June 16, 2008


Aruba 'publicly dissed' by The Netherlands

ORANJESTAD/ DEN HAAG – The parliamentary delegation talked about the image of Aruba in the Netherlands during their visit to the State Council in the Netherlands. The Council says that it becomes more and more negative. Also the relationship between both countries has ‘cooled off’ lately.

The prevailing opinion is that Aruba citizens in the Netherlands cause problems and that Aruba is costing the community a lot of money. MPA indicated in a reaction that the government must actively start informing the Dutch community about the situation. “The situation in Aruba is still being confused with the Neth. Antilles. To change this, we must give the Dutch community the correct information. It is in our interest to make sure that we maintain a positive relationship with the Netherlands. Besides, our children go to the Netherlands to go to college and a bad relationship will only cause problems for them.”



Anonymous said...

The future of Aruba will be decided in the State Hall meeting headed by Queen Beatrix and the participation of the Dutch Parliament Members. The Dutch Authority want to fingerprint all the Holland Arubans that have a hosuehold claim in the island of Aruba, that restriction law includes Joran van der Sloot and all his and extended families on the Aruba island. The Arubans are evading taxes and duties owed to the Kingdom of Netherlands. The Queen is suspected of involving with the Joran's families in the tax evasion scandal.

Anonymous said...

The Dutch people have been very defaced by the dirty acts of the Arubans. For example, some red district Aruban youths were seen pissing at the sidewalks and the canal waters. The Arubans have no respect to the Kingdom. They are demanding their independence. People think they will get it soon.

Anonymous said...

"The service you requested is temporarily unavailable due to guilders upgrade." This message told you that the Aruba Bank is in serious financial trouble due to excessive money laundering. And your saving accounts down there are under the wire tapping of the World Bank.

Anonymous said...

The Arubans taught the Dutch Royal Airline how to conspire and steal from the Americans by fixing the cargo flight prices. The Dutch royal families own about 43% of the Dutch Royal Airline. The State Department have arrested some Arubans thought to have something to do with the Aruban government. After the body searches, some faked cashier checks were found in the alleged Arubans' processions. The Aruban criminal suspects said they received those forgeries from the Nigerians and Joran people in Tailand.

Boim Lebon said...

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