November 10, 2006



1 : firm adherence to a code of moral values

synonym see HONESTY

I don't understand why Aruba claims to have INTEGRITY. As you can see from above, this definition does not fit Aruba and the way things are run on their island. Who do they think they are kidding? Do you think we are that stupid and gullible?

Maybe you've fooled Ms. Queenie, but not the rest of us. Using the word integrity regarding your tourism is a slap in the face to our intelligence. Give it a rest and use that "INTEGRITY" to clean up your island.


ORANJESTAD – The second day of Queen Beatrix’s visit was in the sign of integrity. A presentation in the Central Bank of Aruba mentioned that the tourism can develop itself permanently especially by integrity. (You have to know what integrity is in order to utilize the action!)


Governor of the Central Bank Rob Henriquez, Prime Minister Nelson Oduber (MEP), the entire council of ministers, and the bank personnel welcomed the Queen inside the reception hall of the Central Bank of Aruba. Daughters of three employees presented the Queen with flowers. The ministers had an encounter with the Queen and talked about the financial developments of Aruba and the tourism. (Here's a clip of their conversation: "We have everything under control...we've built new hotels, but they are empty, but don't worry "B"...we know what integrity is and our tourism is not at stake. Don't believe all those things you hear or see on the internet.) They didn’t mention the dispute between the Netherlands and Aruba about foreign loans. (That reminds me of when I was a kid and I wanted money from my parents...they knew I needed it, but I didn't bring it up so I wouldn't blow my chances of getting their loot.)

After the encounter with the ministers, the Queen attended a presentation of Ryan Peterson, dean of the Faculty Hospitality & Tourism Management about permanent tourism. Peterson mentioned that tourism and also the future economic development of Aruba depends on the willingness of the island not to be an island, but to be open to integration and head for (cooperation)-relations. Aruba needs to behave as a nation.

If Aruba wants to BEHAVE as a nation, then Aruba must BEHAVE as human beings with INTEGRITY--the word they like to throw around like poker chips.

After the presentation, Queen Beatrix minted the commemorative coin in honour of 20-years Status Aparte and 30-years National Anthem and Flag. This is the first time a commemorative coin is minted in Aruba. Afterwards, they toasted with champagne (Was Julia there drinking it up?) and shouted “Biba La Reina, Biba Aruba (long live the Queen and long live Aruba)”.

An alternative translation of that would be:
"The Plane! The Plane!"...reminiscent of Fantasy Island.


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