have the bulls eye on their back, people we should look at to try to at least take a look at them?

BRINKMAN: There are a lot of people. I have made a full investigation this year and filed a full reporting in the parliament early this year from hundreds of different cases of corruption. Nobody in the parliament wanted to talk about that. It is a disgrace.

Just one example--Minister Croes says that he knows that the Van der Straaten, the police chief of Aruba, and Paul van der Sloot, the father of Joran, were very, very good friends. And those two investigated the matter in the early days of the case, and they did this in a very slow manner.

If Croes does say this, and this is true, then he already knew that for more than three years. This is truly a disgrace. Why didn't he tell that before? That's why I think it's fully corruption.,2933,464065,00.html


donald said...

That shoe dropped today when word came that "Bijleveld wants Van der Straten investigated".

Anonymous said...

Mr. Brinkman is just like Obama, a straight Dutch politian. Oduber must resign his minister post in Aruba.

Anonymous said...

The new Dutch Parliament members support U.S. and U.N. in pursuing international rapists and murderers like Joran to stop the global human trafficking and sex slaves trade.

Anonymous said...

Nelson Oduber and Han Mos are both corrupt guilty as hell. The SoS staff agreed boycotting Aruba is the first step in the right direction to stem out the international injustice done to the American tourists. The Dutch government agreed the boycotting and imprisonment of Joran. They asked the resignation of Oduber and Mos from the Aruban government.

Anonymous said...

The Aruban Joran Sex Scandal is getting bigger and uglier. New revelations about the gay relationships between Joran's father and his godfater police chief were damaging to the governing of the Dutch Antillies. The Dutch papers want Oduber and Mos out.

Anonymous said...

Aruba talked back to the Dutch parliament member that the new US government is corrupt as hell too, the senate seat sale and the early move-in. Just mind your own business. Let the SoS decide her move. Aruba will never be pushed around.

Anonymous said...

The new US administration already showed a sign of weakness. The Arubans predict there will never been any official boycott. Han Mos can safely close the Natalee cold case in December.

Anonymous said...

Internal pressure intensifieds for Han Mos to resign because he won't accept the swift salary cut demanded by Nelson Oduber who runs out of government money in December. Aruba recently executed the performance by pay decree directed by Queen Beatrix.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Brinkman, investigate this case!!!!! He will get it in his face, all those corrupt dutch chiefs that protect a dutch boy.
He better prepare a good apology for his way of talking. ALL THE HIGH CHIEFS IN ARUBA ARE DUTCH.