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October 4, 2005

GRACE: … Jossy, regarding the connection, what I perceived to be a close connection between the judge, Paulus Van Der Sloot and the retired chief of police who initially handled Natalee`s case, Van Der Stratten, were they friends?

MANSUR: Of course, they were friends. It stands to reason they were friends because Paul Van Der Sloot had many friends within the police department; he had many friends within the Department of Justice. And he had many friends with -- and he was friendly with all the judges in Aruba. He worked out of the same office as they did and did the same work.


In the book, Joran states that of course he is innocent of any wrong doing, but if he were to have killed Natalee, he wouldn't have done it the way people hypothesize. "Believe me," Joran stated, "IF I would have had anything to do with her disappearance, you wouldn't see Deepak or Satish around anymore." When asked if that was a threat against his former friends, van der Sloot stated, "What do you think?"

The book also details how IF he had killed Natalee he would have taken her to the home of Jan Van der Stratten.

"The old man was on his way out...heading to retirement. He could have hidden her body for me and no one would have questioned him."

Joran also eludes that he would have forced his father's friend, Yolanda Wever, the owner of the newest crematorium (which was financed by Daddy Sloot) on the island.

"I would have made sure that she (Natalee) would have been body, no crime." Joran laughs, “Maybe that’s where my shoes are!”

Scared Monkey's interview regarding Van der Stratten
with Tito Lacle of Aruba Today

  • SM: When Mickey John was arrested he told me that 14 LE showed up at his house including Jan Van der stratten… this common for van der stratten and 14 ALE to go arrest one man?
  • Tito: Yes...he is. He was at all the arrests. He headed the case and was present at all arrests.
  • SM: Now that Jan Van Der Straaten is no longer working this case can he be questioned in any way regarding any aspect of this case? If so, can his statements be presented as evidence by way of a summons to appear in court to provide those statements under oath?
  • Tito: Unlikely. He was part of the investigation.

National Enquirer Excerpts

By David Wright
April 24, 2006

June 13, 2005, Jan van der Straaten said Joran told him he believed Deepak raped Natalee and "did something to her."

Van der Stratten replies, "Where is the girl buried?" Joran states, "I think she is buried next to the fishermen's huts, next to the wall."

Van der Stratten, "Has the girl been dumped in the ocean?"...Joran stated, "No...I mean I don't know.

Jan van der Stratten stated, "During the conversation he sometimes shows his emotions by whistling; sometimes he cries and sometimes he answers direct."

Dave Holloway's Observations

In October Dave Holloway and the investigator observed Jan Van der straaten, the former Chief of Police leaving Jacobs office. A young dispatcher informed the investigator and Dave Holloway that he (Van der Stratten) was a frequent visitor to the office.

The investigator is VERY suspicious that Van der straaten is still pulling the strings of this investigation and he has his hand picked investigator, Jacobs, who has sabotaged the case at every turn.


Anonymous said...

Jacobs is worthless lately. His American payroll was terminated yesterday. Now he is unemployed and homeless.

Anonymous said...

The Arubans think the boycott is helping them. They have a good excuse to increase their illegal drug export to US. Once their tourist industries are destroyed by the Aruban Boycott Movement, the front cover of the smuggling operations is no longer there.

Richard said...

I think it's worth remembering, too, that Jan van der Straaten was standing by, supervising, as the Aruban police arrested the two black security guards who were falsely implicated by Joran and the Kalpoes. He led the contingent that went to their homes and arrested them.

Van der Straaten is also the one who told the world that Natalee was dead because "I've seen the evidence and you haven't," although I'm told that a better translation would be, "I know she's dead because I'm in charge of the investigation and you're not." Not knowing Dutch, I can't say what the best translation into English is.

What we DO know is that none of this "evidence" has ever been presented to the public (rather odd, isn't that?). However, one effect of this statement was to turn people's minds away from the prospect that any other scenario (i.e., human trafficking) had taken place.

Remember, too, that when van der Straaten made this statement, the case was still in its very early days. The FBI and other American officials at THAT time probably thought that this guy was a reliable, honest official and knew what he was talking about.

Why hasn't Aruba summoned him back for questioning? Your guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...

The media sees the Aruban investigators are stupid, ignorant and irresponsible. They deserve the full boycott from the United
States. The American fundings to Aruba are the very first federal programs to be cut and terminated. Aruba is not worth of two cents. The Arubans are drug lords, rapists and murderers.

Anonymous said...

Overall, the Aruba people had given the Dutch empire a very bad name. People in US are scared of the Dutch brand merchandise. There are always an image label in their mind that "Lies Inside" when they see a Dutch made chocolate toy and tool gift pack sold at the roadside markets. Many unemployed Arubans set up bargain outlet on their trucks along the major US highways during the holiday season.

Anonymous said...

The failure of the Aruban society is the lack of balance of Dutch law and American law. When Aruba is so far away from Holland in the Caribbeans and depends so heavily on American funding. The Dutch law has been skewed to coverup the crimes commited by the islanders. The American law is skipped unless it means money to the Arubans. The Natalee murder coverup is result of the Aruba abnormal culture. Joran's behavior is an example of every new born Aruban officials in the terminal ill government. So the official boycott to be executed by the new US government is justified.

Anonymous said...

The new government study revealed that the US has been spending over 2 billion dollars a year in Aruba for all kinds of law enforcement and humantarian programs in recent history. That will all have come to the end. By supporting Aruba is not making US continent a safer place. People realised that the illegal drug traffic will fade away just by killing Aruba off. Aruba is discovered to be a cancer in the US anti-cocaine campaign in the Carribbean sea. So the new boycott inititive is justified and will be executed in the first of the year 2009.

Anonymous said...

JVDS is retired to a manor in Saba. Recently he is very sick, and has no immediate family members or friends. He felt sorry what he had done to Natalee Holloway, but it's too late for him to do anything. Aruba is just too evil. JVDS is betrayed by the powers-to-be in Aruba. He was disgraced and let go by Aruba as the former police chief.

Anonymous said...

The think tank in Aruba figured that they had won against the boycott last three years. They think they can also thogh it out in next four years, then they are home free and can proudly denouce the Joran sex scandal. That is the way the Aruban foreign policy right now.

Anonymous said...

There is no civil rights movement in Aruba. They are banned and considered criminal. In the past, civil rights demonstraters were immediately arrested and sent to prison under the Dutch security defense ordinance. This is one of the major US motivation to boycott Aruba for its violation of the civil right of American teenager Natalee Obama.

Anonymous said...

The government employee gossips in Atuba telling the American media Hans Mos is going to close Natalee's cold case this week is stirr up the uproar in the whole world, and thus force Hans Mos to resign from the prosecutor's office. A new instruction judge from Holland will arrive soon to take over Natalee's cold case. This crisis is too important to the Dutch government. It is a dog-eat-dog world on Aruba.