November 28, 2006


Wife Prime Minister witness in Lee-case

ORANJESTAD – Glenda Oduber, wife of Prime Minister Nelson Oduber (MEP) is called to witness in the matter of the reporting against Minister Ramon Lee. The national detective is currently investigating a reporting on sexual offence against the minister of Labour, Sport, and Culture. Oduber’s wife is interrogated because before the reporting, the supposed victim had telephoned her about what happened.

“Hundreds of people call here every day with all sorts of storeys. We cannot check everything whether they are true or not. That would mean that we are in court every day or called to witness”, was the premier’s comment on the witness call.
Oduber says that they received the call to witness via fax around 16:30 on Thursday. Several newspapers reported this the next day already, which is very strange. “Only we and the Public prosecutor are supposed to know about the call”, said Oduber. (Thus, "keep it in the closet")

His opinion is that all the parties have to be careful and reserved about the case. “It’s a
very sensitive matter and I regret the way everything is now in the media. (Just like the Natalee Holloway case?) I also regret the fact that I had to hear the woman cry again telling her story on several radio stations today (Friday, editor).” (Such a nuisance, right? Poor you, Oduber. Let's break out the tiny violin...)

He therefore hopes that the OM will soon have a definite answer on the legal actions and on what had happened exactly. It’s not right for the government and definitely not for his wife. (What is not right for the government? To take care of the wrongdoings of his own political party members?)

He does not understand why his wife was called by the National detectives. “This is a small community and everybody has stories. Since I receive a lot of calls, my wife has become kind of a secretary at home. She hears so many things, but she cannot determine what is true and what is not. Why didn’t the woman go straight to the police instead of calling my house? Only somebody that has seen what happened or that knows the details can be considered a witness. And that’s not my wife.”

Michelle's Final Thought:

Listen up Oduber: She probably didn’t call the police because she knew that it wouldn’t be investigated! Are you that incredibly dense? Another thing I find funny is that Oduber is bitching and moaning that this has gotten out into the media and the victim was on the radio telling her story. Guess what?! Maybe that’s what should be done in Aruba since crimes against women are never taken seriously and this is something that Oduber has blatantly proved in the past with his inaction in the Natalee Holloway case. What goes around comes around. Let’s hope this situation becomes just as messy as Natalee’s case. And may all those involved PAY for their crime.


Anonymous said...

You are right Michelle about you hope they will pay. But you know what, they will PAY, case closed.
This after all is still Aruba and money talks.
We are at the point where we can count decent people in power on one hand and we'll stick til the whole rotten bunch is exposed.
Go Michelle, Go Monkeys.....chris

Deb357 said...

Finally one of their own is exposed for the sick animal he is.

As long as no one sees what goes on behind closed doors you think you are safe? Think again Oduber Goober!