July 01, 2008


I almost feel sorry for the level of denial the Aruban Tourism Authority is in with this propaganda-filled article. I guess it's that time of year they have to fool themselves and the public into thinking they are financially 'just-a-okay'.

Rather embarrassing, don't you think?

MEP: ‘2008 successful tourism year

30 Jun, 2008

ORANJESTAD – All the institution with tourism expertise on the island say that 2008 is going to be another successful year for the tourist industry. This is thanks to the dynamic policy of the Oduber-cabinet and the huge efforts of Minister Edison Briesen of Tourism and Transport.

MEP indicates that the government has fastened upon the reinforcement of this industry. Premier Nelson Oduber laid the basis for this by seeing to it that the project Plan Sasaki was implemented near Eagle- and Palm Beach. The MEP AND especially Minister Briesen was praised for all the good things they did in the tourism industry.

Thanks to Briesen, the tourism on the island increased from 691.000 tourists in 2001 to 754.000 in 2007. AHATA, ATA, and Aruba Airport Authority (AAA) confirmed that this year is going to be another success.

(As always, Briesen et al never supply their "statistics". Personally a six year report doesn't really say much about how the CURRENT trend is. Here are some reasonable questions for Briesen: How did Aruba do in the last quarter? What about the year? How about the years from 2004-present?)



Anonymous said...

MEP Premier Oduber left a note on Minister Briesen's chair, and asked to meet together ASSP. The remianing few tourists had been complaining about the power outages on the Aruba island. With such hot and oceanic humidity, for lack of proper air-conditioning in the hotels, the American tourist childrens are getting sick and ill. Minister Briesen is also in charge of the electric power plant and salwater desaltation plant on the island. Prime Minister Oduber suspected that Minister Briesen misdirect the government tourism development money for his own private lavish spending. Minster Briesen recently purchased a very expensive Learjet for him to travel and fly between Oranjester and Hague for preparation for the Queen's birthday vist in Aruba. The corruptions in Aruba is rampant with the backing of the Queen.

Anonymous said...

Aruba is a good friend of China. Aruba set up a tourist information center in the China Olymics. The Chinese had asked the US President to visit Aruba before he left the office in 2009. Aruba needs to reboot its image with the Americans with a retiring US President.

Anonymous said...

This blog is the most representive of the American people. Crimes against Natalee in Aruba is Crimes done harmful to the best national interest of the American people. Aruba is doomed. Down with the Queen and her Oduber government. Oduber is also acting more like the dictator of Hugo Chavez with the pushing of the iron clad Dutch Queen. The Dutch Queen rules the Netherland Kingdom with cold blood babarian acts. The Queen had put her own son Prince Fererick and his daughter-in-law princess under strict house arrest when Federik recently dared to present his view of reform of Aruba by suggesting the arrest of Joran van der Sloot who had ransacked the Holland mental hospital.