November 12, 2006


There is an expatriate who hails from Chicago that has spread and built his empire of greed and vice on the island of Aruba. His name is Michael Posner, but is also known as Michael Rubins and Irving Goldstein. He currently lives in Aruba (note: Posner was conveinently missing at the same time as Natalee.) and owns the Excelsior, Holiday Inn, Brickel Bay Hotel, Grand Holiday Casino, along with other miscellaneous “businesses” in Aruba. It would be an understatement to say Posner is a major player in the stench of Aruba’s underbelly of crime.

Posner has gathered quite an extensive list of arrests dating back to the 1960’s, including a ten-year prison sentence in the 1980’s. All his crimes stem from his mafia ties in the suburbs of Chicago, as a lieutenant under the 1980’s Chicago mob boss, Joseph Ferriola.

Let’s take a look at some infamous pieces of his past and how they relate to Aruba’s crime, money laundering, prostitution, human and drug trafficking.

In March of 1986, George A. Mueller, a millionaire businessman whose businesses included cigarette vending machines, video machines, and real estate in Chicago was executed mob-style at his place of business, George F. Mueller & Sons. That wasn’t Mueller’s first run-in with Posner and his gang. Mueller previously received numerous death threats and his business was bombed twice. Reminiscent of the movies such as “Goodfellas” or the hit show, “The Sopranos”, Mueller had been forced to pay mob bosses large amounts of money for what was called a “street-tax” in order for him to operate his business without the interference of Joseph Ferriola and his mob thugs.

Chicago investigators claimed that the murder of Mueller was meant to “send a message” to other non-mob related vending machine business owners. This murderous warning came from Ferriola, whose plans were to take over the businesses from Chicago’s legitimate businessmen in order to expand his operations into the city’s south suburbs with help from his golden child, Michael Posner. (The Chicago Sun-Times, March 30, 1986).

It was said at the time that Mueller’s murder may have been in connection with the convictions of five mafia leaders in a Kansas City courtroom just one week earlier. Hefty sentences were handed down to Chicago’s No. 2 mob boss, John Cerone, former Chicago boss, Joseph Aiupppa; and their mob counterparts, Joseph Lombardo and Angela LaPietra for their roles in a Las Vegas casino conspiracy. (The Chicago Sun-Times, June 24, 1986)

Operation Safe Bet Claims Ferriola and Michael Posner

On January 29, 1987, a federal grand jury indicted Ferriola, Posner, and Sidney Muscovsky on charges of racketeering, mail fraud and using interstate facilities to aid prostitution which stemmed from Posner’s “massage parlor”, the Roman House, a whorehouse located in Prairie View, Illinois. According to the indictment, customers of the Roman House used their credit cards to pay for sex, which was enabled by a government sting organized by federal agents. Michael Spilotro and his brother, Anthony, who were a part of the operation were subsequently murdered, and a Palentine, Illinois nightclub owner, Nick Stevens fled to Greece to escape charges. (The Chicago Sun-Times, January 29, 1987).

“…Posner is the head of gambling, vending machines, prostitution and pornography in Lake County and nearby counties…in 1984 the Internal Revenue Service nabbed him as he left a Northbrook restaurant and confiscated his $54,000 Mercedes, several thousand dollars and what appeared to be gambling records…Posner learned the racket, according to federal sleuths, from his father, Bernard “Pi Pi” Posner, who was an underling of Ralph Pierce and Murray “the Camel” Humphreys, founding fathers of the Al Capone gang.” “All Chicago and suburban porno bookstores are controlled by the mob, federal sources say.” (The Chicago Sun-Times, January 26, 1987)

The Roman House—nudie bar or hooker delight?

Posner claims that he was unaware of any sexual activities in his club. He claimed to have instructed his employees that no sex was allowed to take place there. No alcohol was served on the premises, yet customers racked up hefty tabs, the highest being $4,600, including a bill for a $96 “bottled water”. If no sex services were exchanged, then how were these customers racking up such monstrous amounts on their credit cards?

During Posner’s trial, a former patron of the Roman House was called as a witness and stated that “he was once standing naked, except for a pair of socks, after having sex with a waitress when she presented him with a bill for her services. ‘You’d better cover up’, he said she suggested, handing him a cocktail napkin.” Laboratory test results revealed sperm on used cocktail napkins. “A cleaning woman at the club also testified that she found used condoms on the floor on a daily basis.” (The Chicago-Sun Times, October 20, 1987)

Posner—Sugar Daddy, or Pimp Daddy?

The sick part of this story is that Posner claimed that he was helping these young troubled women earn money to stay off the streets by giving them these jobs. During the trial, Posner’s partner, Sidney Muscovsky stated that “Posner gave troubled young women dancing jobs, paid their health insurance and converted them into taxpaying citizens. ‘I think, if the Roman House wasn’t there, they’d still be on the street.” (The Chicago Sun-Times, December 12, 1987)

Sex, Lies, Videotape and Posner

So now that we know what Posner’s favorite dirty deeds are, let’s check out the connection between Posner’s acts in the U.S. and his “businesses” in Aruba. Perhaps the reason he moved to the lawless island of Aruba was to continue to do what he knows best? Already schooled and mastered in the ropes of crime, he is free to do what he wants on the island of Aruba and knows he can’t be touched. I doubt he will be returning to his posh home in Illinois any time soon. First, let explore the similarities between his Chicago and Aruban “businesses” starting with the world’s oldest profession.

“…Some of the people at Carlos & Charlie’s are reportedly involved with “recruiting” girls for wild sex parties, involving known well-connected and wealthy “mobsters.” One of those “mobsters” and his associates reportedly own hotels on Aruba, Curacao, elsewhere in the Caribbean and in other areas. There are rumors of wild orgies and taping of porn films, including “snuff” films, in a special room at the Holiday Inn on Aruba, as well at other locations.” (

We all know that Joran’s best friend Freddy likes to photograph scantily clad young girls after we learned of his arrest in the summer of 2005. There are even reliable sources that have said he was waiting at Joran’s the night Natalee went missing in order to videotape the bang bang and sell it to Rafael Levy, the brother of Carlos and Charlie’s owner, Albeto Levy. Rafael Levy is known to have business ties to the international pornography industry, including such horrific acts called “snuff films”. It has been said that Joran, along with his gang of “pimps” are nothing but couriers or “loverboys”, who lure and drug unsuspecting girls in order for Freddy to videotape the unconscionable acts and in turn sell them to Levy for distribution.

Considering Posner’s past regarding the sex industry, it would be prudent to say that Posner could be involved with both Albeto and Rafeal Levy and is instrumental in picking out girls via the hidden cameras in his casinos.

In conclusion, is this the kind of place where you would want to send your children or family to for vacation? Aruba markets itself to the tourism industry as the safest place to visit. They produce fake statistics on crime, or report nothing for years. Their false marketing campaigns and blatant facades give weight to the boycott of Aruba. We have all been lied to. Would you purchase a product from a company of known liars, murderers, and those who know, do nothing and look the other way?

I know the answer to that question…do you?


grass said...

Thanx Michelle, I love it when a plan comes together. Yes good old Mikey vanished same time Natalee did. We will uncover the truth and bring home sweet Natalee. Lets not forget the little fall guy Steve!

Anonymous said...

Good stuff Michelle. Let all the trolls we are still here

Anonymous said...

Hell Girlfriend. To hell with Posner. The angle of these 2 idiots being'"loverboys"who work to 'recruit' girls for porno, and so on, is probably the best theory I have heard in a long time. Why hasn't this angle been looked into by anyone before? If so, would the FBI have some info on this? And why haven't we seen any video's or pictures yet of Natalee (or other 'recruits' for that matter) on the internet? Or is she 'to hot to handle'at this moment?

Questions, questions, questions, .... the plot thickens.

At least you make people think, and just because of that, keep up the good work Michelle!

John C.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the FBI does. They don't seem to want to share any info about this case.

Anonymous said...

That is another thing. Does anybody have any idea as to what the FBI does know about the case. They have never held any press conference as per whatever their findings are so far in this case.
They were on Aruba a couple of times, they did talk to a lot, if not all, of the MB kids. So what's up with that?

John C.

Anonymous said...

I would guess they are waiting for Aruba to close the case. I think I have read that they could then do there own investigation. Any truth to this. If true, it would be in there best interest to keep the cards close to the vest. Another question? Why hasn't Janssen arrested the boys and little Stevie for Obstruction? It's a crime under Dutch law. To lie as witnessess?

Deb357 said...

Why hasn't Janssen arrested the boys and little Stevie for Obstruction? It's a crime under Dutch law. To lie as witnessess?

It's called "Corruption" with a capitol "C".

Anonymous said...

That's the whole joke about all of this. Apparently, it is NOT illegal to lie if you are a suspect. I understand that in the Netherlands, if you are a convict, and you try to escape, no extra time will be added, unlike here in the US.
Now I know they are a very liberal and socialist country, but COME ON!!!

John C.

Andie said...

Michelle, I got to tell sure have balls. All this stuff about the "Mob" or Mafia freaks me out. Yet, Posner has the resume to fit the bill.

Whether this has anything to do with Natalee Holloway's disappearance remains to be seen. Yet, it is not far-fetched, as Posner owned the Excelsior (sp?) Casino, where Natalee Holloway, Joran Van Der Sloot, and Natalee's friends were seen the previous night to her disappearance.

It is hard to imagine these things, yet all we have to do is to wake up and look around. I have to admit it is hard to do just that. I pray Natalee did not fall prey to these "freak jobs of the mob," but she very well might have done just that. I pray she did not.

I just want to say, Michelle, BOTTOM LINE is you have "balls." I got to hand it to you! I admire you.


Deb357 said...

John C. they lied as a witness, not a suspect. And under Dutch Law, lying as a witness is against the law, which all 3 boys did, Paulus did, and Steve Croes did. Lying and obstruction to detour an investigation is against Dutch Law. They all should be sitting in jail.

Andie said...

deb357, you ARE EXACTLY RIGHT! If for nothing else, they should have been prosecuted for "lying as a witness." I have said this all along! This just shows that Aruba simply does not enforce LAWS period, or at least when it suits them not to do so.

Further, this points toward COVERUP, to protect Joran and his gang. If Janssen was not involved in the coverup, or afraid to rock the boat of the coverup, as prosecutor she could have arrested and prosecuted Joran and his gang for lying as witnesses in an investigation.

This is pretty clear, and most anyone could understand it.


Anonymous said...

OK Debbie, I just thought that it was the other way around, that you were aloud to lie as a witness, but not as a suspect. Hence my confussion on this matter.

John C.

Michelle, just a question: Have you had any responses/posts from Arubans on your website and or posts?

Michelle said...

John-- If I did get any responses from anyone from Aruba they certainly didn't say who they are. I get a lot of 'anonymous' posters, but, I have not gotten any responses from any arubans regarding this particular post.

dennisintn said...

whatever reports the fbi have given a.l.e., the defense attorneys and ahata have copies of. per aruba steve, he was bragging once about how hard ahata officials were pouring over the fbi reports they have been given.

Mike said...

Have any of your questions been answered after all these years? With the exception of that pos rotting in Peru